15+ Best CPI Networks In 2024

Are you looking for CPI Networks to monetize your website or mobile app? 

Well then, you came to the right place.

Marketing is one of the most important part in running a business. Regardless of what amazing products you sell your business would not grow without marketing. For your business to grow, you need to make sure it reaches the masses.

The market is a huge place and has a lot of competition nowadays. The only way for your business to grow is to make it stand out from everyone else.

This is where CPI Networks come in. CPI Networks make sure your website or mobile app reaches the right places so that your business increases its user base. 

This article points out some of the best CPI Networks out there.

Before we start, let’s get to know what CPI Networks are and how they work?

What is CPI Marketing?

CPI stands for Cost Per Install. It is a marketing tool made by mobile marketing experts to promote mobile marketing. It is the perfect tool for you to get a high quality traffic for your mobile app or website. 

A CPI Network helps you make the right ads for your desired audience so that you can increase your monthly active users.

CPI Networks help you get a higher quality traffic and helps you out with ROI (Return on Investment).

The more users install the app, the more you earn. So with little effort you can increase your income.

Mobile marketers use CPI the most because it guides you in the right direction and gets you more traffic.

How Can CPI Networks Benefit You?

CPI benefits its advertisers and publishers in many ways.

For Advertisers:

It allows you to create unique ad campaigns and apps that help you drive quality traffic to your website. It guides you through generating quality content that attracts several audiences and devotes them to purchase that product or download the apps.

Thus, it enables you to grow up many monthly active users by which you can produce more revenue.

Other than this, CPI networks increase your app store’s ranking because, on every download, your app promotes to the next level.

For Publishers:

As a publisher, you can earn a lot of money with a CPI network due to impressions. This is because of the integration of CPI networks with CPC and CPM. If there are higher number of impression’s, then you will also make more money as a result.

Another option is to charge money for clicks. So, in this case, you will get the maximum income if there are more clicks. If you want to get more traffic to your products, then one of the best things is to use Social Media platforms for marketing. You will definitely get a lot more users from different social media platforms.

Best CPI Networks In 2024:

Here is the list of 15+ Best CPI Network in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Propeller ads
  2. My Lead
  3. OG ads
  4. Perform CB
  5. Matomy
  6. Max Bounty
  7. Native X
  8. AdMobix
  9. LeadBolt
  10. TapJoy
  11. TOP Offers
  12. Mob Idea
  13. Adsterra
  14. GO Wide
  15. YeahMobi

1. Propeller Ads:

propeller ads

It is one of the best largest Ad networks, a company established in 2011 and located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Propeller ads has more than 1000 desktop and mobile users daily with thousands of publishing partners and expertise to get more audience and maximize the premium.

Propeller Ads possesses recent technology as well as several ad networks to guide you to get optimal results; for this purpose, it provides you with the best advertising solutions to improve your ad´s performance so you can get more benefits from it.

If you desire high results and more revenue from your ad campaigns in a short period and less budget; thus, you have the best opportunity in front of you to avail yourself of the chance without wasting any time.

2. My Lead:


My Lead is one of the leading affiliate networks established in 2014 with its headquarters located in Poland. My Lead holds a great reputation when it comes to paying a commission and has helped thousands of publishers and affiliates to earn money through their homes via the internet.

My Lead is the only affiliate program in Poland. It has long been and continues to be one of the most versatile platforms for its publishers and advertisers helping them at every step they take towards marketing and promotions.

One such feature that differentiates it from other existing affiliates is that it allows every person a learning experience; whether you are a professional or a beginner, join the platform and get ready to embark on a learning journey.

My Lead has over 1000 affiliate programs and several working models to help you get started. There are five methods of monetization like content locking, CPA, CPL, CPS, PPI, and SMS. It has made substantial growth in the industrial market and has taken care of every person involved in the marketing loop from advertisers and publishers to customers.

If you are looking to work for affiliate programs, My Lead is the platform you should opt for without giving it a second thought.

3. OG ADS:


OG Ads is the No1 Content locking affiliate network. They offer very high payouts for publishers. The affiliate program is focused exclusively on mobile marketing. And it has an excellent affiliate support system in place.

They have really high paying offers to start working with. When you successfully complete one campaign, you become habitat of earning good money.

The best thing about OG Ads is their widely accepted traffic streams. Campaigns on their platform accept a wide range of traffic types. So, if you have mostly social traffic, go ahead and start monetizing it with OG Ads.

4. Perform Cb:

perform cb

Click Booth is now Perform CB. Perform CB stands as the best CPA mobile affiliate networks in this roundup of the industry leaders in CPA marketing.

This network has been in the business for more than 15 years. That’s why it has experience and close viewpoint of the business. They have the following points going for them that attracts publishers and advertisers:

Click Booth has been in the news for being the no 1 CPA network many times

Performance is the only thing that is given priority over anything else

Dedicated support is what I love about their network

5. Matomy:


Matomy offers 3 key tools, catering to affiliates with varying levels of experience. Matomy is very well-known mobile affiliate network in the industry.

