15+ Best CPC Ad Networks For Publishers In 2024

If you have a website or blog, CPC Ad Networks are the greatest method to generate your blog and webpage. If you are a blogger with a popular blog or website, you can commercialize your visitors and raise profits from it.

CPC/PPC advertisements can allow you to gain finances by displaying their advertisements on your internet site. Several channels charge their Publishers very well, but I’m going to share Best CPC Advertising Networks since those are top-rated CPC Ad Networks for Small Publishers.

After extensive research, I discovered some excellent Top CPC Ad Networks that seem to be reliable and would always make the payments. You will be eligible to receive monthly payments after connecting these systems since they’re the Best CPC Ad Networks in the business market today.

If your website is not obtaining enough traffic or if you are a limited publisher, you can make a profit by joining such best ad networks for major presses.

What exactly is CPC?

A digital advertising model is a cost-per-click (CPC). Advertisers spend a publishing company for each instance their ad is clicked within the publisher’s inventory, i.e. their website or mobile app, under the CPC framework. The money charged for every click is calculated using the formula: Total cost of clicks divided by the total number of clicks

Why Advertisers Should Use CPC Ad Networks?

When something arrives at CPC Ad Networks, most digital marketers believe that Google and Bing are the only options. They are, however, incorrect because there are large numbers of CPC services available to advertise your products online.

The most effective way to select CPC Advertising networks for your marketing strategies in which you must charge for clicks. This indicates that only you must pay once you encounter traffic.

Before actually entering any system, read Ad Network Reviews and learn everything you can about it. After determining which channel is best for your website and traffic, you could indeed participate in a certain network and commercialize your traffic to make income.

Best CPC Ad Networks In 2024:  

The following is a comprehensive list of the Best CPC Ad Networks for Publishers and Advertisers in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Push.House
  2. AdMaven
  3. Ezmob
  4. Bitmedia
  5. Cointraffic
  6. Viewdeos
  7. ReklamStore
  8. Absolutclick
  9. Chitika
  10. Jarvis Ads
  11. AdPushup
  12. Infolinks
  13. Google Adsense
  15. Bidvertiser

1. Push.House: HomePush House is surely the best CPC ad network one could ever ask for. Founded in 2018, it is primarily a push notification advertising network. Located in Ukraine, they have some great properties to offer.

Push House is definitely the best option for monetizing your website. This is to provide users with high quality features. Over 120 countries use the Push House services. 

Push House improves the quality and quantity of its features every month. That is why it has gained so much fame in  an unexpectedly short time.

It consists of Over 30 million active subscribers, 600,000 clicks, 300 million daily impressions, and more. The payment methods that are available include Web Money, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, VISA/Master Card, 4×, Capitalist, CoinPayments. 

They also offer various ad formats such as Classic Push and In-Page Push. Push House does not require affiliates to go the extra mile, so you can monetize your site quickly.

2. AdMaven:


AdMaven is a reputable CPC ad network. It has established a specialist perspective on ad networking by leveraging its 15 years of work experience. Also, AdMaven produced the best aspects for its customers while ensuring a significant rise in income for its marketing professionals.

It makes use of cutting-edge advanced technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. For example, they use eCPM to provide users with a comprehensive examination of their monthly sales yield.

AdMaven offers its users a wide range of money-making choices, as well as its advertisements, are a big hit with the general public. They cover a wide variety of genres and take a sustainably grown process to create ads that viewers would like to see. And, thanks to its use of push/pop under alerts, the ads are more recognizable.

About AdMaven:

  • Popunder, Push Notification, In-Page Push, and Ad-Block Bypass Solution are some of the ad formats available.
  • The paycheck is $50.
  • Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, Capitalist, Webmoney, Credit Card, Wire, BTC, and USDT are all accepted methods of payment.
  • Monetization options include CPC, CPM, and CPA for in-house or exclusive campaigns.
  • Advertisers might also contact

3. Ezmob:


Ezmob is a top CPC advertising company for both advertisers and publishers. Every advertiser hopes that his or her ad achieves a large number of people because the more sight on your ad, the greater the probability of much more selling and thus higher incomes.

Satisfying your ambitions is no longer a difficult task since Ezmob is an online mobile video ad network that offers you innovative and smart advertising techniques. You can begin with little as $100 income.

