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10+ Best Fashion Affiliate Programs In 2024

Fashion remains the best-performing vertical in terms of publisher commissions and associate traffic, according to insights from the Skimlinks network. From 2022 to 2023, there were 85% more publications using Skimlinks and blogging about fashion in commercial material. As a result, the fashion e-commerce industry is anticipated to expand even more over the coming years. To meet this need, fashion firms are creating ever more in-demand items.

The emergence of sustainable ways, including items made from recycled materials and ecologically friendly production methods, is a significant trend anticipated to last through 2023. When deciding which fashion retailers to include in your material, consider this.

Given the information, we decided now would be a wonderful time to concentrate on fashion affiliate programs. To that end, we examined data from our network and created a list of the top 16 most successful fashion affiliate programs about which writers should write.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here are top 10 best fashion affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

1. Jonas Studios
2. Urban Outfitters
4. Browns Fashion
5. Goat Fashion
6. Newchic
7. Pretty Little Thing
8. ShopStyle Collective
9. Daem Watches
10. Hugo Boss

1. Jonas Studios:


Following a trend is more important in true men’s fashion than developing your style. Since 1987, Jonas Studio has assisted men in doing just that. Instead, they provide a selection of handcrafted jewelry manufactured in New York, including wallet chains, tie bars, pins, and bracelets.

They highlight a unique look that is “…a big part of a larger vision that you have of yourself.” The fact that Jonas Studio thoroughly understands its target market is advantageous for you as an affiliate.

In any case, the average cost of each handmade item is about $250. Also, you receive a 2% fee on each affiliate marketing recommendation. And it doesn’t sound all that fascinating until you discover they have a 22% conversion rate.

2. Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters

The future of clothing selling is undoubtedly e-commerce, but Urban Outfitters’ online business still needs to grow at a rate that will support the company’s total expansion. Although the company no longer breaks out e-commerce sales individually, even a 50% increase in online sales a year ago had no impact on comparable net growth in sales.

Urban Outfitters, like other retailers, has embraced omnichannel retailing, which essentially refers to combining inventory pools across platforms and establishing a relevant shopping environment, as e-commerce has yet to take off and American consumers have been continuously turning to online buying.

Omni-channel retailing is necessary because, even though American consumers are progressively forgoing in-person shopping in favor of simple online purchasing, their experiences could have been better.

Over 30% of customers stop their shopping midway, according to a study by Dyn, an Internet performance provider, because of slow-loading websites, convoluted checkout procedures, and the difficulties of mobile purchasing. Companies may thus keep these customers by offering an omnichannel ecosystem with plenty of ease and rewards.



Any retailer rarely succeeds in making everyone happy. Some people might not like the cost, others might not like the quality, and others might not like the refund procedures. Reviews of Shein reveal that the company is not an exception, with numerous consumers expressing a wide range of sentiments and experiences.

As a fast-fashion company, Shein offers excellent discounts on various clothing goods. “fast fashion” describes releasing brand-new, popular trends as quickly as possible. The goal is to persuade customers to make purchases while the products are fresh in their minds. Many accounts exist of people, particularly teenagers and young adults, who purchased all of their apparel from Shein.

Shein features a huge selection of clothing, from dresses to jackets, shorts to shirts. You can locate anything you’re searching for. There are so many alternatives, and new goods are added daily, up to 2,000 new ones.

That implies that finding a fantastic choice might be simple. That’s one of Shein’s better qualities. You can find it on Shein if you want to switch up your appearance or buy something you only intend to wear sometimes.

Shein’s inexpensive pricing is what makes it so widely known. For less than $10, you can get a lot of clothes and other items. If you spend more than $49, you can choose the free delivery and have 45 days to return an item without penalty.

Many websites resemble Shein quite a bit. All of the websites fall under the fast-fashion category, offering cheap access to the newest trends, albeit the quality of the clothing may be questionable.

4. Browns Fashion:


The history of Browns Fashion began in 1970 when the Burstein family purchased the company from Sir William Pigot Brown. They started working on extending the company to various locations in London over the following few years.

They were also the first fashion retailers to provide Calvin Klein products to the UK market, a completely different tale. Today, your audience may purchase many well-known fashion big brands online from Browns, like Versace, Moncler, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and many more. Also, both their collections for men and women carry those designer names.

Each item your visitors buy using your affiliate links will earn you a 7% reward as an associate. Also, you are collaborating with a well-known company with a committed affiliate team to assist you in maximizing their affiliate marketing scheme.

5. Goat Fashion:


High-end footwear, clothing, and items are traded on the internet market called GOAT. Also, the platforms offer a second-hand market where buyers may browse products and buy them directly from sellers for items not offered on the main market.

You can contact the owner of an item you’re interested in to ask questions or make an offer. Once a deal has been reached, you can order and deliver it to your door.

Everyone shopping for new sneakers is aware that there are many options available. It might not be easy to know where to begin when there are so many brands, styles, and pricing ranges to select from.
The largest online market for purchasing and trading sneakers is called GOAT.