We have seen newbies signing up for the affiliate account and getting approved without much trouble.

We would say, Matomy is a Noob-Friendly network. If you’re looking for an easy approval of affiliate account, Matomy would be the network you can try your luck with.

Go ahead, apply and talk to an affiliate manager.

6. Max Bounty:

Max boutny

One of the most popular and reputed affiliate marketing networks that has direct advertisers and premium publishers delivering best ROI is Max Bounty.

Moreover, getting approved as a publisher in the Max Bounty network is not an easy nut to crack.

If you’re on the beginner level of affiliate marketing, we would suggest you to join Max Bounty. Trial campaigns are easy to convert. All you need to do is just make sure that you drive traffic through the accepted streams only.

7. Native X:


The company was created in 2000, located in San Francisco, California, and St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is part of Mobvista, which is one of the leading CPI networks. It is also known as part of a big industry owned by professional game developers and advertisers.

It helps the user monetize your website or app store through the reward and non-reward ad formats, including in-house promotion, playable videos in one SDK, and a lightning play video.

It has advanced technology that allows you to optimize your ad, make sure its placement, and progress through the use of learning the machine and predictive analytical tool.

You can promote your app and improve your app´s performance as it delivers real active users all around the world to your app or website.

Native X increases your ROI by promoting your campaigns at a global level. So, you can produce maximum results by using this specific CPI network.

Another advantage of using Native X is that they also promote your campaigns as well which in turn helps you increase your ROI. If you are looking to produce the best results, then you should use Native X.

In the online world, it is necessary to only use genuine users for growth and that is exactly what Native X provides.

8. Ad Mobix:


The last in the list of best mobile affiliate networks is Ad Mobix. It has been rated as one of the top 15 global affiliate networks by m THINK’s Online Advertising Blue Book.

Developers who avail of Ad Mobix’s services find it easy to acquire high-paying new users through attractive, performance-based campaigns.

The team behind Ad Mobix work hard to provide branded mobile affiliate campaigns to the affiliates. The affiliate support is truly top-notch.

9. Lead Bolt:


It is a high-performance company that was launched in 2010, located in Sydney, NSW. Lead Bolt is an efficient mobile advertising platform that is famous for providing high traffic and in-app monetization.

It has inbuilt analysis-based algorithms that ensure advertisers and web developers with quality traffic and high ROIs.

Lead Bolt has a set of high-impact solutions, offers to advertisers and mobile app developers to improve in-app advertising performance, and maintains your tremendous progress.

Lead Bolt offer amazing solutions as well as offers to mobile app developers, advertisers. If you are looking for a platform that can help you in quick growth, then Lead Bolt is the best.

10. Tap Joy:


The company was launched in 2007, having many branches spread in different countries, but the main office is located in San Fransico, CA.

It is a big company with a broad platform that allows mobile app developers and advertisers to create engagement with mobile apps as well as provides monetization services to experts and professional web developers.

The Tap Joy SDK contains more than 15,000 mobile apps, which tend to reach over 520 million active users every month.

The company has a high reputation as it was said that it has worked with 500 quality brands and the top 200 professional web developers who have the right name in the marketing industry.

It is an excellent chance for mobile app advertisers to work on this platform and polish their skills by utilizing its advanced technology as well as mobile expertise to get the maximum audience.

11. Top Offers:


Top Offers is the best CPA Affiliate Network that is providing more than 2000 offers that cover more than 150 GEOs. The most converting verticals present in Top Offers are Dating, Gaming, Cams, Sweepstakes, Gambling, and Betting.

Top Offers team is welcoming every new affiliate with a $1,000 Welcome Bonus when they reach $10,000 revenue within their first 3 months for the dating vertical. For all the other verticals, they also provide you with other alternative bonuses.

You are given $1000 as a bonus if you manage to make $5000 in revenue in the first quarter of verticals like Gaming, Gambling, Betting, etc. They also have a system in place to determine the best converting offers of the week.

Top Offers is one of the leading Affiliate CPA networks that is providing high-quality CPI offers. They also have collaborations with some of the world’s leading brands, which can also help publishers in getting international offers.

In this way, they’re not just limited to a single country, but they can grow their business across the world. There are many features present at your disposal that can be used to achieve long-term success.

Their traffic system is also very well optimized for all kinds of platforms like Android, iOS, browsers, etc. Top Offers also provides publishers and affiliates with all kinds of offers designed to help them increase their businesses in the most effective way possible.

12. Mob Idea:


Mob idea is a notable CPI Affiliate Network that currently provides more than 1000 offers with 50 operative proposal categories and more than 2000 functioning campaigns.

