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15+ Best AD Networks For Advertisers In 2024

You’ve probably heard of ad networks if you’ve been an affiliate for any period of time. 

If not, then continue reading.

We’re going to explain exactly what ad networks are in this article and why you need one to advertise your services. 

We’ll examine the many cost model kinds, targeting options, and advertising platforms you might employ for your campaigns. 

Instead of focusing on how brand advertisers or publishers might use ad networks to promote their services through campaign objectives, we’re going to concentrate more on that area of the business. 

We’ll continue to concentrate on using ad networks to drive traffic to your offerings, whether they involve an email submission or sweepstakes, a cost-per-install, a new user registration, or something else entirely.

What Is an Advertising Network?

Marketplaces for publishers and advertisers are called ad networks. As aggregators, they make it possible for marketers to post their advertising on open spaces across a variety of websites and mobile platforms. By matching them to the needs of advertisers, they assist internet platforms in monetizing their available ad spots.

The phrase “Ad Network” is media-neutral. However, given that the commercial hub of Publishers and Advertisers is increasingly being located online, it is frequently employed as a “Advertisement Network.” The key distinction between print media and online advertising networks is that the latter disseminate advertisements to the wider public via an advertisement server. 

Everyone may only think of the two terms Google Ads and Facebook Ads after hearing this. In this instance, you are correct, as Google and Facebook are widely recognized as the two largest shareholders in the media and advertising industries. In 2020, they generated $219 million in combined ad revenues, accounting for 34% of the market.

But these platforms do not represent the entire market. Currently, advertisers can choose from a wide variety of ad networks. But before choosing a platform, you should have a few factors in mind.

Why Would We Need Ad Network?

At its most basic level, an ad network aggregates supply and demand to link buyers and sellers in an online marketplace.  They are in charge of purchasing leftover inventory from the publisher and distributing it to advertisers via impressions. 

In essence, they serve as a middleman between supply and demand. A publisher might even employ two or more premium ad networks to fill all of the available remnant inventory that isn’t sold directly, and they might use a provider of remnant inventory like Ad words to guarantee that all of their impressions are filled. 

Water falling is a technique that makes sure inventory is sold for the best price feasible at the moment. Since the 1990s, when digital ad networks first emerged, a lot has changed. Ad networks may now target consumers based on interests, habits, GEOs, and a lot more thanks to modern technology. 

Impressions are delivered using RTB platforms, which auction off inventory to advertisers, putting you in a real-time competition with other advertisers for the available ad space.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Ad Network:

In this emerging world, internet advertising has increased significantly. As a result, during the past 20 years, the number of ad networks has increased like never before.

The decision of which ad network is most suited for an advertiser’s commercial success and capable of identifying the ideal target market relevant to the company’s business proves to be extremely difficult. 

The following are some considerations to make when selecting an ad network company for your product.


One of the best things about ad networks as we know them now is that they provide you complete control over placements, targeting, and price levels for your advertising. 

This is the point where things really start to become interesting, especially for affiliate marketers! 

For affiliates, the ability to target particular audiences for various ad campaigns and choose categories like age, gender, GEOs, devices, etc. is a genuine game-changer. 

The publisher can track which placements are being used to their full potential, which ones are getting the most clicks, and which audiences are being targeted by using the data an ad network gives them.

The targeting capability that ad networks offer is what makes them so alluring to affiliate marketers, despite the fact that advertisers have access to the same data as well. 

Similar to this, when ad networks continue to offer publishers more and more beneficial services, they go beyond their initial function as a way to fill up unsold inventory and develop into a new source of high-quality traffic for publisher websites. 

Affiliates can obtain really lucrative ad slots at unbelievably low prices because to this expansion of their services, which provides them a lot more potential.

You would get the following targeting options in an advertising network:

  • GEO
  • AGE 

Some ad networks may also let run of all network sites (RON), or you can target specific publisher domains to run your non-category-specific advertisements (ROS). The campaign’s budget and frequency cap should then be specified. 

The network then helps the campaign’s execution by placing network tags on the publisher’s website. With the aid of this technology, you can also split-test your ads to identify the most effective creatives for your campaign and rotate banners so that they appear within the targeting options you have selected. 

