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15+ Best Nootropics Affiliate Programs In 2024

You can improve your mental functioning by using brain vitamins, or nootropics. Nootropics (smart drugs or intellectual enhancers) are medications, dietary supplements, and other substances that may improve mental function, namely memory, concentration, excitement, and decision-making.

These days, all age groups take brain supplements in their diets in order to stay healthy and attentive. Over the past few years, the nootropics market has grown dramatically. These cognitive enhancers benefit consumers as well as promoters, who profit handsomely from their sales. You might benefit more from promoting these supplements in your blog if you also run a well-being blog or if your website also advertises such products.

Why Use Affiliate Programs For Nootropics?

Meditation, yoga, and physically demanding workouts were the beginnings of well-being; now, brain health is the focus. That’s crucial in the current situation since the brain runs the primary show, so to speak. The brain is responsible for controlling things like your anger, imagination, and concentration. And that is precisely the reason why nootropics are so popular right now.

Now that you have read about the current and upcoming changes in the nootropics industry, it will be quite advantageous for you to market some of this premium and well-known branded goods. After all, the brain is the most complicated item known to exist in the cosmos, and one will undoubtedly pay some money to have the best possible control over it.

Joining the affiliate programs for nootropics offered by different companies can not only provide you with good commissions, and also ongoing benefits in other areas.

Market Trends For Nootropics:

Nootropics may have a catchy title; however, these Silicon Valley hereditary enhancers that biohackers have widely adopted are getting serious attention for their ability to reduce anxiety and cognitive fog. They are about to have an impact on a broader audience who desire to properly modify their brains and assure more than merely continuing with the inboxes and cuffuffle recordings a big 21st-century achievement. It only contains a tiny amount of limitlessness.

Amino acids, such as the anxiety-relieving I-theanine used by companies like HVMN and TruBrain and the intoxication and happy hormone-booster phenylethylamine, are among the various potential mental performance enhancers (Awakened Alchemy). Omega3s could be harmed by other ingredients such as super honey and chewable toffee.

Stakeholders are also paying attention and betting serious money that nootropics will be devoured by the general populace in 2018. According to Research and Markets, the market for brain health was worth $2.3 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $11.6 billion by 2024. Establishments just a few companies, including Nootrobox, Trubrain, and Neurohacker Collective, have secured millions of dollars in funding to support mental development that goes far beyond Words with Friends.

Best Nootropics Affiliate Programs In 2024:

The greatest affiliate programs for nootropics in 2023 and 2024 are listed here.

  1. Neurohacker Collective
  2. London Nootropics
  3. ProjectNooYou (NITROvit) (NITROvit)
  4. Excelerol
  5. Simple Smart Science
  6. Onnit
  7. Natural Stacks
  8. Brain Forza
  9. BrainMD
  10. Liftmode
  11. truBRAIN
  12. LumUltra
  13. ProHealth
  14. Xtend-Life
  15. iHerb

1. Neurohacker Collective:


The Neurohacker Collective started off in 2015 as a nootropics producer. The first innovation that helped Neurohacker Collective become well-known was the Qualia line of cognitive goods.
Representatives assert that they have stayed true to their goal of producing high-quality, thoroughly researched nootropics.
Instead of depending on chemically induced system management, they hope to create supplements that will assist the human body in self-regulating. These are the product categories that Neurohacker Collective currently offers:

  • Qualia Focus
  • Qualia Mind
  • Qualia Mind (Caffeine Free)
  • Qualia Life
  • Qualia Senolytic
  • Qualia Nootropic Energy
  • Qualia Night
  • Qualia Resilience (Stress Relief)
  • Qualia Vision
  • Qualia Skin

You can use the Neurohacker Collective Affiliate Program as a long-term passive income source if your fans or readers are workaholics or work in fields that demand extra concentration and awareness.


URL: Neurohacker Collective Affiliate Program
Commission: 15% to 25% recurring
Cookie lifetime: thirty days
Period of Payment: Monthly Payouts (Powered by Refersion)

2. London Nootropics:

London Nootropics

Fans of Dragon’s Den (or Shark Tank) must have seen Shez & Zain, who made an appearance on the program in February 2022 and earned bids from Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden after making a compelling pitch.

In 2020, Shez & Zain started this business with the goal of offering high-quality adaptogens that were easily available. The industry professionals were immediately impressed by the coffee they displayed in the Dragon’s Den.

