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15+ Best Diabetes Affiliate Programs In 2024

In terms of affiliate marketing, the health sector has always occupied the top of the heap. Selling and marketing other people’s health-related products online has made some people fortunes.

Diabetes-related items are extremely popular in the health sector. Why not promote a high-quality product if you can earn money by doing so as an affiliate?

With that said, you will notice the top diabetes affiliate programmes in this post, which not only offer top-notch goods but also offer the greatest commissions.
Let’s get right to our ranking of the best affiliate programs for people with diabetes.

How Do You Choose An Affiliate Program For Diabetes?

You could believe it is simple to choose from a range of diabetes affiliate programmes. You’re not altogether mistaken, but have you given any thought to the finer points?

  1. The first consideration is whether the business can truly assist your audience. If not, they should continue on.
  2. The affiliate program’s commission rate is the second thing to take into account.
  3. A fixed-rate affiliate scheme with consistently large commissions is what you desire. The commissions now work in tandem with your marketing strategies.
  4. The program’s ability to produce conversions is an additional important consideration.
  5. In order to encourage people to click on your affiliate links and purchase the goods or services your affiliates are pushing, you should sign up for an affiliate program if you are new to affiliate marketing.
  6. You must now be aware of the fact that the sales are what determine your commission, therefore opt for the affiliate program with excellent conversion rates.
  7. Read the terms and conditions of any affiliate program in detail before engaging in any business. Several applications might provide complete openness, but not all of them.
  8. Before signing your contracts, pay close attention to the small print that the merchants have provided.
  9. A trustworthy affiliate program will also allow you to track your monthly results in terms of the traffic you’re bringing in. It’s important since you’ll be able to tell whether you need to modify anything
  10. Finally, be aware of the cookie duration offered by affiliate programs.
    Your likelihood of receiving a commission is heavily influenced by it.

Consider it this way: If a program sets a cookie duration of 45 days, the customer must click the link and make a purchase within 45 days in order for you to receive a commission.

You can get all the information you need about the top diabetes affiliate programs right here and choose the one that best matches your requirements.
So let’s continue on.

Best Diabetes Affiliate Programs In 2024:

The list of best Diabetes Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024 is given below:

  1. Diabetic Warehouse
  2. Diabetes Solution Kit
  3. Silverts Adaptive Clothing
  4. Bens Natural Health
  5. Diametrix
  6. Oracoat
  7. Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy
  8. Total Diabetes Supply
  9. Diabetic Diet To Go
  10. Klinio
  11. Dr. Fuhrman
  12. Diabetic Manual
  13. Mastering Diabetes
  14. Dr. Leonard’s Healthcar
  15. Diabetes Freedom
  16. 1- Diabetic Warehouse

Diabetes would not exist in a perfect world. The closest thing the diabetic can get to living in that environment, though, is being able to have all of their requirements addressed under one roof. Diabetic Warehouse will be useful in this situation.

Now, this website is essentially an e-commerce company selling to a market that is in demand.
As a result, they serve as a one-stop shop for products related to diabetes, offering anything from glucose testing kits, lancets, and glucose meters to insulin pumps.

Its diabetic supplies are generally 10% to 50% less expensive than retail costs. And that also applies to items you frequently purchase, such as OneTouch Ultra with Accu Chek lancets. Also, orders for your readers ship for free.
In comparison to other affiliate programs, how much money how could an affiliate marketer anticipate with this offer?

The typical order amount for a Diabetic Warehouse associate is $75, which should yield a commission of around $7.50 per sale.


URL: Affiliate program for Diabetic Warehouse
10% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

2. Diabetes Solution Kit:

Diabetes Solution kit

One of the many digital books released by Barton Publishing is the “Diabetes Solution Kit.”
The focus of this product is on using diet and nutrition to help Type 2 diabetics lower their blood sugar levels. Hence, no pills and powders are used. Barton Publishing also offers a paper version of this “book,” which is an innovative move.

When compared to being requested to download yet again another PDF, this makes their reports seem slightly more “exclusive.” How effective is this item? Almost 300,000 additional users have reportedly utilized it to help control their sugar levels.