This is not only a top ad platform for advertisers, and it is also the best ad network for publishers. It allows you to keep track of your clicks, impressions, and revenues using its simple user interface.

Begin with simple incorporation and track your progress by obtaining the data analysis on the monitor. They offer outstanding customer service and assist customers with ever-increasing profits.

About Ezmob:

  • Advertisers must make a minimum deposit of $100.
  • Publishers must receive a minimum payment of $100.
  • PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum and Wire Transfer, and Skrill have accepted methods of payment.
  • Net 30 is the payment terms.
  • Monetization possibilities include CPM and CPC.

4. Bitmedia:


Your one-stop purchase for business development and audience expansion! Greet to the top global bitcoin advertising network! Bitmedia’s capable of adapting, wise banners on their bitcoin ad platform end up making your bitcoin ads extra compelling and give you lots of further interaction with the audience.

Every crypto viewing public, and a range of other marketing tactics, will guarantee that your advertisements reach the right people.

To have entire authority about where your crypto ads are presented, choose from the highest references on their crypto advertising network, Bitmedia. They have provided more than 30,000 advertising strategies and are still growing.

When you use their framework to submit bitcoin ads, you get the greatest remedy and a better customer experience for your crowd. The leading cryptocurrency ad network enables lots of businesses to grow regularly by offering low-cost, high-impact coin ad remedies.

You can put banner ads of any size within their publishing company network to increase your target market and revenue.

About Bitmedia:

  • They furthermore offer versatile pricing models.
  • The use of Bitcoin as a payment option for all deals is possible.
  • The minimum withdrawal cost for publishers is 0.001 BTC.

5. Cointraffic:


Cointraffic is a renowned Crypto Ad network that was established in 2014 and is centered in Tallin, Estonia. They give excellent money-making possibilities to their Publishers and earn some extra finances than some other Ad Networks.

If you have a blog or a website about cryptocurrencies, you can make tons of money with Cointraffic Ads. They have over 700 Crypto Advertisers, and their advertisers benefit from higher ROI when they advertise on Cointraffic. They have over 400 Top Crypto Publishers to assist advertisers in obtaining focused and massive traffic.

Publishers can monitor their Impressions, clicks, and profits in actual using Cointraffic’s incredible home screen. They pay their publishers to select the best option in the business and always make the payments. This is why it has become one of the perfect Coinzilla Ad Network solutions.

Cointraffic seems to be a little picky when it comes to site reviews because they favor crypto sites, news, currencies, rate calculators, crypto-currency blogs, and so on.

About Cointraffic:

  • CPM is Commission Type
  • €25 is the minimum payment.
  • Payments are made three times per week upon request.
  • Payment options include Bitcoin and bank transfers.
  • Contact us at

6. Viewdeos:


Viewdeos is the greatest and among the most popular video advertising networks for publishers and advertisers. It captivates so many publishers due to its 100% brand protection, high-quality content, quick integration, and maximum CPM rate when particularly in comparison to certain other ad networks.

Viewdeos is a good potential advertisement Ad network that wisely monetizes advertisers’ ad publishers’ requirements with one of the fastest increasing video commercial Centers.

Through their astute monetization techniques, they facilitate their publishers to receive top dollar. They only recognize genuine publishers whose websites do not contain illegal substances and receive high-quality relevant traffic.

If you own a website with billions and billions of page hits, you should channel your publishing attempts through a smart video advertising network such as Viewdeos, which offers a higher CPM cost than every Ad Network.

It is a refined, easy-to-connect system that emphasizes customer services and assistance. Their advisors are accessible to their advertisers and publishers 24/7.

About Viewdeos:

  • PayPal has no minimum payment requirement.
  • PayPal and bank transfers are accepted as methods of payment.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • CPM is a monetization choice.
  • 1 million page views per month are required.
  • Email support:

7. ReklamStore:


ReklamStore, established in 2007, is a comprehensive advertising network that has been providing advertisers and publishers for many years and has an impressive in the digital marketing industry. If you want to make money from your internet traffic, ReklamStore SSP is among the best-paid content portals to use.

It is a self-service resource device for small and medium-sized websites that provides real-time bidding (RTB) system to enhance CPMs and guarantees a higher loading rate all of the time. The majority of supply-side systems require a special situation to endorse your website. If your traffic is less than what a system expects, you can be turned down in seconds.