Mob idea provides the affiliates with an opportunity to choose from hundreds of rigorously tried and designed CPA offers from various vertical marketing niches, including health and lifestyle, Mobile content, Dating, Video graphics, pin submits, and many more! You can view the offer list and then pick out one of your choices. 

Mob idea mainly focuses on user acquisition centered around Cost per installation drives and makes up the top marketing converting network for mobile users. The income models are based on CPA Cost per Activity and CPI Cost Per Install.

You can make profits through CPI with the installation-related traffic powered by game or app download on Play Store or App store. This innovative mobile affiliate network has provided 50 million affiliate earns to date. 

Mob idea is a CPI-based affiliate network that aims to negotiate premium mobile CPA proposals with top-quality advertisers, set the benchmarks for affiliate payments, and continue to provide account administration and constant guidance. 

Presently, 100000+ affiliates are working with Mob idea. This digital forum assists the affiliates in monetizing their businesses and gaining profits from that monetization. Mob idea is a monetization deck that provides the affiliates with a diversity of performance-oriented CPA campaigns from top advertisers globally.

Mob idea’s free-of-cost integrated tracker offers powerful logical analytics’ capabilities that will assist the affiliates in deep plunge and conveniently optimize their media purchasing.

For the advertisers as well, Mob idea is the best remedy. Mob idea seeks to provide an effective marketing solution to advertisers through its affiliate network. Fueled by CPA and CPI, they provide their advertisers with a decreased risk environment helping them in growing their online startups and businesses and focusing more on augmenting their revenues.

Furthermore, their traffic is optimized and constantly surveilled through procedures like Authenticity Check, Cloning Detection, and Real-time constant affiliate surveillance, which aided Mob idea in making more than 18000 deactivations five years back.

Some unique Mob idea features include a push traffic feature for boosting ROI, spy tools to learn about the leading ad campaigns, a peerless conversion rate, unmatched ad visibility, exclusively Driven Account administration, Stats and proposals AP guided by post-event optimization, Affiliated Cost apprise, Various Data Centers, and Vast diversity of CPA Proposals.

You can become a part of this exemplary network and benefit from the tons of specifications and perks offered if you are an affiliate or an advertiser.

13. Adsterra:


If high quality and genuine traffic are what you are looking for then it is exactly what you get with Adsterra. With most ad networks, you are never sure whether the traffic is genuine or not. But Adsterra has made sure to apply proper protection systems in place that are always checking for any kind of fraud or unwanted traffic.

The campaigns that you can run with Adsterra as really cost-effective when you compare with what the competition provides. They have a lot of partners so getting a lot of impressions is really easy. The ads are suitable for mobiles alongside desktops as well.

All of the traffic that you get on the ads is genuine and is of high quality as well. All of the ads are also high converting as well. When it comes to CPI Networks, Adsterra is one of the best.

Adsterra provides high quality and genuine traffic to its clients. Their ads are high converting and cost effective as well. So, if you are looking for a great CPI network, then Adsterra is an amazing choice.

14. Go Wide:


GOWIDE is used by millions of people globally, established in 2013, in West Vancouver, Canada.

It has the capability of putting all advertising solutions into one category. The company services strongly support app owners and agencies to guide the publishers, advertisers, and app developers to monetize inventory in the best way.

It believes that mobile advertising and digital marketing are the best way to deliver your message to a quality audience to bring them into action.

If you want to get a loyal user, then GOWIDE is the best option for you to get real people by investing time and effort. In this case, it serves as the best mobile app providing efficient services to produce maximum results.

15. Yeah Mobi:


The company was launched in 2011, located in Xian, Shaanxi, with its other offices in Germany, China, Japan, and the U.S, with a professional team of 400+ employees.

YEAH Mobi is one of the best performing platforms that has got the right name because it helps advertisers and mobile app developers achieve global growth.

It contains modern technology, innovation, and big data that helps the advertisers and developers solve the issues, guides them, and provides them specific marketing solutions, including performance network, social, search, display, and offline.

Along with this, the company also offers them an ad-based monetization solution to improve the created app’s performance through API and SDK integrations.

Focused on mobile marketing, Yeah Mobi, a Chinese affiliate network thrive to lead the global affiliate industry.

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So here you go, our list of the top 15 best CPI Networks. This concludes this article and our list of the best CPI Networks out there in 2022.

If you are trying to promote your mobile app or website, CPI Network is the way for you to go. CPI (Cost Per Install) is made especially for mobile marketing. A CPI Network helps your app or website gather the right high quality traffic and increases your crowd.

All of these CPI Networks are verified by us, are trusted by their users and have amazing reviews. If you want your app or website to grow, you should start using the suitable CPI Network that fulfils all your needs and would help you reach the right audience, so you get a higher amount of active users.

Start using any one of these given CPI Networks that suit you and start growing your website or mobile app as soon as you can.

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