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15+ Best Retirement Affiliate Programs In 2024

The opportunity to embrace the freedom of not having to have a 9 to 5 job during retirement is an exciting period in your life. Many people are looking forward to traveling, taking a new hobby, volunteering, and spending additional time with their family and friends.

The process of planning for retirement may seem difficult, but with the correct resources and tools you can begin making plans for a retirement that will allow you to fully engage in your third act of life. Here are ten excellent retirement affiliate programs to aid in retirement planning and retirement enjoyment.

Affiliate programs for retirement finance and investment firms have also been covered!
One intriguing thought is that you might be writing for seniors who want to retire soon or for young people who are looking to retire. Vacation providers would also be worthwhile to promote since retirement isn’t all about lounging on the couch and getting a social security check.

Why Do You Need To Begin Affiliate Marketing Right Away?

Even if you are not expected to learn any technical knowledge or logic that only children can grasp, nothing happens overnight. It will take time for your new business to start to gain traction. Hence, you ought to get started as soon as possible.

This does not, of course, imply that you must quit the day job and launch your new firm without a backup plan. Before making the major step, you’ll still have to do your homework, create a plan, and save up some money. Yet, the sooner you begin, the better.

It takes a lot of time to launch a firm. Waiting increases your chance of losing out to someone else or having your idea rendered obsolete by changing market conditions.

What Are Affiliate Marketing’s Retirement Advantages?

In affiliate marketing, you can make money by referring customers to certain products. As you become older, learning new skills and keeping up with trends become more difficult. You must be adaptable. You’d like to spend more time to absorb the knowledge and conduct independent work.

As affiliate marketing doesn’t demand a commitment to any particular business or product, it is completely flexible. Without having to worry about breaking any agreements, you can also alter your strategy as you see fit.
You may have the chance to meet others who share your interests thanks to the business concept.

Many retirees discover that people miss the interpersonal interactions that come with office work. You can network with other marketers through affiliate marketing and build a welcoming community. Here are four additional motives:

It’s a Fantastic Method to Make Extra Money:

A fantastic approach to get extra money is through affiliate marketing. You can make money by promoting goods on your blog site. Every time a referral buys something from you, you get paid.

However, it’s not simply a one-time deal; you may keep making money off of your referral’s future purchases. Hence, affiliate networking is a terrific choice if you’re seeking for a means to earn some extra cash.

You Don’t Need To Go Out Or Look For Work Because It Can Be Accomplished From Home:

There are less job opportunities accessible as you age. This could be stressful and make it challenging to provide for your family and yourself. But there are methods to manage your time effectively and seize the chances that come your way.

You Should Have No Trouble Locating Possibilities Because There Are Many Businesses Looking For Affiliates:

There’s no hurry to jump into anything because there are many options available. Instead, take some time to consider which ones are best for you. You shouldn’t feel compelled to choose one affiliate programme over another; instead, keep looking if it doesn’t feel right. Be patient and find the ideal chance to profit from the novel experience because there are thousands of brands as well as merchants offering a wealth of opportunities.

You Won’t Incur Any Costs To Begin:

Only website hosting and probably a small amount of training in order to run the affiliate marketing firm are necessary upfront. If you aren’t sure what type of company you want to establish, this could be a terrific alternative.

If something bad happens, abandoning affiliate marketing is simple and won’t cost you any money.
Affiliate marketing might be a viable alternative for creating additional income in retirement if any of these factors appeal to you. Why not try it out?

Best Retirement Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of Best Affiliate Program in 2023 and 2024:

  1. SmartAssest
  2. Lending Club Investor
  3. Ladder Life
  4. Blooom
  5. Senior Life Settlements
  6. AARP
  7. Nolo
  8. TurboTax
  9. Personal Capital
  10. eHealthInsurance
  11. Regal Assets
  12. Goldbroker
  13. Capitalist Exploits
  14. Augusta Precious Metals
  15. Betterment

1. SmartAsset:


SmartAsset connects investors, retirees, and those who will soon retire with financial experts from all over the nation. In accordance with each user’s location, assets, and preferences, their system chooses the ideal financial counselor for them. Over 45 million users a month utilise their award-winning services and calculators, which were developed by personal finance specialists.

People 45 to 65 and older who really are retiring or intending to retire are their target market. Commission Junction powers the affiliate programme for SmartAsset.

