15+ Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers In 2024

Small to moderate publishers look for ad networks with competitive CPM rates. There are several successful ad networks that provide improved profits and assistance than Google AdSense.

Selecting the proper AdSense substitute is a complex job for publishers. Publishers could indeed, strive to figure out ad networks that meet their needs. If you need a higher CPM frequency, this is the summary for you.

What is CPM?

The cost per thousand impressions, abbreviated CPM, relates to the price of possessing an ad published and having seen a dozen times on a website. In a nutshell, it’s being used to track advertising effectiveness.

CPM is often used in advertising campaigns that are intended to reach large numbers of people. It assists CPM ad networks in estimating advertising expenses and web ad billing.

What is the Importance of CPM Ad Networks?

Several ad networks expect to be paid you when a customer buys a product or service, while others pay you for taps, CPM being one of them. CPM is a service that delivers 1000 ad impressions on your website or blog. If you are new to the world of digital marketing, CPM Ad networks are indeed the finest form of income by impressions of your ad’s viewers.

It provides assistance to publishers and advertisers by increasing advertising money by up to 60% through the use of specific ad exchanges and product lines.

How Can Cpm Advertising Help You Boost Your Income?

The more impressions your advertisement receives, the more profit you will generate. In brief, you could indeed generate income from your website or blog depending on the number of impressions your ad receives.

Ad impression rates are generally fixed, but they can vary based on the location, currency, and advertiser or publisher market segment. Let’s say your site obtains 20,000 impressions per day and 40,000 page hits per day, which indicates your CPM rate is $4, and they will pay you a total of $40.

Similarly, based on the aspects and context, some CPM Ad networks offer $1 to $10 per 1000 impressions. Likewise, if your CPM is $10, you would be paid $100 in sum.

The most key point to remember is that your website must always have a steady speed of traffic. So, if one’s ad is presented 1000 times on the website, you will be paid big bucks; by attracting a huge number of visitors, you will be able to instantly achieve your destination.

CPM campaigns, according to marketing professionals, are determined by the number of impressions provided by viewers; thus, CPM campaigns are ideal for marketing since advertisers are searching for a spot to influence or give repute to their product online. They can instantly achieve their objectives by operating CPM campaigns throughout multiple blogs.

Best CPM Ad Networks For 2024:

Below is a list of the Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers, Bloggers, and Advertisers in 2023 and 2024 that will undoubtedly help you generate more income and promote your business.

  1. Push.House
  2. Adlane
  3. Viewdeos
  4. AdDragon
  5. Bitmedia
  6. AdMaven
  7. ExoClick
  8. Jarvis Ads
  9. Ezmob
  10. Push House
  11. ReklamStore
  12. Revcontent
  13. Conversant Media
  14. HillTopAds
  15. UberCPM
  16. RhythmOne

1. Push.House: HomePush House is one of the best ad networks available! It was founded in 2018 and is basically a push notification ad network. It is located in Ukraine and has great features to offer. Push House is definitely the best alternative to monetize your website. This is because it provides users with high-quality features. More than 120 countries use Push House’s services. 

On daily basis, Push House increases the number of features and the quality of those features. It has now become a very respectable ad network due to this. There are more than 30 million active subscribers, 600,000 clicks, 300 million daily impressions, and much more! Web Money, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, VISA/Master Card, 4×, Capitalist, CoinPayments are among the accepted payment methods. 

It also provides a variety of ad types, including Classic Push and In-Page Push. Since Push House does not have a lengthy application process, you can monetize your website in a very easy and simple manner.

Join Push.House Now!

2. Adlane:


Adlane is a global advertising network for sites monetization that provides advertisers and publishers with a variety of advertising platforms. They have advertisers all over the world. Simply begin earning an income with the most effective ad plans, famous payment strategies, and numerous unique characteristics.

To power up Adlane premium ads, website supervisors will analyses your site, verify your website data, and send you an email with instructions on how to activate premium ad inventory. Video ads can also be positioned if your site qualifies for Premium ad inventory. If your website is available for Adlane premium ads but your position is still the same, Adlane offers customer service.

With Adlane’s flexible and efficient technology, you can keep records of your income. So, what are you holding out for? Begin earning an income from your website visitors presently with Adlane.

Adlane Details:

  • A website requires 500,000 visitors per month.
  • The paycheck is $50.
  • Bank Transfer, Web Money, Capitalist, QIWI, Skrill, and Yandex Money are all accepted payment options.
  • Payment rate isa  weekly basis.
  • CPM and CPC are two monetization possibilities.
  • URL:

3. Viewdeos:


As an advertiser or publisher, your main consideration is advertising material and the improvement of earnings. As such, if you want to give your business an uplift, check out Viewdeos. Viewdeos is a top-tier increasing video ad platform that performs in a novel method to increase your profits.

