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15+ Best Insurance Affiliate Programs In 2024

Insurance Affiliate Programs:

Nearly every moment of your life is affected by insurance. Whether it’s for your health, your pets, your home, your automobile, or your trip itinerary, you should get insurance coverage in case there is a loss or damage.
You can appreciate how large the insurance business is when you consider that in 2019, it contributed almost

$630 billion, or 2.9%, to the GDP of the United States.
By signing up for an affiliate network, you can sell a policy for your consumers even if you don’t work in the insurance industry.

You can encourage your readers to get a pertinent insurance coverage through your website if you run a blog about sports, pets, travel, electrical products, etc.

Which platform should you choose, though?

The Popularity Of Insurance Affiliate:

The affiliate programs are extremely popular, and they have good reasons for this, just as the insurance industry. In contrast to some other niches, this one offers substantial financial opportunity.

How much money can someone make by endorsing an insurance firm? The reply is a big one. Even if you sign up for a modest insurance affiliate network, you might still make a respectable sum of money.
This affiliate’s popularity is due to a number of different aspects besides the ability to make money.

A Sizable Customer Base:

Whatever your blog’s topic, you will constantly come across readers looking for insurance. Everything that addresses a wide range of demands is required, including health insurance to auto insurance to small business insurance.

By signing up for an insurance affiliate network, you may get a lot of potential clients to your blog who will not only buy a policy but also appreciate your site for advertising them.

Possibility of Working with Reputable Organizations:

A lot of well-known organizations permit publishers to advertise their products. Along with increasing their consumer base, collaborating with well-known companies increases the popularity of your website. Both parties benefit from it.

A Never-Ending Business:

The insurance industry is one that is unlikely to ever go out of business. Even after you’ve finished insurance sales to your clients, they will eventually need to renew their policy.

When it came to renewing the services, there is a good probability that your viewers will choose the referred businesses again if they trust them. It implies that you will have another opportunity to offer the very same services to the same client.

The top insurance affiliate programs are examined in this article so you can choose the finest one for your market.

Best Insurance Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of top 15 best Insurance Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Lemonade affiliate program
  2. Cover-Mode affiliate program
  3. Bestow affiliate program
  4. Fabric affiliate program
  5. Allstate affiliate program
  6. USAA affiliate program
  7. Ethos Life affiliate program
  8. Chubb affiliate program
  9. Liberty Mutual affiliate program
  10. Embrace affiliate program
  11. Insurify affiliate program
  12. World Nomads affiliate program
  13. Allainz Care affiliate program
  14. Pawp affiliate program
  15. Hippo affiliate program

1. Lemonade Affiliate Program:


A fintech business called Lemonade was established in New York City in 2015. For online insurance sales that can take as short as 90 seconds, brokers have been eliminated. With a few mouse clicks, customers may enroll in home, car, pet, as well as life insurance.

Depending on the type of insurance you buy, Lemonade insurance affiliate network offers commission payments. Affiliates receive a 30-day cookie option to convert sign-ups at prices that start at roughly $15 per lead generated.
With Lemonade, a fintech company that is transforming the insurance industry, there are numerous marketing options. Lemonade extends the red carpet in terms of usability, and millennials are known for loving convenience.


  • Name of the programme: Lemonade Affiliate Program
  • Software and Network: AdmitAd, Awin, and Sovrn
  • Commission: $15.00 for pet leads, €30.00 for renter and homeowner leads (Awin), (Sovrn) (AdmitAd)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days (Awin, AdmitAd), not specified (Sovrn)
  • Markets: Global (Sovrn), US (Awin), DE, NL, FR (Awin), and US (AdmitAd)

2. Cover-More Affiliate Program:

cover more

Australian travel insurance is offered through Cover-More. They offer coverage for local and foreign travel, skiing and snowboarding, motorcycles, and mopeds.

Within 30 days, their affiliate marketing programme gives 6.4% to 10% on each policy sold.
As travel trends change all around the world, there are enormous marketing potential in travel insurance. This is as a result of increased caution on the part of travellers over their insurance coverage.

Cover-More has updated their offers in reaction to the pandemic to include a app with accessibility to 24/7 emergency support, which might be a wonderful selling point.
Cover-More can be a wonderful insurance affiliate programme if your audience includes regular travellers in Australia or New Zealand.


