15+ Best CPC Networks In 2024

One of the most popular ways to get more ad revenue for web publishers is through CPC Ad Networks. CPC (Cost Per Click Ad networks or CPC advertising Networks) are used by publishers and advertisers around the world to advertise and bring more website traffic.

In a typical CPC Ad network, an advertiser pays a publisher (including search engines, website owners, and networks of websites) when the ad is clicked. Now, let’s find out how CPC Ads work.

CPC also called PPC is Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click.

When you perform a search, or you are simply browsing a website, you must have observed sponsored advertisements. These ads work on a pay-per-click basis.

In simpler terms, when a visitor clicks on these advertisements, the advertiser will be charged money. This is how publishers can increase their revenue by utilizing their existing website traffic. CPC Ads can help you monetize your webpage.

Cost-per-click(CPC), or pay-per-click(PPC), ad networks have become more and more popular over recent years, particularly with publishers with a high volume of web traffic looking to maximize their ad revenue.

CPC (Cost Per Click) has Two Models:

  • Flat Rate CPC:

In this model, the advertiser pays a fixed amount for each click to the publisher. Most publishers generally have a rate card that lists the pay-per-click (PPC) amount for different areas of their website or network.

  • Bid Based CPC:

In this model, the advertiser bids on specific keywords or keyword groups in order to secure ad space at the top of search results. A bid is placed through an online pay-per-click auction between the advertiser and the ad network, or in some cases, directly with the publisher.

Before we get in our list of the best CPC ad Networks out there, let’s get to know a little about CPC or PPC ad Networks.

What are CPC or PPC ad Networks?

An online advertising network or ad network connects advertisers to websites or publishers that want to host advertisements. They make money by earning a commission from these ads. Ad networks have a pool of unsold ads which are sent to the publishers via code on the publisher’s site. Ad networks also help advertisers manage the bidding, targeting, and optimization of their ad campaigns.

Best CPC Ad Networks In 2024:

Here is a list of the Top 16+ Best CPC Ad networks in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Push House
  2. InfoLinks
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Click Adilla
  5. Microsoft Advertising
  6. Rev Content
  7. Twitter Ads
  8. Vibrant Media
  9. Ad Blade
  10. Ad Cash
  11. Sulvo
  12. Taboola
  13. Zoomd
  14. LinkedIn Ads
  15. Propeller Ads
  16. Click Booth
  17. Bidvertiser

1. Push House: Home

Push House is surely the best CPC ad network one could ever ask for. Founded in 2018, it is primarily a push notification advertising network. Located in Ukraine, they have some great properties to offer.

Push House is definitely the best option for monetizing your website. This is to provide users with high quality features. Over 120 countries use the Push House services. 

Push House improves the quality and quantity of its features every month. That is why it has gained so much fame in  an unexpectedly short time.

It consists of Over 30 million active subscribers, 600,000 clicks, 300 million daily impressions, and more. The payment methods that are available include Web Money, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, VISA/Master Card, 4×, Capitalist, CoinPayments. 

They also offer various ad formats such as Classic Push and In-Page Push. Push House does not require affiliates to go the extra mile, so you can monetize your site quickly.

Join Push.House Now!

2. Info Links:


Info links claims to be a smart ad platform for publishers to make money via their blogs and websites. It generates high revenue for over 100,000 online publishers, worldwide.

Info links is one of the more popular supplementary income sources because its ad units are comparatively unobtrusive–they don’t have standard banner space. Instead, the ads appear minimized or in hyperlinks, and visitors need only to hover their mouse pointers over the links for the ads to appear.

Info links ads are native, free to use, work great with all other ad solutions and don’t interfere with the user’s experience. Approval time to Info links is quite short, and that’s because it’s based on your site’s content and not on the amount of traffic you generate.

The installation is super easy with a code you simply add to the body of your website. You can even use a plugin that does the work for you if you use WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or Drupal. Publishers have lots of control over the ads as to location and number, and its support team is very friendly and quick to respond.

