15+ Best Traffic Sources In 2024

Are you looking for ways to increase your traffic?

One of the most challenging components of being an affiliate marketer is generating traffic to your affiliate links. It is a constant problem to locate new clients each day and to reach out to a diverse audience. But do not give up! We’ll go over some of the easiest affiliate marketing traffic sources in this article.

In fact, it can be challenging to focus on a select few free traffic sources because there are so many available. It’s crucial to exercise discretion because, despite the fact that you don’t need to spend money on these traffic sources, their success does necessitate your time and attention.

Throwing links into the internet isn’t a very effective content approach. To draw in a devoted audience, you must select the appropriate platform for your company, understand how it functions, and produce worthwhile content.

Free doesn’t necessarily mean easy as a matter of fact. In an effort to capitalize on the excitement, it may be tempting to pursue the newest, hottest trends. But just because something is well-liked doesn’t mean you have to base your company’s operations on it.

The key to generating consistent and reliable revenue is to match your company with the appropriate platform.

What Is A Traffic Source?

A traffic source is a location from which you draw website visitors. In other words, it is the source of your website’s visitors, who may or may not be paying customers.

Online venues that you can utilize for free to direct your target audience to your website are, thus, free traffic sources online.

How To Choose A Good Traffic Source?

In an effort to capitalize on the excitement, it may be tempting to pursue the newest, hottest trends. But just because something is well-liked doesn’t mean you have to base your company’s operations on it.

The best way to generate consistent and reliable income for your company is to match it with the appropriate platform.

  • What’s your niche?
  • What capabilities do you need to show your product in the best light?
  • Does the user culture support your business model?
  • How does algorithm affect your system?

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into producing fantastic content for your affiliate website. The next stage is to increase the number of individuals who read it and use your affiliate links.

As a publisher, your major responsibility is to drive traffic to the affiliate deals you are promoting. You can advertise goods from a variety of businesses as an affiliate marketer and receive commissions from each one. More traffic translates into higher conversion rates and profitability.

Best Traffic Sources In 2024:

Here is the list of the top 15+ Best Traffic Sources in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit
  4. Youtube
  5. Reputation Management
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Pintrest
  8. Blog Posts
  9. Direct Traffic
  10. Guest Blogging On Other Website
  11. Use Of Forum Marketing
  12. Social Media
  13. Search Engine (SEO)
  14. Email Marketing
  15. Q&A Websites And Forums

1. Instagram:


With 1 billion users each month, Instagram has evolved into a kind of online living space. The entire family—including young tweens, parents, and even grandmothers—can hang out on the platform. The platform’s average user age has increased, and half of American people between the ages of 30-49 have active profiles.

There’s a joke that says if you want something really bad enough, Instagram will give it to you in the guise of an advertisement. The platform is incredibly good at showing people what they want to see, which makes it a great way to reach your target market.

The major drawback is that the platform has grown somewhat crowded as a result of the large number of audiences using it, which can make it challenging to stand out.

Instead of just throwing links into the void, you should establish appropriate influence if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Users of Instagram are prepared to buy.

2. Twitter:


You can trust that Twitter will be the first to learn about any major events, new movies, or humorous memes. Despite having only 262 million members, this platform is one of the busiest on the internet.

Users are also amenable to brands participating. The “correct” way must be followed, and that is the sole catch. Twitter users prefer to be engaged with rather than marketed to. On the platform, humor, memes, and hot takes are popular. It won’t be enough to just link to something.

Twitter threads can also be used to advertise affiliate links.

Individual tweets are joined together into threads. The likelihood that the algorithm will boost your tweets and that people will spread your ideas increases if you include your link at the end of a Twitter thread rather than in the initial tweet.

3. Reddit:


Reddit, formerly regarded for being a haven for gangly gamers, has evolved into a top resource for finding frank opinions and data.

If Reddit is unfamiliar to you, it is made up of numerous forums where communities congregate to discuss their interests in real time.

Discussions rarely get lost on Reddit, in contrast to other communities. Through the website and search engines, all of the posts are easily searchable and stored (sometimes Reddit discussions even pop up on the first page of Google).

Although it’s a fantastic way to get traffic to your website, employ caution since Reddit users tend to be very dubious. Everyone has access to your posting history, therefore if you keep pushing the same link, you risk being banned from several threads.

Reddit can help you increase traffic to your site as long as you can locate a community that fits your topic. It is a popular source of free traffic for affiliate marketing. Join the community, provide good material, enhance your reputation, and increase website traffic.

