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15+ Best Meal Prep Affiliate Programs In 2024

Worldwide and notably in the United States, meal kit plus delivery services have long been well-liked.
By 2023, the market value of a fresh food meals kit delivery company will be $11.6 billion, if we were to speak in numbers.

That’s a lot of development and cash. Checking out some well-known meal shipping companies that provide high meal delivery affiliate programs might be a terrific decision if you’ve been trying to monetize your traffic source and site in order to notice an improvement in your revenue.

Having said that, we are going to discuss with you the best meal kit affiliate programs in this post, which you definitely don’t want to miss out on if you want to increase your income and revenue.

What Is Meal Prep Affiliate Program?

Meal prep affiliate programs are those provided by businesses that offer meal prep products or services, and they enable affiliates to market those businesses’ goods and services in return for a commission on any purchases made through their special referral link or discount code.

Meal prep businesses frequently provide pre-made meals, meal kits, or grocery delivery services to consumers looking for quick, easy, and wholesome eating options. These businesses frequently collaborate with affiliate marketers to increase their exposure and offer their goods to a larger market.

A commission can be earned by affiliates for each purchase made using their referral link or promo code. Depending on the business, the commission % and other program requirements may change, but normally they are a percentage of the selling price.

Typically, in order to become an affiliate, one must enroll in the company’s affiliate program and accept its terms and conditions. Afterward, they will receive a special referral link or discount code that they can distribute to their audience via email newsletters, blogs, and social media.
Meal prep affiliate programs can, all things considered, be a terrific method for affiliates to generate passive money while promoting wholesome and practical meal options to their audience.

Why Pick Meal Preparation Affiliate Programs?

Meal Prep Affiliate Programs may be chosen to participate in for a number of reasons, including the following:

Health-conscious Audience:

Meal prep programs are generally targeted toward people who are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition.

Expanding Industry:

As more individuals search for quick and wholesome meal options, the meal prep sector is expanding quickly. This offers an excellent chance for an affiliate to capitalize on a developing market.
Ongoing income:

A lot of meal preparation affiliate networks provide recurring commissions, allowing you to get paid every time a client you referred makes a purchase. An opportunity for long-term passive income is therefore created.

Many Products:

Meal delivery services, meal prep kits, and even kitchen equipment are all available through meal prep affiliate programs. This gives affiliates a wide selection of goods to market to their audience.

High Commission Rates:

Certain meal preparation affiliate programs have high commission rates, which can result in sizeable revenue for affiliates who can generate sales.

Promotional Simplicity:

Meal prep goods are typically simple to market because they appeal to a broad variety of consumers looking for quick and wholesome meal options. This implies that affiliates may be able to reach a sizable audience with little work.

Let’s jump right into the list of meal kit affiliate programs and the crucial details without spending any more time.

Best Meal Prep Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of top 15 best meal prep affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Home Chef Affiliate Program
  2. Green Chef Affiliate Program
  3. Sun Basket Affiliate Program
  4. Purple Carrot Affiliate Program
  5. Blue Apron Affiliate Program
  6. HelloFresh Affiliate Program
  7. Dinnerly Affiliate Program
  8. FreshDirect Affiliate Program
  9. Daily Harvest Affiliate Program
  10. Sakara Life Affiliate Program
  11. Martha & Marley Spoon Affiliate Program
  12. Freshly Affiliate Program
  13. Factor 75 Affiliate Program
  14. Takeout Kit Affiliate Program
  15. Gobble Affiliate Program

1. Home Chef Affiliate Program:

Home ChefA company called Home Chef is taken into consideration in numerous articles about food affiliate networks. Customers adore the business and its affiliate program.
For the rest of you who are unfamiliar with Home Chef, it’s a meal kit as well as a meal delivery business founded in Chicago that is utilized by millions of individuals around the nation to order their preferred meals and dishes.

