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10+ Best Membership Website Affiliate Programs For 2024

Are you looking for the best membership website affiliate programs you can promote in 2023? If yes, stay tuned with us because, in the post, we will discuss a list of the ten best membership website affiliate programs for promotion in 2023.

Their items typically have good margins built into them, giving them plenty of room for a decent origination fee. It motivates affiliates to market the courses online to your target market and attract new clients. Also, it gives business owners more time to concentrate on their sales funnels and member material.

They can spend more time concentrating on developing the best digital products instead of thinking about all the technical details of digital marketing! Our first step is to focus on platforms with particular membership system integrations. So, each alternative connects directly through your member component rather than through your transaction method.

Best Membership Website Affiliate Programs For 2024:

Here is the list of top 15 best membership website affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

1. Wild Apricot Membership Website Affiliate Program
2. Membership Website Affiliate Program
3. MemberSpace Membership Website Affiliate Program
4. Mighty Networks Membership Website Affiliate Program
5. Podia Membership Website Affiliate Program
6. Graphy Membership Website Affiliate Program
7. Kajabi Membership Website Affiliate Program
8. Kartra Membership Website Affiliate Program
9. Membership Website Affiliate Program
10. Hive Brite Membership Website Affiliate Program

1. Wild Apricot Membership Website Affiliate Program:


The nonprofit organizations and clubs that use Wild Apricot can keep track of their participants, charge them for dues and events, and communicate with them. You can rapidly get up and running and integrate your software data with a little tweaking.

While it has good financial toolkits and email marketing, it needs NationBuilder’s social media know-how and is less cohesive or feature-rich than our Editor’s Choice winners. ClubExpress (at ClubExpress, the monthly minimum hosting fee is $24.00)

Wild Apricot’s membership administration is characterized by its accessibility. The contact data, which enables you to keep track of members, buyers, donors, and others, is the foundation for the numerous capabilities accessible to Wild Apricot customers, just like MemberPlanet.

The database can be searched using special searches, such as prospective who haven’t yet been to a meeting, or by utilizing tags. You can avoid disturbing people who frequently attend by sending that group a personalized email inviting them to an event.

Calendars, member websites, WordPress sites, and other websites can all incorporate Wild Apricot widget. Thus, you can integrate a WordPress page with a Wild Apricot event you are organizing. The Wild Apricot support forums featured extensive discussion on this feature, and the business is receptive to client feedback. Organizations utilizing Wild Apricot can communicate their requirements with the product owner through the Wishlist Forum.

You can learn more about Wild Apricot’s capabilities by watching the numerous brief movies that are included in the well-organized online help system. Besides regularly holding live demonstrations and webinars, Wild Apricot also has longer webinar records that detail the key features.

2. Tribe Membership Website Affiliate Program:


The Tribe is a cloud-based social platform that enables the creation of brand-new types of online groups. It’s a great tool for keeping customers happy and fostering relationships. It gives the business owner a chance to build a clientele and community. Anyone wishing to launch a business would love the owner’s website creation capacity. Among Tribe’s many clients, some of the most well-known names are IBM, Pipedrive, ConvertKit, and ASUS.

As many customer difficulties may be fixed remotely by speaking with other knowledgeable consumers, the firm can establish an online network of customers to spread the word about their positive experiences. Customers can submit questions on Tribe, where the company’s support staff can interact with and help them. It facilitates straightforward communication between customers and proprietors.

This platform will be useful for software companies, consumer online services, e-commerce and retailing, celebrities, member organizations, startups and accelerators, alumni groups, entrepreneurs, and current Forums.

After evaluating the platform, we are confident it will help new and established enterprises. It will be useful for anyone looking to create a group of like-minded clients and customers and greatly help them expand their business.

3. MemberSpace Membership Website Affiliate Program:


Any website may easily be converted into a membership business with MemberSpace. We act as an online doorman for your website. You decide which of your site’s current pages and content are representatives and how much access will cost. The regulations are then automatically added to you by us. Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, Wix, and more platforms are compatible with MemberSpace.