Info links’ advertisers are selected based on their quality, that’s why they work with the best brands in the world like Facebook, Amazon, Taboola, eBay, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor and many more.

3. Google Adsense:


For flourishing bloggers and other website owners, Google AdSense is a go-to place. One of the main benefits of AdSense is that Google works with millions of advertisers (Google Display Network). Its ability to deliver high-quality relevant ads makes AdSense even better, along with the high CTR on ads.

As the website owner, you can control just what types of ads appear on the pages of your site. With AdSense, publishers have access to reports and metrics which can show just how effective the ad campaigns are for the website. It’s very easy to use, and there are no signup fees involved.

You’ll get to display ads that are associated with the interests of your visitors, and you get paid depending on the number of visitors who click on the ads on your site. You can also put in a custom search bars on your site, and earn money from the ads that appear on the search results page.

You just need to have sufficient ad space and decide where the ads should go. Advertisers then participate in a real-time auction to appear in your ad spaces and the highest paying ads then appear on your reserved ad spaces. This video shows you how the auction works.

A lot of people make money from AdSense, so what’s the catch? If Google AdSense is so good, why doesn’t everyone use it? The simple reason why—not everyone uses AdSense is that not everyone is approved to join the network.

You have to be approved, and that means you have to comply with all the conditions. For example, if the primary language you use in your ad is not among its list of supported languages, then you’re out of luck.

Many former AdSense members have also been suspended because they’ve been accused of click fraud. Of course, being accused is not the same as being guilty, but Google is both your accuser and judge.

If they say they’re suspending your account, there’s not much you can do. You can appeal, but since you’re also appealing to Google… well, you get the idea. So make sure you’re never completely dependent on it. So despite the Google monolith, there’s space for ad network alternatives out there.

If you already use Ad sense, read some testing and optimization tips to increase your Ad sense earnings.

The best part about Google Ad sense is that the Ads are highly contextual, relevant, and unobtrusive. 

Room for improvement: Getting approval might be difficult.

4. Click Adilla:

click adilla

A self-serve ad network for publishers, Click Adilla supports various ad formats such as PopUnder, banner, pre-roll, web-push, and native. The Click Adilla SSP allows publishers to connect with a range of demand partners and select real-time bidding via various service providers.

Click Adilla offers flexible payment terms via PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Web Money, or ePayment.

5. Microsoft Advertising:

micro soft advertising

Formerly known as Bing Ads, Microsoft Ads is one of the best PPC ad networks, with 12.2 billion PC searches monthly.

While Bing Ads does not have as broad a reach as the Google Display Network, they still have a third of the market share. Research shows that their audience are educated, high earners, making them more likely to turn their clicks into conversions. 

In light of this, they offer demographic targeting, including LinkedIn profile targeting.

Microsoft Ads also offers search ads results on search engines such as Yahoo!, AOL and MSN.

The CPC on this ad network is around $2.20, slightly cheaper than Google Ads. However, approximately 20 percent of these have been shown to be ad fraud, something for publishers and advertisers to think about.

6. Revcontent:


A native ad platform, or content discovery platform, Rev content is known for the excellent CPC, and PPC deals offered to publishers who want to serve native content ads. 

Native ads are paid ads that match the form, function, and feel of the content in which they appear. In the case of native advertising, the medium really is the message.

Native advertising is proven to have high engagement and low intrusion and, when paired with interest-based targeting, have been shown to significantly increase CTR for advertisers. 

Rev content pairs advertisers with premium publishers who have a minimum of 50,000 visitors per month. They offer a real-time dashboard so publishers can track their ad performance as it happens.

Payment is made every 30 calendar days via PayPal.

7. Twitter Ads:

twitter ads

Still one of the most popular social media platforms in the ecosphere to date, Twitter and its CPC ad network, Twitter Ads, is an effective advertising platform for brands looking to gain traction in the social arena. 

