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15+ Best Amazon Affiliate Programs For 2024

How can I keep track of my Amazon affiliate earnings? Are there any fees involved in signing up as an Amazon affiliate? How can I sign up to be an Amazon affiliate? What can I expect to make as an Amazon affiliate?

If you have questions like these and have found this thread, you are at the right place. You can keep tabs on your affiliate earnings with the help of Amazon’s many reporting features. You may track the success of your affiliate links in terms of clicks, sales, and commissions with the help of these tools.

A website, blog, or social media outlet is required to become an Amazon affiliate, but there is no fee. Website hosting and email marketing services are two examples of products and services that may come with a price tag. Several factors determine how much money you can make as an Amazon affiliate.

These include the commission rate for the product category, the number of sales you generate, and the price of the advertised products. The standard commission rate is 10%, with greater fees for high-end cosmetics and Amazon Coins.

Amazon Affiliate Programs:

Individuals and companies can advertise Amazon products and earn commissions through the Amazon Affiliate Program. You can promote everything from real goods to digital downloads and even Amazon’s services when you become an affiliate.

The standard commission rate is 10%, with greater fees for high-end cosmetics and Amazon Coins. Join the Amazon Associates programme if you want to promote Amazon products as an associate. The Amazon Associates programme allows you to promote Amazon products by giving you access to many promotional tools and resources after you apply for an account and it is authorised.

You can keep tabs on your affiliate earnings with the help of Amazon’s many reporting features. You may track the success of your affiliate links in terms of clicks, sales, and commissions with the help of these tools.

Affiliates marketing Amazon products, however, are subject to the company’s regulations and standards. Affiliates must abide by Amazon’s policies regarding the public disclosure of their affiliate status, the placement of affiliate links, and the permitted use of promotional materials.

If you break these rules, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account. Promoting Amazon products to your audience through the Amazon Affiliate Program can be an excellent method to monetize your website, blog, or social media platforms. Affiliates have a wonderful chance to expand their businesses and make money because to the program’s varied offerings, generous commission structures, and wealth of useful tools and resources.

Amazon Affiliate Program and How It Functions

Affiliates in the Amazon Affiliate Program are compensated for promoting Amazon products on their websites, blogs, and social media profiles employing unique Amazon links. These links have a special tracking code that reports user activity and sales data to Amazon.

Here’s How The Process Works In More Detail:

  • Create an associate account with the Amazon Associates program.
  • Pick the products from Amazon you want to advertise on your site or blog. Physical goods, digital goods, and even Amazon’s services are all fair game for advertising.
  • Use the Amazon Associates site to create custom affiliate links for the products you wish to promote. Thanks to the special tracking code included in these links, Amazon can keep tabs on the traffic and sales you send their way.
  • Promote the things you’re selling by posting affiliate links on your site, blog, or social media pages and encouraging readers to purchase.
  • A commission is paid to you when a consumer uses one of your affiliate links to purchase on Amazon. Commissions are normally between 1 and 10 percent of the total selling price, though this can fluctuate widely based on the goods sold category.
  • You can keep tabs on your affiliate earnings with the help of Amazon’s many reporting features. You may track the success of your affiliate links in terms of clicks, sales, and commissions with the help of these tools.

Promoting Amazon products to your audience through the Amazon Affiliate Program is a terrific method to monetize your website, blog, or social media platforms. Amazon has made its affiliate programme accessible and profitable for various affiliates by giving them extensive tools and resources to succeed.

Best Amazon Affiliate Programs For 2024:

Here is the list of top 15 best amazon affiliate programs for 2023 and 2024:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Amazon Influencer Program
  3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  4. Amazon OneLink
  5. Amazon Bounty Program
  6. Amazon Handmade
  7. Amazon Wedding Registry
  8. Amazon Trade-In
  9. Amazon Music Unlimited
  10. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  11. Amazon Home Services
  12. Amazon Prints
  13. Amazon Prime Student
  14. Amazon Prime Pantry
  15. Amazon Fresh

1. Amazon Associates:

amazon associates

Amazon Associates is the official affiliate programme that Amazon offers. It enables individuals and businesses to advertise Amazon products and receive a fee on purchases of those products. If you are an Amazon Associate, you can generate unique links or banners that you may use to promote Amazon products on your website or across social media platforms.

You can receive a commission on any transaction made through Amazon when a customer has followed your link and made a purchase. The Amazon Associates programme provides several tools and information that can assist you in effectively promoting products and increasing the amount of money you make.