There are no conditions for becoming a publisher in the ReklamStore system. They recognize all types of publishers to meet international and limitless supply. They fill your advertising placements regardless of where they come from, and you generate income for every single impact you create on your website.

About ReklamStore:

  • The minimum payment is $50.
  • Payment options include wire transfer and PayPal.
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • CPM is a monetization choice.
  • There are no prerequisites for joining
  • Email support:

8. Absolutclick:


It is the quickest increasing Native Advertising network for Advertisers and Publishers in the United States. Absolutclick Ad Network offers a complete range of online ads to make income from their system, including CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPS.

If your website receives a lot of traffic, this Ad network will start earning much more than any other system. They use an effective monitoring system, so you might not have to risk losing clicks, leads, or sales. In your Absolutclick account dashboard, you can view actual stats.

When you have any queries, they offer 24/7 live assistance to help you fix them. This is an excellent opportunity for publishers to participate in this system. This is a great CPC ad network for publishers. You could indeed learn more about this system by visiting Absolutclick Review.

They also have a Referral Program in which you can receive an additional 10% commission simply by inviting other publishers to join their system.

About Absolutclick:

  • The minimum payment is $50.
  • Payment options include PayPal.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • Monetization options include CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPS.
  • 1000 unique visitors per day are required.

9. Chitika:


Chitika is a network of search-targeted marketing for publishers and advertisers, established in 2003. If your site receives a lot of web traffic, Chitika is the greatest CPC Ad platform to receive a great deal of money than any other network.

Chitika partnered with Yahoo Network in 2013 to be among the world’s greatest advertising networks. They provide 25 various ad sizes which you can use to make a profit on your website. They offer both display and text ads.

Chitika’s interface has been well, simple, and simple in using, but it doesn’t provide much in statistical terms, which are regularly updated. Chitika networks, on the other hand, tell you which advertisements are performing much better than others.

You are not allotted an ad representative and must set it all up on your own. There is a tool that allows you to see how the ads look and sound before you confirm them.

About Chitika:

  • The minimum payment is $10.
  • Payment options include PayPal and check.
  • Net 30 Basics is the payment frequency.
  • Options for monetization: CPC
  • Requirements: The majority of traffic must come from English countries.

10. Jarvis Ads:


Jarvis Ads is a fantastic Ad Network that Publishers can take part in to make money online. It was established in 2018 and has since assisted its publishers in growing quickly digitally and earning more income.

The positive part about Jarvis Ads is that there are no prerequisites to participate; even if you are a beginner, you can connect to this Ad Network and generate income from the traffic on your website.

On 24/7, they allocate a customer service team to assist you with your questions and to grow your business. They are also providing a $5 minimum payment. You can withdraw your profits after reaching $5 via PayPal, Skrill, or Bitcoin.

The authorization system is incredibly simple, and no approval is required. After signing up, you will be able to locate advertisements on your website and generate income.  They make money from traffic from all around the globe.  They have a high CPM and wonderful payouts.

About Jarvis Ads:

  • The paycheck is $5.
  • Payment options include PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin.
  • Weekly payments are made.
  • Options for revenue include CPC, CPM, Pop Under, Direct Redirect, and Banner Ads.
  • There are no prerequisites to join.
  • Email support at

11. AdPushup:


AdPushup is among the greatest advertising networks to participate in 2019 for publishers and advertisers. This is among the quickest ad networks, with unique advantages that can assist you in increasing your advertising money.

Adpushup is a publisher-focused advertising company with innovative revenue management characteristics. Ad layout optimization, automated A/B testing, header bidding application, AMP converter, and Adblock restoration are among their functionalities.

Their ad optimization tools, combined with luxurious demand, help publishers bring a good user engagement while increasing CTRs and CPMs, resulting in a total revenue uplift of 33% for their publishing collaborators. You can access the complete AdPushup Case Study here and assist their publishers develop their income so quickly.

It’s a flexible solution, which means publishers won’t have to do all the heavy lifting of handling their ad processes AdPushup ad technical staff will handle that. The framework is among the most thorough suites, including the best optimization techniques, and is supported by partnerships with top advertising networks and interactions.

