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15+ Best Medical Affiliate Programs In 2024

The US spends $3 trillion, or $9,523 per person, on healthcare costs. This indicates that a sizable potential market is shopping online for more reasonably priced medical equipment and supplies. Everyone has a different way of treating or healing illnesses and gets sick. Natural healing won’t be discussed here, but if you’re entering the medical field, it’s another area to think about.

Depending on your niche, there are several items and services to take into consideration below. In addition to services like in-home hospice care as well as general wellness and health businesses, medical supplies constitute a significant industry.

What Are Medical Affiliate Programs?

Partnerships between affiliate marketers and healthcare businesses or organizations are known as medical affiliate programs. In these schemes, affiliate marketers offer a healthcare company’s goods or services to prospective clients in exchange for a cut of any sales that arise.

Medical devices, dietary supplements, and health and wellness services are just a few of the goods and services that can be covered by medical affiliate programs. Affiliate programs can help healthcare organizations broaden their customer base and boost sales while also giving affiliate marketers a means to make money by advertising healthcare goods and services that fit with their interests and areas of expertise.

Via a range of platforms, such as blogs, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising, affiliate marketers can advertise medical goods or services. Effective medical affiliate marketers frequently possess a thorough knowledge of healthcare goods and services in addition to efficient sales and marketing strategies.

Advantages Of Medical Affiliate Programs:

Medical affiliate networks include a number of benefits for both healthcare organizations and affiliate marketers.

Increased Sales:

By utilizing the power and reach of affiliate marketers, medical affiliate programs can aid healthcare organizations in reaching a larger audience and increasing sales.

Cost-effective Marketing:

Since affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing tactic, healthcare organizations only receive rewards on actual sales that are the result of affiliate activity. As a result, it is an economical method of advertising goods and services.

Access To New Markets:

Healthcare organizations may not have been able to reach these populations through conventional marketing channels, but affiliate marketers frequently do. This may open up new markets and clientele for healthcare businesses.

Expertise and Credibility:

By advertising their goods and services to a specific audience, affiliate marketers who focus on the healthcare industry can give healthcare businesses considerable knowledge and credibility.

Increased Brand Awareness:

Healthcare businesses can broaden their brand awareness and exposure to potential clients who may not have known about their goods or services through affiliate marketing.

Flexible Partnership:

Medical affiliate programs are adaptable and can be customized to meet the requirements of all stakeholders. Healthcare organizations can pick the affiliates they want to collaborate with, just as affiliate marketers can pick the goods and services they want to promote.

Overall, medical affiliate programs are advantageous to affiliate marketers and healthcare organizations, making them an effective tactic for boosting revenue and reaching new markets in the sector.

How Do Affiliates Work?

Members of affiliate programs receive commissions for promoting the goods or services of other businesses. For instance, Amazon offers affiliate products on its website, and whenever a customer purchases something, the original seller sends Amazon a percentage of the sale price as a commission.

Affiliate marketing schemes follow a cycle in which users first post products or adverts for other businesses on their websites. This data is then saved whenever a user clicks a link to a parent site or makes a purchase on a retailer’s website like Amazon. Affiliate members are then compensated and given credit for the website traffic or sale.

Best Medical Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of 15 Medical Affiliate Programs for 2023 and 2024:

  1. Medical Supply Depot
  2. AvaCare
  3. Mountainside Medical Equipment
  4. HDIS
  5. Oakstone Publishing
  6. Philips Lifeline
  7. Simply Medical
  8. The CPAP Shop
  9. Medical Scrubs Collection
  10. Medsitis Medical Supplies
  11. Bay Alarm Medical
  12. Personalabs
  13. Scrubs and Beyond
  14. HDIS
  15. 4MD Medical

1. Medical Supply Depot:

Medical suply depot

When you need medical products, Medical Supply Depot is your one-stop internet shop. You may just order the item online rather than having to visit a retail store and pray that it is in stock. It saves time for both patients and caretakers.

Because patients who have access to reliable medical supplies are much less likely to need emergency care in the future. From stethoscopes and other diagnostic tools to furniture, mobility aids, and supplies for assisted living, Medical Supply carries it all.