Home Chef is indeed a reputable company that has been providing food to customers since 2013. They genuinely do a terrific job at what they’re known for, according to people’s experience using their service.
The CJ affiliate network is used to handle the Home Chef affiliate program, and affiliates can access a variety of tools and marketing materials to boost the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Website to join as an Affiliate:
Commissions: $10 for each sale
Cookie lifetime: thirty days

2. Green Chef Affiliate Program:

Green ChefGreen Chef is the third company on the list. A longtime player in the food and meals delivery business is the healthy food delivery service known as Green Chef. The company was established in 2014, and HelloFresh currently owns it. For consumers who are very concerned about their health, they provide high-quality Keto as well as Paleo meals, balanced meal plans, veggie dinners, and vegan meal kits.

Their plans begin at $11.99 per serving, and shipping often costs about $9 ($8.99 to just be exact).
The Green Chef affiliate program is run through Commission Junction (CJ Affiliates) and offers publishers and affiliates a fixed fifteen-dollar commission on each sale. Please feel free to use the navigation buttons below this description to learn about the Green Chef affiliate program and the business.


Website to Join the Affiliate Program:
Commissions: $15 for each successful sale.
Cookie lifetime: seven days

3. Sun Basket Affiliate Program:

SunbasketOne of the best meal kit delivery businesses in the nation, Sun Basket has been in business since 2014. The company’s current headquarters are in San Francisco.

They specialize in offering consumers that care about their health tasty meal kits. They have you covered for everything from fresh and ready food to paleo diet meals, vegan meal kits, gluten-free food items, meal kits for people with diabetes, and carb-conscious cuisine.

Their affiliate program was also discussed in one of my earlier postings. ShareASale is in charge of running the Sun Basket affiliate program, and they provide high commissions to its partners in addition to some exclusive sponsored content and a committed affiliate support staff to assist affiliates to advance their campaigns and increasing sales.


Official Website:
Commissions: $30 for each successful signup
Cookie lifetime: thirty days

4. Purple Carrot Affiliate Program:

Purple Carrot

Hundreds of millions of Americans use the well-known plant-based meal courier service Purple Carrot. They are among the industry’s most inventive meal kit as well as meal delivery service providers.

The interest in natural food and plant-based foods is rising quickly as more and more people become health conscious over time. Among the few adopters with a high chance of success in this sector is Purple Carrot.
Tofu, cheese mac, potatoes, greenish dal, and a tonne of more meals that have been listed are all part of their meal plans.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the Purple Carrot affiliate network. Its affiliate program is similarly managed by Impact, and affiliates are given access to a responsive affiliate management team, attractive commissions, and other affiliate marketing tools.


Official Website:
Commissions: $25 for each sale
Cookie lifetime: thirty days

5. Blue Apron Affiliate Program:

Blue Apron

Another meal-delivery service that offers top-notch meal kits for in-home cooking is Blue Apron. The business was established in 2012, and New York is currently where it is headquartered.
Every month, they introduce many new dishes to their website, which you may tailor. Each serving costs roughly $7.49.

The website was the first item that really caught my attention. Although they do offer mobile applications, the website is illogically constructed to increase conversions. It is straightforward, according to psychology, and benefits the user.

CJ Affiliate oversees its affiliate program, and it pays affiliates a fifteen-dollar commission on each subscription sale. They haven’t yet provided any other details on the initiative. is the company’s official website. Meanwhile, its cookie duration is not specified.


Official Website:
Commissions: $15 for each sale
Cookie lifetime: not specified

6. HelloFresh Affiliate Program:

Hello Fresh

The company with the largest market share in the US is HelloFresh, which is located in Berlin and offers meal kits and meal delivery services. In actuality, it is the biggest supplier of meal kits in the nation.

HelloFresh is a service that is used by hundreds of thousands of individuals to get their favorite meals delivered directly to their doorsteps at any time they want them.
Consumers can completely alter and modify the recipes, while the corporation handles the remaining details. Its menu offers vegetarian meal packages, calorie-conscious meal plans, cuisine connected to meat, and a tonne of other options. They cost $8.99 per dish.

