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15+ Best Loan Affiliate Programs In 2024

Entering a competition to win some money? Okay, so why not? With affiliate marketing, you may earn money whenever and anywhere you want. It is growing, so it makes more sense to give it a shot. Do you intend to take advantage of the loan affiliate niche? Bravo for you. Even in the worst of times, it is a good idea to promote “payday loans”. Have you so far? Let’s now investigate the rationale for why debt isn’t always a negative thing.

What is Loan Affiliate Program?

When the Affiliate Loan Conditions are met, an Affiliate Loan is defined as any loan or other credit extension made by a Borrower to the Permitted Affiliate (including guarantee of the Indebtedness of these Permitted Affiliate) that is solely for working capital, capital expenditures, or even other corporate business purposes (apart from acquisitions or investment opportunities by such Permitted Affiliate), consistent with past practice of those Permitted Affiliate but not for any other purpose.

What can you do, then? Make use of it to your benefit.

Do you think finding a unicorn would be more fruitful than finding a successful affiliate programme? Take heart. Stop thinking about money; the money-making unicorn you’ve been searching for might just be a lending affiliate programme.

Benefits and Trade Secrets of the Loan Affiliate Program:

Make sure you have the correct loan affiliate programs that promote on your website if you want to start receiving substantial commission payouts. The commission and prerequisites change. As a result, some businesses only offer a 10% commission, whereas others are more hospitable and willing to pay up to 50%. The lending affiliate market is unquestionably filled with powerful competitors.

You are not leading the race, which is true. But who said you could be the following? As long as you’re passionate about it, running a loan affiliate program business can be very profitable. Say you are an expert in same-day loans and can profit from your knowledge. You only require a distinct perspective and a burning willingness to work hard to succeed.

A Few Things to Think About Before Starting a Loan Affiliate Marketing Business:

Select the best product to advertise: Gain the confidence of your audience. Offer products that you have tested and deemed reliable.

Go Online:

The greatest way to introduce yourself to your audience is through your own blog and social media page. Maintain its relevance to your end user. Share advice and justifications for your support of the product.

Be Truthful:

Forget about closing a sale quickly! Only use the most precise facts! Is there a drawback to the product? Great! Share advice on how to avoid problems. Teach your audience how to benefit from the product. Even though there are drawbacks. They are more inclined to use the thing you recommend after they realize that you are being truthful with them.

Communication is Essential:

Make it simple for people to contact you from your audience. Help them participate, whether it’s in a comment area or on social media posts.

Best Loan Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of 15 best Loan Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Fairstone Affiliate Program
  2. Zoca Loans Affiliate Program
  3. Zippy Loan Affiliate Program
  4. Smarter Loan Affiliate Program
  5. SoFi Affiliate Program
  6. Viva Loans (UK) Affiliate Program
  7. Check Into Cash Affiliate Program
  8. Ace Cash Express Affiliate Program
  9. LightStream Affiliate Program
  10. MaxCash Title Loans Affiliate Program
  11. LeadsGate Loans Affiliate Program
  12. LeadNetwork Affiliate Program
  13. Edvisors Affiliate Program
  14. Kabbage Affiliate Program
  15. Prosper Affiliate Program

1. Fairstone Affiliate Program:

Fairstone When banks are simply not an option, Fairstone gives its Canadian consumers access to personal loans. For many people who still are recovering from the 2008 financial crisis, this is a reality of life. Fairstone, however, was not founded as a result of that financial crisis; in fact, they have been in operation for more than a century. Online applications are accepted for private loans up to $35000, however only for $500. In order to avoid lowering your credit score, they additionally accept online applications.

Additionally, unlike most banks, you don’t need a pristine credit score to really be qualified for financial assistance. The majority of financial affiliate programs are quite profitable, and this is no exception. Affiliates that refer new clients receive a fixed fee of $21 per accepted lead.


