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15+ Best Keto Affiliate Programs In 2024

More people than ever before are aware of the impact food have on their general health, vitality, and well-being. These Keto affiliate programs could be a terrific means of introducing your audience to new food products and healthy meal plans if you’re a health or food blogger.

Although Ketogenic diet has gained popularity in the wellness and health sector, it actually began as a diet plan to help people have managed specific medical concerns. Even if they don’t adhere to a rigid diet, a number of these brands and items would be ideal for anyone wishing to try just few healthy snack options.

Personalized meal planning, Monk Fruit sweeteners, and a snack brand supported by Ryan Reynolds are all on the list of Keto affiliate programs (scroll down to see their campaign; you won’t want to miss it!).
This collection of affiliate programs includes options for everyone, whether your target market is health-conscious individuals or Keto diet fanatics. Who doesn’t enjoy trying out new, yummy treats, after all?

What Are Keto Affiliate Programs?

Keto affiliate programs are programs offered by companies that sell keto-related products or services, such as supplements, meal plans, or cookbooks. These programs allow affiliates (individuals or businesses) to earn a commission by promoting the company’s products or services to their audience.

Affiliates typically receive a unique referral link or code that they can share on their website, social media accounts, or other marketing channels. When a customer clicks on the affiliate’s link and makes a purchase from the company, the affiliate earns a percentage of the sale as a commission.

Keto affiliate programs can be a lucrative way for individuals or businesses with an audience interested in the keto lifestyle to earn extra income. However, it’s important for affiliates to disclose their relationship with the company and be transparent about the commission they earn to maintain trust with their audience.

How Keto Affiliate Programs Are Important For Earning?

Keto affiliate programs can be an important source of income for individuals or businesses that have an audience interested in the keto lifestyle. By promoting products or services related to the ketogenic diet, affiliates can earn a commission for every sale that is made through their unique referral link or code.

One of the key advantages of affiliate marketing is that it allows affiliates to earn passive income. Once an affiliate has set up their referral links and promoted the products or services to their audience, they can continue to earn commissions on any future sales that result from their efforts.

Another advantage of keto affiliate programs is that they can be a low-cost way to start a business. Unlike starting a business from scratch, which can require significant capital investment and overhead costs, affiliate marketing typically only requires a computer and internet connection.

In addition to earning commissions, participating in a keto affiliate program can also help affiliates build their brand and reputation within the keto community. By promoting high-quality products or services that are relevant to their audience, affiliates can establish themselves as a trusted source of information and resources for individuals interested in the ketogenic diet.

Overall, keto affiliate programs can be an important source of income and business opportunity for individuals or businesses that have an audience interested in the keto lifestyle.

Best Keto Affiliate Programs In 2024:

The top keto affiliate programs to promote in 2023 and 2024 are listed below:

  1. KetoGeek
  2. Green Chef Keto Meals
  3. The Keto Box
  4. Real Ketones
  5. Perfect Keto
  6. Custom Keto Diet
  7. Lumen Metabolism Tracker
  8. Kiss My Keto
  9. Keto Resource
  10. Key Eats
  11. Keto Breads
  12. Keyto
  13. Keto-Mojo
  14. KetoBars
  15. Magic Spoon

1. KetoGeek:


“Energy capsules,” which KetoGeek offers, are referred to as the “meal of the future” on the website. What the hell are they, then? These resemble snack pots because they contain high-quality cocoa, coffee, almonds, lab-tested proteins, and fatty acids. Delicious, mmm! Yet, they are available in some tasty-sounding flavours, such as white chocolate strawberry, pecan coconut, and chocolate fudge.

Energy pods, in the opinion of KetoGeek, are ideal for athletes who wish to increase performance and access a clean energy source without sacrificing flavour.

A particular energy pod costs $9.95, but buyers can save 10% by signing up for deliveries every 30, 60, or 90 days.
Within the 60-day reference window, the KetoGeek affiliate programme offers a normal commission of 10% across all sales. On the KetoGeek website, fill out a short online form to register.


  • Web address: KetoGeek affiliate program
  • 10% commission
  • Cookie lifecycle: 60 days

2. Green Chef Keto Meals:


It makes sense to adhere to the ketogenic diet. You may enjoy a lot of great, rich foods while also losing weight.
Or, you may as well just pay Green Chef for handle all the labor-intensive item sourcing and meal planning for you.