You no longer have to pursue a time-consuming approach with dissatisfying earnings since viewdeos connects your ads to the greatest publishers who have a wide range of customers on their online sites.

Viewdeos pays publishers who provide a wide range of customers on their online sites a really acceptable and entertaining amount with a very high CPM that grows step by step with the expanding quantity of publishers. One of the most impressive aspects of Viewdeos is that it operates by interfering with the publisher’s current publishing techniques. So, go to the Viewdeos website, register, and boost your profits.

Viewdeos Details:

  • PayPal has no minimum payment requirement.
  • PayPal and bank transfers are accepted as payment options.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • CPM is a monetization option.
  • 1 million page views per month are required.
  • Contact us at

4. AdDragon:

drogen x

In 2019, AdDragon, the globe’s first Ethereum-based ad network, was launched. The much more famous ad platform with the greatest CPM prices is AdDragon. It offers a one-of-a-kind confidentiality advertising network that does not collect or compromise users’ personal information.

AdDragon is a community advertising platform that uses the most recent peer-to-peer marketing strategy. They operate similarly to eBay and Amazon, but instead of attempting to sell actual products, they sell ads. They intend to change the form of digital marketing and accomplish their goal by introducing a distinctive blockchain technology that will provide different payment methods.

AdDragon offers customers a safe and secure setting in which to generate revenue. Advertisers can expect a high-interest rate (ROI), and the framework can attach them to publishers while also making the system clear. Furthermore, by joining AdDragon, publishers obtain a staggering 95 percent share of their income, complete control over ad transfer rates, and quick crypto payouts.

AdDragon Details:

  • CPM Commission Type (Cost-Per-Millie).
  • The minimum payout is $50.
  • Net30 is the monthly payment schedule.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, and Wire Transfer are accepted as payment methods.
  • Contact us at

5. Bitmedia:


Do you have your ads but need a SaaS management and statistical data alternative? They are all accessible in Bitmedia’s ad inventory, which really is an aspect of the company’s coin media network.

The Bitmedia advertising company provides a secure and clear means of monetizing web traffic. They continuously figure out the best advertisements for you to publish and assure immediate reimbursements, whereas their manufacturing toolset assists you in accurately and thoroughly set up and onboarding.

With their bitcoin ad types, you get to choose between 2 kinds of recompense. You can commercialize your site traffic using CPM, which pays you for each and every 1000 impressions a provided ad receives, or CPC, which pays you for every tap the Bitmedia banner gets.

Bitmedia has concurrently formed a good workflow to fulfill the demands of the global range of crypto and blockchain projects while personalizing its advertising networks to the personal requirements of each circumstance.

Bitmedia Details:

  • They also offer pricing structures that are versatile.
  • The use of Bitcoin as a payment option for all exchanges is possible.
  • The minimum deposit amount for publishers is 0.001 BTC.

6. AdMaven:


AdMaven is a big marketing network that deals exclusively in full-page advertising and pushes notifications. With a global network of 250 million active customers, it is capable of delivering more than 5 billion impressions per day. It works exclusively with advertisers and publishers decide to pay increased rates to publishers.

They work with 10,000 publishers and 100,000 advertisers worldwide. They provide publishers and advertisers with a variety of revenue-sharing possibilities, including push notifications, banner ads, Popads, VPN banners, Interstitial ads, and many others.

When your users click on the push notification ad, they would then sign up for automatic updates and you will be compensated for your daily existence. The intriguing feature is that CPM costs are incredibly high and among the highest in the advertising market. You can generate enough profit by obtaining sensible CPM prices for ads on your blogs.

AdMaven Details:

  • The paycheck is $50.
  • Payment options include PayPal, check, and wire transfer.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • Options for monetization include CPM for popunder ads and CPC for push notification ads.
  • There are no prerequisites to join.
  • Email support at

7. ExoClick:


It is among the biggest CPM Ad networks, designed to meet the needs of both advertisers and publishers. ExoClick uses the latest technology to provide amazing benefits such as GEO, devices, sites, OS, language, and several others.

All of these aspects assist advertisers and publishers in reaching a larger customer by providing over than 180 billion impressions immediately. As a consequence, ExoClick provides you with a fantastic opportunity to maximize your site’s advancement.

ExoClick provides a variety of advertising platforms to help your viewing public expand. Its ad delivering advanced technologies filters the site automatically refuses to accept bot traffic, and antivirus protection, spyware, as well as other possibly hazardous viruses. The enticing aspect of this CPM Ad Network is its ability to track records of on-time payouts.