URL: Fairstone affiliate programme $21 commission per lead EPC: CA$586.33 Cookie duration: 30 days

2. Zoca Loans Affiliate Program: 

ZocaLoans The worst understanding of the game exists, and life is unpredictable. Comparable to when your refrigerator dies and you won’t have the funds to repair it till your next paycheck. That is why brief personal loans from businesses like Zoca are so well-liked, even though their interest rates are higher. Direct applications for grants of up to $1,500 are accepted on their website.

However, you receive a decision right away, so there is no need to wait days or even weeks for your credit union or bank. Additionally, you can apply for short-term borrowing even with bad credit. In comparison to certain other loan affiliate programs, how much money can you make by marketing this offer? No matter how much the referral borrows, you will still receive $5 for each lead. Although it is not much, it is better than nothing.


URL: Zoca Loans affiliate programme Commission: $5 per lead Cookie duration: 30 days

3. Zippy Loan Affiliate Program:


Zippy is somewhat different from the majority of online payday loan companies. Because they attach you with one‘s network of lenders who can support requests from $100 to $15,000 rather than financing your request internally. You can gain access to your assets within one business day after completing the application, which takes no longer than five minutes.

Another benefit is that a number of their lenders provide small company loans and have payback lengths of up to 60 months. Being under 18 and having a steady source of income are the only requirements; having bad credit is not a problem.

In fact, paying off your Zippy Loan on time will raise your credit rating. Given that Zippy Loan pays $45 for each lead, becoming an affiliate might be highly profitable. However, you have only 1 day cookie to work with, so be sure that all of your traffic has been pre-sold.


URL: Zippy Loans affiliate program Fee: $45 for each lead Cookie lifetime: one day

4. Smarter Loans Affiliate Program:

SmarterLoans The largest personal loan comparison website in Canada, Smarter Loan, compares loans from 50 companies with amounts varying from $250 – $30,000. Your visitors can avoid spending countless hours searching Google and then exploring other websites for short-term credit products. To compare the various corporate and personal lenders listed, they need to pick how much you need to borrow and how long they want to have to repay it.

Or you can just use their “Pre Apply” option to tell them what kind of loan you’re looking for, and they’ll find it for you. Recall how they claimed affiliate loan programs may be profitable? Similar to receiving a single sale affiliate commission of $140. There are 140 excellent arguments in favor of promoting this loan affiliate scheme.


URL: Smarter Loan partner program $140 in commission per lead Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

5. SoFi Affiliate Program:

SoFi SoFi provides asset management, loan refinancing, house loans, personal loans, or student life insurance. Loan for auto purchases, company ventures, and career progression are all included. To put it briefly, they represent the future generation of lenders for both personal and commercial financial services. The objective of this business is to support the prosperity and financial independence of its members.

To ensure the proper loan disposition, the organization has agreements with important institutions such as Barclays and Morgan Stanley. At interest rates as minimal as 5.99% but no higher as 17.53%, you may borrow up to $100,000. In case anyone got curious, they also offer loans for small businesses. If your application is funded by SoFi, you will receive $100 or $150 in compensation. The fact that they have already paid out over $10 million on affiliate commissions is even greater news.


URL: SoFi affiliate program Up to $150 commission per sale EPC: $101.21 Cookie duration: 30 days

6. Viva Loans (UK) Affiliate Program:

VivaLoans Now you have a deal from Viva Loans for UK-based Authority Hackers. This short term lender can assist your guests with unanticipated costs or expenses between £200 and £2,000. Because unexpected events like medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, or a busted pipe in the attic never give you a heads-up.

The length of the repayment period is no more than 12 months and no less than 60 days. But keep in mind that because of the nature of these loans—which are essentially “payday” loans—they come with correspondingly high interest rates, typically about 600%.

Being an 18-year-old legal resident of the UK and having a functional UK bank account are their two minimum requirements. This business will gladly pay user $45 for each new client you refer them. Naturally, you’ll only be compensated if your referral is approved and then reimbursed.


URL: Viva Loans affiliate program Commission: $45 for each sale Cookie duration: one day

7. LightStream Affiliate Program:

LightStream Unsecured personal loans are available from LightStream for a range of uses. In addition to reducing rates for consumers who use autopay, the lender waives introductory, late, and prepayment costs. Loan amounts range among $5,000 – $100,000, with terms ranging from 2 to 12 years. For applicants with outstanding to exceptional credit, the organisation offers a strong option with a minimum creditworthiness of 660. Like several other online lenders, LightStream limits how you can use borrowed money.

