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15+ Best Online Pharmacy Affiliate Programs In 2024

Online Pharmacies are now a convenient and affordable source for many common pharmaceuticals, therefore the only reason they need to control healthcare costs is to increase their market share.

Marketers who work with pharmacy affiliate programs to advertise these products will undoubtedly make some of the most lucrative profits because the health industry is potentially very huge and expanding.

What Are Online Pharmacy Affiliate Programs?

Online pharmacies and affiliates who market their goods and services collaborate through affiliate programs. In this scheme, the affiliate advertises the pharmacy’s goods and services on its website or social media pages by placing banners, links, and other adverts there.

The affiliate receives a commission when a visitor clicks on one of their links and purchases something from the online pharmacy website. Depending on the program, the commission rate may be a percentage of the purchase price or a flat amount for each customer who is sent to the drugstore.
These initiatives are advantageous to both parties. Through affiliate marketing, online pharmacies increase their visibility and sales, and affiliates are compensated for promoting the pharmacy’s goods and services.

To ensure the security and potency of the items they offer, it is crucial to remember that internet pharmacies are subject to regulatory standards and laws. Affiliates must use caution when recommending internet pharmacies that are not authorized or compliant with laws.

How Do Pharmacy Affiliates Operate?

The way pharmacy affiliates operate is that you may quickly make money from their programs by sharing the Profit Links among your friends, family, and network. On each transaction done through your profit link, you will receive the best profit or commission.

Pharmacy affiliates work by introducing their audience or followers to the goods and services offered by online pharmacies. To draw potential customers to the online pharmacy, the affiliates employ a variety of marketing strategies, including paid advertising, email marketing, and social media.

Join An Affiliate Program:

A person must sign up for an affiliate program run by an online pharmacy in order to become a pharmacy affiliate. Through the pharmacy’s website or by using an affiliate network, the person can submit an application to join the program.

Promote The Pharmacy’s Products:

The affiliate can begin promoting the pharmacy’s goods and services as soon as they are accepted into the program. Many promotional strategies, including banner ads, social media posts, email marketing, and paid advertising, can be used to achieve this.

Attract Potential Customers:

The major objective of the affiliates is to draw potential clients to the pharmacy’s website. The affiliates use their marketing strategies to get customers to the pharmacy’s website and entice them to buy something.

Earn Commission:

The affiliate receives a commission when a customer makes a purchase on the pharmacy’s website via the affiliate’s referral link. Depending on the program, the commission rate may be a percentage of the purchase price or a flat amount for each customer who is sent to the drugstore.

In general, pharmacy affiliates work by advertising an online pharmacy’s goods and services while also receiving payment for each new consumer they refer to the business.
The actions that pharmacy affiliates typically take are listed below:

Best Online Pharmacy Affiliate Programs In 2024:

The list of the 15 best Online Pharmacy Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024 is following:

  1. HealthTrader Affiliate Network
  2. Walgreens Affiliate Program
  3. SecurePharmaOnline Affiliate Program
  4. Pharmacy Online Affiliate Program
  5. The Canadian Pharmacy Affiliate Program
  6. Nurx Affiliate Program
  7. LloydsPharmacy Affiliate Program
  8. National Drug Card Affiliate Program
  9. MedExpress Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program
  10. YouDrug Store Affiliate Program
  11. Tata 1mg
  12. Netmeds
  13. Dr. Morepen
  14. Medlife
  15. HealthAssure

1. HealthTrader Affiliate Network:


An affiliate network and program combined, HealthTrader.
Therefore, it would be impolite to leave out of our roundup their pharmacy affiliate program. With them, you receive a network that is concentrated on CPA deals for pharmacy marketing.
Their product selection includes daily items like asthma inhalers, as well as prescription remedies for impotence, acne, hair loss, and pretty much any other pharmacy offer you would require.

However, keep in mind that one’s online pharmacy only offers products for sale in the UK and a few other European countries.
The example above will give you an idea of the potential earnings of an online pharmacy affiliate. You can earn up to 17% of the sale price.

