10+ Best Native Ad Networks In 2024

Everyone In the business world wants to know the best and most powerful marketing strategies to promote their business, right?

Native ad networking is one of those powerful techniques or marketing strategies that is considered highly effective in terms of its effectiveness. It is here to stay and will be in operation for a long time. It is one of the best methods to gain customers’ attention.

Native ads make sure the highest brand engagement and brand recognition within the marketing industry. It has many possibilities and provides you with the best offer as a way of advertising in this modern digital world of marketing. But before we get into knowing about the best native ad networks, it is better to understand what it really is. 

What is a Native Ad Network?

Every advertising network serves as a channel for advertisers and publishers to meet and exchange their objectives to help each other in achieving them. The native ad network is just that medium that brings publishers and advertisers together and organizes their advertising objectives with web content. 

The thing that is unique about native ads is that you will not recognize them as an ad but rather it appears as a part of the web content that users view. This helps native advertisers build awareness of their business in a secretive way without disturbing user experience by showing them ads in their faces over and over again. 

The statistics show that there is a higher percentage of users that say that they personally recognize a brand because of native ads, however the percentage with display ads is less. Native ads are also able to generate more impressions compared to any other ad format. 

Types of Native Advertising

You might be thinking, Native ads are a part of web content then why does it have types? Well, even though it is part of the regular web content the publishers still have an opportunity to display it in various ways. Here we will mention three of the most popular native ad networking forms. 

1. Content Recommendations:

You must have noticed the various links that lead you to another article, website, etc. These are known as native ads plugged in as content recommendations since they are recommended in the article, blog, or website content that you are reading. 

2. Search and Promoted Listings:

These are usually the ads that appear at the top of any search engine that you are using to find a certain product or service. You may also see that in the sidebar. It is an effective method that does not annoy customers so if they wanna skip it that can easily scroll through. 

3. In-Feed Advertisement:

You might have noticed some ad posts on your Instagram and Facebook and wondered ‘’ I don’t follow this page then why is it showing in my feed’’. Those are the type of ads that appear in your feed usually on Instagram and Facebook. 

Best Native Ad Networks In 2024:

Now that you know what native ads are and the different formats that you can use to attract viewers through Native ads, it is time we get to know about some of the Best Native Ad Networks In The Industry in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Outbrain
  2. Taboola
  3. Yahoo Gemini
  4. Nativo
  5. MGID
  6. Revcontent
  7. AdCash
  8. AdYouLike
  9. TripleLift
  10. Instagram/Facebook

1. Outbrain:

out brain

Outbrain is considered the best Native Ad network that is utilized by some of the renowned publishers in the world such as The Guardian and BBC. Their eligibility criteria might be fair to some people while hard for others to achieve.

In order to start working with them as a publisher, you must have 10 million views per page as a minimum requirement. If you are not able to get such traffic then you probably won’t be accepted into the network.

However, they do not have any payment threshold which means as soon as you get accepted you can start earning money from them. For that, you can choose either CPC or CPM pricing model whichever you think is more efficient. 

Once you start working with this network, you will be given a chance to choose one of the best DSPs through native ad demand. You can also have the freedom to choose the ad format whether in-article or in-feed.

These ads can then be portrayed as display ads or video ads. Or any other form of native advertisement that can keep it secretive and not disrupt the user experience. 

If the traffic requirement of Outbrain is a bit too much for you then you can look for other networks that have a less minimum traffic requirement or no such requirements at all. Therefore, access other ad networks for native advertising and use them to your advantage according to what works best for you. 

2. Taboola:

Aside from Outbrain, in the event that you are looking for a solid Native promotion stage, you would have caught wind of Taboola.

It tends to be an extraordinary choice for getting traffic and site visits. It is utilized by The Huffington Post, USA Today, and other top publishers. Qualification rules require traffic of more than 1 million site visits.

However, with less traffic requirement and a solid base for starting your promotions, they have a payment threshold of $100. So, if you cannot wait to earn before you get to $100 then this network is definitely not for you.

The pricing model accessible with the network is only CPM and the maximum CPM rate is known to be $2.00. This network can also target your audiences based on any location you prefer. Whether it is a certain country or region that you want to attract, Taboola will do it for you. 

3. Yahoo Gemini:

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is a Native ad network established in the USA and is most popular there as well. It works with some of the best publishers like Yahoo, AOL, Huff Post, Tech Crunch, etc. With such big names, you are sure to get your business promoted very well and get good results by partnering up with Yahoo Gemini.

This ad network allows you to import ad campaigns from Google ads as well. With their low traffic, a lot of publishers can start working with this network and earn good revenue. They have a minimum traffic requirement of only 10,000 viewers per month which is very near to nothing for any website or page that has been around for a while. 

The various ad formats that Yahoo Gemini provides include:

  • Yahoo Mail Ads
  • Moments Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App install ads
  • Image ads and many more.

If any of these ad formats appeal to your audience then you can easily start working on Yahoo Gemini. 

4. Nativo:


Nativo is not very well known or you can say not popular so many people are unaware of its presence and excellent performance. It is considered one of the best native ad networks or an ad network in general. If you are a publisher that works for a media website then Nativo is a great option or alternative to choose.

This Native ad network has worked for The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, and Time Inc. The best thing about this network is that they do not have any minimum traffic requirement which means you can right away start working with them.

If you are a publisher that needs a platform with no minimum traffic requirement then this is the best one for you. It is also highly efficient for beginners because of its many benefits and fewer requirements. It will give you a good kickstart in this field of work. 