Why You Should Promote SmartAsset: Targeted audience, strong flat fee commission rate, and simple to comprehend financial advice.
It’s crucial to remember that leads need to have more than $25,000 in investment assets.


Web address: SmartAssest Affiliate Program
Commission: $70 for each lead
1 day for cookies

2. Lending Club Investor:


The world’s biggest online marketplace for matching investors and borrowers is called Lending Club. Their technology gives investors excellent risk-adjusted returns while enabling customers to cut the cost of their borrowing. They provide three different types of retirement accounts: standard IRAs, Roth IRAs, and rollovers for 401(k)s.

Impact Radius oversees their affiliate programme. Lending Club Investor supports email, search, and banner advertising. They offer every piece of marketing collateral and reporting equipment required to launch a campaign straight immediately.

What Justifies Promoting Lending Club? Investor-friendly commission structures, peer-to-peer lending platform, and risk-adjusted returns. Lending Club is a different investment option that connects financially advantageous creditworthy borrowers and investors.


Link: Lending Club Investor Affiliate Program
Commission: $50 per – IRA application
30 days for cookies

3. Ladder Life:

Ladder Life

With life insurance from Ladder Life, you may quickly and shrewdly provide for your loved ones. According to your demands and life changes, consumers have the option to expand or decrease coverage. To ensure you receive fair advice, their qualified insurance professionals are salaried employees rather than commissioned sales agents.

Affiliates can register with Commission Junction to participate in the Ladder Life affiliate programme. Many of their clients are between the ages of 25 and 55, have dependencies on their finances, and appreciate having things done swiftly and effectively. You can contact their affiliate manager if you have any inquiries, requests, or worries.

Why You Should Promote Ladder Life: It’s a sensible approach to insure your life, does away with commissioned salespeople in favour of unbiased advice, and has a simple three-step process.


Web address: Ladder Life Affiliate Program
Commission: $75 for each lead
30 days for cookies

4. Blooom:


Blooom is a robo-401k advisor that chooses investments that best meet your retirement objectives. Customers can reduce hidden investing fees, increase their diversity, and get unrestricted access to financial counselor for $10 per month. While they maintain and keep an eye on your account to ensure that your retirement on track, you may sit back and unwind.

Impact Radius hosts their affiliate programme. Campaign features from Blooom include tracking for specific promo codes, a product catalogue, and deep linking. Your cooperation will help their receptive affiliate management team make the most of their programme.

Blooom’s robo-401k adviser, unrestricted access to the financial advisor, and cutting-edge affiliate capabilities are all reasons to promote it. Affiliate receives very significant $15 flat fee revenue after a lead successfully completes the free 401k check-up.


URL: Blooom Affiliate Program
Commission: $15 for each lead
30 days for cookies

5. Senior Settlements:

Senior Settlements

Senior Life Settlements has assisted thousands of clients in getting the best market price when selling their life insurance policies. You can sell your current insurance coverage to a certified life settlement service for more than paid up value but below net death benefit via a life settlement, also known as a senior settlement. This might be an additional source of funding for your retirement.

To manage their affiliate programme, they employ ShareASale. Senior Life Settlements offers all the marketing resources and equipment affiliates require to get going. Their knowledgeable affiliate managers are willing to address any concerns and provide advice on how to improve your campaigns.

Why You Should Advertise Senior Life Settlements: Free non-binding assessment, substantial commission at no expense to your audience, alternative retirement option
Affiliates receive a flat compensation of $15 for each lead they generate for a free, non-obligatory appraisal.


Web address: Senior Life Settlements Affiliate Program
Comission: $15 for each lead
Cookies: Sessions

6. AARP:

The non-profit organisation AARP gives people the power to decide how they want to live as they get older. They support effective change in society for the United States 50+ community. Members have access to a variety of programmes, services, discounts, and resources that can help them prepare for retirement and make the most of their remaining years.

To oversee their affiliate programme, they have teamed up with Pepperjam. Through their affiliate dashboard, AARP offers their affiliates banner ads, keywords, text links, and tracking tools. Affiliates may advertise on their websites, blogs, and social media accounts, depending on the circumstances.