ShareASale hosts a number of diabetes affiliate programs they discovered. Barton Publications should also be included in the list. By signing up, you can market the entire line of goods offered by this health brand without having to submit applications to numerous affiliate networks.

Each of which will pay people up to $80 for any sales you refer via affiliate links or text links.


Web address: Barton publishing affiliate programme
75% commission
EPC: $41.00
Cookie lifetime: one day

3. Silverts Adaptive Clothing:

Living with such a health condition involves wearing adaptive clothing, which is a frequently ignored facet of the situation. In that sense, diabetes is similar. Specialized shoes and stockings are needed to provide relief and comfort for swollen feet, ankles, and calves. Since 1930, Silverts has served as the industry standard for persons in this business.

It is therefore a very pretty good bet that Silverts would be able to assist your readers if they are looking for a variety on footwear products for diabetes. They also have the advantage of excellent customer service at pricing they can afford. How will this offer stack up against the other affiliate programmes for diabetes in our compilation, then?

When something is purchased via one of the affiliate link tags or banners, you can receive a 10% commission. If you run into trouble, they could provide lifetime cookie and help from their – and this is just so adorable – website department.


Link: Silverts affiliate programme
10% commission
Cookie lifecycle: forever

4. Bens Natural Health:

Ben Ong is the creator and founder of Ben’s Health, which was established in 2000. And it was all because he was experiencing a health crisis for which conventional medicine didn’t seem to have a solution. His business now offers a variety of all-natural remedies for ailments like diabetes. The distinction is that this company’s products are backed by real doctors. This distinguishes them from the competition.

Their “Glyco-Optimizer” product, according to their claims, can help treat Type 2 diabetes, lower blood sugar levels, promote weight loss, and even lessen the worst diabetes symptoms. They are all made entirely from ingredients that are found in nature. They claim to have a $115 average order value with 20% conversion rate in terms of revenue.

As a result, each sale made via your affiliate links should net you about $13. And based on their stated CR, there ought to be a sizable number of such.


URL: Ben’s Health affiliate program
10% commission
EPC: $224.85
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

5. Diametrix:

The market for health supplements is a hazard for both customers and affiliates. S imply because some unethical businesses are willing to make ludicrous claims. Contrarily, DiaMetrix is a medication that has undergone numerous clinical trials.

According to these trials, it helped significantly cut fasting blood glucose levels, lower blood pressure, and even cause weight reduction. Although there is no assurance that it will work, it is still a whole lot more than the goods offered by a marketing genius looking to join the dietary supplement trend.

Increased insulin resistance in diabetics is the sole goal of DiaMetrix. For a product that costs $59.95 for a one-month supply at retail, you receive a handsome 15% commission rate. Hence, $8.99 should be paid out in commission for each sale. For a 3-month order, $26.97


Web Link: DiaMetrix affiliate program
15% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

6. OraCoat:

80% of individuals find it annoying when their mouths are dry. Smoking, not getting enough water, or perhaps drinking too much the night before can all contribute to it. Yet, for those other 20% of population, diabetes is the condition most frequently linked to dry mouth.

One that can lead to persistent tooth decay and a subsequent rise in blood sugar levels from an infection brought on by poor dental hygiene. OraCoat’s “XyliMelts” are essentially little discs that you glue to your tongue and which release chemicals to prevent your mouth from drying out.

They are available in a variety of delectable flavors and may even be used at night. This results in enhanced general oral hygiene and 24-hour protection from dry mouth. In addition to all of that, you receive a commission of 25% on any sales that are brought about by your text links and 5% on any sales brought about by a sub-affiliate.


Web Link: OraCoat affiliate program
25% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

7. Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy:

Up until now, we’ve seen a wide range of diverse Type 2 diabetes-related products, such as numerous eating programs and nutritional supplements. Now, however, is the perfect opportunity for something quite different: a Deep Sleep Diabetes Treatment.