Nativo will offer you many options in order to choose your target audience and then target them through different techniques which could be through demographics, geographics, etc.

They also have AdStore that allows various modes of monetization. They have a payment threshold of only $50 and do not have any traffic restrictions as already mentioned. Other than that, you are given a choice between eCPM and vCPM as your pricing model. 

5. MGID:


MGID was established in 2008 and has offices in Ukraine, the United States, Italy, Indonesia, and India. This native ad network has a global reach but is most active in the European regions.

It has achieved its status as an award-winning native ad network that has proved itself through its epic performance. It raises brand awareness and increases customer or viewer engagement to the max. 

This network offers many ad formats that include:

  • In-content
  • Smart
  • Sidebar widgets
  • Native videos and many more

During the ad campaigns, this network provides publishers the opportunity to engage with the users and gain sufficient data for monetization. It has an effective data analyzing tool and presents regular reports after analyzing.

In this way, you will get insights into the different targeted categories and know about the ongoing process. This will help you in knowing the level of progress and the improvements. Such a feature also gives you the opportunity to access selective bidding to select the right publishers and also adjust your CPCs for various targeting options. 

This is a publisher-friendly network with fewer requirements and no strict policies. And it is mostly focused on mobile users as 70% of its traffic comes from smartphone users. 

6. Revcontent:

Revcontent is a special native ad network that is famous for discovering high-quality content. They have many targeting options and connect advertisers and publishers with the right audience. This network uses high-tech software to help you attract your target audience and monetize the content. 

Revcontent helps out brands, media publishers, and offshoots, and that’s just the beginning. The stage publicizes itself as the supplier of top-notch traffic. As a matter of fact, this quickest-developing local promoting network dismisses a larger part of Ad distributors for not conforming to their quality principles.

This makes their promoters sure to get the world’s driving distributor locales. Just by adopting such a forceful strategy as far as the organic market, Revcontent’s level 1 publishers have seen a 117% expansion (yet filling) in ECPM since Q1 2018.

They not only specialize in video advertising but you can also benefit from this network through the video and display ads that are also two of the most widely viewed ad formats. 

7. AdCash:


of those platforms that provides you with many benefits and support when you start utilizing their program. They are especially beneficial for beginners as it provides all the guidance and support needed to start in this industry with fewer restrictions.

This network has been one of the best affiliate marketing programs since 2007. However, towards the end of 2017, they shifted their concern more toward less intrusive ads such as Native ads. 

With Adcash you can have access to run your campaigns, control them according to your liking, and also analyze the progress of these campaigns. In this way, you will have a well-sorted-out insight into what you are supposed to do and how you are doing it.

This network is connected with some of the top SSPs and premium publishers which allows you to collect all your work in one place and have it organized without any trouble. 

AdCash ensures to provide you with authentic traffic without any fraud. This is accomplished through their fraud detection system that filters out any bots or other harmful traffic.

Such benefits are not provided by many networks so if you want a network that can ensure that for you and give you genuine traffic with timely reports then Adcash is the right choice for you. 

8. AdYouLike:

Ad you like

AdYouLike is a popular Ad network in Europe. It is an excellent network that operates globally, performs tremendous integrations, and provides great monetization opportunities. They get about 50 billion impressions per month and provide you accessibility to about 50 DSPs. 

AdYouLike is a native ad network that has been great in achieving their objectives for over five years. This network can support all of your business goals and achieve your marketing objectives effectively. 

You can reach the right audience through IAB, data profiles, devices, etc. These are the various categories used to target the audience. 

9. TripleLift:


TripleLift is a native ad network best known for its programmatic advertising and gives you the opportunity to enable Native as well as Native publishers to monetize their Ad inventory. They provide you with sufficient ad inventory and the best publishers and advertisers.

Apart from that, they also provide an account manager that will guide you through every step of the journey. Their customer support team is known as one of the best and is available to you any time. 

Their ad formats include:

  • Carousel
  • In-feed
  • In-article

You can choose between CPC and CPM pricing models and their maximum rates go up to $3.00. You can also start working with them as there are no traffic restrictions. Their payment threshold is $50 which can be achieved easily when you get some traffic on your website.

Working with such a network will give you benefits of support, guidance, less restrictions, and maximum support. These are the features that most beginners would prefer when starting their journey. So, as a beginner TripleLift is one of the best options. 

10. Instagram/Facebook:


In the beginning of this article, we briefly mentioned three of the most popular Native ad formats. One of them is in-feed advertising. This is a popular form of Native ad networking that you will mostly see on Instagram and Facebook. These two are two of the largest social media platforms that house many different ad formats and various campaigns of all scales depending upon your budget.

In-feed is a popular form of native advertising that you will find in the feed of these networks. On Instagram or Facebook, you will usually encounter Ads in the form of posts that lead to a certain website or shop. This is among the popular ad technologies and has worked effectively in terms of growing and advertising various small to large businesses.

Next time you see an Ad in the form of a post, pay attention and see how effectively they have placed the ads without disrupting user experience. Publishers and advertisers both can benefit to a maximum level from this.

So, whether you are a beginner or a professional you can start from these networks since they have no minimum requirement or any strict criteria. You can also have the options of various budgets. Therefore, access an ad package that resides within your budget. With such a large number of users, you are sure to attract a huge traffic. 

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Now that you know about the top Native Ad Networks and how each one benefits you, you can decide for yourself which one to choose. There are many networks like this available out there and it can get complicated when you are choosing. But if you have a clear idea of what you want and what the network has to provide, it is not difficult to recognize the one that corresponds with them.

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