It’s now your turn to see whether you can discover the required flow by utilizing what they have to give. Among the most well-liked London Nootropics combinations are:

  • 12 sachet packs of Flow Coffee (Formerly Grind) for £15
  • Twelve sachets of Zen Coffee for £15
  • 12 sachets of Mojo Coffee for £15
  • 4 sachets of each flavor in a mixed starter box, priced at £15
  • At £60, Big Box
  • A £15 mushroom coffee box


URL: London Nootropics Affiliate Program
Commission: 15%
Cookie Duration: Not Specified
Period of Payment: Monthly Payouts

3. ProjectNooYou (NITROvit):

Project Nooyou

In order to boost memory, focus, and learning skills, and combat procrastination, ProjectNooYou’s NIRTOvit was introduced on the market in 2013. The company sells nootropics as well as other supplements to boost libido, mood, and general well-being.

To support neurotransmission, NITROvit comprises vitamins, minerals, and nootropic substances. Anyone over 40 who is concerned about memory loss and a lack of focus should find it very encouraging.
The 1-year money-back guarantee same-day shipping, measurable delivery, plus PayPal buyer protection are all provided by ProjectNooYou. These are their best-selling items right now:

  • $199 for a 6-month FAMILY Bundle with free delivery
  • $119 for a 3-month quarter pack with free shipping
  • STARTER Bundle for 30 days for $59 plus regular delivery of $9.97


URL: ProjectNooYou (NITROvit) Affiliate Program
40% commission
Cookie lifetime: thirty days
Period of Payment: Monthly Payouts – Hosted on ShareASale

4. Excelerol:


Science-based brain supplements from Excelerol are available to improve memory, attention, and concentration. The salespeople assert that all of their supplements are supported by clinical trials and that they are all freely available.

The company is committed to the excellence and reliability of ingredients and formulas while working to increase people’s intelligence.
As they have their own FDA laboratories and exclusively use premium components, Excelerol nootropics are much more costly than most of their rivals. This is because they don’t concentrate on marginalizing production expenses. It is a brand that affiliate marketers may successfully market.

This program offers text links, banners, promotional creatives, discount vouchers, and real-time performance analytics.


URL: Excelerol Affiliate Program
10% basic commission, up to 35% based on performance, and 25% second-tier
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days
Payment Schedule: Monthly Payouts with a $100 minimum requirement (Hosted on ShareASale)

5. Simple Smart Science:

Simple Smart Science

The scientific breakthroughs that have produced more innovative, practical and secure solutions for greater mental health are valued by Simple Smart Science. The platform urges potential users to consider becoming Version 2.0 themselves by elevating their mood, attentiveness, and level of concentration.

You should join this Easy Smart Sciences Affiliate Program if you are a blogger or influencer with a sizable following who has a connection to a cognitively demanding career. A generous 30% recurring plus lifetime sales commission is being offered by the program.

This program has high conversion rates, with 15% of repeat buyers choosing monthly shipments, and it offers free monthly shipments to affiliates who make 30 sales in 90 days.


URL: Simple Smart Science Affiliate Program
30% commission on all future purchases
Cookie Lifetime: Not Known
Payment Term: Monthly–15th of each month with a $100 required minimum

6. Onnit:


A variety of nootropics are available from Onnit to enhance cognition and mental capacity. Supplements in their product line are designed to enhance digestive health, mood, focus, and sleep patterns. Alpha BRAIN Black Label, Melatonin Spray, Alpha BRAIN Focus Shot, New MOOD Instant, and DIGESTech are a few of their best-selling items.

If you manage a site, YouTube channels, blog, and social media page with the appropriate readership, Onnit Affiliate Program gives you the chance to generate passive money. If you have 5,000 above followers on every online platform, you are eligible to apply for an affiliate program. Coupon websites are not, however, accepted. The Onnit team can evaluate your application for up to 72 hours after you submit it.


URL: Onnit Affiliate Program
15% commission or a $10 fixed fee
45 Days Cookie Duration
Period of Payment: Monthly Payouts (Hosted by Impact Radius)

7. Natural Stacks:

Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks is a producer of open-source nootropics and dietary supplements for the best possible functioning and wellness of the brain. The website, which was established in 2013, is well-known for its contributions to the Cure Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Stacks and CBD products are among the nootropics and supplements available from Natural Stacks. The most famous Natural Stacks items at the moment are:

  • $39.95 for Serotonin Brain Food
  • $39.95 for Dopamine Brain Food
  • $34.95 for MagTech magnesium

You always understand what you are getting with Natural Stacks because they only employ natural ingredients and an open-source formula.

Affiliates who have been approved receive free Natural Stacks goods to try out and review the outcomes with the highest authority and confidence. To be eligible to join the Natural Stacks Affiliate Program, you need to have a minimum of 5,000 followers, monthly website and blog visitors, or email subscribers.