The reality is that humans can only survive for so long without sleep because while we sleep, our bodies heal. Those who lack sleep are more likely to develop an insulin shortage, which will worsen their diabetes. Yes, the majority of the program is focused on teaching viewers how to prepare and use a certain kind of tea. As this is ClickBank’s second diabetic affiliate scheme, you understand what to anticipate.

And that means that you may use this affiliate network to make $59 each sale at a 75% commission rate. Nevertheless, it is a flat-rate payout; there is no up-sells from which you can generate ongoing money.


Website: Deep Sleep Diabetes Cure affiliate program
75% commission
Weight: 51.47
Cookie lifecycle: 60 days

8. Total Diabetes Supply:

The final diabetic affiliate program within this compilation is Complete Diabetes Supplies. It can be difficult to choose a reliable supplier of diabetes test strips, glucose meters, insulin pump supplies, lancets, etc.
Finding a business that carries diabetes-friendly wound care supplies is even harder.

What about a business that not only provides with Type 2 diabetes for humans but also offers a comparable range of name-brand goods for diabetic dogs or cats? Furthermore, provides these identically high-quality goods at a considerable reduction off of standard retail costs. And yes, that does, for instance, include lancets like Accu Chek and OneTouch Ultra.

With Complete Diabetes Supplies, you receive all of your discounted diabetes supplies beneath one roof. Furthermore, they occasionally run special promotions. On all suggested sales, this diabetes affiliate network offers a 6% commission rate.

With a median order worth of $70, according to Complete Diabetes Supplies, there should be at least $4 in commission each sale. Nevertheless, if your referral makes a greater purchase, you will undoubtedly earn more.


URL: Complete Diabetes Supply affiliate program
6% commission
Cookie lifespan: TBD

9. Diabetic Diet To Go:

A company that delivers meals is called Diabetic Diet To Go. In order to make meals in USDA certified kitchen, they collaborated with renowned chefs. That offers clients nutrient-balanced, fresh, delectable food with minimal calories, which aids in weight loss, supports a healthy diet, and helps individuals maintain a healthy weight.

Also, adopting a service like diabetes diet to go can enable you to make wiser dietary decisions that simply become a part of your daily routine. Impact manages their affiliate program. Each sale will bring in $40 for you. A 45-day cookie is present.

Regrettably, neither the payment schedule nor the fact that they provide any certain types of creatives is mentioned. The majority of affiliate programs do, however, offer some form of creativity. Also, the payment period is often monthly.


$40 is the commission rate for each sale. With the chance to earn higher commissions and incentives
Tracking Cookie Duration: 45 days
Expense: Monthly
Effect of the Application Procedure
Unmentioned creatives

10. Klinio:

A diabetes control app is called Klinio. It also helps with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Also, you can completely customise the software. The meal plan is created to meet your unique dietary requirements. Also, by forming these habits of eating well and exercising regularly, you can lose weight, which will aid in managing your diabetes.

192 countries presently use it, and it is accessible in 7 various languages. and is continually getting better. Each sale will earn you $10. Also, a professional account manager will be assigned to assist you with the campaign so that you can begin making money.

You will be charged net 40. This indicates that you will receive your money 40 days after earning commissions. And as soon as you reach the minimum $50 level, the commissions will be sent to you.


Commission: $10 for each sale
Tracking Cookie Lifetime: Unspecified
Deposit: Net 40
Internal application process

11. Dr. Fuhrman:

Having and maintaining sufficient diet will go a long way towards assisting you in managing your diabetes if you have the condition. Moreover, among the most renowned experts on nutrition is Dr. Fuhrman. He is regarded as the foremost authority on food-based natural healing.

He has authored several books about nutrition, including The End Of Diabetes, a New York Times best-seller. Hence, adding this affiliate programme to the health and fitness website would be a great idea.
Via his affiliate programme, he provides a 10% commission. Added to that are commission increases and performance bonuses.

He participates in Rakuten’s affiliate programme, which was previously known as Linkshare. To join Fuhrman affiliate programme, you must first apply to Rakuten. You can utilize a variety of their banner and advertisement formats on your website. The cookie lifespan is 45 days, and commission payments are made on a monthly basis.