Your readers can simply set up the ordering procedure and then forget about it because all of the products can be configured to deliver on a “re-order” basis. Let’s now examine some statistics related to the Medical Supplies Depot affiliate program.

On all purchases made through your affiliate links, this program pays a commission of 7.5%.
Yet because of their sliding scale compensation structure, you could earn up to 9.5% if your monthly total sales exceed $7,500.


URL: Medical Supply Depot affiliate program
7.5% commission
EPC: $10.35
Cookie lifecycle: 45 days

2. AvaCare:


While purchasing medical products online, it’s all too simple to feel confused. Because of this, it’s good to have the kind of knowledgeable medical advice provided by AvaCare Medical.

You can just ask them what the ideal product is for a specific case rather than attempting to determine it yourself.
So AvaCare Medical will respond to your query with a resolution in a matter of minutes.
The company offers a price match guarantee on all 20,000 medical products that are currently in stock, which is an extra benefit.

They even offer an internet pharmacy where OTC (Over-the-Counter) medications for pain, urinary problems, and other conditions are sold. This contains everything from incontinence goods to wheelchairs as well as hospital beds.

AvaCare Medical treats a $2 sale for medical supplies that receives the same attention as a $2,000 purchase, according to customer comments. Hence, that ought to result in favorable traffic conversion rates.


URL: AvaCare Medical affiliate program
5% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 45 days

3. Mountainside Medical Equipment:

Mountain Side Medical Equipment

American medical supply company Mountainside Medical was founded in 2002 and is owned by handicapped veterans.
Its founder served as a medic in the Vietnam War, where he gained first-hand knowledge of the importance of robust medical equipment.

For this reason, Mountainside Medical Equipment’s team deals directly with manufacturers to secure the most competitive prices for your readers.
And that extends to allowing the internet sale of specific pharmaceuticals.
Hence, you’ll discover a lot more than, say, over-the-counter pain relievers here. Mountainside Medical

Equipment carries a wide range of medical supplies, ranging from beds and mattresses to IV and injectable supplies to simple hand sanitizer. Or all of the medical equipment you would require. If you have an email list, you can promote their items through it and receive a fixed 10% commission on all transactions.


URL: Mountainside Medical Equipment affiliate program
10% commission
Cookie lifetime: 10 days

4. HDIS:


HDIS stands out since its whole web presence is devoted to aiding those who experience problems with bladder control.

It’s evident that this is an embarrassing issue, and most individuals wish to handle it subtly.
The freedom from having to purchase their incontinence supplies in a public store. It is being able to consult an expert for assistance in making the right choices for their needs.

That’s precisely what HDIS has provided since 1986.
With prices your readers can afford, free shipping from all orders as an extra bonus, and excellent customer service. Because incontinence pads as well as other items are frequently used, they are frequently purchased in large quantities.

Hence, you should see above-average order sizes coming from your affiliate connections. Which 10% will be yours after that?


URL: HDIS affiliate program
10% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 45 days

5. Oakstone Publishing:


An affiliate marketer who tends to think linearly is a risky habit to form.
Without ever considering, people wonder if there’s another method for approaching the medical supplies market,” you pursue the very same items as everyone else. Because of this, Oakstone Publishing is included in the list of the top medical affiliate programs

For the purpose of assisting medical professionals in passing their board exams and advancing their careers through additional certifications, this company has produced CME – Continuing Medical Education, learning material.

Each of its study aids was created by eminent clinicians in a variety of specialties.
Yet if you hadn’t spent some time reading this compilation, you would have never been aware that it ever existed. To advertise this offer, you must first have a LinkConnector affiliate network account.
Once accepted, you can anticipate making up to – 5% commission from study manuals, which typically cost $900 apiece.


URL: Oakstone CME Publishing affiliate program
Commission: 5% maximum
Duration of cookies: 15 days

6. Philips Lifeline:


Walking the narrow line between “helping” and making an aging partner or relative feel helpless requires caregiving.

Seniors aim to maintain their autonomy for as much as is physically possible. The medical alert gadgets from Philips Lifeline are quite helpful in this situation. Your elderly relative, family, or patient can lead as normal of a life as possible in the knowledge that they’re able to call for assistance if necessary.