However, you are selling to a market that is well-informed about its needs, and all of its product lines are GPhC certified so you can be sure they are of a high caliber.


Website: Healthgrades
Commission: up to 17% per sale
EPC: Variable
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

2. Walgreens Affiliate Program:


In North America, Walgreens is a well-known brand of “local” pharmacies. That’s probably because every city and town has at minimum one of these.
True, you may purchase snacks and beverages at Walgreens, but their main priorities are health and well-being. It essentially means filling prescriptions for branded, high-quality medicines through their online pharmacy.

And to ensure you never run out of medicine, we manage new prescriptions, transfer medications, and offer automated refills. Although the compensation rate is rather modest, becoming a pharmacy affiliate marketer requires you to make a lot of sales to make up for it.
In addition to being another random Rx affiliate program, Walgreens is a well-known online pharmacy and one of CJ Affiliate’s top-performing programs.


Link: Walgreens affiliate program
2% commission
EPC: $28.49
Cookie duration: 30 days

3. The Canadian Pharmacy Affiliate Program:

canadian pharmacy

Accessing the high-quality medications you need to keep healthy (or alive) can be rather pricey in the United States, which is quite possibly a very sensitive topic. Cross-border “health tourism” has developed into a distinct sector for this reason.

The Canadian Pharmacy, situated in Winnipeg, Canada, has been assisting customers from all around North America to obtain their prescription medications at far reduced costs than they may discover locally
They have been performing this activity since 2003. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) has accredited this online pharmacy, ensuring the legitimacy of all they perform.
Since this is an internal online pharmacy affiliate program, there is very little available data on metrics.


Link: The Canadian Pharmacy affiliate program
Composition: TBC
Cookie lifetime: TBD

4. Nurx Affiliate Program:


An organization called Nurx is committed to ensuring that women have access to birth control medications they require when they require them, and at costs, they can manage.
Their components are manufactured affordable by combining, among other things, brand names with generic birth control pills.
Additionally, it is all managed by licensed healthcare providers, so you can trust the counsel and interventions you receive.

Nurx, however, doesn’t just sell one product; they also offer STI test kits and medications for conditions like HIV and herpes. So, even if this isn’t a true online pharmacy, it belongs to the same core group of customers: those who are concerned about their health.
Most consumers definitely prioritize their sexual health, which accounts for the Nurx affiliate offer’s EPC of approximately $150.

They give a flat compensation rate of $20 per transaction, but any associate who refers a lot of purchases will receive a bump to $30.
Also, they provide a bonus program for affiliate marketers that are very ambitious.


URL: Nurx affiliate program
Commission: a flat $20
EPC: $144.42
Cookie lifetime: seven days

5. LloydsPharmacy Affiliate Program:

Loyds Pharmacy

In the short time since it first opened its doors in 1973, Lloyds Chemist (what people refer to as a pharmacy in the UK) has expanded from a single store to more than 1,700 pharmacies throughout the country.

Although there are many internet pharmacies, very few have the same brick-and-mortar reputation as Lloyds.
Everything your visitors require will be available, including healthcare, skincare, and items for moms and babies as well as prescription medication.

As is the case with any professional pharmacy or pharmacist, Lloyds is recognized with the GpHC. Also, they provide free shipping on purchases over £35; using that as a pre-sell is good. In such markets, there is typically far less rivalry, so don’t dismiss the Lloyds Pharmacy program without taking the potential as a whole into account.

Every sale, with exception of private as well as NHS (National Health Service) prescriptions, will net you a 6% commission as an affiliate.


URL: Lloyds Pharmacy affiliate program
6% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 45 days

6. National Drug Card Affiliate Program:

National Drug

This is a small detour from what an absolute pharmacy delivers, yet it is still fully pertinent.
The people who can actually afford to go without medicine now have access to what they need at affordable prices thanks to the National Drug Card.

Hence, even if your target audience does not have health insurance, they may still get the necessary medication at participating pharmacies all throughout the country at very substantial discounts.
Although there are other drug discount cards available, this one is preferable for affiliates. Why? Because there is another program that is comparable but costs $75 to join.