A useful reporting and measuring platform is also offered by an ad network, which you can use to evaluate your cost and engagement. And that’s in addition to the numerous platforms on which you may run advertisements, such as display, video, mobile, social, search, pop-up, native, and push campaigns, each of which offers a variety of targeting choices. 

Therefore, you may test out campaigns that you are running on push ad networks and vice versa to discover which one performs the best for your offer. 

Additionally, you must split-test your campaigns by experimenting with various targeting options for your creatives to determine which ones are advancing or impeding it. 

Ad networks provide a centralized platform for data analysis across numerous publishers and assist in the creation of campaign reports that help you pinpoint the campaign’s strong and weak points.

This article makes a list of the top 15 best ad networks out there for advertisers.

Best AD Networks for Advertisers In 2024:

Here is our list of the 15+ Best AD Networks for Advertisers in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Push.House
  2. Click Adu
  3. Primis
  4. Push House
  5. Twinred
  6. Click Adilla
  7. Traffic Ads
  8. Tiktok Ads
  9. Snapchat Ads
  10. Twitter Business
  11. Microsoft Ads
  12. Ad Spy Glass
  13. Amazon Ads
  14. Adroll
  15. Sxm Media
  16. GalaKsion

1. Push.House: HomePush.House is one of the best ad networks so far! It is basically a Push Notification Ad Network and it was founded in 2018. It is based in Ukraine and has super-amazing features to bring to the table. Push House is surely the best option when you wish to get your website monetized.

It is due to the fact that it offers high-quality features to its users.  With Push House, there is quite a list of countries that enjoy the services and more than 120 countries are part of this list. Not only that, the payment methods used in Push.House allow everyone from every country to use it, as most of them are available in any place of the world! 

Push House keeps improving the quality and number of its features every month. This is exactly why it has gained immense respect in a very short time. It has more than 30 million active subscribers and comes with 600 thousand clicks, 300 million impressions per day and much more!

The payment methods that are included are Web Money, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, VISA/Master Card, 4×, Capitalist, CoinPayments. It offers multiple ad formats too like Classic Push and In-Page Push. You can set up your first ad campaign very quickly as Push.House does not require anything to sign up. 

2. Click Adu:


A publisher’s promotion network called Click Adu oversees approximately 4 billion daily ad impressions. 3.6 million of them actually make a purchase of the good or service. The company offers a wide range of ad styles for computers and cellphones, including Pop Under, video promotions, and pennant ads.

Click Adu can be your best option if your website or app only receives a limited amount of user traffic. They accept a variety of payment methods, including wire transfers, PayPal, Web Money, and Paxum. On its website, the typical CPMs for all the various advertisement designs are listed. In order to see how Click Adu can benefit you, check them out.

3. Primis:


A video promotion unit called Primis provides video ad network capabilities. With perfect timing and the greatest ad locations, they deliver enticing video promotions to customers, boosting RPMs and customer satisfaction. Their native ad unit is completely flexible to fit inside your website and does everything.

You can deliver customers with an elective ad design they appreciate and get big advertisement incomes by using video promotions with Primis. Primis sees itself as the guarantor of the media marketing industry’s most customer-focused standards. The ad network is secure for use and defends clients from fraud.

4. Push.House:

Push House is a cutting-edge and fashionable Push notification advertising platform that has been rocking the business. 

With 14 billion impressions and 31 million clicks every day in more than 180 nations around the world, they are one of the world’s top push traffic providers. 

The platform only employs RTB technology, allowing you to place real-time bids and receive ongoing campaign updates from the reporting page.

The UI is clean and nicely designed, with complex features that will draw push affiliate professionals, and registration is quick and simple. 

The specialist support team is available to assist you in choosing the ideal target audience and approach for your objectives, making the campaign creation process painless. To seek assistance with their campaigns, users can also contact the website’s Telegram support group. 

You will have to wait a short while for the approval process as ads are moderated, but the quality of the traffic and the unique clicks to your offers will be well worth the wait.