There are several ways to earn profit from a blog. Advertising, affiliate marketing, or sales revenue are all options. A membership site, however, can be a terrific way to create a network and monetize your material if you run an online business.

You charge users a monthly fee to view portions of your content through a gate. For premium stuff, this is fantastic. Alternatively, you might design online courses and gate them within your course.

The ease of use of MemberSpace is something it takes great pride in. The problem with most elevated options, such as membership systems, is all the hassles they cause. On top of that, you’ll have to hire developers to repair those problems. On the other hand, MemberSpace is so straightforward that anyone may manage their own website.

4. Mighty Networks Membership Website Affiliate Program:

Mighty Networks

A cloud-based program called Mighty Networks enables you to create and control an internet forum on your own site. An intuitive internet forum builder that enables you to construct your own “Facebook Group” is the idea. Mighty Networks can be useful in this situation. It enables you to designate a personal area where members of your community can communicate and interact with one another while still supporting your business.

It provides all the crucial features creators require to develop a dynamic online community, including activity feed, membership search, articles, polls & quizzes, meetings, clubs, etc. Even completely developed online courses can be developed locally.

A few marketing and sales features are also provided by Mighty Networks, such as the capacity to generate sales pages and charge one-time or recurring fees. So, like many Mighty Networks users like Verbal to Visual, Mighty Networks producers use the network to offer communities, courses, and membership all in one location.

But keep in mind that all other capabilities are built on top of the fact that it is fundamentally an internet forum network. Let’s now examine each feature in further detail to learn more about Mighty Networks. It will assist you in selecting the “best” platform for your needs.

5. Podia Membership Website Affiliate Program:


Podia began as a website for storing and offering online courses for purchase. Despite intense competition, Podia made a name for itself as one of the top platforms. Now, Podia has developed into a platform focused on creators and makes it simple to sell various digital goods, not only for classes. Also, you can make money by selling subscriptions, hosting webinars, and more.

A simple website builder is included with Podia, which you can use to establish your digital shop. You will host your communities, classes, and digital goods on your website. Consumers can purchase things directly from your website and access them by logging into their member’s area.

A list of customized goals should appear whenever you log into your dashboard. At the top of the screen, select Modify site or Set up a website from the options. Next, pick a template that aligns with your objective. Starting points include an empty site, an email landing page, a link page, or a full website template.

6. Graphy Membership Website Affiliate Program:


A SaaS-based system called Graphy allows individuals and organizations to design, promote, and sell virtual classes. They are a member of the Unacademy family and are pleased to hold the top spot in the Indian marketplace with more than 30000 great successes, and more than 5 million learners enrolled.

Establishing and selling online courses via white-labeled websites and mobile applications enables artists and educators to scale their online brands and company.

Any form can be created, whether it be an instructor-led live class or a periodic drip program. Graphy offers many domestic and worldwide payment channel connections.

Graphy provides various affiliate, reference, and article marketing techniques to advertise courses. It also allows institutions to run learning systems on their own unique domain names.

7. Kajabi Membership Website Affiliate Program:


One of its key advantages is that Kajabi comes with a wide variety of features. Kajabi’s claim to be an “all-in-one” platform is hard to dispute because it essentially includes everything you require to develop, promote, and sell digital items. Because of this, there is little need for further spending on third-party technology.

It is not to say that you won’t ever need a third-party product to run your coaching program with Kajabi for example, we use WebinarJam to host group training sessions, but it is entirely feasible to build a profitable business online utilizing the platform without integrating a third-party item.

You don’t need to understand how to code to utilize Kajabi, so you should be reassured about needing to be familiar with website development. Many different website themes may be used, all completely customizable. The software is extremely simple, and navigating the home dashboard is simple and obvious.