Always follow Groucho Marx’s advice and avoid paying to join an affiliate program.
That equates to dealing with volume rather than quality traffic and earning up to $2.50 for every transaction.


URL: National Drug Card affiliate program
Commission: $2.50 per prescription
Cookie duration: TBC

7. MedExpress Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program:


You can avoid the inconvenience of having to wait in a doctor’s waiting room with other sick individuals by using MedExpress UK. Then you have been prescribed a drug that you could have purchased online at a significant discount over what you would have paid at the pharmacy.

With MedExpress, however, you may schedule an online consultation rather than a visit to the doctor, saving you money on both your normal medications and your GP visit.
The sole restriction is that you cannot transfer your current prescription to MedExpress; rather, you must first schedule a consultation.

Nonetheless, your order is delivered to your front door in discrete packaging. A Rakuten Linkshare network is where you may find the MedExpress program.
Every sale you refer to results in a 12.5% commission for you as the affiliate.


Link: MedExpress affiliate program
Commission: 12.5 %
Cookie lifecycle: 14 days

8. YouDrug Store Affiliate Program:


Since 2012, YouDrugStore has assisted Americans in saving money on their prescription medications.
It’s not always the case that drugs are more costly in the US. Due to a lack of oversight, shady businesses are able to increase the cost of a bundle of pills from $15 – $1,500 if they so choose

Canada has restrictions to prevent that, and by utilizing YouDrugStore instead of a local pharmacy, North American customers can save up to 90% on the price they’d spend there.
Some of these savings result from the usage of generic drugs rather than the far more costly brand-name drugs.
Associates receive 10% of each sale that they refer, which is higher than the average commission rate for most affiliate programs.

Also, it offers at least three times as much as most other drugstore affiliate programs. The best-performing Rx affiliate deal on the FlexOffers affiliate network is YouDrugStore as well.


URL: YouDrugstore affiliate program
Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: TBC

9. Tata 1mg:

TATA 1mg

Tata 1mg is the top digital healthcare portal in India where drugs may be ordered online. and has expanded considerably in recent years. Motives for Participating in 1mg Affiliate Program
With nearly 260 million visitors, 1mg is well-liked throughout India.

1mg has shipped close to 31 million goods. It signifies that it is expanding more quickly each day.
Also, the fact that 1mg delivers to 1800+ cities makes it simpler for people to purchase medications across India.

Affiliate marketers may earn a decent commission of up to 10,000 or above per month by signing up as a 1mg affiliate through EarnKaro. Depending on how many transactions are performed using your 1mg EarnKaro links, the Commission may change.


Commission: 150 or less
Cookie or Session Time for the Profit Link: 30 Days

10. Netmeds:


One of India’s top and most practical online pharmacies is Netmeds. by Dadha & Company, founded. Nearly a millennium of quality medicine dispensing experience can be found at Netmeds.
Here, you can easily purchase medications online from the leading pharmaceutical companies. It is among the most well-known online pharmacies that ship to India.

What Makes the Netmeds Affiliate Program So Great? You can advertise medications from the leading national and international pharmaceutical companies at Netmeds.
Also, you can share this page with friends and family to spread the word about bodily wellness items including ayurvedic, homeopathy, and sexual health products.

Moreover, Netmeds offers lab test services such as Liver Profile, Complete Hemogram, Diabetes, Thyroid Profile, Liquid Profile, and numerous others.
Moreover, Netmeds offers beauty goods. You can advertise different Men’s Grooming Items, Mom and Baby Care Products, Makeup, Hair, Skin, and Fragrances.
Each time a customer uses your affiliate link to purchase a service; you will receive an affiliate commission.


Commission: 5% maximum
Cookie or Session Time for the Profit Link: 30 Days

11. Dr. Morepen:

DR Morepen

Dr. Morepen Ltd. is wholly owned by Morepen Laboratories Limited. It was established in 2001 with the intention of advancing higher objectives and a better future for all.