Such medical alert systems could even identify when a patient falls and will then contact you, day or night, giving carers and family carers the same peace of mind. They will therefore understand why peace of mind is priceless if you are speaking to an audience whose primary concern is providing care for the elderly.

This affiliate offers a fixed fee of $75 for every sale, which is fantastic news.
A lot of money might be made in this industry given that by 2050, the number of people 80 and older is expected to treble.


Link: Philips Lifeline affiliate program
$75 in commission per lead
EPC: $123.77
Cookie lifecycle: Unknown

7. Simply Medical:


Simply Medical is yet another provider of generic medical supplies. Yet, there is very little background material available, which makes me think that they are a devoted e-commerce site.
But, there is nothing wrong with this. Because they keep on hand all the standard medical gear and supplies patients require.

This includes, among many other things, safety equipment for the bathroom and bedroom, over-the-counter medications, tools for diagnosing and treating wounds, and mobility aids.
Due to the absence of middleman or distributor markup, many of these medical goods are offered for less than regular retail costs.

Also, they provide free shipping for all purchases over $25. Because Simply Medical has already been operating since 2016, its consumers are undoubtedly satisfied. This claimed 11% conversion provides another indication of overall consumer satisfaction. High conversion rates tend to be priceless. It means that 10% of your warmed traffic will result in affiliate purchases in this instance.


URL: Simply Medical affiliate program
6% commission
EPC: $56.47
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

8. The CPAP Shop:


The medical problem known as sleep apnea, which causes the snorer to cease breathing many times per night, is commonly indicated by snoring. Most sufferers of sleep apnea use CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask as a treatment.

They can avoid physically passing away in their sleep by having their airway kept open while doing this.
A family-run company called The CPAP Store specializes in CPAP equipment, such as machines, masks, accessories, cleaning supplies, as well as other respiratory care products.

There are 900 various goods available for you to pick from, all from reputable manufacturers including AG Industries, Beaumont, Better Rest Solutions, CareFusion, and Philips Respironics.
Moreover, shipping is free on all purchases above $99 in value. Also, you can always count on family-run businesses to provide superior customer service.
In light of the other stated medical affiliate programs, how does this particular offer compare?


URL: The CPAP Shop affiliate program
5% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

9. Medical Scrubs Collection:

Medical Scrubs

This time, examine the Medical Scrubs Collection, a business that, as you might have guessed, sells a variety of medical scrubs online.

Scrubs are the common uniforms worn by employees in a variety of clinical fields, including dental assistants, brain surgeons, and nursing home workers. Also, the colors, shapes, and patterns of their scrubs are very diverse.
Even stretch scrubs are available here, which are perfect for medical professionals that require a little more room in their working attire.

Also, they offer shoes, lab coats, and additional accessories including scrub caps as well as masks. Affiliates can anticipate receiving a 6% cut among all orders brought about by their text links and banners.
Since people who require scrubs frequently purchase multiple pairs at once, you may anticipate an average purchase value of over $70 per referral.


URL: Medical Scrubs Collection affiliate program
6% commission
EPC: $62.11
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

10. Medsitis Medical Supplies:


Medsitis Medical Supplies seems to be an online retailer of medical supplies with more than twenty years of expertise. They provide consumers and companies with a huge selection of medical products. Each of their products has affordable prices and quick delivery.

Their typical order value is between $12 and $200. Refersion is used by Medsitis Medical Supplies to administer their affiliate program. Affiliates have the option of promoting all of their goods or just those that are most suitable for their target audience.

For your campaign, they will design specific product pages featuring higher retail prices and better commissions.
Why You Should Promote Medical Supply Company Medsitis: Competitive rates, customer product pages, and 20 years of experience. In order to increase sales, they provide a price structure that is competitive and low minimum purchases for free shipping.


URL: Medsitis Medical Supplies Affiliate Program
10% commission
30 days for cookies

11. Bay Alarm Medical:

Bay Alarm

The best-rated medical alert company in the US is Bay Alarm Medical. Pushing a button will connect consumers to their 24/7 emergency operators, who will call loved ones, friends, and even 911 emergency responders.
Since 2012, has identified them as one of the top medical alert services, and the Huffington Post has given them a recommendation.

