10+ Best Header Bidding Ad Networks In 2024

Do you want to know how header bidding can help you earn great profits and increase your revenue to a higher level? If you do then keep reading. 

Header bidding is a profitable marketing strategy that has helped many publishers and app developers gain success and make huge profits and give great results by using power header bidding. Being a publisher, you would want to generate a generous amount of income.

You can easily become one of those successful publishers and app developers. All you need to do is to learn how to get your way through header bidding and what are the best header bidding ad networks that can help you achieve such a level of success. 

What is Header Bidding?

To put it in simple words, header bidding is a monetization technique that is performed in the way of an auction. Just like in an auction people price a possession differently and the highest bidder always wins.

The same goes for ad spaces. The advertiser or brand that is willing to pay the highest price for your ad space is the one that will win. However, the publishers have the freedom to choose their advertisers. 

The most beneficial is to choose the highest bidder but it still depends on the publisher’s choice. This will help them monetize their content as per visitors and clicks. 

Benefits of Header Bidding:

Header bidding is highly beneficial for publishers if they know how to work it. Some of its benefits to publishers are as follows:

The process of header bidding is highly transparent. Since the auction is done on the basis of impressions the publishers can track each impression and also confirm every sale of the ad. When the competition between companies gets tougher you get higher rates. 

There is a higher probability of filling the ad spaces in an auction. You can also use pop-under since they do not utilize extra space.

Through header bidding, the publishers realize the worth of their inventory because various advertisers compete for it. Publishers can also increase the prices of their premium ad inventory. 

The header bidding auctions are performed in a well-organized manner. A wrapper is used to organize all the auction activities and manage the various demand partners by setting up rules for the auction. 

Best Header Bidding Ad Networks In 2024:

Now that you know what header bidding is and how it can help you increase your revenue and sell your ad inventory successfully, it is time to know the best networks that will help you achieve this.

Some of the best Header bidding networks in 2023 and 2024 include:

  1. OpenX
  2. Setupad
  3. Rubicon Project
  4. AppNexus
  5. Ezoic
  6. Index Exchange
  7. Amazon
  8. Sulvo
  9. Criteo
  10. Sovrn


OpenX was established in 2008 and its headquarters are located in California. This is a network that serves you with high demand and excellent quality bidders.

You can earn good revenue from this network through their competitive demand partners. Therefore, their header bidding solutions are termed as one of the best in the industry that is supported in various languages. 

With this network, every impression is properly optimized before making any decision. They are completely optimized for mobile and serve some basic solutions in terms of the mobile environment. These lightweight solutions work with the existing primary SDKs.

After this, a bidder will work with these SDKs and an adapter and generate a significant yield on it. they have various ad formats that are smooth to fit including rich media, leverage banner ads, video, interstitials, etc. 

The value of your ad inventory will increase as they set up both open and private options mostly for Android potential buyers and give you a high ranking as well as good quality traffic. They will also support you while the auction is live and guide you if needed. 

2. Setupad:


With Setupad you will only receive high-quality ads only from premium demand partners and nothing less than that. They have a pre-built automatic blocklist that blocks any low-quality ads. You can easily implement ad tags and get full technical support with Setupad. They also ensure to pay you on time with no risk and no delays. 

However, there are some eligibility criteria that the publishers must fulfill to be accepted on the platform. The publishers are required to have a minimum of 300k visitors per month with some percentage of them coming from Group A countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, etc.

Payouts are usually made after every 60 days This platform is mostly recommended for websites that get a high volume from the US or other Group A countries to generate maximum revenue. You can access their SSPs by just a code provided by them and the procedure is usually very quick and easy. 

3. Rubicon Project:

Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is one the successful bid advertising platforms that was established in 2007 in California. It is popular among publishers and advertisers worldwide.

By working on this platform, you will get free bid advertising solutions with more control over impressions that is encouraged through various modern tools and techniques. 

They differentiate from other networks in the fact that they have a pre-bid system. They can effectively monetize your audience and generate greater revenue from it with the help of their real-time bidding technology.

Their integration process is super easy and fast which speeds up the entire process and generates revenue for you from time to time. You can reach thousands of new customers through this platform. 

They have many effective ad formats that can be customized to fit your website aesthetic. Their customer support team is excellent. You will get guidance and support in terms of the pre-bidding service.

Besides that, you will also get performance analytics to get a better insight into your performance and other data that has been collected. 

4. AppNe



AppNexus was developed in 2007 in New York City and has been working its way through the industry ever since. It is considered one of the top bid advertising solutions in the market that has achieved a status among many publishers and companies.

With so many years of experience, they have become stronger in their performance and have become one of the top revenue-generating networks. They have now become the first choice for millions of publishers and brands around the world. 

There are over 34000 publishers and 177,000 brands working with AppNexus. Their networks provide high safety to protect your content, the quality of ads is great, and the rate of transparency is high.

To ensure the quality of ads they are always checked before further proceeding with it. With such benefits, it would be a great choice to start at AppNexus and generate a significant amount of money. 

5. Ezoic:


Ezoic has many tools and techniques that are needed for premium optimization. They provide you with features that help publishers gain more control over the bidding. They offer various features for data analytics that give you the opportunity to have an insight on the performance of the ads and also work on site speed. 

The publishers are required to have a significant number of views on their website per month. They have high CPM Ads, auto-refresh ads, native ads, video ads, and a few other ad formats that may be beneficial for you. Also, if you are a website owner operating in the US or other Tier 1 countries then you have an advantage over other publishers. 