URL: Natural Stacks Affiliate Program
25% commission
Cookies last about 180 days.
Period of Payment: Monthly via PayPal

8. Brain Forza:


Startup Brain Forza was founded in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, in 2010. This company, which specialises in all-natural health and fitness products, was started by science enthusiast Greg Loukas. Also, he founded Brain Forza following a terrible car accident that left him unable to engage in athletics.

All Brain Forza products are made in California using natural components that come from the USA, Japan, Brazil, India, Spain, Bulgaria, Peru, and China. Also, all of the components in Brain Forza Mushroom Items are farmed in the United States.

Promoting manufacturer-direct goods is more lucrative for affiliate marketers overall than doing the same for suppliers or retailers. The packaging for Brain Forza products includes a list of all the herbs and ingredients tracking IDs and offers a 90-day return policy. The most popular Brain Forza games right now are listed below:
Brain Lift Nootropic, 30 Servings for $34.95
Lion’s Mane Mushroom, organic, 90 capsules, $23.95


Link: Affiliate Program for Brain Forza
20% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 60 days
Payment Period: Monthly via Payoneer and Gusto Direct Deposit

9. BrainMD:


A 2009 firm called BrainMD sells nootropics and wholesome food items. The company specializes in creating internally developed, lab-tested compounds to enhance energy, mood, and cognitive abilities. Nutrition that regulates sleep as well as methods for reducing stress is another offering.

For affiliate marketers and influencers wishing to boost their passive revenue, the BrainMD Affiliate Program represents a huge opportunity.

  • 15% commission on sales (standard)
  • 25% of the sale commission – Coaching Certification Members
  • Nootropics discounts and promotions
  • The 60-day window for referrals (cookie life)
  • There are marketing assets and creative materials available.
  • An enthusiastic affiliate manager
  • Regular newsletters and promotions
  • The conversion rate of 11.05%
  • The average order value is $102.05
  • Monthly payouts
  • Monitoring performance in real-time and current analytics
  • Hosted on ShareASale, a trustworthy affiliate network


Link: Affiliate Program for BrainMD
15% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 60 days
Period of Payment: Monthly, Hosted on ShareASale

10. Liftmode:


Nootropics and supplements from Liftmode are of the highest caliber and are supported by extensive research. The business’s goal is to make people’s lives better by providing solutions for improving their cognitive and physical health.
You can advertise Liftmode’s wide selection of products to your target market. These days, their most widely used goods are:

  • Capsules of ImmuneLift cost $19.68.
  • Ginseng 200 mg capsules – Potent Asian Panax Ginseng Extract are available for $28.68.
  • Capsules of LibidoLift cost $39.68.
  • At $29.68, Baicalin Capsules – Skullcap Extract
  • The Liftmode Affiliate Program can help you make a steady passive income if you own a website or blog with
  • high monthly traffic, have a sizable Instagram or Facebook following, or both.
  • Lift mode Affiliate Program Features:
  • If a user returns via another affiliate link, the previously set cookie is not overwritten.
  • There are ready-to-use advertisements and banners accessible for several product categories.


URL: Liftmode Affiliate Program
15% in sales commission in addition to 15% in second-tier commission
Cookie lifecycle: 60 days, First Click Policy
Monthly Payouts with a $50 Minimum Threshold for Payment

11. truBRAIN:


To promote cognition and general cognitive performance, truBRAIN manufactures nourishing foods, nootropics, and beverages. They have UCLA-trained neuroscientists on staff. Well-selected nootropics are used in every truBRAIN product.
You should look at truBRAIN nootropic food products if you don’t like caffeine or energy drinks but want to improve your focus, mental productivity, and verbal fluency.

Those following the Keto diet can now purchase truBRAIN Ketones. The primary nootropic product categories offered by truBRAIN are as follows:

  • Nootropic Bars Capsules
  • Anti-Aging Nootropics
  • Custom Drinks
  • Ketones
  • Powder Sticks
  • The truBRAIN Affiliate Program’s highlights:
  • 15% commission on sales
  • The 14-day window for referral (cookie attribution period)
  • Updated banners, creatives, and marketing collateral
  • Tracking of performance in real-time with the ShareASale dashboard
  • Updated analytics with reporting tools available
  • Performance-based promotions and discounts
  • An enthusiastic affiliate manager


URL: truBRAIN Affiliate Program
15% commission
14-Day Cookie Duration
Payment Term: ShareASale will manage monthly payouts.

12. LumUltra:


The goal of LumUltra is to assist individuals in overcoming the negative effects of a fast-paced environment on their mental and cognitive health. They assert that they provide powerful nootropics that increase mental performance, lower stress levels, and promote happiness.

