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10+ Best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs In 2024

The fact that so many people are yearning for debt relief explains why the finance sector is so well-liked. Look at some of the top affiliate programs for debt settlement today that merit promotion.
You can make money with affiliate marketing without developing your own item or handling customer support. These excellent affiliate marketing training courses will enable you to enhance your revenue without putting in a lot of work.

What Is Debt Consolidation?

In general, debt relief organizations use debt settlement, where they urge clients to deposit a certain sum of money into a special savings account every month. The objective of this bank is to accumulate an amount of money that can be utilized to pay off obligations in the future.

When debt relief agencies speak with creditors on your behalf, they frequently offer less money than you are owed to settle your obligations. Customers should be debt-free at the conclusion of a debt consolidation program.

While it may seem perfect to pay less than what you owe, as Federal Trade Commission FTC warns such debt settlement has drawbacks. For instance, while they attempt to settle your obligations, debt relief agencies may urge you to cease paying your bills, which can have a negative impact on your credit score. There is no assurance your debt relief firm will be successful; creditors are not compelled to settle the debts for less money than you owe.

Why Is Debt Settlement A Niche?

Sadly, one in every five Americans has much more debt on their credit cards than they do in savings. This explains why so many individuals are searching for strategies to boost their at-home income.

Companies that specialize in debt reduction might occasionally offer a debt away that could have you spending less than what you owe. These businesses usually refer to their approach as “debt settlement.” These top debt reduction firms feature affordable rates and stellar ratings.

Best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of the 15 best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Guardian Debt Relief Affiliate Program
  2. Upstart Affiliate Program
  3. CuraDebt Affiliate Program
  4. National Debt Relief Affiliate Program
  5. American Debt Enders Affiliate Program
  6. Lending Tree Affiliate Program
  7. InCharge Debt Solutions
  8. Freedom
  9. LendKey
  10. Christian Debt Network
  11. Accredited Debt Relief
  12. New Era Debt Solutions
  13. DMB Financial
  14. Money Management International

1. Guardian Debt Relief Affiliate Program:

In the center of New York City’s financial district is the debt-negotiating firm Guardian Debt Relief. They focus on liabilities negotiations but also offer financial education from industry professionals.
Their primary goal is to empower their clients to take charge of their finances.

They have created a useful tool to assist their clients in developing better spending as well as saving habits, which includes money management, better planning, and other advice on how to take charge of your finances.

Affiliates can make money through a variety of channels thanks to the Guardian Debt Relief affiliate network. Earn $32 for qualified leads, $45 for pay call leads, $325 for signups, and 15% for referral commissions.

There are several methods to make money with them, and they give some of the biggest commissions. Alternatives to bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt consolidation credits include deficit negotiation.
As a result of their consumers’ lack of upfront costs, your conversion rate will go up.


45 days for cookies
Commission: $35 for each signup, $45 for each pay-per-call lead, and $32 for leads

2. Upstart Affiliate Program:

Upstart was established with the goal of developing more accurate methods than FICO scores to assess the worth of loan applications. It was started by former Google employees.

For the purpose of assessing loan applications and risk-gearing capabilities, Upstart merged machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. It may also be applied to debt consolidation for loans under $50,000.
With the aid of artificial intelligence, the loan can be granted shortly after applying, and the money can be transmitted the following day.

Affiliates may receive a commission of $80 for each loan that is successfully funded. Affiliates that successfully refer 25 or more borrowers for loans that are funded may see their commission rise to $120 per reference.
In recent years, High-Tech Company – Upstart has become a tech-savvy option for paying off credit cards and school loans.

Although the commission rate might appear lower than those of the majority of the various debt settlement affiliate programs described in this post, affiliates with significant traffic and recognition can always bargain to have their rates raised.