Ezoic not only focuses on the amount of traffic but also the quality of the content. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website gains a moderate amount of traffic and also has some high-quality content to be eligible for this platform. 

It is easy to start working with Ezoic all you need to do is sign up and use their link code for promotion. You will get paid after every 30 days. You can also choose regions for promotion and choose any ad format you desire. 

6. Index Exchange:
Index Exchange

Index Exchange is one of the most famous header bidding networks in the present day. It has gained popularity among millions of publishers and advertisers and operates on a global level.

They have many modern tools and technologies that help the people associated with this platform gain the maximum profit. It assure you high benefits for each impression. 

They have a new method that helps in boosting revenue and increase optimization speed by bringing in more bids from headers to publishers.

This method is known as the adaptive timeout that effectively determines a timeout on page views. If you are looking for ways to increase your revenue, shifting to this network is one of the best things you can do to achieve that. 

The best thing is that publishers are most attracted to the control and authority they give their publishers in terms of making decisions about their pricing and page.

You will get many benefits in the form of high demand bidders, higher revenue, safety, and accessibility. With their advanced technology and new methods, you are surely able to achieve your digital marketing objectives. 

7. Amazon:

You probably have heard the name of Amazon especially when it comes to something related to Digital marketing or eCommerce. Amazon is one of the leading platforms used for digital selling and advertising. This is a network where you will find advertisers and publishers of all sizes mostly of medium to large.

It has played a significant role in marketing through various business models. Amazon plays its part in header bidding solutions by providing two services known as Transparent Ad Marketplace or TAM and Unified Ad Marketplace or UAM. 

They offer a unique marketplace to publishers where they can operate on a single server to server basis to boost up their earnings. They offer the bidders with some content that creates unique and unified demand for it. This is done by taking unique product ads and demand from SSPs. This will help you conduct a bidding procedure that is clear and fair. 

This is a server-side integration and you can easily connect with many buyers in the marketplace. Amazon also has a high conversion rate. 

8. Sulvo:


Sulvo is one of the best header bidding networks that are beneficial for premium sites. There are many instances when your site loses viewers or the impressions start losing revenue. Sulvo can help stop that by recapturing Adblock visits and by offering some unique ad formats. They also ensure that they include as many of the bidders in the auction as possible. 

With the help of Sulvo, you can gather together all of your buyers in one place and get benefits from it. There are some requirements that you must fulfill in order to be accepted on the platform. As a publisher, you must have traffic of at least 100k views.

This is more advantageous when a larger portion of the traffic comes from Group A countries like the US, UK, Australia, etc. It can be a bit challenging to get selected on Sulvo however if you are motivated enough to achieve your goals, it is not impossible. 

They provide some beneficial features like auto-refresh ads, sliders, etc. With such features, you will drive in more traffic and generate higher revenue. The payouts are usually made after every 30 days. If your traffic comes mostly from tier-one countries there is a higher chance of fast monetization. 

9. Criteo:


Crito is a header bidding advertising network that is known for its high conversion rates. It was established in 2005 in Paris, France. With its high conversion rates, it is sure to generate more revenue for both web and mobile publishers which includes the complete value of any ad format that you are using.

You can be sure of app conversions, website conversions, and in-store conversions. Using such benefits, it is surely included among the best Header bidding platforms in the industry. 

One of the best things about Criteo is that they allow you to directly interact with the buyers without involving any third parties. This saves a lot of time and cost and generates more revenue. You will eventually learn the full value of every impression which also includes a CPA put into every ad server. 

Another attractive feature of this network is that they have some really effective ad bidding tools and engaging ad formats that do not disturb the user experience but generate more revenue. Moreover, they have some new technology through which they can recover ad block impressions which are quite amazing. 

This network is even more beneficial if you are an app developer. It specializes in driving app traffic and increasing sales. More traffic means more revenue. This is done with attractive ads that can drive more downloads. Overall, it is a great advertising network for both publishers and developers. 

10. Sovrn:


Sovrn is one more incredible advertising platform that deals with the header bidding model. They offer higher CPMs and simple reconciliation that requires no codes to be added. The beneficial thing about this organization is that it is similarly great for distributors of all sizes and is without risk and hurdles.

Thus, it is the best header offering a promotion network for novices. Sovrn is likewise associated with video in Google’s open offering and furthermore assists in procuring more recordings. Besides, it is additionally viable with Amazon. Therefore, you will get two times more benefits after adding it to Amazon’s TAM marketplace stack. 

Sovrn gives 3 unique Arrangements as far as header bidding is concerned. The first one is called heater complete and has inherent highlights, full Demond stack control, and header offering wrapped.

The subsequent one is the header connector which is a pre-offered adapter that gives in-time refreshes. The third one is named the Sovern header Programming interface; it is an ultra-adjustable answer for publishers having custom requirements and separate specialized assets.

As a publisher, you always search for safe and beneficial options that are also easy to use. Sovrn is one of those safe and convenient options that you can choose and get great benefits from. It is easy to implement.

All you need to do is insert JavaScript on your site. This will facilitate you in running an auction and increase the worth of your ad inventory. You can upload an ad later on and earn some revenue from it. 

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The concept of header bidding seems complicated but once you get to understand it you will be able to yield great benefits from it. There are many great header bidding networks present in the industry each with its own unique features to differentiate itself.

You can choose any of the networks that best suit your needs and requirements in terms of finding the right buyers or advertisers. You can say it is more like a ‘’never go for less’’ concept. The publisher always chooses the bidder that bids the highest. Therefore, always aim at attracting more premium buyers that are willing to pay a high price for your ad inventory. 

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