You have a variety of payment options, including credit cards, to add money to your account. Once the account approval procedure is over, advertisers can develop campaigns, manage their accounts, and access the entire array of analysis tools. 

Another step in the right direction is that Push House is one of the few ad networks we’ve seen using two-factor authentication to secure your account. We hope other networks will follow their lead.

5. Twinred:


Having high-quality adult traffic, Twin Red is a self-service, open RTB, real-time RTB adult ad network. Affiliates can use the network’s sophisticated targeting features and bid on premium ad inventory in a range of formats. Utilize the extensive macros offered to track every detail of your campaign and determine which locations are most effective for your offers. 

Along with native advertisements, Twin Red is one of the only ad networks to offer popunder and interstitial ads, which provide outstanding ROI and conversion rates across a variety of well-liked verticals.

6. Click Adilla:

click adilla

A high-performance advertising network called Click adilla can help your campaigns succeed. The international self-serve network ad network with headquarters in Dublin boasts a strong SSP, a wide range of targeting possibilities, and a ton of high-quality, exclusive traffic sources that will give your marketing campaigns a huge boost. 

Click adilla boasts some outstanding statistics, including 13 well-liked ad styles, 4.5 billion daily users, and traffic in more than 240 different geos. They are a well-known ad network with great conversion rates in well-liked industries like adult, app downloads, desktop downloads, e-commerce, and games. 

The leading ad tracking systems are fully integrated, and tracking is superb. It’s time to give Click adilla a try if you want to increase clicks to your adult, gambling, dating, and sweepstakes offers and want to reach a global audience of adult or mainstream traffic in over 240+ Geos.

Smart pricing, high-quality traffic at low prices, and detailed reporting stats are just a few of the reasons to join this high-performance ad network.

7. Traffic Ads:

traffic ads

A self-serve adult ad network and exchange, Traffic Stars serves over 3 billion daily ad impressions. Advertisers can purchase premium traffic in real-time from a global inventory of top-notch publishers.

The business is big on data, concerned about security, and use cutting-edge ad tech to create a variety of ad formats that will show your offerings to interested users. Utilize high-quality placements to target specific traffic sources, and examine real-time statistics to determine which ad spaces and targeting options are working the best.

Utilize the smart targeting and pricing choices to decrease costs while getting thorough statistics on your ROI and CPA goals. Traffic Stars also provides automatic campaign optimization using Artificial Neural Network algorithms, allowing you to focus more time on organizing your upcoming promotion.

8. Tiktok Ads:

tiktok ads

Since September, TikTok has had over 1 billion users. TikTok advertisements can now be seen by an estimated 825 million adults (18+) worldwide. There are many different types of advertisements available on the site, including in-feed ads, picture ads, video ads, spark ads, pangle ads, carousel ads, top view ads, branded hashtag challenges, and branded effects (branded stickers and filters).

TikTok provides advertisers with a straightforward 4-step process to post an ad on their site. The fundamental phases are choosing your audience and your aim. You then need to input your budget. You must design your advertisement as the final step before your commercial is complete.

9. Snapchat Ads:

sanpchat ads

Advertisers who wish to reach the millennial age frequently use Snapchat Ads. This younger age group uses Snapchat the most frequently. Ads can be targeted based on preferences, actions, location, and other factors. Connect with those who are promoting the new attitudes and principles that are transforming the world.

There are approximately 319 million users in the addressable market for Snapchat Ads. These users are constantly online. Besides that, Snapchat would aid in the expansion of your business among millennials and Generation Z since it reaches around 75% of them. There is no greater platform for developing a brand for young people than Snapchat. With kids, your promotions could soar.

10. Twitter Business:

twitter business

On their platform, Twitter Business offers more than 20 different product possibilities to display your tailored advertisement. The following are some of the most important adoptions on Twitter.

  • Promoted Ads
  • Follower Ads
  • Twitter Amplify
  • Twitter Live
  • Polls
  • Twitter Takeover
  • Branded Hashtags
  • Branded Notification

Twitter is a website with a large user base. Twitter is the ideal social media platform for brands to establish a presence and promote their goods and services.