However, refrain from posting links in any case as you risk being blacklisted.

4. Youtube:


After Google, Youtube is the most used search engine. Additionally, you don’t need to be a performer to earn money on YouTube. Simple films like product reviews, roundups, and tutorials are effective at drawing viewers. Over 3.3 million people subscribed to a channel one man even started teaching young folks basic skills like mowing the yard.

In contrast to other platforms, you can paste your links straight in the description of the movie without risking algorithmic punishment. Remember that users searching for useful videos are frequently farther along in the purchasing process. This suggests that they might be trying to find a direct link to a good or service.

You can shoot a good video with the help of a few tips and tactics. First and foremost, be honest with yourself and with your audience. Start with the goods you are most enthusiastic about. Remember that you cannot keep the audience’s attention for an extended period of time; hence, 3-minute videos are advised. Keep your review succinct and direct.

Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the video description and to mention it in the video so that viewers can quickly access it. You can monetize your YouTube presence in this way.

5. Reputation Management:

reputation management

Sales are impacted by the reputation of your website. It’s crucial to respond to and become involved in online conversations about your website if you want your customers to feel confident that they are making purchases from a trustworthy source.

Monitoring perceptions and dialogues, responding to reputational threats, and actively seizing opportunities to improve your reputation are all things you should do.

We are aware that keeping track of all media coverage might be difficult. Utilizing reputation management solutions like Bird Eye, Podium, or Review Trackers will simplify the process.

Unquestionably, a strong brand image can affect a consumer’s choice to purchase a product. Before a customer feels comfortable enough to trust a local business, they need to read an average of 10 internet evaluations. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are the most popular sites where your customers can submit reviews.

6. LinkedIn:


You’re passing on a huge market if you merely use LinkedIn as a digital CV. Even though there are 700 million accounts, barely 1% of users frequently write on the website.

This implies that it’s simple to stand out if you submit something other than a “new job” post. Given that there are more content consumers than content producers, LinkedIn presents a special opportunity.

LinkedIn users only scroll for 7 to 8 minutes on average each day, but as the network promotes content through programs like Top Sales Influencers of the Year, this is expected to increase.

7. Pinterest:


Although it has a social media interface, Pinterest functions more like a search engine. The 320 million people who frequent it do so to find ideas and content to “pin” to their digital vision boards.

Although younger male audiences are closing the gender gap, currently 60% of its users are women. The purchasing power of Pinterest’s users, though, is the most intriguing statistic. With nearly 50% of American homes using Pinterest, the average household income is above $75,000 per year.

However, just because someone pins a post doesn’t indicate they’re going to buy the thing.

Users of Pinterest are often in the early stages of the buying process and are searching for ideas rather than making decisions. Email lists are an excellent technique on this site because of this. Users can be drawn into your affiliate marketing funnel to help them go from being inspired to making a purchase.

8. Blog Posts:

A blog is a fantastic way to share affiliate links with site visitors and to offer educational stuff. You can inform people via articles, films, and other media. Create unique material that appeals to your audience using your area of expertise as a guide.

To get more attention, it can be helpful to produce material that is linked to your affiliate offerings. Aim to produce evergreen content as well. Evergreen content includes how-to manuals, best practices, and advice that will continue to be useful for many years to come. These kinds of articles are frequently read and cited.

Product reviews are one form of blog post that will be highly helpful to your readers and drive traffic to your website. Test the item you’re promoting, then document your findings in a blog post. The topic should flow organically towards your affiliate links.

While highlighting the product’s advantages, make sure to inform your audience of any drawbacks as well. Write frank and objective reviews of items in your niche, and your audience will regard them as reliable recommendations.

Responding to reader comments with your affiliate links in the answers is another way to use your blog entries to promote affiliate links.

9. Direct Traffic:

You can encounter the terms direct or none when using Google Analytics to examine the traffic sources for your website. A direct or none source of traffic is one where users approach your website directly by typing in the URL or using a bookmark.

They do not need to use a search engine because they are already aware with your website or its contents.

They enter the URL of your website immediately into their browsers because they are already familiar with it. However, you must have a blog name that is simple for many people to remember in order to guarantee that you obtain direct traffic.

In addition, your website must be able to offer significant value to the visitors to ensure repeat visits.