Although they don’t solely focus on keto-friendly dishes, their menu is sufficiently varied to satisfy even the pickiest consumer. Your front door is where you receive the supplies and recipes for your keto meals. So, you must adhere to your dietary plan.

These meals are also reasonably priced, coming in at roughly $7 per serving.
The essential part is finally here: how much money can you make by advertising the affiliate marketing offer?
That amounts to a flat fee of $15 for every new client you refer to them.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like there is a possibility for recurrent income here. Nonetheless, we did discover few keto affiliate programmes that do; read on to learn more about them.


  • Web address: Green Chef affiliate programme
  • Commission: $15 USD
  • EPC: $162.35
  • Cookie lifetime: seven days

3. The Keto Box:


There should be at least one subscription box available for people following the keto diet since they are very popular. With The Keto Box, each delivery for your customers includes a minimum of 10 low-carb/keto goods.
You can find candies, nuts, dried meat, and keto-friendly cookies. But, you also receive real cookie or brownie mixes, allowing you to prepare a whole batch of the foodstuffs to enjoy whenever you choose.

So that you never run out of ideas for your subsequent meal, they additionally offer a 28 day keto meal plan.
You also get a free 20 minute coaching call following your second month, which is a nice touch to make sure you’re still on track.

Their entry-level monthly subscription box is $40 in price.
But if you purchase a 6-month subscription in advance, you may purchase it for as little as $36.
For every product sold through this ketogenic affiliate network, you will receive a respectable 15% commission.


  • Web address: The Keto Box affiliate program
  • 15% commission
  • EPC: $32.31
  • Cookie lifetime: one day

4. Real Ketones:


The ketogenic diet, often known as the low carb or high-fat diet has existed for quite a while. But, the health advantages are clear, particularly in terms of energy and weight loss. Millions of dollars have been spent by the company’s founders to guarantee that only the best ketones are used in their products.

These goods include multivitamin supplements, chips, powders, injections, and protein powders. Therefore your guests get to indulge in their cravings for keto supplements and a wide selection of delectable snacks.
These are all intended to support the maintenance of ketosis in your body.
15% is roughly average among the numerous keto affiliate programmes we found for their basic affiliate commission rate.

Nevertheless, for those who can sell and over $10,000 worth on their products each month, that rises to 20%.
Moreover, you’ll receive 25% of any affiliate sales you refer that total more than $20,000 in a given month.


  • Web Address: Real Ketones affiliate programme
  • Commission: 25% maximum
  • Cookie lifecycle: 60 days

5. Perfect Keto:

Perfect Keto

Selecting products to advertise in Keto niche might be challenging at times. Therefore it’s good to know that Dr. Anthony Gustin, a genuine doctor instead of a mere social media “expert,” founded Perfect Keto.

They provide a wide range of delicious items, such as nut butters, pastries, snack bars, or even keto coffee.
Also, Perfect Keto store offers items based on exogenous ketone sources, MCT oil powder, plus protein powders. The most recent of those consists of a ketone rich powder that you’re able to consume to maintain a ketogenic state in your body.

Or, to put it another way, everything you require to live a ketogenic lifestyle.
The fact that all of their keto products are natural makes a significant impact. Grain, soy, or additional sugars are not used, nor are any fillers or additives

For every purchase made using your affiliate links, they pay you a 15% commission. They have the highest EPC of all the mentioned affiliate programs.


  • Web address: Perfect Keto affiliate program
  • 15% commission
  • EPC: $161.84
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

6. Custom Keto Diet:


The Personalized Keto Diet asserts to provide your visitors with just that result. Each programme is customised to your unique body type, circumstances, losing weight goals, and most importantly, what you love eating, as opposed to providing just one keto diet plan.

And when compelled to consume items they detest, there is where most individuals fall off the diet waggon. The Keto diet plan solves that issue by assisting you in cooking meals you’ll enjoy.
With each sale you generate through this Keto affiliate programme, you’ll get a mean of $26.08 on affiliate commission.

There is also an upsell, though. The average commission per transaction will increase to $41.28 if your visitors buy any backend products, for which you will receive 75% of the sale.
Of all the listed Keto affiliate schemes, it has the second-highest upfront reward.


  • Web address: Custom Keto diet affiliate programme
  • 65% commission
  • Weight: 378.72
  • Cookie lifecycle: 60 days

7. Lumen Metabolism Tracker:


The fundamentals of the Ketogenic diet are consuming fewer carbohydrates overall, which forces your body to burn fat reserves for energy instead.
Ketosis is the term for this process. You can never really be sure if you’re still in ketosis, which is one of the problems with it.