Cookie’s lifetime is 45 days.
Commission: $80–$120 for each sale

3. CuraDebt Affiliate Program:

Credit card debt, hospital bills, and other types of unsecured debt can all be relieved with Cureadebt’s assistance. They are ranked first by Consumer Watchdog among businesses that settle encumbrances and reduce the tax burden.

Since 2000, Curadebt has given counseling to more than 180,000 people. Their staff is committed to assisting with IRS, state, and small business tax issues. The tax team’s collective expertise exceeds 100 years, with 83 of those years spent working for the IRS and other taxing authorities.

High commissions are available through the Curadebt affiliate program. Earnings opportunities include pay-per-lead signups and sales. Affiliates that sign up for their profitable pay-per-sale program can earn between $350 and $500. The $100 per signup fee is in addition to a $25 pay-per-lead commission.

This outstanding debt referral program offers substantial commissions. You earn more and more as sales you generate. Additionally, you have the chance to get paid 10% for introducing other profitable affiliates.


Cookie: Infinite
$350 for each sale; $25 for each lead

4. National Debt Relief Affiliate Program:

One of the biggest and most recognized debt settlement firms, National Debt Relief has assisted thousands of Americans to acquire debt relief. They are committed to providing knowledge and individualized customer care to customers going through difficult financial situations.

They can assist you if you’re seeking a better solution to your liability issues without declaring bankruptcy. Thousands of solutions for thousands of creditors’ and collection accounts have been successfully handled by them.

A pay-per-lead scheme is available through this high-paying affiliate network. You have the chance to make $27.50 per lead as an affiliate.
You are compensated each time someone fills out the brief (6-field) form. Additionally, you have the chance to make up to $41 through its pay-per-call program.

You have the chance to make excellent commissions if your website contains articles about debt relief, credit counseling, or personal finance.


60 days for cookies
$27.50 commission

5. American Debt Enders Affiliate Program:

Since opening for business in 2006, American Debt Enders hasn’t received a single legitimate complaint. Just on Netcheck and IKARMA websites, customers can provide feedback regarding their interactions with their business.
They provide free credit counseling to their clients. Additionally, they were among the first businesses in the country to provide numerous liability relief services and solutions all under one roof.

ADE is committed to assisting individuals in eliminating their financial deficit and achieving financial freedom. At present, they provide free telephone bankruptcy counseling, encumbrance settlement, non-profit debt settlement, credit repair, and credit restoration.

You can sign up for ShareASale to spread the word about this program to your devoted audience. This program gives affiliates numerous opportunities to make money. You can make $125 for each enrollment, and $20 for each eligible lead.

This affiliate network for debt provides you with a number of online income opportunities. On ShareASale, American Debt Enders seems to have a power rank of 1000+ and an EPC of $74.46. (earning per click).


Cookie: Infinite
Commission: $125 per sale & $20 per qualified lead

6. Lending Tree Affiliate Program:

Auto, student, personal, or even dental loans are among the many financial products that Lending Tree provides. With their well-known debt consolidation service, they also assist investors and families that are struggling with debt.

With a customizable payment plan that enables consumers to raise their FICO scores and put money away for emergencies, their debt management aid lessens financial stress for borrowers.

Well-known – The debt consolidation affiliate program offers a great chance for affiliates to work with a reputable and powerful brand. Since affiliates won’t have to spend as much effort on pre-selling, marketing such a brand would be simpler and more engaging.

Commissions – Depending on the caliber and suitability of the traffic that is directed to an affiliate’s website, they can earn anywhere from $1 to $70 for every lead.

The greater earnings per click offered by EPC – Lending Tree is $336.67. Through Commission Junction, applicants could sign up for this affiliate program. Although the 14-day cookie is awful, I suppose you can’t have everything.


Cookie lifecycle: 14 days
Up to $70 in commission per lead

7. InCharge Debt Solutions:


InCharge Debt Solutions, which has been in operation for more than 20 years and is NFCC-accredited, has 4.7 out of 5 ratings on Trustpilot and an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. This nonprofit group offers three- to five-year debt management plans that are mostly for unsecured credit card debts.