The message of LumUltra is on point because it implores you to consider the ideal neural connections that allow your brain that recognize its strength and capability. The company sells a range of nootropics made in a US facility that has FDA approval.

  • As an affiliate, you ought to think about promoting LumUltra best-sellers.
  • For $119.97, get the 3-bottle Nootropic Voyager Pack (180ct) (Free Domestic Shipping)
  • For $124.97 for a 300-count bottle of Complete Cognitive Performance Improvement (Free Domestic Shipping)
  • The LumUltra Affiliate Program’s salient features:
  • Widget and data feed accessibility
  • Text links, information for promotion, and prepared-to-use banners
  • Over $100 on average in order value
  • The conversion rate of 5%
  • Periodical prize competitions and a monthly newsletter


Link: LumUltra Affiliate Program
20% commission
Cookie lifetime: thirty days
Period of Payment: Monthly Payout – Managed by ShareASale

13. ProHealth:

Pro Health

Since 1988, ProHealth has been selling vitamins and nootropic supplements. The company’s mission is to actively assist people in developing their mental capacities. More than 300 goods from reputable companies like Garden of Life, Source Naturals, and Nature’s Way are available in their online store.

ProHealth is well-known for its own range of dietary supplements created with organic, thoroughly tested ingredients. Nutrients, minerals, and supplements supporting immune support, energy, performance, cardiac health, cognitive health, stress reduction, digestion, and detox are all part of the ProHealth product categories.

ProHealth Affiliate Program Features:

  • A performance-based sales commission of up to 15%
  • The 60-day window for referrals (cookie life)
  • More than 300 goods to market
  • Regular newsletters and product updates
  • Access to personalized artwork and banners
  • Access to the library of product research
  • Monitoring performance in real-time and current analytics
  • Monthly payouts
  • Transparent procedures using the CJ affiliate network


URL: ProHealth Affiliate Program
Commission: 10% – 15%
Cookie lifecycle: 60 days
Period of Payment: Monthly Payouts – CJ Affiliate Network

14. Xtend-Life:


They adhere to the principle of prevention over treatment. Xtend-Life provides nutritional supplements and nootropics that improve general wellness. Their assortments include:

  • Nootropics and Supplements
  • Skincare
  • Superfood

The Impact Radius affiliate program now hosts the Xtend-Life affiliate program. To aid affiliates in achieving improved conversion rates, the program provides web tracking, banners, campaign creatives, media source tracking, and promo codes.

Time Commission and Lifetime Commissions are two separate affiliate programs that are offered by Xten-Life.

  • The Xtend Life One Time Commission Affiliate Program’s salient features
  • A one-time commission of 40% (skincare product line)
  • One-time commission of 30% (supplements)
  • Performance-based incentives and bonuses are paid every six months
  • The 90-day window for referrals (cookie duration)
  • PayPal payments each month
  • Access to marketing materials, webinars, and Q&A sessions
  • Committed assistance for affiliates


URL: Xtend-Life Affiliate Program
Commission: 10% for lifetime recurring, up to 40% for one-time
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days
Period of Payment: Monthly via PayPal

15. iHerb:


iHerb envisions quick access to well-being and health-improving vitamins and nootropics from any location in the world. The company began operations in 1996 and has subsequently grown to be among the top one-stop supplement sites on the internet.

iHerb continues to fulfill its purpose by offering delivery from over 185 countries, supporting 38 payment channels, and 86 different currencies. On the iHerb website, you may choose from 16 different languages to carefully study product descriptions, tips, and information without any language barriers.

Recently, the iHerb SKU registry contains over 30,000 goods, and none of them are supplied by any third-party sellers. Around 11 million visitors return each month to iHerb, which is astounding. With 2,400 staff and temperature-controlled distribution facilities throughout 8 areas, it has grown into a significant global brand.


URL: iHerb Affiliate Program
5% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 7 days
Payment Period: 15th of every month for monthly payouts.

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We made an effort to provide you with the top 15 Nootropics Affiliate Programs that pay out big commissions. As the companies are well-known, it won’t take you long to dazzle your readers. These companies provide a large selection of goods while maintaining the highest standards of quality. The Nootropics have undergone extensive testing and are free of any potentially dangerous chemicals.

You are simply required to start focusing on this market niche and successfully promote the businesses. The brands Awakened Alchemy and Microbe Formulas take a more pragmatic approach to their clients because they provide a variety of medicines that not only improve brain function but also treat various illnesses.

Only with the proper audience approach can affiliate profits be increased. Your task is to not only have the product sold through your website but also to educate people about the benefits that it provides and how it’s going to benefit them in the long term for healthy brain and body function.
Hope you enjoyed the details on the best Nootropics affiliate programs.

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