Bay Alarm Medical’s affiliate program is managed by AvantLink. Affiliates get access to customer materials created to pique their audience’s interest. PS Web Solutions, who expertly manages their program, is delighted to help affiliates through the setup as well as campaign optimization.

Why You Should Promote Bay Alarm Medical: Top-rated medical alert system, excellent flat commission fee, good conversion rates.
Every time one of its visitors enrolls in a high conversion rate plan, affiliates receive $65 as compensation.


URL: Bay Alarm Medical Affiliate Program
Commission: $65
120 days for a cookie

12. Personalabs:


Online lab blood tests from Personalabs are more convenient and less expensive than traveling to the doctor.
Without health insurance, those seeking complete privacy, or those who are unwilling to wait for the doctor’s approval before getting wellness and health blood tests, their services are ideal. In the US, they have nearly 4,000 testing locations.

Their add-on orders can cost up to $500 and have an average order value of $180. Commission Junction is used by Personalabs to run its affiliate program. Banner ads, text links, plus monthly discount vouchers of 5–15% are available to affiliates.

Why You Should Promote Personalabs: Reasonable blood test prices, high order averages, and regular discounts
The two types of websites that generate the most commissions for their affiliates, coupon, and health information sites, are ideal candidates for their program.


URL: Personalabs Affiliate Program
10% commission
45 days for cookies

13. Scrubs and Beyond:

Scrubs And Beyond

With over 140 locations across the Nation, Scrubs and Beyond also offers a direct mail catalog. Since opening their first store in 2000, they have become recognized as pioneers in the sector. They offer a wide variety of name-brand, high-end uniforms, and accessories, all at competitive costs.

Their typical order is higher than the $100 level for the industry. Scrubs and Beyond’s affiliate program is run by AvantLink. The top-performing advertising, text links, regular promotions, product data feeds, and tracking tools are provided to affiliates.

What Justifies Promoting Scrubs and Beyond? High industrial median order values, a leader in rapid industry growth, and expanding collections
They provide affiliates with a pleasurable, intriguing purchasing experience to market to medical professionals.


URL: Scrubs and Beyond Affiliate Program
8% commission
Cookie: 7 days

14. HDIS:


HDIS specializes in offering bladder leak sufferers high-quality care. Tena, Always Discreet, Poise, and Depends are a few of their well-known brands. On all orders, they provide free shipping and discrete delivery. Their goal is to make purchasing incontinence supplies more affordable, practical, and less embarrassing.

Pepperjam is the company that runs its affiliate program. Reporting tools, marketing materials, and monthly newsletters with the newest deals are all provided by HDIS to their affiliates. The affiliate management team is now on hand to assist with any inquiries and provide advice on how to improve campaigns.

Reasons to Promote HDIS Include Free shipping, several specials, and a discreet incontinence delivery process.
HDIS is the place where Americans purchase the most incontinence supplies in the US.


URL: HDIS Affiliate Program
10% commission
45 days for cookies

15. 4MD Medical:


Manufacturers including Drive Medical, Medline, Invacare, and others have approved 4MD Medical to sell their products. Online, they offer the broadest assortment of home medical supplies. They can offer a few of the finest prices in the sector thanks to their substantial purchasing power.

The ShareASale platform powers its affiliate program. 4MD Medical offers a wide range of banners, text links, data feeds, and tracking tools to their affiliates. Also, they developed special tools to assist its affiliates at in better monetizing their visitors.

Why You Should Promote 4MD Medical: Licensed dealer, affordable prices, exclusive affiliate resources.
Affiliates get the most recent information on deals, sales, freebies, and other things, which helps them enhance conversion rates.


URL: 4MD Medical Affiliate Program
6% commission
60 days for cookies

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It brings an end to the overview of medical affiliate programs.  Again, you can see how a little bit of lateral thinking may help you discover totally new niches inside an industry that is already rather specialized.
It’s important to note that many of these programs aren’t accessible to the general public.
They are thus only accessible through an affiliate network.

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