ExoClick Details:

  • It provides you with over 180 billion impressions directly.
  • The paycheck is $100.
  • PayPal, Webmoney, and Bank Transfer Wire are the payment methods available.
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • Monetization Methods: CPC, CPM, etc.
  • 10,000 page views per month are required.
  • Email Support: There is no email assistance.

8. Jarvis Ads:


Jarvis Ads is amongst the most fast-expanding ad networks for both small publishers and advertisers. This is one of the greatest CPM ad networks for bloggers and publishers to participate in order to generate additional income from their own blogs or website.

It is a fresh but distinct ad network that offers excellent opportunities for publishers to gain more profit than other Ad Networks. The advantage of Jarvis Ads is that no acceptance is required. Everything you have to do is sign up for an account, put ads on your website, and begin earning an income by commercializing your site traffic.

Unlike other Ad Networks, you do not need to receive $500 or $100 to remove your payouts from Jarvis Ads; you could indeed withdraw as little as $5. They also provide a Dashboard, with which you can monitor all of your Impressions, clicks, and profits in actual time.

Jarvis Ads Details:

  • The minimum payment is $5.
  • Payment options include PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin.
  • Weekly payments are made.
  • Options for revenue include CPC, CPM, Pop Under, Direct Redirect, and Banner Ads.
  • There are no prerequisites to participate.
  • Email support at

9. Ezmob:


Ezmob is a rapidly expanding mobile ad system that enables premium and distinctive business models to assist advertising revenue in reaching their intended audience. Unlike other ad networks, those who offer actual traffic statistics and assure of effective ads that will increase revenue quickly online.

Ezmob is a service that allows Advertisers to choose the type of online traffic they want to generate for their firm. Display, Native, PopUp, and Push Notification Ad formats are available.

They offer excellent income options that make publishers to increase their profits while maintaining their existing traffic. And over 100,000 publishers are clearly connected with Ezmob and are earning big money by commercializing their content.

EZmob has paid publishers in CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPI templates. They pay on a monthly basis and have always been on time, hence why multitudes of publishers and advertisers rely on EZmob.

Ezmob Details:

  • Advertisers must make a minimum deposit of $100.
  • Publishers must receive a minimum payment of $100.
  • PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum and Wire Transfer, and Skrill have accepted payment options.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • Monetization options include CPM and CPC.

10. Push House:

If you’re searching for the perfect and trustworthy CPM Ad Network, look no further than Push House. As the one of the representatives in push advertising they introduce a plethora of incredibly beneficial functions. To begin, the sign-up procedure is highly simple, requiring only five simple steps.

Push House provides you with remarkable high-quality traffic, so if you have a website or a blog, you can conveniently get impressions on them. Push houses provide extremely high payments to publishers, making them extremely valuable. They seem to have a monitoring system in place that keeps records of something in actual time.

Push ads from Push house provide an outstanding exchange rate. The amount of impressions you receive via Push House is astounding. If you’re searching for a CPM Ad Network that can assist you make a lot of money, Push house sets the standard with.

Push House Details:

  • CPC and CPM pricing models are available.
  • NET7 is the payment frequency (Weekly).
  • The minimum payout is $50.
  • PayPal, Payeer, ePayments, WebMoney, QIWI, VISA/Master Card, Advcash, and Bitcoin are all accepted payment options.
  • 3% is for the referral commission.

11. ReklamStore:


ReklamStore, established in 2007, is a comprehensive advertising platform that has been providing advertisers and publishers for several years and has an impressive in the online marketing industry. If you want to monetize your internet traffic with CPM ads, ReklamStore SSP is among the best money – making systems to use.

It is a self-service resource framework for small and medium-sized websites that uses real-time bidding (RTB) system to enhance CPMs and guarantees a higher load rate all of the time. Their system comprises dozens of different DSPs, ad exchanges, and immediate buyers.

There seem to be no prerequisites or terms for becoming a publisher in the ReklamStore channel. They recognize all types of publishers to meet emerging and limitless requirement. They enter your advertising placements regardless of where they come from, and you generate income for every single impression you end up making on your website.

On 7/24, they allocate a dedicated team to assist you with your queries and to grow your business.

ReklamStore Details:

  • The paycheck is $50.
  • Payment options include wire transfer and PayPal.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • CPM is a monetization option.
  • Email support:

12. Revcontent:


Revcontent was established in 2013. It is among the most effective Native Ad networks. It affirms data that is of top standard. Their acceptance criterion is that a site receives an estimate of 50,000 monthly visitors.

If you meet this requirement, Revcontent gratefully invites you to join and make progress with it. It provides publishers with a series of ad widgets such as native, non-native, and custom API to put accompanied by appropriate material to gain more advantages.

You can also use Revcontent to commercialize your mobile website and have an effective real-time reporting dashboard to monitor the performance of your site. We’ve mastered the skill of native advertising, allowing publishers and advertisers to reach a larger audience and high profits.

