15+ Best Pay Per Call Networks For 2024

Do you want to earn higher amounts of money through your job? Do you want to know what pay-per-call networks are?

Well then, you just came to the right spot. 

Perhaps you have heard of pay-per-call networks. You may be here for that reason or you may just find it fascinating. You might or might not be familiar with this form of marketing, but don’t worry; I’m here to assist you. I’m going to explain pay-per-call marketing to you in the article that’s underlined. How may it be used to your advantage?

You will also discover a list of some of the top pay-per-call networks, along with a brief description of each one. Therefore, if you want to learn everything there is to know about pay-per-call marketing, keep reading this article.

What Is Pay Per Call Marketing?

It is a relatively new form of marketing that is swiftly gaining popularity. In this kind of marketing, you will need to get in touch with potential customers, persuade them to buy the advertisers’ goods, and then you will need to place their order using a phone number that is connected to you. You will receive commissions in this way for any sale made possible by your affiliate ID.

Benefits Of Using A Pay Per Call Network:

These kind of networks have a number of advantages, and both marketers and advertisers can profit from it. As a marketer, after you have a conversation with a consumer over the phone, you will learn their needs and preferences and be able to sell them similar products with ease. 

For advertising, it is as significant and a source of income because phone calls, rather than websites, allow them to reach more targeted and desired clients.

Best Pay Per Call Networks For 2024:

Here is our list of the top 15+ Best Pay Per Call Networks in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Digital Market Media
  2. Hyper Target Marketing
  3. Click Dealer
  4. Ring Partner
  5. Max Bounty
  6. Offer Vault
  7. Market Call
  8. GoojiBear
  9. Service Direct
  10. Lead Smart
  11. Commision Junction
  12. Aragon Advertising
  13. Astoria Company
  14. Palo
  15. Rivi Media

1. Digital Market Media:

digital market media

Which of these do you believe the typical user would find most valuable? They’ve received a call from a potential customer or someone has filled out their website’s contact form. Users who went to pick up the phone wanted to finish making their purchase decision if they were still unsure. It has the second option.

The team in charge of the digital market area was aware of this for a very long time. Since then, they have put a lot of effort into rising to the top of the pay-per-call market. And that will be seen in the offers they choose to accept; hence, some of them spend up to $400 for each lead generated.

There was money to be earned here, as even their entry-level employees volunteered to pay at least $11.50 on the transaction. If we discuss the URL for Digital Market Media, it is for the signup for the service, and the commission is up to $400. One of the most useful networks in the modern world is Digital Market Media. 

2. Hyper Target Marketing:

hyper targeet

The pay-per-call marketing services Hyper Target Marketing provides includes call centre, public relations, SEO, and mobile optimization. They had established their worth in the majority of processes and unique traffic. For the clients, Hyper Target Marketing had created a strong priority on quality inbound calls. They have provided excellent assistance and compensation to marketers.

As it offered each customer a favourable circumstance, it had established a reputation in pay-per-call marketing. They have provided advertising with high conversion rates. Consequently, their clients were happy with them at all times. Another positive was how inexpensive and efficient the costs were.

To make sure that people who might convert saw the commercials, the advertising content was distributed to interest-based categories. Our money was never spent in this way. Furthermore, we would spend less and achieve better outcomes with hyper-target marketing.

We will receive important inbound calls from folks who are really interested in our goods or services. Paid search, local listings, SEO, blogging, display and banner ads, email marketing, social media, television and online video have all been used to generate calls.

They have a minimum payout of 50$ and pay through credit card.

3. Click Dealer:

click dealer

Another well-known and top-ranked Pay Per Call Network is Click Dealer. One of the most efficient CPA networks is Click Dealer, and they also offer Pay Per Call with a variety of Pay Per Call offers. So, if we’re looking for effective Pay per Call Networks, Click Dealer has given us the chance to deal with those that are successful in their line of work. 

The only way to be successful in internet marketing was to team up with a reliable company like Click Dealer, who would give us every chance to maximize the results of our pay-per-click campaign. For publishers, advertisers, and agencies, they had a lot to offer.

Large, high-quality, and targeted audiences have given publishers the most exposure for their campaigns, which has increased their returns on investment. In order to help publisher’s advance their businesses, they have provided them with lucrative verticals, the best deals, competitive rewards, and much more. They have aided in establishing connections between the biggest publishers and advertisers in the world. 

We will undoubtedly consider cooperating with them as a Pay per Call Network given their cutting-edge technologies and devoted online marketing specialists. The platform is the ideal substitute for CoinZilla or Google AdSense due to its unique features.

They have a minimum payout of 500$ and pay through Wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum.

4. Ring Partner:

ring partner

In order to elevate their pay per call to a premium or lead exchange, Ring Partner should primarily think about or develop an innovative or real-time bidding platform. We can also think of it as the type of technology or information that shows both straightforward and astute leadership and the industry’s vision of a better network.

We may also think of Ring Partner as an additional strategy and stage of a very new pay-per-call marketing network; their business starting procedure was practically completed in 2013.