You are able to monitor your earnings and view data regarding the visitors to your site in real time, and Amazon provides a wide range of reporting and analytics tools to assist you in improving your overall performance.

There is a tiered commission system available through Amazon Associates, which ranges from a one percent fee all the way up to a ten percent commission based on the product category. The commission rate shifts following the level of monthly sales generated by the affiliate in question.

To participate in the Amazon Associates programme, you must submit an application and maintain an operational website or social media presence. After you have been accepted as an Amazon affiliate, you will be able to begin marketing Amazon products and earning commissions on sales.

2. Amazon Influencer Program:

Amazon influencers

Social media personalities with a sizable online following can join the Amazon Influencer Program, an affiliate initiative tailored to them. With this service, influencers can set up their online shops on Amazon and promote what they love to their audiences. Influencers must have a certain amount of followers and meet other criteria, such as having a high interaction rate and being active on social media.

After being accepted, influencers can open their own Amazon stores with a distinctive URL to promote to their audience. The influencer’s chosen Amazon products are showcased in the shop, and their audience can purchase from within the app.

In addition to receiving a cut of the profits made through their storefront, influencers also get access to in-depth analytics and reporting tools. When they bring in new consumers through their store, they are eligible for referral bonuses from Amazon. Suppose you have a large social media following and want to earn a commission on sales made by recommending products to your followers. In that case, the Amazon Influencer Program is a great alternative.

3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

Amazon native shopping ads

To help website owners make money off their content, Amazon provides an advertising platform called Amazon Native Shopping Ads, which displays ads for specific products in a way that doesn’t disrupt the user experience. These advertisements are known as “native” because, unlike banner advertisements, they blend in with the rest of the website’s content.

Types of Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

  • Recommendation Ads: Products are suggested in these adverts depending on the user’s surfing behavior and the information found on your site.
  • Search Ads: Advertisements like these show products relevant to a user’s search terms on your site.
  • Custom Ads: You can customise which products are advertised using these adverts.

Website owners must join the Amazon Associates programme before using Amazon Native Shopping Ads. After being given the green light, they can produce ad code for the various ad formats and integrate them into their site.

The website owner receives a commission for each customer who clicks on an ad and then makes a purchase on Amazon. Incorporating Amazon Native Shopping Ads into a website can help generate revenue while delivering personalised product suggestions to visitors. In addition, consumers are more likely to interact with the advertising because they do not stand out from the rest of the site’s design.

4. Amazon OneLink:

Amazon one link

Website owners can make more money from visitors in other countries by sending them to the appropriate Amazon marketplace with the Amazon OneLink tool. This is helpful for websites that attract visitors worldwide because it eliminates the need to set up individual affiliate accounts for each country’s visitors.

Amazon OneLink automatically recognises the user’s location and leads them to the localised Amazon storefront when they click on an Amazon affiliate link on a website participating in the Amazon Associates programme. Suppose a user in the United Kingdom clicks on an affiliate link to Amazon on a website headquartered in the United States. In that case, they will be taken to the Amazon UK website, and the owner of the original website will receive a commission on any purchases made.

Website owners must join the Amazon Associates programme and turn on OneLink in their account settings before they can begin using Amazon OneLink. For Amazon to recognise the user’s location and send them to the correct shop, they will must include a line of code in the header of their website.

If you have a website with a global audience and would like to earn more money through Amazon affiliate connections, Amazon OneLink is a great tool to employ. In addition to giving website owners commissions on sales made in multiple countries, sending users to their local Amazon storefront ensures a smooth customer purchasing experience.

5. Amazon Bounty Program:

amazon bounty

Through the Amazon Bounty Program, affiliates can receive payments for driving traffic to Amazon and converting it into purchases, free trial signups, and other desirable behaviours. Affiliates are financially rewarded for promoting specific Amazon goods and services, and this is intended to encourage more sales for Amazon.

Affiliates can apply to join the Amazon Bounty Program through the Amazon Associates Program. Once approved, they can browse the available incentives and promote only those they feel are most appropriate for their audience. The affiliate will get a payout if a user takes one of the specified steps after clicking on a bounty link.

The commission rate for Amazon’s Bounty Program varies between individual bounties and between individual actions. Affiliate programs can pay anywhere from $3 for a new Amazon Prime member to as much as $10 for a new birth register.

Affiliates can make more money by promoting specific products and services on Amazon through the Amazon Bounty Program. Potentially increasing Amazon’s traffic and sales is the affiliate program’s predetermined commission for each qualified action.