Affiliates in the HelloFresh affiliate program receive a one-time payment of $10. You must complete a Google Documents form and go to their sponsorship page in order to enroll in the program. The HelloFresh affiliate program will only accept well-known bloggers and influencers.


Sign-Up Page for Affiliates:
Commissions: $10 for each sale
Cookie lifetime: not specified

7. Dinnerly Affiliate Program:


It ranks as the finest meal kit affiliate program on this list, coming in at number eight. Dinnerly is a well-known and established website for ordering scrumptious and healthful meals.

Also, it has a per-person price as low as $4.69. Customers can customize and order hundreds of delectable recipes through their mobile websites or applications.
With regards to a Dinnerly affiliate program, it is run by Awin and offers affiliates a fixed ten-dollar advertising charge for every sale. Publishers and their partners will experience strong conversion rates using the affiliate program, and the typical order value is $40.

Affiliate marketers get access to all additional marketing tools, including text links, ads, tracking IDs, demographic information, and exclusive content, in order to create successful marketing campaigns.
Click on navigation links to the company’s official website as well as the affiliate signup page that has been provided below this description to discover more about the business and the partner program.


Website to join as an Affiliate:
Commissions: $10 for each sale
Cookie lifetime: thirty days

8. FreshDirect Affiliate Program:


FreshDirect focuses on offering top-notch, nutritious meals along with additional goods and food items that are created using premium ingredients that are purchased straight from the farms.
As one of the early movers in the meal as well as grocery delivery business, FreshDirect has been in business since 1999. The company’s current headquarters are in New York.

They may send anything to your door, including grapes, watermelon, meat, prepared meals, dairy goods, baked cookies, and frozen food. Because of the reasonable prices for their goods and services, millions of people utilize their services.

FlexOffers is in charge of running the FreshDirect affiliate program, and it does an excellent job of offering affiliate marketing tools including real-time analytics and insights, an efficient tracking system, banners, creatives, and a tonne of other promotional tools including an affiliate management staff.


Official Website:
5% commission is the commission rate.
Cookie lifetime: not specified

9. Daily Harvest Affiliate Program:

Daily Harvest

This list also includes Daily Harvest, a different meal kit provider with such a meal kit affiliate network. You may have utilized Daily Harvest if you enjoy chocolate and soup because they are the greatest.

The business is focused on satisfying customers’ cravings for nutritious frozen meals.
Since so long ago, Daily Harvest has become an important player in the meal kit as well as food delivery industries. The business was established in 2014, and clients have praised them ever since for their first-rate service.

Everyone is welcome to join their affiliate program for free. ShareASale is the company in charge of running its Daily Harvest affiliate program, therefore anyone interested must first sign up for an account with them in order to participate.


Official website:
Unlisted commission rates
Duration of cookies: Unlisted

10. Sakara Life Affiliate Program:


Another well-known meal kit and delivery service is Sakara Life, which has operated within the meal delivery industry since 2011. For individuals who are worried about their well-being and wish to maintain happiness, they put a special emphasis on offering top-quality organic and plant-based meals.

Health ultimately equates to wealth. Anyway, getting back to Sakara Life, they provide delicious meals like almond waffles, Chana Masala, healthy burgers, and a tonne of other dishes.
Also, they provide various health-related programs that instruct people on how to maintain good health by eating the proper diet for them.

Affiliates can request access by filling out a form on their ambassador application website. Their affiliate program is maintained internally. The company does not reveal commission rates or other crucial information, yet numerous significant authorities have promoted their service.


Official Website:
Unlisted commission rates
Duration of cookies: Unlisted

11. Martha & Marley Spoon Affiliate Program:

Martha And Marley Spoon

A well-known and reputable meal-kit business, Martha & Marley Spoon, provides individuals in all areas of the nation and many other nations across the world with more than 29 delectable dishes.
In your hectic life, they make cooking enjoyable rather than a chore. To give their clients the best meals possible that they can’t get anywhere else, they have hundreds of dishes to supply and all of the components are purchased directly from farms.