  • Name of the programme: Cover-More Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: FlexOffers, Commission Factory
  • Commissions: 6.4% (FlexOffers), 8% (Commission Factory), 10% (Commission Factory), and
  • 10% on each sold policy, respectively (FlexOffers)
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
  • Markets: AU Commission Factory, NZ Commission Factory, NZ FlexOffers, and AU FlexOffers

3. Bestow Affiliate Program:


Fintech life insurance provider Bestow was established in the US in 2016. By avoiding invasive medical exams, they simplify the process of obtaining life insurance coverage.

Bestow insurance policies are accessible to anybody between the ages of 18 and 60, have coverage ranges in $50,000 to $1.5 million, and have periods ranging from 10 to 30 years. Centurion Life Insurance was purchased by the business in 2021, indicating growth objectives.
The company has also made considerable investments in a user-friendly website, stylish design, and user experience.

A flat compensation rate of up to $40 is provided by the Bestow affiliate programme for each lead. It targets new parents, honeymooners, homeowners, or small business owners in particular.
Consider using Bestow if your US audience is looking for hassle-free life insurance.


  • Name of the programme: Bestow Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: Impact, Sovrn, FlexOffers
  • Commission: $40.00 for each lead submitted to FlexOffers, $25.00 for each lead submitted to
  • Impact (Sovrn)
  • 30-day cookie period (FlexOffers, Impact), not specified (Sovrn)
  • Markets: worldwide

4. Fabric Affiliate Program:

fabric affiliate

An entirely digital insurance platform with headquarters in the US, Fabric aims to assist parents in making better plans. Family financial planning, Online wills, as well as life insurance are among the services they offer. The fact that Western and Southern Financial Group purchased the business in January 2022 shows that there are significant aspirations for digital growth.

With a substantial $80 to $100 commission for sales, and 64% on premium plans, the Fabric affiliate programme is very attractive. For $250K to $500K in coverage, payment levels on Fabric insurance policies run from $14 to $41 per month.

When joining up, affiliates should be aware that the cookie length can range from one day to thirty days based on the platform.


  • Name of the programme: Fabric Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: FlexOffers, Impact, ShareASale
  • Commission: $100.00 Application Submitted (Impact), $80.00 Fabric Premium – all plan (ShareASale), and 64% of revenues (Fabric Premium- all plans) (FlexOffers)
  • Cookie duration: 1 day (ShareASale, FlexOffers), 1 month (Impact)
    US markets

5. Allstate Affiliate Program:


American insurance provider Allstate has been in business since the 1930s. The name might be recognisable to you because of their enduring cable TV infomercials from the 2000s. Allstate offers a wide range of insurance products, including life, auto, home, business, and identity protection.

Depending on the scheme, the Allstate affiliate programme pays $6 to $28 for each lead. This program’s extremely short cookie duration only of 5 days could be a drawback.

On the plus side, many Americans are familiar with the name Allstate. Because of their established brand recognition, prospective buyers may be more inclined to trust their items. This corporate reputation can significantly aid in sales conversion for affiliates.


  • Name of the program: Allstate Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: Impact, Sovrn, FlexOffers
  • Commission: $28.00 for home quote sale, $6.40 for a quotation packed for renters and motorcycles, $15.00 Auto or Renters Bundled Quote, $15.00 Auto Quote, $6.00 Moto Quote, $20.00 Home Quote Impact, $13.60 Auto
  • Quote Lead- FlexOffers.
  • Cookie Duration: Five days FlexOffers, Impact, not specified
  • Markets: worldwide

6. USAA Affiliate Program:

USAA Affiliate

Army commanders founded USAA Insurance in 1922, and it now only caters to the military community. They offer guidance on banking, investments, retirement, and insurance.

Affiliate marketers may rely on USAA Insurance’s substantial social network following of above 1.3 million people across platforms to generate purchases.
The company has also employed some astute content marketing strategies, including collaborating with football star Gronk on a previous media campaign.

This insurance affiliate programme is hosted by CJ Affiliate and pays out between $1 and $36 for each lead during a 30-day cookie window.
This insurance affiliate network is an easy choice if your audience includes members of the American military.