6. Amazon Handmade:

amazon handmade

Amazon Handmade is a marketplace where artists and craftspeople can sell their one-of-a-kind wares on the online retail giant. In 2015, it was established as a marketplace where craftsmen could showcase and sell their wares to a wider audience. You may find all sorts of unique items, from jewelry to kitchenware to clothing and more on Amazon Handmade.

Amazon Handmade is a marketplace where independent artists may sell their wares to customers. Submitting information about the handmade objects, such as images and descriptions, and proof of the handmade nature of the items is required as part of the application process. After being reviewed, craftspeople can open a shop on Amazon Handmade to market their wares.

Using Amazon Handmade, artists may take advantage of Amazon’s massive client base, a streamlined sales procedure, and enhanced brand awareness thanks to targeted product recommendations and incentives. Craftspeople can rely on Amazon for a variety of services, such as seller training and customer support. Amazon Handmade provides shoppers an exclusive collection of handmade goods not found elsewhere.

Customers have the option to shop by category, by region, or by keyword. Customers may shop confidently on Amazon Handmade thanks to the store’s review system and 100% money-back guarantee. Overall, Amazon Handmade is a great way for artisans to reach a wider audience with their wares, and it gives buyers a chance to find something truly special and different.

7. Amazon Wedding Registry:

wedding registry

Using Amazon’s Wedding Registry service, soon-to-weds can build a bespoke list of wedding gifts they’d want to receive. The registry might include anything from furniture to cookware to gadgets and beyond. The Universal Registry button on Amazon allows couples to easily add gifts from any website, not just Amazon’s. Couples must sign up for an Amazon account and go to the Amazon Wedding Registry page to build a registry.

After deciding on what to register for, users can adjust settings like quantity, priority, and shipment details as they see fit. When the couple has finished setting up the register, they can provide the link to their guests to start shopping for gifts.

The Amazon Wedding Registry provides many perks for the couple setting it up: free shipping on qualifying items, a completion discount for unpurchased items, and a refund policy that lasts until 180 days after the wedding. Guests can pool their money to purchase a single large item through the registry’s group gifting function.

In addition to offering free shipping on qualifying items, searching for a specific item or browsing the register by category, Amazon Wedding Registry makes it simple for guests to buy presents for the happy couple. In addition to traditional financial gifts, guests can also contribute to a honeymoon or travel fund by purchasing gift cards. In sum, the Amazon Wedding Registry is a helpful service for both the engaged couple and their guests, since it allows them to easily and individually plan and shop for wedding gifts.

8. Amazon Trade-In:

Trade In

Customers can get Amazon gift cards in return for their used or unwanted equipment, books, and video games through the Amazon Trade-In program. The initiative’s stated goal is to facilitate consumers’ eco-friendly waste disposal by providing a quick and simple method to recoup some of the value of their discarded goods.

First, users must locate their item on the Amazon Trade-In page and answer a few questions regarding the product’s condition and operation before utilizing the Amazon Trade-In service. Amazon then issues a gift card in the amount of the item’s estimated trade-in value.

If the consumer accepts the offer, they can return the item to Amazon using the provided shipping label at no cost. Amazon will credit the customer’s account with the gift card’s value once they have received and verified the returned item.

Customers may take advantage of Amazon Trade-many In’s perks, such as its convenient interface, no-cost shipping, and fair resale prices for their used goods. Amazon also makes it easier for shoppers to trade in their unwanted stuff by accepting various products, including electronics, books, video games, and more.

Amazon’s Trade-In programme provides customers with a hassle-free way to recycle their unwanted goods, which in turn aids the company’s waste reduction and sustainability efforts. It’s a great service that keeps people coming back to Amazon to buy more things with their gift cards, thus it helps to boost consumer loyalty.

Overall, Amazon Trade-In is a helpful tool for customers and contributes to environmental friendliness by decreasing trash and increasing recycling.

9. Amazon Music Unlimited:

amazon music

A paid membership to Amazon’s music streaming service, Music Unlimited.offered by Amazon. This service gives users access to millions of songs, playlists, and radio stations. The programme enables users to find new music that is tailored to their tastes, create curated playlists based on their preferences, and listen to their favourite songs whenever they want.

Customers must first sign up for a subscription in order to access Amazon Music Unlimited. Customers have the option of purchasing a membership on a monthly or annual basis. Once they have subscribed to the service, users can access it using their Amazon Echo device, as well as their computer, tablet, or smartphone. After that, they are able to conduct a search for songs or albums, make playlists, and listen to radio stations depending on their preferred artists or genres of music.