This handy little gadget can let you know whether your body is converting fat or carbohydrates into energy. You only need to breathe into it for it to start working nearly immediately.

This product also has a significant amount of social evidence behind it because many Olympic athletes can use.
If you’re serious about your health, this is a must-have Ketogenic lifestyle item.
One of the peripheral affiliate Programs they enjoy finding is Lumen. Primarily because any associate who invests time and effort in promoting it could profit greatly from it.

In essence, you get paid $50 for every sale. In this roundup, that is the Keto affiliate programme with the highest upfront reward.


  • Web address: Lumen affiliate programme
  • Fee: $50 for each sale
  • EPC: $3.35
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

8. Kiss My Keto:


The co-founders of Kiss My Keto started the company because they couldn’t locate the keto-friendly goods they were looking for locally. Or what food items they discovered to be unsuitable for keto dieter after failing their macronutrient tests.

Instead, they started their own company. Their web store carries the typical range of exogenous ketone capsules, vitamins, and keto-friendly munchies. But, they also provide a selection of keto breads.
Due to the fact that this company is also relatively new, affiliate marketing advantages associated with the position of early adopter apply.

How does this affiliate program stack up compared to the various keto affiliate schemes listed in this compilation?
On average, they charge 10% commission on all sales, but depending on volume, they may charge up to 15%.
A sale will be credited to the account for about one out of every ten affiliate referrals since they currently get a 9% conversion rate.


  • Web address: Kiss My Keto affiliate program
  • Commission: 15% maximum
  • EPC: $45.84
  • Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

9. Keto Resource:


To stop a habit like consuming bad food, it takes 30 days. Yet, the fact that the initial 30 days of adjusting your dietary habits are crucial still stands. The majority of your visitors are likely to abandon the keto diet.

As a result, the Keto Resource provides you with a 28-day schedule to adhere to that specify exactly which meals you should consume during the first month. You receive a menu planner with instructions for ten ketogenic breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes as well as 36 delectable dessert ideas.

After that, they are supported by top-notch resources like “Mastering Macronutrients,” “Intermittent Fasting,” and “Staying in Ketosis.” The commission rate for this affiliate marketing scheme is a stunning 97%.
This means that for recommending their products, you will typically make $21.89 each sale.
A hidden upsell is also present, but you only receive the 1% affiliate commission.


  • Web address: Keto Resource affiliate program
  • 97% commission
  • Weight: 104.95
  • Cookie lifecycle: 60 days

10. Key Eats:

Key Eats

Because of the high fat content of a foods ingested, one of the main criticisms of a ketogenic diet is the belief that it’s unhealthy. Key Eats therefore aims to disprove that notion by utilising a “heart-healthy” method of keto. And they carry out this as comprehensively as a single organisation is able to.

From pre-made keto-friendly foods and bars to their “Keybreath Sensor,” which enables you to check your level of ketosis wherever you are, they give you all the things you need.
You may also choose “Key Eats Premium,” which grants you discounted access to all of their other goods as well as their keto dieting app.

They have an average order value of over $90 per transaction, and you’ve got 10% affiliate commission to deal with.
In light of all of that and a conversion rate of more than 5%, you ought to put this affiliate programme on your shortlist of ones to promote.


  • Link: Key Eats affiliate program
  • 10% commission
  • EPC: 427.14
  • Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

12. Keto Breads:

One of those items you overlook is bread. until you are unable to consume it, which would be exactly what occurs when you are following a ketogenic diet.

When bread is high in carbohydrates and you’re following a low-carb diet, it is the enemy.
Recipes for bread and desserts that are suitable for the Keto and Paleo diets are available under Keto Breads.
Don’t you suppose you could manufacture your own pizza crust, bread, biscuits, and crackers?
There aren’t many people who make their homemade bread, thus the recipes are really basic and are geared towards the absolute novice.

Thus, all your guests need to do is adhere to a step-by-step procedure to produce homemade keto bread.
Every sale you make through this keto affiliate network earns you a 74% commission. Hence, you should anticipate making about $19 for every affiliate referral.
But, there really is no backend item, so if you’re hoping to earn recurring commissions, you’re out of luck.