InCharge’s fees, which differ by state, are comparatively transparent. Compared to the other organizations on our list, the average registration fee is $75. It costs $33 per month on average. According to InCharge, the interest rates for its consumers are frequently lowered to single digits (about 8%).

The account management system and app that InCharge offers lets you manage your account, check balances, plan payments, and track progress. Customers can call or log into their accounts to seek assistance.

Its best part includes:
Transparent regarding costs, and high levels of consumer satisfaction, offers an NFCC-accredited debt management app and emphasizes credit card debt.


$75 for registration fees, and $33 every month (average)

8. Freedom:

Freedom was founded in 2002 with the goal of assisting individuals in overcoming burdens in order to obtain financial freedom.

Their objective is to offer customers effective options for debt relief, mortgage shopping, and personal loans. Their employees are sympathetic to the needs of their clients. With each client, they conduct themselves honestly.

You have the chance to work with them as a partner and advertise their affiliate program. They have now settled a deficit of over $8 billion, which is higher than any other American corporation.

They have aided over 500,000 customers in gaining financial management. Through its financial services and education, they hope to assist its clients in decreasing their debt, increasing their wealth, and achieving financial freedom.

You’ll get the chance to sign up for this debt-free affiliate network as an affiliate and earn money based on lead generation commissions. Affiliates can access real-time reporting, creative types, and other marketing resources through FlexOffers, which also manages their program.


Cookie: depending on a session
Commission: $15 – $30 pay per lead

9. LendKey:


After the Great Recession ended in 2009, LendKey was established. To assist lenders and their clients in developing a successful lending business, they invested over $30 million in the development of an innovative lending platform.

And over $1.75 billion in debts have been serviced by their company on behalf of numerous banks and credit unions. They assist their clients in lowering their loan payments so they can live the lives they want.

LendKey rewards its top affiliates using bonuses and increased commissions and provides among the most aggressive payouts. Customers could apply for financing to help them refinance student debts, pay for education, and enhance their homes.

You may monitor the performance of your traffic with the assistance of 24/7 real-time partner analytics. Also, you can increase your conversions by using analytics.

With this, you can make up to $50 through the LendKey affiliate network or recommend a friend program for any candidate for a loan who used your link to apply. The amount of cash you can earn with this program has no upper bounds.


Cookie: When you sign up, you’ll need to inquire.
$20 to $200 in commission

10. Christian Debt Network:

Christian Debt

Christian Debt Network assists people with debt relief so they can live more freely. They are aware that debt negotiation dates back to the time of the Bible.

In today’s world, debt can swiftly spiral out of control. In order to pay off medical debt, families are turning to credit cards, which they then move to another card. The majority of Americans have fixed monthly expenses and are unable to handle unexpected financial hardships. Christian Debt Network may assist you in regaining financial control. To start, you must ascertain your debt.

The ShareASale network is used to administer the affiliate program. Affiliates will still have access to a digital hub with real-time analytics and marketing materials you may use on your website, via social media, or on other platforms.
You can assist families in obtaining the necessary responsibility relief while generating lucrative affiliate payouts. All you need to do is direct visitors to their site because it has been optimized for maximum conversions.


30 days for cookies
$30 commission per lead

11. Accredited Debt Relief:

accredited debt relief

Since 2011, Accredited Debt Relief was operated with the primary objective of giving families that require access to debt relief choices. On its website, this business touts a wide range of accomplishments, with many past clients paying their debts for just as low as 50% of the amount they were initially owed. The AFCC has approved

Accredited Debt Relief concentrates its energies on debt settlement, similar to other debt relief businesses. It begins with a free consultation with a licensed debt specialist who really can help prospective clients discuss their condition and their choices.

If they are thought to be a strong choice for debt consolidation, Accredited Debt Relief assists them in quitting using credit cards and starting to save money in a different account.