Users have access to a variety of benefits when they subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, such as an extensive catalogue of songs, access to exclusive content created by well-known artists, uninterrupted listening without interruption from advertisements, and the capacity to download songs for offline listening.

Additionally, the service is integrated with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, enabling users to search for songs and control music playing using voice commands. Music Unlimited helps to boost user loyalty and sales of Amazon’s Echo devices, which allow seamless interaction with the service.

These benefits are beneficial to Amazon, which offers Music Unlimited. It also helps compete with other music streaming services, such as Apple Music and Spotify, by delivering a selection of songs and features equivalent to those of the other services. Overall, Amazon Music Unlimited is a great service for people who enjoy listening to music because it gives users with access to a broad variety of songs and features at an affordable price.

10. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:

kindle direct publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a self-publishing platform that Amazon gives. This platform enables authors and publishers to publish and sell their works in digital format, such as e-books and audiobooks, using Amazon’s Kindle devices.

The programme provides authors with a straightforward and uncomplicated platform for publishing their works, making their books accessible to readers worldwide, and earning royalties from book sales. For authors to use KDP, they must first sign up for an Amazon account and then upload a digital version of their work to the KDP platform.

After that, they will have the ability to determine the price and distribution options for their book, such as whether it will be available everywhere or whether it will be limited to specific regions only. Once released to the public, the book will be sold at the Kindle shop operated by Amazon. Customers who purchase the book can download it to their own smartphone or Kindle device.

KDP provides authors with several perks, such as the opportunity to maintain control over their work, earn up to 70 percent royalties on their sales, and access a large audience of Kindle customers. In addition, the service provides access to customer reviews and ratings, advertising and promotional tools, and other resources to assist authors in the marketing and promotion of their books.

These tools and resources include advertising and promotional tools. KDP fosters customer loyalty and drives sales of Amazon’s Kindle devices, allowing customers a seamless integration with the platform. This is beneficial to Amazon. Additionally, it helps expand the selection of books available on the Kindle store and provides an alternative that is competitive with traditional publishing.

Overall, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a helpful tool for authors and publishers since it provides a straightforward and user-friendly platform for publishing and selling books in digital format. This makes it a valuable resource.

11. Amazon Home Services:

home services

Amazon Home Services is a platform that Amazon offers to its customers that connects them with local professionals and service providers for a variety of home services, including but not limited to cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, and handyman services.

Thanks to the service, customers can quickly identify and book reliable providers for their home maintenance and repair requirements. Customers must first search for the service they require on the Amazon website or app, and then choose a local provider from a list of professionals who have been confirmed and approved before they may utilise Amazon Home Services. After that, they can book the service and pay for it through the Amazon platform, which provides a streamlined and safe payment method.

Customers have access to a number of benefits through Amazon Home Services, such as an intuitive and straightforward platform for locating and reserving the services of local professionals, a variety of service options and pricing tiers, and the ability to read reviews and ratings left by previous Amazon Home Services patrons.

In addition, the service comes with a satisfaction guarantee, which states that it will do whatever it can to ensure that consumers are pleased with the assistance they have received. Amazon Home Services provides its service providers with a platform that allows them to reach a large audience of potential clients and access tools and resources that can help them manage their businesses, such as scheduling and processing payments.

Overall, Amazon Home Services is a great service that offers customers and service providers a streamlined platform for identifying and scheduling trustworthy specialists for a wide variety of home service needs. This platform allows Amazon to provide a wide range of home service options.

12. Amazon Prints:

amazon prints

Customers are able to make and order bespoke photo prints, photo albums, and other products linked to photography through the use of Amazon’s printing service known as Amazon Prints. Amazon provides Amazon Prints. The service provides a variety of options for printing and storing memories, such as prints of a high quality on a selection of different types of paper, in addition to individualised photo books, calendars, and wall hangings.

Customers can utilise Amazon Prints by uploading images to the Amazon website or Amazon app and then selecting the product they wish to make, such as prints or photo books, from the options presented to them. They are then able to customise their product by selecting different layouts, backgrounds, and text in addition to choosing the size, quality of paper, and other options for their product. After they have finished customising their product to their satisfaction, they can place an order to deliver it to their doorstep.

Customers may take advantage of a number of perks provided by Amazon Prints, including a vast selection of customizable options, high-quality prints and products, and affordable prices. The business also provides a platform that is easy to use for producing products and placing orders, in addition to providing quick and reliable shipping. Prints helps foster consumer loyalty and sales of other Amazon products, such as digital cameras and picture accessories, which benefits Amazon.