  • Link: Keto Breads affiliate program
  • 74% commission
  • Weight: 64.33
  • Cookie lifecycle: 60 day

13. Keyto:


Using a mixture of low-carb eating programmes and useful tools, such as breath sensor that shows users whether they’re burning sugar or fat for energy, Keyto assists people in achieving respective fitness and weight objectives.
One of the greatest weight loss programmes available, it has the endorsement of cardiologists and has been clinically shown to be 3 times more successful than Weight Watchers.

Personalization is the foundation of Keyto. Clients begin with a personal examination meant to develop a comprehensive understanding of the variables affecting their weight reduction.
Following this they have accessibility to a 16 week program (via a special app) that is filled with guidance and information on hunger and ketosis.

Members must pay $99.99 for the unique breath sensor and $49.99 for the Keyto membership in order to access all of that content.
The company’s affiliate programme for keto products offers 10% commission on any purchase made using your exclusive discount code, excluding shipping and taxes.


  • Link: Keyto affiliate programme
  • Fee: 10% of each sale
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

14. Keto-Mojo:


Dorian and Gemma, a husband and wife team, founded Keto-Mojo in the fall of 2017 in response to a need they identified for a reliable and cost-effective blood ketone plus glucose monitoring metre.
The company is vague about who is qualified to sign up for its keto affiliate programme. But, it does specify that it only accepts social networking affiliates with 5,000 or more active followers.

Keto-commissions Mojo’s operate on a sliding scale, unlike many other keto affiliate programmes have been encountered, and are determined by how many sales you generate during a 30-day period.
You will receive a 5% commission on sales under $1,000, a 7.5% commission on sales between $1,000 and $5,000, and a 10% commission on sales beyond $5,000.

There is a crucial distinction to be made here, though: commissions are only paid on the sales of metre kits with ketone testing strip to new clients. Neither existing customers nor accessories will earn you anything.


URL: Keto Mojo affiliate program
Commission ranges from 5% to 10% each sale, depending on performance.
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

15. KetoBars:


According to KetoBars, their goal is to serve the keto community scrumptious keto snacks.
Jon Hart, who started making enticing, keto-friendly snacks while on his quest to shed more than 70 pounds through adherence to a ketogenic diet, created the company.

He created his own while looking for a quick and simple on-the-go snack that included all the necessary components and macros; the rest, as people say, is history.

Nowadays, KetoBars provides a variety of what sound like delectable treats. Even dark chocolate containing coconut and almonds is available, as are chocolate bars with mint flavor.
Join the keto affiliate programme run by the business.

Along with a plethora of affiliate materials, such as polished writing, images, videos, and banners, you will also receive a special discount code that you can use to promote the offer to your audience and increase sales.
Oh, and you’ll be the first to purchase any new KetoBars merchandise.
You can get commission of up to 20% for each customer you refer.


  • URL: KetoBars affiliate program
  • 20% maximum commission per sale
  • Cookie lifecycle: Unknown

16. Magic Spoon:


Magic Spoon produces nutritious, keto-friendly cereal with just four net grammes of carbs per serving, 13 to 14 grammes of protein, and no added sugar.

It is pricey, like everything else in the keto realm, costing $39 for a selection of four boxes. That comes out now to $1.95 each bowl, yet if you sign up for their subscription programme, you’ll save 25%.
The exclusive $5 discount code you receive from Magic Spoon entitles you to a 20% profit on all sales made as a result of your referrals.

Free cereal, advanced access to new flavours, and affiliate tools are also included (including high-quality banners). But there’s a catch: Magic Spoon requires that you sell roughly 10 cases of cereals (or make $400) each month.
That’s difficult to accomplish, and the seven-day cookie window’s limited lifespan doesn’t help.


  • Web address: Magic Spoon affiliate program
  • 20% commission
  • Cookie lifetime: seven days

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It’s time to select a specialty for the affiliate marketing efforts now that you’ve read about 15 fantastic ketogenic affiliate programs.
Instead of focusing on other possibilities, you could instead focus on keto meal replacements shakes. KetoLogic contains all the resources you require to begin a ketogenic diet. Affiliates receive significant 20 percent commissions.
Another brilliant idea for a niche industry is keto subscription boxes. Keto Delivered, subscription based company, sells nutritional supplements.
In regards of what they supplied, keto affiliate programs were much more varied than people would have thought.
Moreover, unrelated goods such as meal delivery companies and metabolic trackers can be marketed. There are numerous other affiliate programmes in addition to the ones that we featured.
This indicates that there is a lot of opportunity for generating a respectable income through affiliate marketing.

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