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15+ Best Wealth Building Affiliate Programs In 2024

The most challenging opportunity available now is affiliate programming. It is advantageous for brand sales and professional development. The most crucial element for an affiliate marketer is a platform. Only on this platform can an affiliate programming campaign be run.

You need to have a secure platform if it’s regarding the money affiliate program. The mobile banking system has made financial services today transparent and easy to use. Affiliated programming is a blessing for financial organizations looking to increase revenue, leads, and clients.

The government and businesses manage money in the area of finance. For the benefit of the user, some companies, like Digital Fintech Solutions, offer thousands of financial goods. This is accessible everywhere. Nevertheless, at this time, these goods are not feasible without outside assistance. Here enters the affiliate marketer or affiliate programmer.

They endorse their goods, including credit cards, loans, and bank accounts. As a result, the corporation gains profit and increases brand recognition. The business will have to spend lots of money on this. They must pay the marketer person a commission.

What Are Wealth Building Affiliate Programs?

Wealth-building affiliate programs are programs in which an individual or business promotes a product or service related to personal finance or wealth-building to potential customers. These affiliates earn a commission or fee for each customer they refer to the product or service provider, which can help them generate passive income and build wealth over time.

Examples of wealth-building affiliate programs may include products or services related to financial planning, investment management, real estate investing, online trading, credit card rewards, or other financial tools and resources. Affiliate marketers can earn commissions through various methods, such as pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, or pay-per-sale.

To be successful in wealth-building affiliate programs, it is essential to choose the right products or services to promote and to build a strong audience or follow through with effective marketing strategies. It is also important to understand the terms and conditions of each affiliate program and to comply with any regulations or guidelines related to affiliate marketing

The Benefits Of Selecting A Wealth-building Affiliate Program Include:

  • Boost the standing
  • Increases the size of your audience
  • It is economical
  • It scales the traffic quickly

What evidence should you use to support your choice of wealth-building affiliate program?
There are numerous affiliate programs, but picking the best one is crucial. You must pick a scheme that will bring in money for your company and benefit your readers. Whichever option you select should be worthwhile and profitable.

Selecting the finest financial affiliate program mostly depends on the demands of your target audience. Choose a program that will expose your audience to quality brands.

Best Wealth Building Affiliate Programs In 2024:

The list of 15 Best Wealth Building Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024 is following:

  1. Refersion
  2. Wealthy Affiliate
  4. ClickFunnels
  5. LeadPages
  6. Kajabi
  7. Coursera
  8. Thinkific
  9. Teachable
  10. Personal Capital
  11. Credit Karma
  12. Credit Sesame
  13. BBVA Bank
  14. Coinbase
  15. Robinhood

1. Refersion:


Refersion is a network for affiliate marketing that also functions as just a fully-featured tool for starting networks of promotions and developing clever brand alliances. Now, 16,000 merchants are using the platform, and 590,000 affiliates are registered.

As long as your recommendations continue to pay their subscription fees, the Refersion Affiliate program pays you a 15% recurring compensation. There is a big 60-day cookie window. Fill out its registration process and wait for the network to send you an email to confirm your status as a Refersion affiliate. You may then begin promoting Refersion products using links or banners.

Payments are made once a month via PayPal. Keep in mind that you must only use legitimate channels for your promotions; you may not use techniques like bought traffic, retargeting, or discount or coupon websites.


Your compensation from the Refersion Affiliate Program is a 15% recurring commission.
There is a big 60-day cookie window.
Once a month, PayPal is used to make payouts.

2. Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is situated in the slightly absurd position of being an affiliate marketing website/training platform that offers affiliate commissions to those who recommend new customers to understand further about affiliate marketing.

Theoretically, Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliates might use their affiliate earnings to reinvest in their membership and advance their expertise in affiliate marketing, which would increase their ability to earn affiliate commissions.
One advantage of joining Wealthy Affiliate is that they might host your sites for no extra charge over and above your membership fees. Of course, you could utilize these to build Wealthy Affiliate review websites.

