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10+ Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs In 2024

Do you want to know the top email marketing affiliate programs in 2023? If so, remain attentive because this article will cover the top ten email marketing affiliate programs in 2023 that pay well and offer recurring commissions.

Affiliate email marketing is a more contemporary approach to email promotion. Like an email associate, rather than advertising you possess goods in your email business plan, you involve advertising hyperlinks for other goods in focused and captivating emails.

Affiliate email marketing produces purchases via emails instead of social media information or genuine webpage visitors. Affiliate email advertisers use their mailing databases primarily to sell affiliate goods or offerings to their users.

Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs in 2024:

Following is a list of the ten best high-paying email marketing affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Moosend
  2. Stripo
  3. GetResponse
  4. ConvertKit
  5. ActiveCampaign
  6. Sendinblue
  7. ClickFunnels
  8. Mailigen
  9. MailerLite
  10. AWeber

1. Moosend:

Moosend is an email campaigns automation solution that labels its own “the fastest route from email management to company development.” When looking for a digital promotion option, you should look into Moosend. Moosend is a low-cost email campaign option for companies of all kinds.

It emphasizes usability with drag-and-drop features in email designs, bulletins, and bespoke websites. Customers can divide their consumers in Moosend’s business connection administration (CRM) products to customize and focus particular segments of their clients.

Marketing technology relieves customers of time-consuming, repetitive chores, and Moosend offers an interface and reposting choices to give users a birds-eye perspective of their promotional strategy. Moosend can be paid regularly or yearly; the person’s mailing list size determines the price.

Pro and Enterprise options are offered. Pro includes all main features, such as limitless communications, process routines, landing sites, and surveys. The Enterprise package is paid on a per-quote basis and contains all of the features of the Pro plan, plus a personal account manager, private IP, and prioritized assistance. Moosend offers a free 30-day trial with restricted capabilities if you want to try out the answer before purchasing.

2. Stripo:

Stripo is a lightweight and user-friendly email template maker that allows users to create professional-looking and highly responsive email templates for their companies even without coding skills. Stripo email templates are optimized for any device, PC, or smartphone.

Usually, when working on a new e-mail, you must discover design ideas and create an e-mail wireframe with text styles. Finally, create an e-mail test, get permission, and revise it before sending it out. As a result, e-mail billing is a time-consuming, costly, and tedious procedure.

Numerous tools are available for looking for email themes, working on banners, and pictures, previewing, and testing emails. Stripo combines all of these instruments in one location. This tool is simple to operate. It saves you a substantial quantity of time and effort. Hundreds of thousands of people have validated it.

This platform provides an inspirational e-mail creator, automation of multiple processes, e-mail testing tools, interaction with a variety of ESPs, collaboration tools, the ability to create emails without coding skills, add functionality with a few clicks, and use modules to ease e-mail production.

3. GetResponse:


GetResponse is an internet email promotion, website creator, and converting pipeline application that handles marketing activities across all sectors. It is intended for internet advertisers, freelancers, business administrators, and mid-to-large businesses. Email advertising, sales funnels, seminars, email alerts, transformation pipelines, landing pages, discussions, registration forms, advertising, and other features are included.

People can use it to create prospects, offer expertise, personalize consumers, and increase online revenue. Users can expand their online presence by selling their skills, goods, and expertise. It allows pre-built ads as well as customizable layouts.

Pricing for GetResponse begins at $19 per month for up to 1,000 users. If you use more connections, you can receive 2,500 for $29 per month or 10,000 for $79 per month. Endless texts and email alerts are included in all paid options. There is no installation charge.

GetResponse also provides a complimentary package with limited functionality. Another distinction is that you can only gather up to 500 users and create 1 web document for free.

GetResponse’s email campaign features involve business management, a landing page designer, and a layout creator. Seminar hosting and their conversion pipeline are examples of niche characteristics.

4. ConvertKit:

Nathan Barry developed ConvertKit, a full-featured email company provider (ESP). It is among the quickest email campaign businesses due to its simplicity, mechanization, and other benefits. It also provides customized sign-up options and websites to help increase the number of email users.

ConvertKit is an online promotional tool for content producers, such as expert blogs, writers, course developers, etc. Also, it assists individuals with developing landing sites and selling goods and activities via email.

To accept gratuities or contributions from one’s superfans, you could immediately establish a Tip Jar in ConvertKit. Create and personalize your Tip Jar to match your business, identical to other ConvertKit goods, before tip sums to facilitate helping you and your business fast and simply.

5. ActiveCampaign:

The high delivery rate of ActiveCompaign is one of the reasons many people prefer it compared to other email marketing companies. It means your emails are much more likely to land in your email users’ main inboxes than other email campaign companies.

Regarding online promotion, reliability is crucial because everything is only useful if your email programs see one’s emails because they wind up in the promotion inbox, the trash box, or they don’t appear.

Another reason why numerous individuals prefer ActiveCompaign to other carriers is the fact that it offers very strong email processing. As a result, you can create email patterns and tailor the email trip individuals take depending on how they engage with their email information.

You can, for illustration, direct individuals down various paths based on whether they viewed your emails, followed any links in your emails, or viewed specific sites on your webpage. They also provide some before segments for various situations in various sectors.

The automatic options in ActiveCompaign are truly limitless. So, if it’s difficult to locate stuff, you can’t use their mechanization function. So, if your business is highly focused on online marketing and providing clients with the most personalized email experience feasible, ActiveCompaighn is a great choice.