In addition to this, it provides a competitive option to other picture printing businesses such as Snapfish and Shutterfly. Amazon Prints, in general, is a helpful service for clients because it provides a straightforward and uncomplicated platform for designing and ordering personalized photo prints and other products.

13. Amazon Prime Student:

amazon prime student

In order to give college students with special privileges and savings, Amazon has created the Amazon Prime Student membership programme. Through the service, students may save money while still taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s many perks, such as two-day shipping, unlimited video streaming, early access to sales, and more.

Amazon Prime Student is only available to current U.S. college students who have email address. After graduation, they can sign up for Amazon Prime Student’s 6-month free trial and keep their membership at a reduced rate.

Free two-day shipping on qualifying purchases, access Using Prime Video, thousands of movies and TV shows are available., unlimited photo storage, and special deals and discounts on certain items are just some of the many perks that students can enjoy with Amazon Prime Student. Additional perks include free Prime Music and discounts on textbook rentals.

Amazon Prime Student is designed to increase brand loyalty and drive purchases from college students, a key demographic for the corporation. It’s a good way to reach more students and it provides an alternative to established student discount services like UNiDAYS and Student Beans. When taken as a whole, Amazon Prime Student is a great service that helps college students save money and take advantage of Amazon Prime’s many perks.

14. Amazon Prime Pantry:

amazon pantry

With Amazon Prime Pantry, users could order and have delivered to their door a package stocked with a wide selection of nonperishable food and other household necessities. Only Amazon Prime members could take advantage of this service, but it was worth it because it allowed them to stock up on staples without making several visits to the shop.

With Amazon Prime Pantry, users can shop for food, drinks, household goods, personal care items, and more directly from the Amazon website or mobile app. The Prime Pantry box could be customised with additional items and a flat delivery price paid at checkout.

Customers may save time and money by buying in bulk on Amazon Prime Pantry, find all of their favourite pantry staples in one location, and take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts available only to Prime members. Customers who sought regular deliveries of pantry staples might subscribe to the service. Amazon Prime Pantry, however, will be phased down in 2021, with its functions rolled into the main Amazon website and mobile app.

The Prime Pantry box and its associated delivery fee are no longer necessary for users to make purchases of pantry items on Amazon. However, they can use Amazon’s other delivery options, such as same-day delivery and free two-day shipping for Prime members, to stock up on pantry staples as part of their regular Amazon orders.

15. Amazon Fresh:

amazon fresh groceries

With Amazon Fresh, users can order groceries, fruit, and other household items online and have them delivered to their door or made available for pickup at a nearby location. Fresh and perishable foods, such as meat, vegetables, and fruits,dairy products, and more, are all part of the service’s offerings.

Customers can use Amazon Fresh by selecting the service when shopping on the Amazon website or app. Customers can choose a convenient delivery or pickup time and complete their purchase. Customers can have their orders delivered to their door or pick them up from an Amazon Fresh distribution centre.

Customers may take advantage of Amazon Fresh’s many perks, such as its vast range of fresh and perishable foods, quick delivery times, and affordable prices. In addition to these features, customers can take advantage of free shipping on orders over a specific threshold and exclusive offers and discounts available only to Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Fresh is a way for the corporation to compete with rival supermarket delivery services like Instacart and Walmart Food and increase its foothold in the grocery sector. Customers who may not have ready access to fresh vegetables and other items in their region also benefit from this service.

As a whole, Amazon Fresh is a dependable service that allows customers to order groceries, including perishable items like fruit and vegetables, online and have them delivered to their door or made accessible for pickup.

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In conclusion, the Amazon Affiliate Program is an excellent method for individuals and companies to earn money by promoting Amazon products on their websites, blogs, and social media channels. Affiliates can choose from a large selection of products to promote, make generous commissions, and take advantage of a wealth of useful tools and services the program provides.

Associates, Influencers, Native Shopping Ads, OneLink, Bounty, and more are some affiliate options available to sellers on Amazon. Different affiliates and target audiences will find value in each programme’s specialized features and benefits.

Affiliates can make a lot of money with the Amazon Affiliate Program, but doing so successfully involves effort, commitment, and knowledge of affiliate marketing best practises. Affiliates should put their efforts into audience development, content production, and the promotion of products that are a good fit for their readers.

In sum, the Amazon Affiliate Program is a great tool for affiliates to use to monetize by promoting Amazon goods. Affiliates have a wonderful chance to expand their businesses and make money because to the program’s varied offerings, generous commission structures, and wealth of useful tools and resources.

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