Hostels and travel, legal services, pest treatment, home services, medical services, business financing, and other options are available to customers. Under the Google Patent Starter Program, all of these users may also be in charge of patents based on the pay per call business as a whole. It has a significant and excellent reputation, so we cannot dismiss it as a few fly-by-night activities in this regard.

They have a minimum payout of 100$.

5. Max Bounty:

max bounty

Max Bounty is another fantastic affiliate network that is incredibly well-known and well-liked due to its CPA offerings. Additionally, it boasts a sizable and expanding range of pay-per-call offerings from numerous respected and elite advertiser brands.

We can think about a few significant benefits of collaborating with Max Bounty, much like C.J. In this situation, a client may think about the chance of always being certain to your leads, which will be able to track properly and attentively, and in this case, a client will be able to get compensated for his referrals.

However, the procedure of approving affiliates in general as well as the registration of new affiliates may be challenging and challenging for beginners. For regular consumers, it is a fantastic and dependable ad network. If someone can complete everything all at once, there won’t be any issues or complications; everything will proceed without a hitch.

They have a minimum payout of 100$ and pay through Check, PayPal, ACH (Direct Deposit), Wire, Payoneer.

6. Offer Vault:

offer vault

Offering only legitimate pay per call offers, Offervault is a pay per call affiliate network and programme aggregator. 

Basically, Offervault gives you a super-fast (and cost-free) means to scan a wide range of advertisers across numerous channels. It should be saved as a favorite because it can save a ton of time when looking for the most specialized bargains available.

There are no commission rates to mention here – just a link to help you get signed up.

They have different payout which varies from task to task.

7. Market Call:

market call

Market call could be viewed as a Pay Per Call affiliate network that can rely on a proprietary call monitoring system or technology based on many verticals, including travel, insurance, finance, home services, and others. It was primarily established in 2015 and is capable of collaborating with various offers from the USA and Europe. 

They can use inbound or live transfer calls to help them recruit affiliates and different publications. Here, affiliates can benefit from a variety of first-rate trending offers, weekly payments, exclusive, cutting-edge landing pages with excellent conversion rates, etc. With the aid of case studies, we may also obtain the chance to participate in various Webinars to market various offers.

With the assistance of a committed and accountable personal manager, a client can use these free toll-free numbers. Health, Medicare, auto, life, and homes are just a few of their Pay Per Call verticals. This also applies to finance, which covers debt, tax debt, credit repair, and other related topics. Travel, home improvement systems, and various household services could all be viewed as insurance.

They have a minimum payout of 100$ and pay through Wire transfer, Paypal, ACH, Check, and Payoneer.

8. Gooji Bear:


We will now discuss the affiliate network known as GoojiBear, which has the most excellent name in the list. They have a corporation with a Tel Aviv basis but a worldwide presence. Most importantly, they have focused on pay-per-call marketing rather than attempting to run a side business as a generalist network. 

They currently only have offerings for the American and Canadian markets, but additional Geos will soon be available online. Additionally, those deals feature enticing marketers including those in the financial, home, and insurance sectors. Additionally, there are more commonplace things like astrology, legal services, diet, and education.

The first thought that comes to mind when we talk about money is how much we can make from this. Their rewards were on the meagre side, with a lead paying out at most $25. Its URL is signup for goojiBear. Its commission can reach $25.

The platform sought to radically transform the online economy, and it succeeded in doing so by introducing a new form of marketing called peer-to-peer advertising through online marketplaces. In addition, they have made things simpler for customers by utilizing cutting-edge block chain technology.

9. Service Direct:

service direct

Pay-per-call network Service Direct began as a web development firm. 

The shift occurred as a result of the realization that companies with a new website required qualified leads above all else. In order to provide businesses with purchase-ready phone leads, they changed their focus. 

Today, they collaborate with thousands of clients across a number of important industries and nations. As a result, you may anticipate seeing ads for body shops, plumbers, lawyers, CPAs, dentists, and even dog walkers. 

Even before you join up with them, you get to see a preview of how much each kind of offer earns. These are local and household services (plumbers, HVAC, etc.) that the average person needs right away and is willing to pay for. They are not offers from the top brands in the world.

10. Lead Smart:


The CEO and founder of Lead Smart Inc., Matthew Zivkovic, established the company in 2008. 

The business takes pleasure in assisting clients in fast converting their marketing efforts into profits and boosting visibility over rivals in the same industry. 

To compete with larger corporations that have infinite marketing resources and a much wider reach than most single organizations, local businesses and tradespeople employ marketing services like Lead Smart. 

The focus on generating leads is one-way Lead Smart distinguishes from other types of digital marketing services. Instead of the click rate, which some digital marketers may choose to track instead, it keeps track of the number of leads that a campaign generates.

The goal of Lead Smart’s business is to guarantee that their lead generation clients receive results without having to pay up front. The fact that Lead Smart’s pay-per-call offers concentrate on domestic services in the United States distinguishes them from their rivals. 