It’s legal and fantastic to buy and sell shoes on GOAT. There are frequently good prices, and the system is convenient and simple. GOAT is unquestionably worth looking into if you’re interested in sneakers and are searching for a place to buy or sell them. The vast majority of customers have had extremely positive experiences and would suggest GOAT despite a few concerns.

6. Newchic:


The motto for Newchic is catchy: New chic, new life. Its objective is to provide fashion enthusiasts with affordable access to contemporary, one-of-a-kind items. To better the lives of its clients, the brand keeps an eye out for the latest fashion trends. Their primary focus is ensuring that all of their goods are both elevated and reasonably priced. Newchic is doing it right when it comes to classic and approachable fashion.

The fact that Newchic is a one-stop store with multiple brands is awesome. It is home to numerous indie labels, including Socofy, Rinsta, and Zanzea.

Newchic has a vast array of companies under its belt and offers a variety of goods. You can purchase clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and home furnishings online. Around 200 nations receive shipments from Newchic. To make buying quick and easy, they also have apps for iOS and Android.

They currently have around two million users on Instagram. This demonstrates how well-known and adored they are. This site shares looks and fashions to encourage customers to purchase their newest items.

7. Pretty Little Thing:


The brand has frequently been highlighted in illustrious periodicals, including Business Insider, The CEO Magazine, The Times, and many others. Adam and Umar Kamani launched this company in 2012. The company’s main office is in Manchester, United Kingdom, and there are satellite offices in Paris, France.

Both China and the UK are where the brand manufactures its goods. This evaluation will examine why we enjoy using this brand, customer feedback, and ratings, the brand’s benefits and drawbacks, as well as promotions, discounts, frequently asked questions, and many other elements that will cover every part of the brand.

The company sells a variety of gowns. Dresses, plus size clothing and dresses, old-style clothes, and new college apparel are a few of the popular clothing categories available on Pretty Little thing clothing. The brand offers a vast range of clothing, no matter what outfit you want. You can find the gowns you desire if you are beyond 30 and yet want to look younger, even if you are plus size.

8. ShopStyle Collective:


ShopStyle is a web browser for online consumers to find merchandise for the home, clothing, cosmetics, and other items. Its affiliate marketing platform, ShopStyle Collective, compensates writers and influencers to promote goods from affiliated brands.

You can showcase looks or roundups in blogs or posts on social media using the system’s useful capabilities, which make it simple for you to link to the goods you love, highlight bargains from your favorite businesses, and link to the items you adore.

When you join ShopStyle Cooperative, you can access the brands’ catalogs. From there, you can compile lists or build looks utilizing your preferred goods or get affiliate links to incorporate into your material. You will receive a commission when users click on or buy an item using your link.

Like most affiliate networks, ShopStyle Collective works best for celebrities with a sizable, attentive audience, yet you’re not required to have one. Knowing what your viewers love and providing more of it are the keys to success in affiliate marketing. A useful extra knows how to position links to products that fit your material properly.

ShopStyle Collective collaborates with numerous fashion and beauty brands; thus, these influencers frequently succeed with the initiative. Several of the greatest earners have popular, elevated Instagram and Pinterest profiles.

9. Daem Watches:


You are greatly mistaken if you believe that the fashion niche is solely concerned with people’s clothes. More than anything else, people’s accouterments reveal their sense of style.

Every Daem timepiece is created in Brooklyn, New York, with design ideas drawn from the diverse cultural narratives surrounding us. Yet, a Basel, Switzerland-based master of his trade is responsible for the actual watchmaking.

Also, you get a 20% fee on each one you buy or $80 per sale. This is a side project for the fashionistas out there where it’s practically impossible not to make money.

10. Hugo Boss:


Hugo Boss’s 2016 edition of the woody, spicy Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Parfum is an enhanced version of the initial Boss Bottled from 1998. You may be aware that the Intense Edp edition has already been withdrawn, despite only being available through retail or perfume discount retailers for five years. Boss Bottled Strong Eau de Toilette, which was once available, is nonexistent.

According to Hugo Boss, Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Parfum has the same composition as the original Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Toilette, except that it has a 14% greater concentration of essential oils and is more durable.

Therefore, it’s my responsibility to advise you whether or not to pursue it. At the same time, the price is still reasonable and explains how one of the most well-known men’s perfumes has ever been impacted by the ever-evolving scent trends.

High-end clothing manufacturer Hugo Boss AG is based in Variants, Germany. Hugo Boss created the business in 1924, and up to its insolvency in 1931, due to the German economy, it specialized in making clothing.

Boss developed a reputation for being controversial throughout his life and was a part of the Nazi Party, among many other groups. Ironically, using over 140 forced laborers, mostly women and French POWs, the enterprise was saved by creating the all-black SS uniform and other clothing.

Hugo passed away in 1948, but his company continued. In 1946, he was partially acquitted of the accusations that he was an “activist” and a “supporter and beneficiary of Nazi Socialism.” Still, it took time for the business to shed its unwelcome legacy.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed the top 10 best fashion affiliate programs. I hope you found something useful in this article, and I hope you don’t have any queries after reading this article. Wish you the best of luck!

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