Adsterra’s Festival of Spring: Grab Tons of Fresh Global Quality Traffic and Get a 5% Cashback on Indian Traffic!

Adsterra’s Festival of Spring: Grab Tons of Fresh Global Quality Traffic and Get a 5% Cashback on Indian Traffic!

The Festival of Spring is a fantastic promotion for advertisers looking for high-quality traffic and
increased ROI, and Adsterra, a leading global advertising network, is thrilled to announce it. Advertisers
targeting Indian traffic will benefit from a special 5% cashback offer during this season, and they can use
the new global traffic to boost their campaigns.

At Adsterra’s Spring Festival, wonderful Indian holidays like Holi, Ugadi, Sarhul, and Ram Navami will be
celebrated. Let’s band together with Adsterra to celebrate the beauty and collect huge profits!

Join Adsterra now, and Welcome to Adsterra’s Festival of Spring

  • Festival Dates: March 8- April 5, 2023.
  • Traffic: India.
  • Beneficiaries: all advertisers on Adsterra who will adhere to the Festival’s rules.
  • Participants: all advertisers who have signed up and followed the Festival’s rules.

Adsterra is devoted to assisting businesses in reaching their target audiences more effectively by
providing access to a wide variety of premium traffic sources as part of the Festival of Spring
celebration. This promotion aims to encourage advertisers to explore new markets and broaden their
reach, resulting in improved campaign outcomes.

Advertisers who target India, a rapidly expanding market, can take advantage of the exclusive perk of 5%
cashback on traffic. This offer not only demonstrates Adsterra’s dedication to supporting the expansion
of Indian businesses but also the company’s commitment to providing exceptional value to its global

Advertisers can choose from video, native, and display ad formats to reach their intended audience.
Publicists can capitalize on the Celebration of Spring advancement by growing their scope and
augmenting their profit from venture. Adsterra’s extensive publisher network guarantees advertisers
worldwide access to high-quality traffic.

During the Spring Festival, those who have not yet purchased Indian traffic from Adsterra, will need to
spend more than $1,000 on campaigns targeting India. Up to a maximum spending of $500, advertisers
will receive 5% cash back on their expenditures. However, due to the fact that their spending in February was greater than $1,000, advertisers who purchased campaigns targeting India in February will need to upscale their spending by 20%. These advertisers will receive a maximum of $1,000 in cash back based on the difference in expenses between the Festival and February.

“We are thrilled to offer our clients the Festival of Spring promotion,” stated Adsterra CEO Michael Perlman. “

This is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to reach their intended audience and generate
high-quality traffic. We’ve put together a fantastic promotion, and we can’t wait to see how it does.”
Note that only advertisers with prepayment agreements are eligible for this challenge.

Your cash back will be credited to your account two weeks after the Festival, which will be over on April 5, 2023.
About: Adsterra is well-known for its superior customer service, advanced targeting options, and fraud detection technology.

The company has a proven track record of success in assisting businesses in expanding their online presence since 2013. Advertisers can learn more about the Festival of Spring promotion from their account manager by signing up for an account at

Adsterra is a global advertising network that offers cutting-edge solutions to advertisers and digital publishers. The company offers a variety of promotion designs, advanced focusing options, and misrepresentation location technology to ensure that its clients get the best return on their investment. Due to its emphasis on customer service and cutting-edge advertising technology, Adsterra is a trusted partner for businesses looking to expand their online presence.


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Since springtime in India is such a big deal, now is the best time to enter this market or improve on
previous campaigns’ results. Earn cash back on your balance by taking advantage of the Adsterra Festival
of Spring! For media inquiries and additional information,

Adsterra can be reached at;

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