  • Name of the program: USAA Affiliate Program
  • Software and Network: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: $36.00 Eligibility Quote Lead, $1.00 Enterprise (Universal Tag), $4.00 Umbrella Insurance, $5.00
  • Renters Insurance (Universal Tag), $10.00 Homeowners Insurance, $20.00 App Complete – VPP
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
  • US markets

7. Ethos Life Affiliate Program:

Online insurance provider Ethos Life is headquartered in Austin, Texas, a centre for fintech. When that comes to life insurance, it has a people-first approach that offers clear, reasonably priced insurance services that are accessible through a straightforward application process. With a $2 billion value and significant expansion plans for the future, Ethos received $200 million through investors in 2021.

Through Ethos’ insurance affiliate network, content providers can work together and earn up to $55 each sale.
Some people might not like the 7-day cookie window, but given how simple the purchasing process is, you may not need an extended cookie period to generate transactions.
Look no far than Ethos if you’re searching for a modern, rapidly expanding fintech business those appeals to younger generations.


  • Name of the program: Ethos Life Affiliate Program
  • Impact of Network / Software
  • Commission: $20.00 to $55.00 each marketing lead
  • Cookie lifetime: seven days
  • US markets

8. Chubb Affiliate Program:


Chubb is a US-based provider of property and casualty insurance services with a presence all over the world. Along with other clients, they cover commercial portfolios for big businesses and high net worth people on the consumer side.

The Chubb affiliate program has a seven-day cookie window and gives a commission rate of about 5%. This may be a selling advantage for you if your audience owns properties all over the world because the business operates locations in 54 different nations.

On their website, they claim to offer insurance both for business and pleasure, specifically for sailboats as well as cargo ships. Therefore, this insurance affiliate program can be a suitable fit if your audience consists of business owners or high net worth individuals.


  • Name of the program: Chubb Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: Rakuten, FlexOffers, Sovrn
  • Commission: 6% (Rakuten), 5% (FlexOffers),
  • Cookie duration: Seven days (FlexOffers, Rakuten), not specified
  • Markets: Global, BR (Rakuten), US (FlexOffers)

9. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program:

Liberty Mutual

Another well-known firm in American insurance is Liberty Mutual. They are the sixth-largest property and liability firm in the world and provide car, casualty, risks, and property insurance.

The $3–$13 flat rate rewards are available through Liberty Mutual insurance affiliate programme. In comparison to rivals on this list, their 30-day cookie window is fairly generous.

With more than 2 million followers on social media, Liberty Mutual has a significant amount of brand recognition.
This affiliate programme may be a suitable fit for you if you have previously purchased Liberty Mutual insurance plan and are a satisfied client.


  • Name of the program: Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: FlexOffers, Sovrn, CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: $3.00 for renters and $10.00 for homeowners and automobiles per item on the item list. $8.80 to $10.80 Auto Insurance Quote (FlexOffers), $4.00 to $4.80 Renters Insurance Quote, $12.00 to $13.60 Home Insurance Quote
  • Cookie duration: 30 days (CJ Affiliate, FlexOffers), not specified
  • Markets: US

10. Embrace Affiliate Program:


Have pet owners in your audience? The insurance affiliate programme from Embrace can be a perfect fit for your website. As the only pet-specific insurance provider on this list, Embrace separates out from the competition. The business is situated in Cleveland and was established in 2003.

Services offered by Embrace include wellness programmes and specialised accident and illness insurance. For a little commission, affiliates may sign up to advertise these services.

Additionally, the brand has received some noteworthy press coverage, including articles in Forbes and PureWow, as well as a sizable following on social media of more than 100k. When introducing the brand to the audience for the very first time, those content marketing tools can aid in establishing credibility for the company.


  • Name of the program: Embrace Affiliate Program
  • Software and Network: FlexOffers
  • Commission: $1.60 per lead When the customer’s region is Washington State, the payout is $0.00.
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
  • US markets

11. Insurify Affiliate Program:


An insurance company called Insurify employs artificial intelligence (AI) to make the insurance buying process easier. For you to select the plan which best meets your needs, Insurify offers a selection of expertly selected quotations from a variety of suppliers.

It should be noted that certain marketing strategies are prohibited by the Insurify programme. To guarantee that you comply, check the fine print carefully before dealing with them.
With rewards ranging $10 to $15 per lead, this insurance affiliate programme is one of the best-paying ones on this list.

Affiliates should keep an eye out for future relationship opportunities with Insurify even as brand expands, as the firm secured $100 million in series B investment in 2021.