A very respectable 1-3% click-through rate (CTR), paired with a trending hashtag can make for highly successful ad campaigns. While Twitter may not have the reach of Facebook Ads, they have a slightly younger demographic, making Twitter Ads a good choice for brands with a target audience in the 18-35 bracket. 

They offer a range of ad formats, including native posts, sponsored hashtags, promoted accounts, and Twitter moments.

8. Vibrant Media:

vibrant media

This is one of the more well-known PPC ad networks right now. Its premium brand advertisers can be seen in a lot of popular high traffic sites. Its PPC rates are among the highest in the industry, but the catch is that they just don’t let any website join in the fun.

They have to consider your site to be a premium site. One of the conditions seems to be that you ought to get at least half a million page views each month.

The usual publisher guidelines are also in play, so this means you can’t have anything to do with an adult, gambling, drugs, profanity, hate speech, violence (you can’t even sell stun guns), or just about anything illegal.

The types of ads Vibrant Media has, are quite innovative, with 11 in text ad formats available to use. This includes expanding video boxes, multi-button videos, and expandable flash. There’s also in-image advertising, which a lot of visitors find professional and unobtrusive.

The ads are so effective that the click-through rates can be 5 times higher than the ads generated by AdSense. They also look great on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

So if you are already successful in luring lots of visitors to your site, you can leverage that popularity by joining Vibrant Media and partnering with other premium advertisers.

9. AD Blade:


Ad Blade is a content-style ad platform or native ad network. The company has a self-serve platform for publishers where publishers can optimize the ad units to serve desirable ads on it. The network presents publishers with geo-targeting and retargeting.

The company claims to offer 3x better clicks on ads via premium content-style ads. The minimum traffic requirement for publishers is 500,000 page views. And publishers should expect payment via Check and PayPal on Net-30 terms.

10. Ad Cash:


Ad Cash is an advertising platform known to deliver interest-based ads on the publisher’s website. The company deals with 200M unique users every day with 10,000+ active campaigns. Under display advertising ad format, it offers native, pop, and interstitial ads. 

Its in-house technology enables publishers to filter invalid traffic and forecast inventory performance. For publishers, it claims to offer a high fill rate, anti-ad block technology, and fast coverage.

Publishers get the payment via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, and Web Money. The minimum threshold is $25 on flexible payment terms. To get started, just sign up with Ad Cash, place the ad tags, and start seeing ads almost instantaneously.

11. Sulvo:


Sulvo is actually not an ad network but a fundamentally different startup that is focused on getting the highest quality online ad buyers to premium publishers.

Among the offerings, there is a 100% Revenue Share plan which only has a flat-rate cost so publishers can actually limit Sulvo’s earnings while raising its own profits.

There is the possibility to waive the flat-rate cost in case if the publisher elects for a revenue share plan in which Sulvo will only take 10%.

There are also a complete set of inventory controls which covers everything that premium publishers might need such as numerous ad sizes and ad color variations, different ad types (display, video, and mobile), manual or automated pricing controls and buyer blocking for any category, advertiser or specific ad creative.

Payments are sent out on a net 60 basis and the payout methods include: Wire Transfer, Paper Check, Direct Deposit, Paypal and even Bitcoins however that is in closed beta as of right now.

12. Taboola:


It is a dedicated native advertising platform. Taboola helps businesses increase brand awareness by connecting with the right audience. The key features include multi-language support, custom branding, monitoring, multichannel marketing, reporting and statistics, custom templates, social network marketing and engagement analytics.

It is mostly associated with publishers having more than 1 million visitors a month, which is why you will see a prominently high ad quality. Also, this is a useful platform for retargeting based on what users have clicked online before.

Taboola is designed to help distribute content across all web platforms, it facilitates advertising management, web traffic monitoring, reader behavior analysis, campaign management and allows WordPress integration. The pricing is based on a Cost Per Click (CPC) model. You can contact Taboola support though email.

Taboola offers high ad quality. The only problem it has is the fact that it requires its affiliates to have at least 500,000 views to sign up.