Consumers can download mobile applications to order meals even more conveniently.
The actual Martha & Marley Spoon website makes information about their affiliate program available. Every new client you refer to their company earns you $25. Affiliates are given access to all other marketing tools, including banners, coupons, tracking IDs, text links, and creatives, in exchange for running profitable affiliate campaigns.


Webpage of the brand:
Website for Signing Up as an Affiliate:
Commissions: $25 for each sale
Cookie lifetime: thirty days

12. Freshly Affiliate Program:


Top meal Prep Freshly is run by the monster Nestlé. They offer great meals prepared by a chef right to your house. Freshly is a company that prioritizes its clients.
Its menu features mouthwatering meals including special chicken, peppercorn steak, pork chops, chili bowl, and many more.

On FlexOffer’s affiliate network, their affiliate program is run. They strive to provide the most recent demographic information, creations, and banners since they truly respect their partners just as much as they respect their clients.

Specialized affiliate support, as well as a management team, is also available to affiliates, who can get in touch with them seven days a week. Check their official website using the link provided below to learn more.


Authentic website:
Commissions: Not provided
Cookie lifetime: thirty days

13. Factor 75 Affiliate Program:

Factor 75

People frequently mention Factor 75’s affiliate program whenever they write about affiliate marketing for food bloggers because it is a fantastic meal kit brand. They are excellent at providing incredibly delicious dishes. Every month, tens of thousands of individuals utilize their service, and the business is unmatched when it comes to food delivery and meal kit services.

They have received thousands of really favorable client evaluations. You only need to decide what you’d like to eat; Factor 75 will handle the cooking and delivery, leaving you free to enjoy the delectable meals.
Pepperjam affiliate network oversees its affiliate program, and affiliates receive a flat $25 commission on orders from new customers. The Factor 75 affiliate program uses CPA as the reward method, and the cookie life is fourteen days.


Site of origin:
Commissions: $25 for each new client
Cookie lifecycle: 14 days

14. Takeout Kit Affiliate Program:

Takeout Kit

Takeout Kit is a well-known meal kit business that has been highlighted in a number of the most prestigious magazines in the world, including TechCrunch, Forbes, SELF, BuzzFeed, and so on.

They provide hundreds, if not thousands, of foods and recipes. Many People believe it may be thousands. Nonetheless, clients can order entirely flexible and adjustable meal programs.
You may promote a product or service individuals adore and trust knowing that they have a ton of positive feedback from countless clients.

Refersion, which oversees the Takeout Kit affiliate network, provides high commissions as well as essential marketing tools like creatives, banners, tracking IDs, links, and tracking systems.
Please feel free to use the navigation bar that has been provided below this description to learn more about the business and its affiliate program.


Visit the official website at
10% commission on all eligible sales is the commission rate.
Cookie lifecycle: 14 days

15. Gobble Affiliate Program:


Gobble is the first business on this list. A fantastic meal kit delivery business called Gobble has been in existence since 2010.

In the majority of the United States, customers can use the platform to order their preferred meal. Each serving of their meals starts at 11 dollars and 99 cents. They manage your weekly schedule so you may focus on the things that are most important to you.

Also, they continually introduce new dishes that you may customize and include in your meal preferences.
Impact oversees the Gobble affiliate program, and in addition to providing competitive commissions, they also offer special methods, techniques, and tactics to help publishers and affiliate marketers increase sales by advertising their meal kit service.

You can collaborate with Gobble to promote the service and make attractive fees for the purchases you drive, whatever your position as an influencer, blogger, product reviewer, content platform, or media outlet.


Official Website:
$20 is the commission rate for each order.
Cookie lifetime: thirty days

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These were the best meal kit affiliate programs, and you should check them out if you want to make significantly more money than you could be making as a food blogger right now.
There are many businesses that collaborate with publishers to market their goods or services in exchange for attractive commissions.

Working with a reputable organization would be a terrific alternative if you have high-quality traffic on the food or meal-related site and want to increase your earnings right away.

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