  • Name of the program: Insurify Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: Sovrn, CJ Affiliate, and Impact
  • Commission: $10.00 for each online lead from Impact, $15.00 from CJ Affiliate.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days (Impact, CJ Affiliate), not specified
  • Markets: worldwide

12. World Nomads Affiliate Program:

world nomads

The ability to integrate travel insurance affiliate programmes into a variety of existing material is one of their major advantages.The drawback is that it will probably be difficult to rank for most keywords that include the word “insurance.”While compiling our data, we discovered that several well-known travel blogs link to traveling insurance on nearly all of their lengthy articles.

This could be a nice place to put a link for World Nomads if you have a standard footer just at end of each article.Consider places where security is an issue, and discuss any personal experiences that may have with filing an insurance claim.A smart place to start is by adding a “Is [City Name] Safe” item to already published travel guides and itineraries.


  • Name of the program: World Nomads Affiliate ProgramSoftware / Network: Direct10% commission
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Markets: worldwide
  • Alternatives: 10% SafetyWing

13. Allianz Care Affiliate Program:


One of the largest suppliers of global health insurance is Allianz Care. Its policies are intended for HR managers at international corporations or governmental bodies as well as high-net-worth expats. Based on nearly 2,000 confirmed reviews, Allianz does have Feefo rating of 4.8/5.

Only CJ Affiliate is used to run the company’s insurance affiliate programme. The programme offers commissions of between €10 and €45 for each completed application and €10 for each lead.

Regardless of whether the lead doesn’t end up becoming a client, commissions being given across all saved or finished quotations, call back requests, including emails sent to Allianz’s sales team. There is a 45 day cookie window for the programme.

While Allianz is open to working with most affiliate programmes, clearance takes a day or more due to a human evaluation procedure.


  • Link: Affiliate program for Allianz Care
  • Commission: €10 to €30 for each activity
  • Cookie lifecycle: 45 days
  • Sales of goods and services include health insurance.
  • Markets served by the following payment options: France, Italy, Canada, Germany, UK, Spain, and US

14. Pawp Affiliate Program:


If you’ve ever owned a pet, you undoubtedly already know that you’d do something to save your dog in an emergency. Although that is a normal response, it also has a high cost. Consider four figures or higher.
Admit Pawp. With Pawp, you can get pet insurance without worrying about deductibles. A $3,000 savings is made available to subscribers for a set monthly cost, which they can access once a year. Any US veterinary clinic could have an emergency visit.

With its affordable monthly cost, it’s a standout offering that might win over many pet parents. You might be staring at a $60 reward for each monthly membership in return for marketing it. This affiliate programme ranks among the top 3 highest earning ones on this list with that payout.


  • Name of the program: Pawp Affiliate Program
  • Network / Software: FlexOffers, Awin
  • Commission: $5.00 for veterinary consultations, $10.00 for default rates, subscriptions to plans, $20.00 per month, $59.00 per year, and subscriptions to Awin for gifts (FlexOffers)
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
  • Alternatives: Vetster, which charges $30 for each appointment reservation

15. Hippo Affiliate Program:


A house insurance company called Hippo Insurance uses smart home technology to assist clients in avoiding issues. Leak sensors, for instance, can find leaks well before water damage is caused. According to the business, the coverage limitations for laptops and residential office equipment are 4X greater.

Hippo insures more than 200,000 US homes, and it has a solid 4.9/5 rating from over 10,000 customers.
The ShareASale network is used to run the affiliate programme for Hippo’s insurance products. It provides an expansive 90-day cookie window and pays you modest commission of $5 per lead. Affiliates have access to creatives that can increase their traffic.

However, since ShareASale’s most latest tracked conversion occurred in November 2021, there must be a problem either with the affiliate programme or the Hippo website.


  • Hippo affiliate program website
  • Cost of commission: $5 per lead
  • Cookie lifecycle: 90 days
  • Products/Services Sold: Products related to home insurance
  • Check, direct deposit, foreign direct deposit, money order, and Payoneer are all acceptable payment methods.
  • Market(s): US exclusively

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In only the US, the insurance industry is worth $1 trillion. So it is time well spent in this market.
No matter what category your website belongs to, you have the opportunity to write about the pertinent insurance policy and assist your visitors in finding the one they want.
However, marketing insurance firms is more difficult than it seems. Even though there is good money to be made, success takes time and perseverance.

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