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10+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs In 2024

Numerous affiliate networks offer recurring revenue, and this particular niche enables you to generate income without exerting effort. As long as your recommended customers stick with the business, you will continue to earn money.

Naturally, the product’s quality is important because no one would continue to use or support a low-quality product or brand. This is likely why businesses that are confident in their product give recurring rewards.

You receive a set fee when a user you suggest pays his subsequent bill for any goods, often a membership program or items requiring monthly installments. Some businesses give recurring commissions for a set time, while many others offer the very same income for all time. Everything is subject to corporate marketing guidelines.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here are the 10 top best recurring affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024 enlisted below:

1. ElegantThemes
2. LeadPages
3. LiveChat
4. ThriveThemes
5. ConvertKit
6. Binance
7. SocialPilot
8. Kinsta
9. Jasper AI
10. Aweber

1. ElegantThemes:

Elagant Themes


Elegant Themes offer WordPress themes. Instead of hosting websites, they provide consumers with gorgeous themes and plugins for their WordPress sites. Almost 700,000 clients have been served throughout their twelve years in operation. You’ll need a WordPress website if you want to use their products. They provide two distinct programs for clients looking for excellent extensions and templates for their websites.

Every year, from June 1 through August 31, the business will give customers a 20% discount. The Annual Access will cost only $70 per year, and the Lifetime Access will cost $199. Not a terrible discount, huh? Keep in mind that Elegant Themes isn’t a website services provider. You must already have a WordPress site set up if you want to use their themes and plugins. The affiliate program remains unchanged regardless of how you choose to participate in it.

You will receive 50% of any purchases generated by your affiliate link if you become an affiliate. Moreover, membership renewals will pay you 50%. You must have a WordPress website to be eligible for Membership if you choose to do so. You will create a username and password before filling out the remaining fields, including your address and phone number.

The only way they will give you payment is to your PayPal email account, so you will need to provide one. Your request will be examined after you complete the sign-up page. When your application is accepted, an administrator will reply to you.

2. LeadPages:

Lead Pages


A marketing platform called the Leadpages affiliate program enables marketers to develop and expand their companies. Participants of such a program have Access to a wide range of characteristics and benefits. They are free to explore the program, reveal its greatest aspects, and promote the Automation that assists its users.

Using the panel, we may view the insights from our statistics, such as traffic, sales, commission, etc. The program is packed with innovative features and resources that inevitably result in purchases through recommendations. The program enables us to generate income by promoting LeadPages in blog posts, on social media, during affiliate webinars, driving visitors to LeadPages blogs and tutorials, and offering limited-time specials.

An application called Leadpages enables us to make landing pages or goal pages for your webinars, e-books, streams, and other services. Leadpages is a drag-and-drop application that lets you make these blueprints or layouts. Also, because it organizes your email sign-up forms, you may grow or create your list swiftly.

Leadpages assists users who are running small businesses in connecting with customers, gathering leads, and closing deals. Additionally, it incorporates you into the recent email commission campaign. The drag-and-drop designer makes creating websites, sales funnels, alert bars, and more simple. It also launches an executive landing page or website with conversion goals.

3. LiveChat:


LiveChat is a high-end customer care platform made to boost revenue and customer engagement? The program greatly automates your customer communications and allows multichannel communication from a single platform. LiveChat supports various messaging services, including Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Direct Chat, Emails, and website-based messaging.

You may interact with particular visitors using LiveChat based on their profiles and behaviors and deliver customized messages to boost engagement. Customized welcomes or notifications may be part of this.

Many chat options are accessible, including AI chatbot automation, pre-written responses, file sharing, and real-time notifications. With these tools, you can react to client inquiries more quickly and without repeating yourself. Also, you can add tags to your chats to filter them later.

The chat rating tool can also collect customer feedback on how well your support team performed. A post-chat survey can provide more detailed feedback, and you can create a customer feedback report to determine where you can improve. You can route the conversation to the appropriate channel in addition to the personal and automated routing options, ensuring that you do not even miss any conversations.

Over 150 countries utilize LiveChat as the top chat management and customer engagement tool. They have collaborated with some top brands to enhance consumer interactions and sales. You can have complete faith in LiveChat because of its track record of accomplishment.

4. ThriveThemes:

Thrive Themes

At a fair price, Thrive Themes can provide many useful plugins for advertisers, agencies, and site owners who prioritize conversions. Web designers and marketers will find Thrive Themes’ offer quite alluring. Their Membership includes over a dozen plugins and technologies that work together to form an efficient web-building environment.

In today’s Thrive Themes review, we’ll examine all of their tools, consider what’s included in that bundle, and determine whether or not it’s all worthwhile. A little separate note: Theoretically, you could buy each of these, find all kinds, and only use certain plugins, but nobody does that because the tools are pricey and unimpressive.

Improvement of currency exchange rates is also given. It will be a recurring subject in our Thrive Themes review because this is what Thrive Themes is about. This business sells conversion-optimization plugins. The Theme Creator, which enables you to design a theme from scratch for your WordPress website, is the following plugin available as part of the Thrive Themes subscription.