11. Microsoft Ads:

Bing Ads

With 400 million monthly searches on Microsoft and partner websites, Microsoft Ads can reach up to 41 million customers. It includes 15 distinct advertising tools that might be quite useful in enhancing the advertising strategy.

If you’re already working hard on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you may extend that work to Microsoft Advertising by delegating the difficult tasks to the import tools. As a result, you may spend less time and attention on routine social media marketing methods and concentrate on business outcomes.

12. Ad Spy Glass:

adspy glass

If you’ve been considering increasing your website revenue, you should research ad mediation platforms. Ad Spy glass is one such platform.  A tool for mediation and management called Ad Spy glass links publishers with several ad networks. 

It assesses advertising rates automatically and then shows the ad with the best CPM offer. As a result, you may optimize your potential for traffic and get the greatest prices for your advertising space. Ad Spy glass works with a number of advertising networks, including Ad cash, Ad maven, Propeller Ads, Pop Cash, Zero Park, and others.

Additionally, Ad Spy glass allows you total control over your ad inventory, enabling you to quickly modify and improve your advertising as necessary. You may also be confident that you are getting the most recent features and options because the platform is always being improved. 

However, marketers are not the platform’s intended audience. You must register with Traforama, Ad Spy glass’s counterpart, if you want to work with any of the publishers within it. Why then wait? Become a member of Ad Spy glass today to start maximizing your traffic!

13. Amazon Ads:

amazon ads

A total of more than 300 million active accounts are available to Amazon Ads. They now have a thorough understanding of how consumers perceive the products and brands they discover, explore, and purchase online.

They provide products, brands, and display sponsorships, among other services. In addition, they provide their clients personalized adverts and audio and video advertisements. Advertisers can purchase display, video, and audio ads programmatically through Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform).

Customers can choose from eight distinct items and seven different services. Amazon Ads are currently operational in 18 different nations, including Australia, Brazil, India, and many others.

14. Adroll:


Adroll is an advertising platform with more than ten years’ worth of data from millions of brands and many billions of consumers. This will eventually assist in identifying the right market for your goods. Additionally, they offer marketing plans that are ideal for your company. When you use these tactics, you’ll get rewarding outcomes.

AdRoll not only produces effective advertisements but also sends automated emails to a specific audience, and a combination of both increases traffic to your website. Additionally, they have a USP in that they target the audience based on changes in their product tastes over time.

15. Sxm Media:

SXM media

The biggest network for advertising on podcasts in the US is SXM Media. Assume that members of your target audience enjoy various types of podcasts. In such scenario, this ad network provider is ideal for your product since it allows you to reach approximately 55 million podcast listeners.

On their platforms, they provide a number of adoptions, including streaming audio, video, dynamic audio, and sequential audio. The finest part of SXM Media is now here: Podcast Ads, where they provide audience-based buying, contextual alignment, branded content, and exclusive show chances.

16. Galaksion:


Galaksion is an international ad network that was established in 2014 and offers publishers and advertisers in more than 190 countries global advertising solutions. To help you advance your campaigns, the Latvian ad network provides wide targeting options and highly customized campaign management. 

For affiliates in the mobile apps and games, utilities, gaming, gambling, service APPs, finance, and e-commerce verticals, Galaksion is ideal. Additionally, you’ll be able to acquire a significant amount of direct traffic to your offers from select network publishers with a huge volume of conversion-proven impressions (over 30 billion per month).

In order to ensure that your advertising budget never exceeds the cost per acquisition, they also provide the intriguing CPA pricing model. 

As a result, you’ll never pay for anything other than conversions and may calculate your ad spend depending on your CPA objective. You can utilize the platform’s suggested rates if you are unclear of the cost per conversion.  For all of your advertising needs, the network includes a ton of unique tracking sources and intelligent targeting.

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Here you go, our list of top 15 best advertisement networks for advertisers.

The top performing advertising networks from our extensive publisher list are included in the list above. Some only perform well for certain sponsors, and some are quite particular to them. Therefore, no matter whatever ad network you want to display your advertisement on, remember that customization is the secret to expanding your brand through digital marketing.

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