Why You Should Promote AARP: 50vplus Membership Program, a Wide Range of Retirement Services, Regularly Updated Creative
To aid them in boosting conversion rates, affiliates are constantly informed about new promotions, deals, and creatives.


Website: AARP Affiliate Program
Service charge: $10 for each lead
Expires in 7 days

7. Nolo:


Small businesses and individuals can turn to Nolo for assistance in finding legal solutions. This directory links users to 500,000 solo practitioners and boutique law firms across the Country. They provide more than 500 do-it-yourself legal goods, such as wills, trusts, social security, and retirement plans.

Affiliates can register with Commission Junction to participate in the Nolo affiliate programme. Nolo is frequently listed as the best source for consumer legal documents by Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney,

Forbes, as well as other esteemed media outlets. To aid in the conversion of leads, affiliates can make use of their favourable press coverage, optimised creatives, and product portfolio.
Reasons to promote Nolo include the availability of higher commissions, DIY legal products, and exceptionally extended cookie lives.
Increased commissions of 30–35% are available to affiliates for transactions between $500 and $2000.


Website address: Nolo Affiliate Program
Commission: 25%
Cookie: 120 days

8. TurboTax:


The top-selling tax program in the United States is TurboTax. Millions of people trust their tax-filing software. They provide a ton of free materials, including money-saving gadgets, tax calculators, and advice on filing taxes after the retirement. Consumers can ask any questions of their knowledgeable support staff as well.

On Commission Junction, they provide two affiliate programs to affiliates in the US and Canada. Exclusive promotional deals, top-performing banner advertisements, text links, dynamic landing pages, as well as logos are all things that TurboTax makes available to its affiliates. Affiliates can enhance the value of their websites by including free tax information and calculators.

Promote TurboTax because it is the best tax software, offers retirement tax guidance, and has effective marketing materials.
Under this programme, affiliates have the opportunity to generate substantial commissions over the four-month tax season.


Link: Affiliate Program for TurboTax
Commission: 5–15%, $1–2 depending on the type of product
Expires in 7 days

9. Personal Capital:

Users can manage the personal finances in one location with the assistance of Personal Capital’s services and financial tools. The most practical tool they provide is their retirement planner. Using your objectives and financial circumstances as a basis, it can be utilized to determine your prospects of a successful retirement.

If the person signing up for Personal Capital possesses $100,000 or more worth of investable assets, the affiliate can usually earn to $100 for each signup. Affiliates will also have access to banner advertisements, material to promote, and insider information like the most recent news, offers, and promotions.

Promoting Personal Capital is a good idea because of their extensive TV and radio advertising, unlimited total commissions, and $14 billion in assets managed as of September 2020.
According to Forbes, they are the top three wealth managers in RIA Channel’s list for 2019.


Web address: Personal Capital Affiliate Program
Commission: $100 maximum
30 days for cookies

10. eHealthInsurance:

The top online provider of family and individual health insurance in the US is eHealthInsurance. To provide their consumers with 10,000+ health insurance plans, they have partnerships including over 180 health carriers. Their health advocates assist you in locating a Medicare health plan that best suits your demands and retirement budget.

Their affiliate programme is managed by Commission Junction. Affiliates of eHealthInsurance get access to landing sites, widgets, text links, email campaign visuals, and banner advertisements that have been expertly crafted. Affiliates’ user-friendly affiliate dashboards allow them to keep track of their campaigns and commissions.

Why You Should supports eHealth Insurance: Expert health counsellors, more than 10,000 health insurance options, and higher commissions are all available.
For generating 50–120 leads, affiliates can receive higher commissions of $57.50–$75.


Website: eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program
Commission: $50 for each application for individual or family health insurance
Cookie: 120 days

11. Regal Assets:

Regal Assets

Regal Assets does have a long history of ethical and reliable business operations, as evidenced by our A+ reputation with BBB and our 5-star TrustLink rating for client satisfaction. You can trust as Regal Assets constantly has the ideal investment for you, whether it’s selling and buying gold bullion as well as rare gold or offering guidance on creating a long-term tax-deferred retirement plan known as a gold IRA.

They take pride in putting the needs of the customer first and in taking the time to inform prospective investors about the precious metals market. With its quick delivery guarantee, you may anticipate having your product in hand within one week of purchase, fully insured.

Regal Assets takes pleasure in connecting itself with great customer service, security, grading, and expertise as your best precious metals company.