Actually, Wealthy Affiliate offers a unique, comprehensive training course geared towards those who want to represent Wealthy Affiliate as affiliates.
Their affiliate marketing network pays out using a residual commission structure.


The average commission comes to almost $121 for each sign-up.
More than 1,400,000 people have joined Wealthy Affiliate throughout the course of its 14-year existence, and 10,000 new businesses are launched every month.

3. is a platform that integrates the capabilities required to create affiliate programs, marketing automation, online courses, sales funnels, and email marketing. It is a user-friendly online business development tool that has aided more than 8,000 business owners around the world in expanding their enterprises.

Monthly commission payments from to its affiliates total over $100,000. With’s high commission rates, you can make extra money by joining its affiliate program.

Currently, its affiliate program gives 40% lifelong commissions on subscription and course sales for Lifelong commissions from your connections are another perk. This holds true for any upcoming products they buy.

You can make 5% affiliate commissions from the purchases made through your referrals’ affiliate links as second-tier commissions (referrals made by them).

The best part is that you can sign up as an affiliate even if you don’t have a paid subscription. Even with the free plan, you can get an affiliate ID.


Monthly commission payments from to its affiliates total around $100,000.
Currently, its affiliate program gives 40percentage lifetime commissions on subscription and course sales for

4. ClickFunnels:

Click funnels

Over 104,000 business owners create websites as well as sales funnels using this platform for funnel building. It aims to serve as a one-stop shop for online product promotion and sales. Among other features, this well-liked web-based application has a drag-and-drop webpage editor or one upsell.

All of the front-end offers on ClickFunnels are subject to an affiliate program that pays up to 40% in monthly recurring commissions. These include the books Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets, and Traffic Secrets, among others.

There are tiers to the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program. New affiliates will receive a 20% regular monthly commission on subscription sales for ClickFunnels. This implies that you will continue to receive monthly commissions as long as customers continue to pay for their subscriptions.


New affiliates will receive a 20 percent monthly recurring commission on subscription sales for ClickFunnels.
You can submit an application to become a recognized affiliate and start earning 30% recurring monthly commissions once you’ve hit the $1,000 commission level.

5. LeadPages:

Lead Pages

Landing pages are a crucial component of marketing as well as a growth strategy. It can be difficult to effectively optimize search engine traffic, create leads, and convert visitors without a landing page.

With the help of the LeadPages platform, you can make landing pages and websites that convert well without using any coding. It has a drag-and-drop builder that is responsive to mobile devices and conversion-optimized.
You can make up to 50% in recurring commissions across all sales you produce through the LeadPages Affiliate Program.

This covers one-time purchases as well as plan upgrades or renewals.
As an affiliate, you gain access to additional benefits like a specialized affiliate support team, recurring special offers, or free content you can advertise on your website.


Based on one’s monthly new customer revenue, the program is tiered and has the following structure:
10% commission for the bronze level ($0 to $49 in net sales).
Silver tier (net sales of $50 to $2,999): 40% commission.
50% commission for the Gold tier (above $3,000).

6. Kajabi:


Kajabi might not be as well-known as learning platforms like Udemy and iTunes University. Nonetheless, it is still a well-liked fully – featured platform that makes it simple to start marketing campaigns, launch online courses, develop landing pages, and create the ideal website.

Indeed, it has demonstrated its success with a few numbers: 41,000,000+ customers served by Kajabi, 20,000+ businesses trusted globally, and 1,000,000,000+ transactions conducted through Kajabi.

The Kajabi Partner Program, another appealing affiliate scheme, is included. Affiliates receive a recurring 30% commission from Kajabi, which means that for each month a customer they bring stays a member of Kajabi, Kajabi will pay them 30% of the fees that the customer pays.


Kajabi promotes affiliate marketers by offering them access to exclusive benefits when they advance to higher standing levels.
At the lowest level (Blue), they will give you a commission of approximately $116.70 per month or $1,119.60 per year.
When you reach the Diamond level and also have 50 active referrals, users will receive a commission of $5,835.00 per month or $55,980.00 per year.