6. Sendinblue:

Sendinblue is a fully-featured business tool that allows you to engage with one’s connections and create stronger client connections thru tailored and relevant conversation. This system is for electronic mail management, email campaigns, Media advertising, chat, Ads On Facebook, and CRM. Delivering business communications through email and SMS will cover your complete advertising pipeline.

The true strength of Sendinblue stems from its adaptable and multipurpose business management tool. The Sendinblue Tracker script enables you to monitor your connections’ online activity and use this knowledge, in addition to email interaction and statistics from your contacts, to build complicated automatic processes that can save user time while helping you expand and develop your company with really no work whatsoever.

Sendinblue created an Enterprise option, a bespoke plan customized to your requirements. Sendinblue provides a free package that contains 300 emails per day. The Starter package costs $35 per month and has a restriction of close to 20k texts per month. The all-access Enterprise package costs $65 per month and includes 20k emails and sophisticated tools like campaign management, Fb ads, and landing sites.

Sendinblue uses commercial software, email programs, business emails, and SMS texts to assist companies in developing and expanding connections. The vendor claims that their global client satisfaction staff and payment options put them off from each other.

Altogether, Sendinblue provides a comprehensive service. There’s a pleasant email tool available, great statistics, and sophisticated tools like A/B experimentation and contact administration.

7. ClickFunnels:


ClickFunnels is the finest instrument for building advertising funnels on the marketplace. It’s simple, straightforward, strong, and efficient.

There is no simpler method to expand your company than with ClickFunnels if you’re sincere about expanding it. It’s well value the investment. ClickFunnels offers one of the best advertising schemes in the globe. Many online marketers promise to earn over $4000 per month as ClickFunnels affiliates. Their affiliate program gives an ongoing fee of 40% for the lifetime of the client you refer.

One of Clickfunnels’ most remarkable aspects is its ability to integrate with various third-party products and networks. For illustration, users could connect Clickfunnels with your email advertising platforms, payment systems, and other services.

ClickFunnels is the finest sales pipeline application in the marketplace. The promotion that comes with it is also great. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive, even for the base edition. There are less costly options available that will do the work.

It can be used for SEO evaluations for the complete website and specific pages. There are also many other helpful tools, such as XML wireframes, user restrictions, and much more.

8. Mailigen:

Mailigen is a comprehensive browser business service company specializing in email, smartphone, and promotional events. You can collect users, plan, transmit, or arrange email campaigns, and receive real-time statistics on the SaaS application. Analytics can be used for behavioral categorization and lifetime email campaigns. Mailigen provides several connection spots, such as online polls for segmenting your community and sending personalized emails.

Mailigen is a next-generation comprehensive marketing tool that combines social, email, and mobile advertising.
Mailigen provides email business management tools as well as applications. Email promotion allows you to expand your community and develop long-term customer connections. You can rely on Mailigen for complete email, smartphone, and online advertising success.

Mailigen is a fresh business that needed only to be founded in 2010. Nevertheless, it has already attracted the interest of many businesses from various sectors, including pharma behemoth Bayer, UK retail store chain Debenhams, and Swedish bank SEB.

It is partly due to its immaturity and desire to establish itself, which means it constantly introduces new tools and improves its usefulness.

It has recently added a collection of which was before themes, email viewing choices based on email software, and a malware test to ensure that emails do not wind up in receivers’ junk files. Its straightforward and logical browsing enables all customers to get started and rapidly locate the benefits they seek.

9. MailerLite:

This systematic MailerLite evaluation draws on our experience and knowledge of dozens of other basic and complex email marketing tools. Users may have already encountered MailerLite evaluations from users online, and while they are generally favorable, they may not provide you with the full picture.

MailerLite is a newcomer to the online marketing field, and this youthfulness pervades the tool’s style, functionality, and help, not in a ‘young, wild, exciting!’ kind of way, but in a modern, clean, and straightforward kind of way.

MailerLite’s business values demonstrate that it is a forward-thinking email marketing program. Their employees and help representatives are spread around the globe, so obtaining assistance in your native tongue should be no issue.

The real product, even so, is no longer accessible in any language other than English. It was only sometimes the situation. It was previously accessible in Spanish, Lithuanian, and Polish, but those languages were removed when the new edition was released.

10. AWeber:

AWeber was established in 1998, and over 120,000 people and companies have used the platform for online marketing, based on the founder Tom Kulzer. It renders it a lesser company than some of its rivals (notably Mailchimp and Constant contact), but it is still a well-established firm with a large customer base.

It’s worth noting that all of these allusions to ‘unlimited users’ are misleading; even though AWeber restricts the number of customers you can include on the Basic and plans to 25,000, additional costs apply if you surpass this limit.

If you have more than 25,000 users, you must approach AWeber for a custom estimate. Although other email marketing firms offer customized plans once you reach a certain number of users, the limits required are generally much greater, typically 100,000 readers or more.

Alternatively, you can directly add users or copy and paste rows of customers into AWeber. You’ll be asked how you gathered the info you’re uploading for anti-spam purposes. Furthermore, if your list is big, you may have to wait for it to be evaluated by AWeber’s anti-spam compliance staff.

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Final Verdict:

This article has discussed a list of the ten best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs. I hope you find this information useful and will be able to select the best email marketing affiliate program for your business. Still, if you need clarification about the above advice, let us know in the comments area below.

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