Debtors are not permitted to use their loans to pay for business or college expenditures. However, LightStream is a desirable alternative for so many potential borrowers due to its flexible loan amounts, terms, and APRs. LightStream offers a $60 referral fee for successful borrowers. The programme is easy to join and is free. You receive more than 100 banner ads, CTAs, text links, and other campaign-promoting materials. Additionally, you get 20 landing pages that may be used to target particular loan criteria, which will improve your conversion rate.


Commissions are $60 for each lead. Cookie lifetime: unknown

8. MaxCash Title Loans Affiliate Program:

Maxcash Who said you couldn’t keep driving your own automobile after filing for bankruptcy? Your clients have the opportunity to benefit from the comfort of private transportation using MaxCash Title Loans with hardly any prerequisites. Max Cash collaborates with numerous lenders across the United States and has more than 3,000 outlets.

The vehicle lending organisation takes great delight in providing over 500,000 Americans with emergency cash. Borrowers with weak credit can still get low rates, simple terms, and speedy approval using Max Cash Title Loans. Their affiliate program offers 5–10% for each loan that is funded. Several benefits exist for you as a brand affiliate, including:

  • Tracking of a campaign’s success in detail using phone contacts as well as landing page visits.
  • A dashboard for you that shows loan funding as well as lead status
  • A summary of the leads from each week and month
  • Lead status openness.
  • Live loan funding information, plus more.


Commission rates range from 5% – 10% per lead. Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

9. LeadsGate Loans Affiliate Program:

LeadsGate One of the leading affiliate programs for payday loans in the US, LeadsGate, offers a full marketing package. While concentrating upon payday loans, they additionally provide installment loans with a maximum of $3,000 in amount. With the help of LeadsGate, a platform for selling bid leads, you can access a variety of lenders and increase your lead income. The programme offers marketing resources to affiliates including templates, banners, and sector recommendations.

Both novices and seasoned users can get off to a great start with that. Marketers can also employ a variety of strategies to increase network traffic. A LeadsGate JS app can be integrated onto your website. Additionally, you can use the Leadsgate API to create your online form. Additionally, you can work with them without a website. These marketers can direct customers to open offers like;, which offers installment loans up to $3,000 offers $1,000 maximum payday loans.


Commissions of up to $230 for each lead Cookie lifetime: unknown

10. LeadNetwork Affiliate Program:

LeadNetwork Among the best loan affiliate programs is LeadNetwork, which focuses on payday as well as personal loans. Nevertheless, the business offers a wide variety of additional loans. Any of their programs allow you to become an affiliate and make money as you create leads. Partners of the business, lenders, submit bids for potential leads. It’s interesting that people with poor credit histories can still be considered for loans.

Not to mention, they have a high rate of loan approval, which increases the likelihood that your leads will resolve their problems. You receive your commission following the successful completion of the application process. Similar to pay-per-lead referral services, it operates.

One of the largest profit sharing percentages on the internet is offered by LeadNetwork. Amazingly, you might receive a 90% commission on any income from successful conversions. With up to a 3% reward just on earnings of associates you refer, its affiliate network is really not bad too.


Commission Rates: Variable Cookie duration is 30 days.

11. Kabbage Affiliate Program:

KServicing Kabbage’s straightforward eligibility requirements are one of its best features. A good option to business owners with bad personal credit is Kabbage. For just a $150,000 credit line, only a credit rating of 640 is required. Kabbage evaluates your industry’s bank account information in addition to your credit score. Small business owners have a better chance of getting a loan this way.

Additionally, in three business days, Kabbage can fund your bank account. You can make $250 with Kabbage referral programme for every new account you refer. With a few clicks, you can assist small businesses in sharing straightforward, adaptable financial solutions thanks to the Kabbage affiliate network.