7. Coursera:


With over 82 million users and thousands of programs from its more than 200 international partner institutions, Coursera is one of the most well-known online learning networks in the world. Arts and Humanities, Data Science, Personal Development, Health, and Computer Science are among the specializations and courses it offers.

With Coursera’s affiliate program, which utilizes the Linkshare network, you may gain access to more than 4000 courses and Specializations and earn between 10% as well as 45% commission. You are free to select the Coursera items you wish to advertise, which you can then highlight on your website using the company’s unique language and banner links or by utilizing a different structure.

The best part of this affiliate program is that, if a user uses your affiliate links to buy multiple Specializations or Coursera courses, you can earn commissions from that user multiple times.


From the more than 4000 available lessons and Specializations, you can earn somewhere around 10% and 45% commission.
Coursera doesn’t provide recurring subscription commission payments. Only the first month of the subscription is commissionable.

8. Thinkific:


Thinkific is a system that allows you to teach others by giving you the resources you need to develop, promote, and offer your online courses. There are more than 50,000-course developers on it, and they have made and over $650 million.

In addition to assisting education businesses in growing, Thinkific offers people another method to make money through its affiliate program. You would have the potential to make up to $1700 for each referral each year by signing up to be a Thinkific Affiliate. The software is powered by PartnerStack.

Wait for the approval after registering for the program through PartnerStack. You’ll have access to your exclusive referral link with a 90-day cookie duration after it has been accepted. You can make a 30% recurring commission across all subscription plans whenever anyone clicks on the affiliate link (as long as the subscriber paid for Thinkific’s plans or services, of course).


Cookie term of 90 days
On all subscription plans, there is a 30% recurring commission available to you.

9. Teachable:


Teachable is a different online education platform that makes it simple for educators and content producers to imparting their skills to a large online audience. Currently, the site includes a maximum of 100,000 creators who may have sold more than $1 billion in coaching and courses.

The courses available cover a variety of themes, including health, academics, art, business, and even specialized areas like shoemaking and houseplant maintenance.
With such a 90-day cookie window, Teachable’s partner program offers you the chance to make up to 50% in recurring commissions. The commission structure is as follows: Recurring commissions have always been set at 30%.

However, you’ll benefit from additional bonus levels that’ll enable you to earn up to 50% commissions if you increase your conversion rate and surpass conversion benchmarks.


Receive recurring commissions of up to 50%.
Cookie window of 90 days

10. Personal Capital:

Personal Capital


One of the financial affiliate programs that is marketed the most is Personal Capital. One website we looked at has over 150 links to Personal Capital on their website.

Advanced financial technologies, free planning as well as tracking tools, and aggressive affiliate rates are the key components of the offering (and the profit). Its free tools are open to everyone, but its commercial offers are targeted toward people with a net worth of over $100k.

A Personal Capital sales staff frequently receives negative feedback from high-net-worth individuals.  Personal Capital will call you if you sign up and have greater than $100,000 in your accounts in an effort to convince you to use its investing services.

This free personal monitoring tool is well-liked by many users despite this, and A Purple Life considers the telemarketing calls to be “a little cost to pay for an outstanding service.”


100% of the signup fee is paid if there are at minimum $100,000 in monitored assets.
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
US markets

11. Credit Karma:

credit karma

In comparison to certain other financial products, Credit Karma gives minimal commissions, but because the service is free, there is significantly less friction in the advertising process. Instead of trying to sell your audience something, highlight the advantages of Credit Karma’s free credit tools.

Credit your lead only needs to establish an account for Karma to pay you; the cookie period is usually 30 days. In contrast to financial services where affiliates must deposit and spend money in order to be paid, this makes the procedure quite straightforward.

Moreover, you can list Credit Karma with other associated financial items that are similar to it, such as credit cards and banks that provide loans. As a result, a special cross-sell opportunity is created, increasing profits.