About AdPushup:

  • The paycheck is $50.
  • PayPal and wire transfers are accepted.
  • Payment terms are net 30 and net 45.
  • Monetization options include CPC and CPM.
  • There are no minimum traffic prerequisites for connecting.

12. Infolinks:


Infolinks is a further excellent online advertising framework that helps publishers to generate income by showcasing relevant advertisements on their websites and blogs. After Google Adsense and, Infolinks is the third biggest Ad Network.

Infolinks offers money-making possibilities such as Intext, Intag, Infold, and Inframe. This system however has no rigorous standards for membership. You can also participate in this channel if you are a small publisher; it is the Best Ad network for publishing companies to participate and generate income by showing advertisements.

Advertise on numerous websites and mobile devices. Simply choose the sort of customers you want to reach, your finances, and where you want individuals who kept clicking on your ad to go. Generate traffic when it means a lot most by serving them the right ads.

AdShop’s genuine intent-based targeting system identifies greater subscribers and exhibits the right message at the right time.

About Infolinks:

  • The paycheck is $100.
  • Payment options include PayPal and wire transfer.
  • Net 30 Basics is the payment rate.
  • Monetization options include CPC and CPM.
  • Requirements: The majority of traffic must come from English countries.

13. Google Adsense:

google adsene

It is a Google-owned application that enables publishers to generate income from their websites and blogs by displaying online advertisements. Google Adsense earns money on a “per click” and “per impression” grounds.

Also, it is used by nearly 12 million websites to raise profit. However, their initiatives for publishers are extremely restrictive. It is yet another excellent PPC/CPC Ad Network for publishers looking to make money digitally.

You can participate in Adsense if your website receives a lot of traffic and continues to follow Google Adsense policies. Once you sign up for Google Adsense, your website must receive $10 for your contact information and bank account to be verified. Then after, when you reach $100, Google will send you your profits on the 22nd of each month.

Until they can enter the system, publishers must be accepted, which entails adhering to several guidelines and regulations. This includes and is not restricted to, the type of media, banner advertising and reliability.

About Google Adsense:

  • The minimum payment is $100.
  • Payment Methods: Billing Procedures Vary by Country.
  • Payments are made monthly.
  • Monetization options include CPC and CPM.
  • 500 unique visitors per day are required.


Contextual Ads Network is the name given to This is indeed a fantastic ad network for publishers looking to make money online. has joined the Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ads Program to be the next world’s biggest Contextual Ad Network, providing Native ads for finances. That’s one of the greatest Google Adsense options available. The number of users and page hits necessary to be accepted on is not specified.

Moreover, the publishers only need to have maximum traffic from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, and the website content needs to be in English. has an affiliate network where you can receive 10% more finances by relating others to connect With just one ad tag, you can connect a multitude of ad formats. To satisfy your site and viewing public, combine the strengths of search, exhibit, video, native, as well as other customized layouts throughout all gadgets.


  • The minimum payment is $100.
  • Payment options include PayPal and wire transfer.
  • Net 30 Basics is the payment rate.
  • CPC is a monetization option.
  • Prerequisites: The majority of traffic must come from English countries.

15. Bidvertiser:


Bidvertiser is ideal for small to medium publisher sites because it has a simple login system and no minimum level of traffic necessity. Nevertheless, there have been some prerequisites for signing up, along with not collaborating with adult material sites or selling illegal items.

Moreover, a publisher’s website should not be under-building projects or an excessive number of ads to initiate with. Those who target specific choices, which allow advertisers to easily maximize their ads based on the publishing market segment.

They feel proud of traffic classification and targeting possibilities, which allow advertisers to easily enhance ads based on the publishing specialty.

Ads have been easily installed by placing a simple HTML code on the official site; modifying the looks of ads is also a relatively simple process.

Whereas Bidvertiser has a cheaper price than some other advertising networks, they also expect to be paid for modifications in addition to taps.

About Bidvertiser:

The sign-up process is simple and quick, and there are no minimum traffic or language requirements.

The framework has some downsides, including restricted strategies, especially if the site is in a niche subject area and less precise measurements than other top-tier advertising networks.

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These are all the best CPC Ad networks for both publishers and advertisers. You can connect the above networks as a publisher or advertiser and achieve your business objectives. These systems can assist publishers in earning a good living from their websites or blog. Now it is your time to join such systems and begin earning an income.

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