5. ConvertKit:

ConverKit Integrations

An established company or blog that has a consistent income stream and can afford the expenditure or expense of this professional email service provider would be a good fit for ConvertKit. It is especially helpful if the firm needs to develop many sophisticated funnels and automation or other drip-style email chains. Small businesses and newly launched blogs that need to monetize their internet presence should look into more affordable/free alternatives.

The Boise-based firm ConvertKit markets itself as email marketing software for online producers, including writers, makers, podcasters, photographers, YouTubers, teachers, and artists. The vendor advertises 19,500 paying clients, 500 million monthly emails, and quick expansion.

The Boise-based firm ConvertKit markets itself as email marketing software for online creators, including writers, makers, podcasters, photographers, YouTubers, educators, and artists. The vendor touts 500 million emails sent and 19,500 prospective customers.

ConvertKit’s assistance is one of the most conspicuously notable advantages, even though it has nothing to do with the strength and usefulness of its software. For example, MailChimp needs more help, which is frustrating, especially for free users.

Live chat assistance is excellent, but there are better options for problems that require time to investigate when you’re not required to be there.

6. Binance:


Binance is the name of the largest cryptocurrency site in the world. Due to the extensive range of choices for investing, its services could be more user-friendly. Investors may need help with Binance based on their background and level of expertise.

With its desktop or mobile interfaces, Binance offers a wide range of trading choices, a fantastic selection of market charts, and dozens of bitcoins. Users can choose from various order types and trading choices, including options and futures contracts. U.S. customers can use just 150 coins, and many features and functions are not offered there.

Binance is one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges by trade volume. In 2022, the company tried to purchase rival FTX, a big crypto exchange. A short while after the deal was agreed upon on November 9, 2022, Binance declared that it would leave FTX after examining the financial situation of its smaller rival.

In addition to its services and tools, Binance also offers vast educational platforms, an NFT platform, and other things. US customers still need access to the Nutrient film technique market.

7. SocialPilot:

Social Pilot

SocialPilot is a highly effective social media made good with features like teamwork and social media marketing software directly in your dashboards. If you want to manage all of your social media profiles from a single dashboard, SocialPilot is your tool. Because of the affordable price and excellent customer support, it may be used by blogs, groups, and independent publishers of all sizes.

Companies’ social media presences can be developed, filtered, scheduled, and managed with the help of SocialPilot, a cloud-based social media administration tool. With SocialPilot, you can manage campaigns on social media in their totality, covering customer service, Facebook post enhancement, and social listening without leaving the UI.

SocialPilot is the appropriate social media tool for both people and small enterprises, as well as for agencies, thanks to its extensive feature set and reasonable pricing due to its flawless publishing, usability, advanced analytics, collaboration choices with filters to minimize chaos in client and small project workflows, and other features.

Despite having well-known competitors like Hootsuite and Buffer, it has emerged as the winner thanks to ongoing improvements, new features, and support for Facebook My Page and TikTok planning.

8. Kinsta:


Starter, followed by Business, and Enterprise, which is designed for larger organizations, are the order of priority. It is simple for you to choose the strategy that is best for you because each one is well-discussed. Also, you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting package within the 30-day free trial.

Every Kinsta user benefits from the same auto-scaling cloud architecture, even though Kinsta offers additional plan options compared to WP Engine’s five. It suggests that upgrading a Kinsta user’s site to the next tier, for example, to manage more traffic, will be pretty straightforward.

WP Engine, in contrast, uses a particular kind of sharing. A WP Engine-hosted website may require several site migrations to scale, such as from a social context to a VPS, followed by a single host, or even to cloud hosting. As mentioned before, some users might find these migrations unsettling.

9. Jasper AI:


Jasper AI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for its writing processes. In seconds, it can generate persuasive writing for blog posts, website landing pages, ads, social media posts, promotional emails, etc. In half the time, the output can increase up to five times.

The Jasper AI GPT-3 application can produce several different types of material. Examples include novels, Youtube clip scripts, academic papers, SEO-focused blog posts, and other sorts of content.

Jasper AI is not the cheapest AI author on the market. The device’s increased output capacities, simple user interface, and wide range of features can more than justify the price. You’ll be able to complete all of your copywriting obligations without needing outside assistance.

The content created by Jasper AI was based on user input. As it doesn’t select web information randomly, you won’t get any copied material. Even so, if you want to be sure, you may always utilize plagiarism detection software.

10. Aweber:


By providing a massive 700 fully customizable HTML email campaigns, Aweber’s frictional pressure, email editor offers a wide variety. Also, they are all adaptable and will quickly change their email layout to fit your device.

Aweber’s user-friendly interface, open design options, and integrations make it very easy to create an email campaign. Compared to the email marketing competition, this is incredibly alluring, but as we’ve already mentioned, it comes at a significant cost.

You can easily change color combinations and layouts inside the drag-and-drop builder, add a company logo and even add free stock photos to your email templates thanks to their handy interface with Unsplash.

The fact that they have a link with Canva is also beneficial because it allows you to design your email marketing banner and formulate a plan on the same website. If you wish to become more familiar with Canva, you may easily create advertising materials that seem incredibly professional because of its large content collection.

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Final Verdict:

This article discusses the ten best recurring affiliate programs you can consider promoting in 2023. Hope you like this information. Still, if you have any questions regarding this post, just let us know in the comments section below.

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