10. Guest Blogging On Other Website:

Even though some people might find this strange, I can guarantee you that it is a good strategy to obtain free visitors. Writing and posting on another person’s website or blog is referred to as guest blogging. Giving you a link back to the page on your website where your post is published is how this works.

By providing you with the backlinks, it allows website visitors to that domain to access your blog by clicking on the links. More people are visiting your website as a result. Additionally, the site visitors who arrive from the links are quite likely to be drawn to the information on your page, which could increase conversion.

Additionally, the more backlinks you have, the more opportunities you have to dominate your niche and establish yourself as an authority.

Being regarded as an authority not only improves your search engine rankings but also increases your audience, which may result in increased sales.

You can allow guest posts from other bloggers on your blog. You will increase your traffic by publishing their material because they share links to it. By doing this, your website and your affiliate offerings will reach new audiences.

11. Use Of Forum Marketing:

Although the majority of people now use social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, forums are still a successful way to drive traffic.

The practice of selling your business on discussion boards that are somehow associated with what you provide is known as forum marketing.

For instance, if you offer camping supplies, you should search for areas with a lot of outdoor enthusiasts.

The number of visitors to your website can change considerably if you have the correct forum with enough posts and members. Given the large number of online forums, making a good choice can be challenging at times.

At the end of your post, you are allowed to leave a link where interested people may click to follow your content.

12. Social Media:

If your audience is on social media, you must be present and engaged there. Get them to accept your affiliate links. Make social media accounts for your website on the websites where your target audience is present, and interact with them there.

Participating in groups where there is a need for your product is a great approach to get noticed on social media. Typically, you can find them in groups. Try to be helpful, and the readers will pay attention to you. Ensure that your profile has links to both your website and your affiliate programs.

Sharing the blog entries that contain affiliate links is another approach to use social media to promote your affiliate offers. You can make sponsored posts or share them as regular posts.

The latter will need investment from you, which leads us to a different strategy for driving visitors to your website: social media advertising campaigns. By focusing on your desired clientele, these will help you connect with those who do not follow you.

Again, there are many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, so you have many options to select from. However, you should focus on the one that you know is used by the majority of your target market.

This means that in order to determine which platform your customers are most likely to utilize it is crucial to first study their behavior patterns.

13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The greatest and perhaps best free traffic source is search engine optimization. Your website or blog will be significantly impacted if you are ranked for an excellent and competitive term. A high search engine rating will increase the number of visits to your website, which is good for your company.

You must put in a lot of effort, though, if you want to be at the top. You must make sure that you adhere to all of the search engine’s guidelines. For your material to rank higher on the various search engines, it must be original and of a high caliber.

One benefit of employing SEO as a free traffic source is that, in contrast to visitors through adverts, these visitors are very targeted.

People that come to your website via Google, for instance, are already interested in what it has to offer.

14. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is often the act of sending emails to a list of potential customers with the goal of directing them to your website or blog. One of the best ways to increase the number of times people visit your website is by doing this. Email marketing is a highly effective strategy that is also one of the most focused free traffic sources.

Email marketing is a quick approach to drive traffic to new websites and blogs because all you have to do is send emails. Simply send an email and forward it to your list of targeted clients whenever you need traffic.

One of the major players on the industry that provides such free services is Constant Contact, so you should absolutely check them out.

To create your email list, you must provide a free lead magnet, which is rather simple to do.

15. Q&A Websites And Forums:

Although they may bring to mind the early days of the internet, forums and Q&A websites are still very much in use today. Craigslist is still operational and has survived the 1990s. A popular Q&A site is Quora, and Facebook has joined the trend with Facebook Groups.

These organization members are frequently seeking recommendations and guidance, so it’s a wonderful location to provide solutions in the form of links or other content.

Just be sure your link is pertinent to the question being asked and that you adhere to the group’s rules. Keep in mind that the purpose of this is to assist other users, not to submit links at random. Links that provide some background or really answer a member’s question are typically more well received.

The fact that everyone has an equal opportunity to impress other users makes forums an excellent illustration of “even playing fields.”


Here it is, our list of the top 15 best traffic sources out there which can help you increase the amount of traffic you have.

Not just that, all of these traffic sources are free of cost and allow you to work on increasing your traffic amount. As we mentioned above, free doesn’t necessarily mean easy, so increasing traffic would take you effort and consume time as well.

All of the above mentioned sources are safe and secure, and are guaranteed methods for you to increase traffic.

If you want to increase your traffic, we recommend you to start using the traffic sources mentioned as soon as you can.

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