10% commission rate
45 day tracking cookie lifespan
Expense: Monthly
Rakuten is the application process

12. Diabetic Manual:

The DiabeticManual program has anything you need to start living a life free of diabetes, including videos, a manual, a supplement, and more. The movie provides an overview of the complete program and directs you to a healthy eating plan and the precise nutritional supplements you’ll need to maintain your blood sugar naturally.

This method of changing your lifestyle to manage type II diabetes is patented. You may get 10% commission on the BodyManual goods through their affiliate program. Also, he receives a 30% commission on things sold by DiabeticManual.

Your commissions will be paid to you each month. And all you need to do to join this affiliate program is to register an account; after that, you’re ready to go.


Commission: 10% on sales of the BodyManual and 30% on sales of the Diabetes Manual
Tracking Cookie Lifetime: Unspecified
PayPal for payment
Internal application process

13. Mastering Diabetes:

As the name implies, the coaching programme Mastering Diabetes was created by some of the world’s top diabetes specialists who have been highlighted in prestigious magazines including Entrepreneur, Healthline, Forbes, KQED, Fast Business, Forks Over Knives, etc.

They provide their consumers books, videos, tutorials, self-help tools, meal plans, recipes, as well as other useful materials about diabetes. A staff is working hard to respond to inquiries from the public. All of their affiliate partners receive a 50% commission from them. The fact that commissions being paid for 6 months following the original transaction is another thing I really appreciate.

However, you should keep in mind that commission rate is 50% for digital and 40% for physical products. On both digital and physical goods, there is a second layer commission of an additional 10%.
Affiliates that are interested in boosting this diabetic affiliate product can sign up for free. The program is run internally.


Commission Rates: 40% for tangible goods, 50% for digital goods, and 10% for second-tier commission
Cookie lifetime: not specified

14. Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare

Dr Leonard's Healthcare

For many years, Dr. Leonard’s has been a well-known mail-order distributor of health and beauty items. Indeed, it’s been since 1980. Because there is no middleman, your readers will obviously benefit from lower prices.
Also, they can purchase what they need or their own personal healthcare from the convenience of their own home.

Dr. Leonard carries a variety of products to assist diabetics in managing their health conditions.
They include footwear, CBD dietary supplements, neuropathic remedies, and even a lotion for pain alleviation.
There are enough options there for the majority of affiliates to choose from when looking for products to advertise.

What do the first affiliate programs for diabetes have to offer you, then?
With all sales, you earn an 8% commission. This, given the nature of the website, will presumably come from those other coincidental (non-diabetes-focused) sales.


Web address: Dr. Leonard’s affiliate program
8% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 60 days

15. Diabetes Freedom:

Without listing at least a single product from ClickBank, no list of health-related affiliate schemes would be complete. Diabetes Freedom is the first one. It is a two-month treatment plan for Type 2 diabetes that is offered as a digital product to individuals who need it. Fundamentally, it involves adhering to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

The end result is to eliminate the fatty waste from your body and restore normal blood sugar levels. The idea is that by doing that, you can lessen how much insulin and other drugs you need to take. Thus, there is little risk associated for your readers in using this tool. But, you should always urge your audience to consult a qualified medical expert before beginning any novel diet or exercise regimen.

Because of their substantial payouts, ClickBank items frequently stand out among other diabetes affiliate schemes. Like having the potential to make $50 for each client you recommend via your affiliate links.


Web address: Diabetes Freedom affiliate programme
90% commission
Weight: 292.27
Cookie lifecycle: 60 days

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Sadly, the diabetes market is expanding. Having said that there is a potential to make excellent affiliate commissions in a rising area. But, we will point you that when using these kinds of affiliate networks, you really need to be careful about the affiliates you team up with.

There are a number of swindlers out there who are making exaggerated claims about what the products can do to aid diabetics. There’s really money to be earned here, no doubt. Just make sure you research the market well before entering it.

If so, don’t panic; everyone had to begin somewhere.  If you’re interested, you may read more about Diabetic affiliate programs principles and how to use it to generate a steady online income.

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