The company then engages in negotiations with your creditors on your side, which may result in a debt consolidation that really is significantly less than the total amount owing. Additionally, Accredited Debt Relief provides a money-back assurance that enables you to end your program at any moment and without incurring any fees.


Fee: 15% to 25% of enrolled debt

12. New Era Debt Solutions:

Since its founding in 1999, New Era Debt Solution has assisted clients in settling approximately $250 million of debt. Customers don’t have to pay anything upfront for its services. Additionally, there are no monthly administrative fees with its plans, and performance-based charges are only assessed when you notice results.

New Era Debt Solutions requires its customers to put money aside in a separate account for debt settlement, similar to other debt settlement businesses. They bargain with your creditors in the interim to assist you to pay below what you owe.

The organization claims that within an average of less than 2 – 3 years, its clients have paid off their bills and are no longer in debt. They assert that they can erase more than 50% of the due debt. The business asserts that it can reduce debt balances and interest rates.

Additional advantages of New Era Debt Solution also include the presence of attorneys on staff and the immediate assignment of a client’s account to a management team. Additionally, the business completes each of its work internally and rarely hires freelancers or other shady contractors.


Fee: 14% to 23% of enrolled debt

13. DMB Financial:

DMB financial

DMB Financial, which was established in 2003, has a lengthy history of assisting clients in setting up debt settlement programs. On its website, this business shows client results. Additionally, DMB Financial is a part of the American Fair Credit Council, a group of debt settlement firms committed to the greatest standards for their customers.

For a free initial appointment with a program consultant who can assist you discuss your position and goals, give the company a call. Once that is done, a plan will be developed for you in that you will make regular deposits into a different account. After that, DMB Financial will bargain with your creditors to have you pay less than the full amount of your bills.

DMB Financial says it can assist consumers a most regarding high-interest credit card debt, despite the fact that it focuses on all unsecured loans. You can combine all of your bills into a single monthly payment that you send into a savings account every month using one of its programs.

If the interest rates & bills seem to be simply too expensive and increase even when you make only the minimum monthly payments, this could be a lifesaver.


Settlement of Debt: Yes
Fee: Not made public

14. Money Management International:

Money Management International

The oldest organization on the list is Money Management International (MMI), which was established in 1997 but has roots that go back to 1958. It has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot and an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

The company’s debt management program offers assistance with any unsecured debts. Programs are intended to be paid off in 5 years or fewer, but according to MMI, most of its clients become debt-free in less than four years.
Although it takes some searching to discover them on its website, this nonprofit with NFCC accreditation is reasonably open about its expenses. According to MMI, the maximum enrollment fee is $75 and the average is $33.

Its maximum monthly price is $50 while the average monthly charge is $24. The cost varies by state. For the typical MMI client, the interest rate is lowered to 7%. During the first two years, clients experience an average 60-point increase in credit scores.


Commission: $24 per month and $33 on average for enrollment (average)

15.’s debt management program, which includes personalized budgeting advice and a debt repayment plan, provides free debt counseling and coaching session. Sadly, despite’s declaration that it levies a one-time enrollment fee as well as a monthly program administration fee that varies by state, the information about those costs is not available on the website. offers free financial courses and seminars in addition to debt management and budgeting solutions; a number of these courses are listed on the website. Additionally, the website has a live customer chat option and an online chatbot.

To get started, contact or complete an online form if you’re interested in DMCC’s debt management services. On its website, Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. claims that its debt management plan is accessible “in most states,” but it doesn’t specify which ones. Contact the business to confirm that the DMP is accessible in your area.

It offers high ratings for customer satisfaction. Its website provides instructional tools. It further offers supplementary aid with budgeting.


Fees: not made public.
A+ BBB Rating

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All of the top debt relief companies in this list are respectable, provide a range of services, and have received positive feedback for their assistance in helping clients manage and lower their debt. While some offer a wide range of debt relief solutions, some have reduced expenses.

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