Credit your lead only needs to establish an account for Karma to pay you; the cookie duration is 30 days.
$2.00 commission for each new signup

12. Credit Sesame:

credit sesame

There are several similarities between Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. The fact that Credit Sesame offers free credit reports and $50,000 in identity theft insurance makes them stand out from the competition. You can advertise both goods as complements of each other because they are both free products with somewhat different value propositions.

Lifelock may have a higher overall commission, but it’s vital to keep in mind that your audience must pay for it, necessitating a lengthier sales pipeline for affiliates.
Search for the sweet spot between conversion volume as well as commission rates because it takes longer to transform an audience into a paid product than just a free one.


The fact that Credit Sesame offers free credit reports and $50,000 in identity theft insurance makes them stand out from the competition.
Commission: $3–$6 for each signup, with the potential to go higher
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
US markets
Options include Credit Karma, where new signups cost $2.

13. BBVA Bank:

BBVANo matter your target market or industry, BBVA has a wide appeal as one of the biggest filled banks in the US.
Although CIT Bank offers more lucrative wealth affiliate payouts, it is advisable to choose the bank that best suits the particular priorities of your audience in order to maximize conversions.

These are some queries to consider when assessing affiliate programs for money creation:
Which account kinds does the bank provide? Checking, savings, high-return savings, brokerage, and IRA accounts are examples of common accounts.

How much does each month cost? How are these costs avoidable by users?
No matter your target market or industry, BBVA has a wide appeal as one of the biggest filled banks in the US.
Although CIT Bank offers more lucrative wealth affiliate payouts, it is advisable to choose the bank that best suits the particular priorities of your audience in order to maximize conversions.


Fee: $85.00 for each eligible lead
Duration of cookies: 0 days
US markets

14. Coinbase:


The outstanding Usability and dependability of Coinbase make it stand out in the nascent cryptocurrency market. It has a low approval rate and is quite picky with affiliates. Competitors like Binance provide lifetime commissions on sales and trades that are ongoing, making them longer-term more profitable options.

Understanding your audience’s psychographics is essential when this comes to crypto affiliates. The personal finance community has given cryptocurrency a home, and many well-known bloggers now recognize it as a crucial tool for diversification.

When promoting cryptocurrency, it is vital to ascertain how the audience feels about it. It will require more content to persuade them to utilize the platforms if they perceive it as unsafe. Also, consumers must have the confidence to invest their money because they only receive commissions for active trades.

Affiliate marketing strategies for more conventional financial items will be more successful if the majority of your audience has a negative view of cryptocurrencies.


For the first three months, the commission is 50% recurring.
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
Markets: Worldwide
Alternatives: at most 50%, Binance

15. Robinhood:


Different rewards are offered for leads vs funded accounts on Robinhood and its rivals (eToro doesn’t pay for leads). Users that register for an account using their email address are typically referred to as leads, whereas connecting a bank account is necessary to fund the account.

Marketing Robinhood carries risks because of the negative press the company has received in the past regarding its dependability and ethical business methods.

During the Wallstreet Bets scandal of early 2021, after Robinhood stopped allowing the purchase and sale of specific meme stocks, there was lash back in particular. Many users thought that this contradicted their original goal of democratizing investing.

The user base is continually expanding, despite that. It is praised for its simplicity of use and a wide variety of investment alternatives, and it established the trend of zero-commission trading. Before promoting Robinhood, get feedback from your audience to learn what attitudes they may have towards the platform.


$5 per lead, $20 for each funded account in commission
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days
US markets

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There are numerous affiliate schemes that help people build wealth. The banking process can be made simple with the help of an agency banking solution. The associated programming prospers as a result of this. Every platform has a distinct commission that varies based on the policies of the companies.
The top 15 platforms for wealth-building affiliate programs have been provided. Nonetheless, there is no cap and a wealth of outlets. Not least, you must make your own decision.

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