With our system of top-quality publishers, you can adore flawless ads that incorporate your material without deviating from the user engagement, as well as lots of traffic.

Revcontent Details:

  • The minimum payment is $50.
  • Payment options include PayPal and bank transfers.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • Monetization options include CPC and CPM.
  • 50,000 page views per month are required.
  • Email Support: There is no email assistance.

13. Conversant Media:

Conversant Media is a well-known and established CPM Ad Network that has been in the online marketing business for over 20 years and has a strong position in the market. It was previously known as Value Click Media. It has a large network of high-end advertisers and publishers.

The significant fact is that it does not work with the local sites; this only endorses quality websites such as .com, .net, .org, .edu, and so on. It serves as a platform to link up with high-quality publishers and advertisers in terms of meeting your objectives as quickly as possible.

If you really want to participate in the Conversant Media CPM Ad Network, you should have at least 3000 visitors per month which is not difficult to accomplish. It offers CPC and CPM money-making possibilities.

Conversant Media Details:

  • You must receive at least 3000 visitors per month.
  • The minimum payment is $25.
  • Payment options include PayPal, check, and wire transfer.
  • Net 30 are the payment terms.
  • Monetization options include CPC and CPM.
  • 3000 visitors per month are required.
  • Email Support: There is no email support.

14. HillTopAds:

hilltop ads

Along with its competitive success, it is preferred by a large number of professional publishers, bloggers, and webinars. Collaborating with this network can provide you with more than 12 billion impressions per month, allowing you to earn a considerable amount of money by increasing your views, clicks, and impressions.

It provides an internal ad server as well as a clear connection to help you monetize your site as effectively as possible. It is an easy-to-use interface for newcomers.

HilltopAds has a highly supported team that is available 24/7 to assist and guide you in any way. You can also use its genuine enhancement to increase your CPM rates. Gain profit from web and mobile traffic. Every niche is welcome!

HillTopAds Details:

  • Increase your monetization efficiency by up to 30%.
  • Receive weekly payments via Bitcoin, ePayService, Paxum, PayPal, USDT, Webmoney, and Wire Transfer.
  • It is paid on a Net 7 basis.
  • It has two-tiered versions: the first tier rate is calculated from $3 to $5, and the second tier cost is less than $1.
  • Payment methods include Paypal, Bitcoin, and ePayments.

15. UberCPM:

uber CPM

It is a fast-expanding CPM Ad network with award-winning effectiveness. UberCPMis appropriate to include both small and medium-sized publishers and advertisers. Also, It is simple to be used, and it is also simple to approve. Among the most important aspects is that there is no least traffic requisite for connecting UberCPM.

You must put in a lot of hard work since it is difficult to get quality ads and greater CPM rates when functioning with UberCPM and you must get traffic to receive more profit.

You cannot produce positive income if you cannot gather an audience website. It provides you with actual data and statistics to monitor the performance of your site and recognize your audience’s behavior based on clicks.

We designed UberCPM with the idea that advertising has become overly complex. We’ve streamlined the full procedure to provide the most user-friendly CPM ad platform available today. Our goal is to be the world’s most efficient and user-friendly CPM advertising network.

UberCPM Details:

  • It provides publishers with 80% of their income.
  • PaPal is the payment method.
  • The CPM rate for traffic from the United States is $0.5

16. RhythmOne:


The company, which was founded in 2004, has a good position in the marketplace and contracts with public advertisements. Blinkx and Radium One were the previous titles for Rhythm One.

It is constantly developing throughout the globe due to its excellent functionalities, which include providing publishers and advertisers with a variety of high-quality ad formats such as video ads, banner ads, exhibit-rich media, and so on.

It necessitates mobile impressions. If you would like to collaborate with Rhythm One and generate more revenue by partnering with the effective CPM Ad network, you must have desktop and mobile impressions. It offers RTB-based buying and selling deals as well as greater CPM prices to publishers.

As we started working to institute Exchange Bidding, it was critical for us to make sure that publishers received maximum demand and proposals. We discovered that by maximizing our user-matching, we were capable of achieving user-match rates in the range of 80%.

RhythmOne Details:

  • We’ve achieved user-match rates in excess of 80%.
  • The payout threshold is set at $100.
  • Payment is accepted via PayPal Wire or ACH.

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In this article, you will find a list of the Top CPM Ad Networks, which will be extremely useful if you are a publisher or blogger. You can now choose the appropriate one for you based on your requirements and aspirations. You can generate revenue by using the ad network correctly and generating high CPM prices for your site.

It is now up to you to decide how and where to proceed with these networks; you should indeed exercise caution when checking and enhancing your website’s ad network to obtain the best outcomes.

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