Kajabi recently made the exciting announcement that they had purchased Vibely. The new Kajabi Villages will be built on top of this. Early in 2023, the launch of the updated Kajabi Communities is planned.

Your customers may build a community of support with Kajabi Communities (formerly Vibely) by using features like live chat, 1:1 conversations, online gatherings, challenges, leaderboards, accountability tools, and more.

8. Kartra Membership Website Affiliate Program:


Kartra is an excellent starting point for enterprises. It provides all the resources firms need to launch, including a CRM, landing page builder, and email campaign software. Additionally, Kartra is linked with platforms like Shopify and WordPress, allowing companies to extend beyond Kartra’s limitations.

Kartra is less feature-rich than other platforms, so companies that do a lot of online sales or experience heavy traffic may need to use them in addition to Kartra. Ultimately, however, Kartra is a fantastic choice for startups that want an all-in-one system.

On iOS or Android devices, Kartra does not offer a specific app. Kartra offers a comprehensive marketing approach that can be used on computers and mobile devices. Kartra can be modified to start up new businesses or improve existing procedures.

You can manage your marketing tasks with Kartra from a single location. In addition, you may develop and send email campaigns, publish landing pages, and measure website traffic. Kartra may be integrated with several third-party applications, including Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, and others. With this function, you may instantly connect your Kartra account to other business-related apps.

Users can create and market their online enterprises using the full marketing platform known as Kartra. Because it is SEO-friendly, you can alter online searchability factors to support the expansion of your organization. Kartra also provides a wealth of tools and features that can be used to plan and carry out your marketing initiatives. Kartra can assist you if you want to create leads, sell goods or services, or expand your brand’s reach.

9. Membership Website Affiliate Program:


Circle was developed as a community platform for content providers who want to bring their audience together around their material, interact with them through instant messengers and conversations, and eventually convert them into paying members. Artists have the opportunity to establish several kinds of online communities with Circle. They consist of mentoring, membership, course, and product communities.

Furthermore, has updated its platform to allow users to offer their online courses directly from it. It implies that you are no longer required to offer your courses online on a different platform from your community. You can accomplish it all in one location to provide your users with a wonderful, interactive, and engaging experience.

Getting 20% monthly recurring earnings for each person you suggest for as long as they remain a paying member is how the Circle Affiliate program works. Basic plans begin at $35 per month, while expert plans begin at $89 per month. As a result, you might earn an average of $7 to $19 per month for each person you refer to the Over time, this can mount up!

At the end of the year, for illustration, you could earn an additional $84 to $228 per month through Circle’s affiliate program if you successfully referred three individuals to the business each month. And that figure increases steadily the more people you refer and the longer you continue to do so.

10. HiveBrite Membership Website Affiliate Program:


The website is very well-liked by both small and large businesses in many industries. It serves as a platform for community interaction, administration, and society. Hivebrite’s White Labelling, Customization, and Activity Feed capabilities draw businesses to it.

The graph below demonstrates the popularity of Hivebrite across a range of corporate environments, including small, mid-sized, and big enterprises. Representatives from the nonprofit management, research and education, government, non-governmental organization, utilities, food, leisure and tourism, and retail industries select the platform.

Regrettably, Hivebrite needs to offer potential clients details about its price structures. A few sources mention paying $500 a month. However, we suggest contacting the Hivebrite team for more detailed information. But as a prospective client, you can register for a risk-free trial. Hivebrite offers a 45-minute playable demo where you may discover how to interact with, oversee, and grow your internet forum.

Communities are frequently composed of a large number of smaller groups. By using group management, you can make it easier for your subscribers to find and interact with other like-minded people in the neighborhood. Create unique, targeted categories. You can use groups to organize your unique organizational models, such as clubs, chapters, or sectoral organizations. A hierarchy for the community can be created.

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Final Verdict:

In this article, we have discussed the ten best membership website affiliate programs you can consider promoting in 2023. Hope you like this information. Still, if you have any questions regarding this post, just let us know in the comments section below.

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