13. Zoomd:


Designed to help advertisers and publishers meet their KPIs using their patented performance-based platform, Zoomd unifies 600 media sources, including Google, TikTok, and Samsung.

Integrating all these third-party measurement tools saves time and is cost-effective for any ad ops team looking to streamline their processes. 

One of the most popular CPC ad networks, Zoomd also offers CPI, CPO, CPE, and CPA business models along with in-built fraud detection for added security. They serve advertisements of high ad quality in a range of ad formats, including banners, in-App, interstitial, native, offer wall, popunder, rich media, text, and video ads.

For publishers looking for the best PPC ad networks, there are, as always, several factors to consider. At Pub lift, we work with a range of ad exchanges and ad platforms to deliver programmatic advertising solutions to clients in a range of verticals.

14. LinkedIn Ads:

linked in marketing

The leading social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn is one of the top PPC ad networks for advertisers looking to reach C-suite executives and business decision-makers.

With 575 million registered users worldwide and 260 million of those active monthly, LinkedIn ads is an excellent choice for those running B2B ad campaigns. 

Linkedln ads has many features and tricks. The people aware of these tricks make the best use of linkedln ads. Linkedln ads offers Sponsored Content, Text ads, Sponsored Messaging, Dynamic ads, and a feature called Bid Type.

They offer a range of ad formats, including sponsored posts (the bread and butter of social media advertising platforms), along with in-mail, text ads, and dynamic ads.

15. Propeller Ads:

propeller ads

With over 150,000 publishers all over the world, Propeller Ads is a trusted desktop and mobile advertising network. They ensure high quality ads by performing manual checks through a 24-hour moderation service.

They support banner ads in all sizes and formats. Propeller Ads, too, don’t have a minimum requirement of website traffic, hence, it’s a good fit for all types of publishers.

Propeller Ads offers its users a personal account manager that manages their entire account for them which makes less work load for the user. Not only that, they also offer their users detailed real-time reporting so users are aware of what is happening with their accounts.

The only disadvantage it has is the fact that it offers a very low revenue for non-English websites.

16. Click Booth:

perform cb

Click booth’s CPC Network leverages years of performance-based marketing knowledge to yield the highest eCPM’s in the industry from compliant, high performing campaigns. By cutting a layer out of the equation, click booth is able to outperform the competition by 30-40%.

With revenue share and CPM models available, Click Booth CPC has quickly become the “go-to” ad-serving solution for all the top Comscore and Alexa properties. Currently, Click Booth CPC serves over 6.5 Billion impressions a month on some of the premium, sought after sites in the US and abroad including NBC, FOX and more.

When asked about why Publishers should choose Click Booth, this is what Chris Butlin, Director of CBCPC Publishing had to say “Publishers should choose CBCPC because our industry experts are dedicated to creating long term monetization solutions for your site.

We provide our clients access to the largest network of premium advertisers automatically delivered to their site through advanced algorithms. These algorithms factor in consumer feedback mechanisms to determine the most compatible ads for the site’s psychographics and demographics”.

17. Bidvertiser:


Bidvertiser offers monetization solution for publishers’ inventory by making them reach to premium demand. If you have a website and you want to join, there are the usual conditions—such as not allowing adult sites and/or sites selling illegal drugs. You can’t join if your website is under construction, or if your site already has too much advertising, to begin with.

However, many have commented that the approval process is quick and easy because there seems to be no requirement regarding traffic volume and language used. There’s an easy installation with an HTML code to be added to your webpages, and you can easily change the appearance of the ads.

The payout may not be an as high per click, but you earn money not just on clicks but on conversions as well. Conversions are when the clicking visitor goes to the advertiser’s website and actually makes a purchase.

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Here you go, our list of the top 16 best CPC (Cost Per Click) Networks. 

All of these networks are verified by us and are the top in the market. If you want to start earning some serious money, start using one of these networks right now. Before choosing a network, make sure it fits your requirements and fulfils your needs.

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