Throughout the duration of the customer’s life, earn 3% on each transaction, even though they call in.
Get to be a super affiliate to increase your earnings, which can reach $30 for each qualified lead.

12. Goldbroker:

GoldBroker offers secure safekeeping outside of the financial system in four locations across the world, including New York City, Singapore, Zurich, and Toronto, as well as delivery of gold and silver bullion (bars and coins) in the United States.

Customers of Goldbroker are permitted to fully own and keep precious metals under their own names (the bars as well as coins are insured in the client’s name) (no mutual and fractional ownership). Customers can access their stock in a personal and direct manner.

Lifelong commissions: As long as the customers you recommend to purchase as well as store precious metals there, you will receive commissions on those customers.


For each order made by a client you refer to Goldbroker, the Revenue Sharing (RS) programme offers 20% of Goldbroker’s net commissions. The commission is determined by buy orders as well as annual precious metals storage fees.
For each customer you refer to through Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) campaign, you will receive a $200 compensation.

13. Capitalist Exploits:

Capitalist Exploit

You see, wise investment is the foundation of excellent retirement planning and Capitalist Exploits aids people in doing that.
As a result, the business offers premium newsletter so retailers can learn excellent investment techniques, about the business itself, and also about stocks in particular, in a very different way.

Also, you can participate in their INSIDER programme to learn about their original financial theories, investment formulas, and potent techniques. You can learn from the professionals inside their curriculum. They rank among the most competent and sincere team of money managers.

When you reach the affiliate programme page, simply complete a short application form to become a partner for free (the programme is managed through Ontraport).
For a period of up to a year, you will receive a 50% commission on any qualified sales made! Considering how expensive their items are, I believe that’s really fantastic.


Affiliate Signup Page: Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program
Commissions: 50% on all transactions made within a year.
Cookie lifespan is 356 days.

14. Augusta Precious Metals:

Augusta Precious Metals

For the past few years, Augusta Precious Metals, a Gold IRA company, has experienced tremendous growth.
That’s because people have historically placed a higher value on investments like silver and gold than they have on money.

You may start out as an affiliate for this business, obtain a personal gateway, access the best tools and materials, and make some respectable commissions.

You’ll get to meet CPA requirements in addition to revenue sharing. Customers who wish to exchange more than $50,000 is eligible for up to $200 each qualified lead, and on top of all that, there is a 10% revenue share.
Now that’s very cool; see the links below to determine whether it’s worthwhile.


Affiliate Signup Page: Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program
Commissions: 10% commission, maximum of $200 per lead
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

15. Betterment:

A significant financial advisory firm is Betterment Jonathan Stein in 2008. Betterment was created to assist you in making the financial progress you desire. With the help of a high interest cash account plus automated investing, you can increase your savings now.

Customers can obtain a broad array of services through the business, including automatic investing, IRAs and 401ks, cryptocurrency investments, cash reserves, planning, and analysis. Their excellent affiliate programme offers you the chance to earn up to $1250 for just one referral. The minimum is not that, though. A $25 minimum is charged for each recommendation, which is more common.

The cookie lasts for thirty days, and for better execution, a different affiliate team has been assigned.
Now that’s very cool; see the links below to determine whether it’s worthwhile.


Betterment Affiliate Program’s sign-up page
Commissions: $1250 maximum
Cookie lifetime: thirty days


Ideas for Affiliate Websites
After reading about 15 excellent retirement affiliate programs, choose a market to focus on. You might concentrate on IRA investments. They bring together investors and borrowers to finance personal loans with enticing risk-adjusted returns. Each application for an IRA earns affiliates $50.

For retirees seeking for insurance choices when they leave the employment, retirement health insurance is yet another excellent sector. The perfect plan for your particular needs can be found at the top online source for health insurance, eHealthInsurance, with the assistance of knowledgeable health advocates. Each application for individual or family health insurance is available for a flat charge of $50.

You might concentrate on life settlements for pensioners seeking additional income. Senior Life Settles assists with the most profitable sale of current life insurance policies. Each lead generates $15 for affiliates.

Increase Your Affiliate Revenue: The possibilities go well beyond what is achievable with these 15 affiliate programs. There are countless ways to make money with your website through affiliate marketing, shown in this article.

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