The brand’s foundation is the straightforward idea that “health in your hands”—a catchphrase for today’s busy schedules, impending deadlines, and intense competition.
Dr. Morepen is an advocate for two fundamental ideals: empowerment and health, as expressed in the punchline “health in your hands.”

Affiliate marketers that join EarnKaro as Dr. Morepen’s affiliates can make an average income of up to 10,000 or more each month.
Depending on how many transactions are done using the Dr. Morepen EarnKaro links, the Commission may change.


Commission: 15% fixed
Profit Link Session or Cookie Time: 30 Days

12. Medlife:


A large selection of medications and wellness products is available from Medlife, an online pharmacy. There are deals available of up to 70% on medications. With the press of a button, they securely deliver to your house within 24 to 48 hours.

Joining Medlife Affiliate Program Has These Benefits:

Share the top offers from India’s top pharmaceutical firms with friends and family for a range of medications and wellness goods. Get a guaranteed commission for any order placed with Medlife using your affiliate link.
You can simply withdraw all of the earned commissions as actual cash from your bank account.

Affiliates can make a profit of at least 3,000 to 5,000 per month. You might possibly make up to 10,000 per month, depending on how many purchases are made using your affiliate link.


Commission: Flat ₹190
Cookie or Session Time for the Profit Link: 30 Days

13. HealthAssure:

Health Asure

HealthAssure, India’s largest primary healthcare aggregator has a wide network of 4,500+ facilities dispersed across 1,300+ cities. It was founded in 2011 with the intention of promoting a healthy future by making wellness and healthcare intelligible and available to both businesses and individuals across the country.
HealthAssure contributes to the consumerization of healthcare by developing network-based primary healthcare products.

It provides a wide range of primary care experiences, such as picking a healthcare provider, making an appointment, scheduling in-person, online, and telephone doctor consultations, health checkups, lab tests, home care services, fitness trainers, doctor coaches, and gyms, as well as a variety of primary care experiences.

You may advertise HealthAssure’s Self-Buy plans that include free online medical consultations, free lab tests, and scanners, free one-on-one sessions for nutrition and fitness, and free home delivery of medication, by becoming a member of the HealthAssure affiliate program. Get a fixed commission of $500 for each package purchased using your referral link.


Flat Commission of 500
Profit Link Cookie or Session Time 30 Days

14. SecurePharmaOnline Affiliate Program:

Secure Pharma Online

SecurePharmaOnline is an online pharmacy with a straightforward goal: to give customers a reliable way to purchase affordable, safe medications.
The variety of prescription medications available to your visitors includes everything from painkillers and smart pharmaceuticals to diabetes and heart medications.

They maintain their cheap prices by offering FDA-approved generic versions of many different drugs.
They offer free shipping on orders over $150 and, in a new move, accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Just so you know, you’ll need a Refersion Marketplace account to sign up for the program.

In addition, you will receive a 30-day cookie to aid with conversions and a 10% affiliate commission on most sales you refer to them. Given that this program just went live 2 months ago, there are no EPC data yet.


URL: Secure Pharma
10% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

15. Pharmacy Online Affiliate Program:

Pharmacy Online Au became the initial online pharmacy to be established in Australia. But it’s not just any ordinary online retailer; the Pharmaceutical Council of New South Wales regulates the company’s goods and services. Also, the certified pharmacists who work at their company are the same ones you would find in your neighborhood pharmacy.

The same selection of goods that most normal pharmacies carry, such as prescription medications, supplements and vitamins, and even a variety of perfumes and gifts, will be available for your guests.

Basically, you can order all of your pharmaceuticals needs online and have them delivered to your house.
Although this program seems to operate pretty well on FlexOffers’ network, the EPC data they provide is somewhat mysterious because it seems terribly low.

Despite the fact that this program is most effective with Australian consumers, the “Network Rank” score does show that affiliates are earning a respectable amount of money on a regular basis.


4% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

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Several Online Pharmacy Affiliate Programs give people the chance to make money from their blogs.
Also, the commissions seem to be really interesting.
This is typically your opportunity to get involved in affiliate marketing; sign up for the 15 best Online Pharmacy Affiliate Programs mentioned above.

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