These range from pest treatment, home services, home remodeling, and gardening to HVAC and electrical services. If your present audience need household services, you won’t have to sort through dozens of irrelevant call campaigns, which is a plus.

11. Commision Junction:


One of the leading Pay per Call Networks in the world is Commission Junction. It makes Pay per Call Marketing simple and entirely beneficial for us. By judiciously deploying Pay per Call Campaigns, Publishers, Advertisers, and Agencies would look forward to making them their preferred partner in monetizing their online marketing efforts. 

Like Amazon or eBay, the network is a peer-to-peer marketplace for advertising. Selling physical goods displays advertisements from independent media, content producers, and influencers who will use the platform as advertisers and publishers. This is where the difference lies.

With the use of specific, trackable, toll-free numbers, publishers can now easily promote the products and services of advertisers through a variety of distribution channels thanks to Pay per Call Solutions, which was inspired by their results. C.J. C.J.

Was regarded as having the best cost per sale network. has used cutting-edge technology and a large database to give the most targeted traffic possible, which will aid in raising conversion rates for pay-per-call marketing campaigns. It will provide us the option to increase the commissions we receive for our associated company.

They have a minimum payout of 50$ and pay through Direct Deposit, Check.

12. Aragon Advertising:

aragon advertising

Aragon Advertising has a lot of accomplishments, including the fact that they have previously won numerous awards for their excellent and fantastic services based on performance in the marketing sector.

Based on business communities around the world, their name can be considered to be a well-known and reputable one. It is helpful in providing a range of competitive leads, connecting with the right clients at the right time, and increasing conversion rates. 

Additionally, they are able to manage a variety of PPC campaigns that produce tens of thousands or more calls per month across numerous industries. Aragon Advertising assists companies in achieving their objectives. Customers have direct access to it and can receive offers from various verticals.

Additionally, a client can advertise his offerings to his networks of thousands and tens of thousands of affiliate marketers. Aragon Advertising will primarily provide quick, convenient, and affordable methods for producing excellent work that are trending through its internal assets and numerous vast networks of varied partners.

They have a minimum payout of 100$ and pay through PayPal.

13. Astoria Company:

astoria company

There are numerous reasons to take Astoria Company’s ad networking seriously and to think of a powerful network as a pay-per-call network. We may accept them because, according to Inc 500, they are one of the private companies in North America that are growing the fastest and furiously. 

In terms of recognition, what do they offer to their clientele as an affiliate is sufficient. A consumer can prepare to start working with offers such as auto insurance, payday loans, domain parking, online college degrees, mortgages, lawyers, and more in this regard.

In this circumstance, one could feel curious about how much money affiliates can make using this pay per call network. This is largely dependent on the goods and services. A customer has access to a variety of campaigns that offer weekly payouts.

They have a minimum payout of 100$.

14. Palo:


Palo is yet another fantastic and outstanding ad network. Additionally, we can comprehend their performance depending on marketing from many perspectives and at every funnel stage.

Even their clients may have faith in and trust them to know which indicators will propel their company’s growth forward quickly and furiously. So, you should give this ad network a shot if you want to earn a nice living or increase the popularity of your brand online.

Their publisher and affiliate partners continue to prioritize the expansion of our partnerships while simultaneously focusing on generating the highest possible income and ROAS. One of the few PPC affiliate networks that can comprehend how publishers can function and work is this one.

Even they are unable to wait months to receive payment. We might also think about how having knowledgeable account managers can benefit everyone. Even though it will come in handy when things eventually go wrong, timely tech support is quite important.

They have a minimum payout of 20$.

15. Rivi Media:

It was an established Pay per Call affiliate network for publishers and marketers with years of experience. Because of its well-known reputation in digital marketing, it was dependable and had won the hearts of more than 2000 affiliates.

Rivi Media has worked with American advertisers by successfully managing their click-to-call and transfer campaigns. The company is also knowledgeable about premium pay-per-call offers available globally, such as debt relief, insurance, home repair, and many other services.

By utilizing the preferred method of the advertiser, it has provided speedy and flexible payment terms. Anyone who wanted to place an order could reach their team members by email or Skype, and they were available around-the-clock in the call centres. An established and well-known Pay per Call network for publishers is provided by Rivi Media. 

For the past ten years, it has been engaged in the pay-per-call marketing industry. As a result, Rivi Media has the most expertise to make it a completely trustworthy Pay per Call Network. They were the top option among more than 2000 affiliates due to their extensive global presence and expertise.

They have a minimum payout of 50$ and pay through PayPal, Check, Wire.

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Here you go, our list of the top 15 best Pay Per Call Networks out there in 2022.

There are thousands of offers for you to evaluate across dozens of other pay-per-call marketing networks. Only the major players in performance marketing and pay-per-call are listed above. 

As you can see, lead generating websites and pay-per-call affiliate programs may be well worth your time.  And it’s even more true when employing organic SEO traffic rather than sponsored search. However, you’ll need to create a website that ranks well and draws a sizable number of real people to it.

These networks will allow you to earn money with less effort and smaller amount of time.

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