Stagwell Welcomes Leverate Group into Its Global Affiliate Network

Stagwell has recently announced that their growing Global Affiliate Network has collaborated with Leverate Group, which is an integrated and independent full-service agency located in Indonesia.

Stagwell added that their collaboration with Leverate Group has played a huge role in building up its influence in Asia Pacific. It also optimizes the network’s ability to buy and use media across different channels. This addition has also highlighted the network’s accelerating commitment to growth across Asia, empowered by its regional offices in Singapore and Malaysia, and they work with more than 25 other partners in Asia.

According to the reports generated by GDP Indonesia will be one of the world’s top five economies in 2030 (per National Research Group), this partnership underscores that Stagwell is still focused on providing tractable and easy solutions for clients in this fast-growing market, which aims to focus on mobile technology.

The manager Director of Asia-Pacific for Stagell, Randy Duax, has recently said in an interview, “As Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia offers plenty of opportunities for international brands to expand with the rise of the urban Indonesian consumer, and for local Indonesian brands to take share in the global market”.

“Collaboration with Leverate enables Stagwell to completely assist our potential clients achieve their goals in this dynamic and diverse market. We will bring top-notch marketing capabilities and a complex understanding of Indonesia’s rich cultural make-up into our service set”.

Leverate Group, established in 2015, is famous for creating unique plans that involve media, creativity, and technology. Its most significant clients include Allianz, Astra Group, BTN Bank, BRI Bank, Permata Bank, BMW, and Merries. Leverate Group will offer robust help to Stagwell’s international clients by buying and using media across different channels. This expands the network’s services in the Asia Pacific for creative, media, and digital needs.

The Chief Executive Officer of Leverate Group said in an interview, “We have implemented successful campaigns infused with global knowledge, backed by data-driven insights, and we have a complete record of it. Our motive is not just only to build our clients’ brands, but also to boost their businesses. We are eager to work closely with Stagwell to provide aid to clients in transformation for a digital-driven economy”.

Stagwell’s Global Affiliate Program helps create quick and effective solutions for clients worldwide. It enables Stagwell to collaborate with a local expert to scale marketing capabilities to new regions. Since the start of this program, Stagwell has collaborated with approximately 80 affiliates across platforms like APAC, EMEA, LATAM, and North America. This expands Stagwell’s ability to work internationally with 98 countries.

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