Additionally, you can refer customers at your own pace, whether you prefer to only provide your unique referral link or keep track of your referrals and sales. In this instance, you have accessibility to a thorough dashboard which keeps you informed about earnings and recommendations.


Commissions – $250 for each lead Cookie lifetime: unknown

12. Prosper Affiliate Program:

Prosper Although it had a difficult beginning, the first p2p lending businesses in the US are now experts in their field. Beginning in 2006 and running through 2008, Prosper’s 1.0 edition saw some poor investment returns. It reached greater heights in 2009 after a turnaround, at which point a 640 credit score was needed.

It’s a matchmaker rather than a bank, like LeadsGate. They connect people in need of loans with investors. About the years, the business has given lenders over $13 billion for helping them address their issues. At Prosper, borrowers can get loans for three or five years for amounts between $2,000 and $40,000.

Like an affiliate, Prosper provides you with the resources you need, such as banners and text advertisements for marketing. The company’s payout rates are remarkable, and payments are made promptly on schedule.


Commissions – $250 for each lead Cookie lifetime: unknown

13. Check Into Cash Affiliate Program:

Since 1993, Check Into Cash has offered what they regard to as “emergency credit solutions.” Or, to put it another way, payday loans along with other possibilities for obtaining personal credit like payday advances as well as check cashing services. And they operate their 800 stores, which are dispersed throughout North America.

Visitors to your site can request loans with values starting at $50 and going all the way to $1,000 USD. Both in-person and online application processing are available through their website, however the online option enables quick acceptance and the money will be in your account the following day.

A new customer’s application will reward you $30, but an existing customer’s application will also earn you $10. It’s important to note that this program rewards you before a loan is funded, but only after it has been approved. You are therefore compensated sooner.


URL: Check Into Cash affiliate programme Commission: $30 or more for each sale EPC: $94.66 Cookie duration: 45 days

14. Ace Cash Express Affiliate Program:

The fact that Ace Cash Express began operations in 1968 but are still in operation today surprised me. And that’s clearly the business of offering short term and personal loan loans to their neighborhood clients. Their application procedure is the same as that of other lenders in a comparable industry – apply online, get a decision right away, and get your money the following business day.

The amount and terms of the loans that your visitors can take out depend on the state in which they reside. The commission rates for this loan affiliate program range from $5 to $60. However, how do you choose which things to advertise? Well, financed installment as well as payday loans are subject to the $60 commission charge. On the other hand, the Ace Cash Express loan pays among $10 and $25 for each referral.


URL: Ace Cash Express affiliate programme Commission: up to $60 per sale EPC: $77.31 Cookie lifecycle: 45 days

15. Edvisors Affiliate Program:

With Edvisors, customers have access to self-governing platforms for researching, assessing, and obtaining private student loans. Notably, a lender’s outward look does not necessarily indicate how well-suited they are to provide student loans to your clients. The money the business makes from the service is utilised to compensate affiliate marketers as well as its employees.

The placement of financiers on the site may be influenced by compensation; as a result, your referees should carefully consider any offers. The majority of visitors to their website are between the ages of 16 and 26. Affiliate marketers get paid by the businesses they refer quality leads to. You can enlist with them and gain access to a number of advantages, including:

  • An affiliate manager available to help
  • Real-time reporting
  • Tips on how to improve your site’s marketing tactics
  • Your advertising efforts should include email templates, periodic banners, and CTAs as their foundation.
  • Various co-branding options


Commission Rates: Variable Cookie duration is 30 days.

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If you follow the appropriate procedures and join a reliable business, you won’t ever have to fear about running out of money with affiliate marketing. Finding a means to differentiate you from others is the secret to success. Once you start getting visitors, there is always room for expansion to help you take full advantage of your opportunities.

Search no further than these top businesses if you’re seeking again for best loans affiliate programs. Each one is unique. Some may come down to the compensation and assistance they provide. All of the programs will greatly aid your affiliate business while promoting fantastic loan alternatives to your audience. In addition, a lot of the loan affiliate programs mentioned above includes ads, material, and other tools to support your campaigns.

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