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15+ Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs In 2024

Affiliates in the credit card sector generate billions of dollars worth of sales through credit card affiliate networks. This niche can be a quick route toward some of the greatest commissions if you enjoy very little competition and are looking for faster, better profits.

These programs rank among the most profitable ones available. Effective credit card affiliates that promote credit cards can easily earn high five-figure monthly commissions in the community of The Affiliate Lab. Although breaking in is difficult, there is a proper technique to go about it.

A source claims that by 2022, the total amount spent on affiliate marketing is expected to surpass $8.2 billion, more than doubling compared to what this was in 2017.

Current Affiliate Marketing Techniques:

Today, affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the best and simplest ways to earn money online, drive traffic to a website, and passively build brand awareness.
It’s hassle-free because the affiliate doesn’t have to develop a product or handle customer service difficulties. It is your responsibility to advertise the product to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

Affiliate marketing will continue to exist, there is no disputing that. Therefore, now is the ideal time to sign up for a credit card affiliate program or network and begin earning commissions because both credit cards and affiliate marketing are becoming more and more popular.

How To Become An Affiliate For Credit Cards:

Despite being a competitive market, credit card promotion pays high rewards if a lead is converted after clicking on your link. This sector still has potential for fresh affiliate marketers due to the increasing demand.
Since you’re reading this article, it will assume that you currently have readers, which means

Either you have a well-established blog on a certain topic with relevant content or
You are aware of how to use paid techniques to target your audience (ads)
Finding the best credit card to market to your audience is the first step in getting started with credit card promotion.

Your readers may be fascinated by card granting frequent flier miles if you operate a travel blog. Marketing a cashback and reward credit card could be a smart move if you operate a dropshipping business. Make sure that whatever you promote can be related to your audience.

What Makes A Good Affiliate Program For Credit Cards?

There are a few things that determine whether an affiliate program is worthwhile to join or not.
Lucrative Payouts:
Commissions vary depending on the type of credit card and the target market. $25 to $100 is the norm. The Luxury Credit Card, however, has a cap of $405 per accepted lead.

There are affiliate networks that operate on a pay-per-lead basis. For instance, even if a person doesn’t qualify for the card, you will still receive a payment if they fill out a form.
Typically, commissions are paid only once. No affiliate scheme that I am aware of gives ongoing commissions on credit cards.

Lower Payment Threshold:

It is preferable to choose affiliate programs with lower payment thresholds. Even so, it should only be taken into account at first. Assume that the minimum payout requirement is $100 and that the program pays you $25 for each referral. Only once you have made $100 from 4 clients may you submit a withdrawal request.
Therefore, the lower the minimum, the sooner you can receive your funds.

Providing Marketing Tools:

The majority of credit card affiliate programs give you marketing resources and tools to make your life easier. That could consist of:

  • Swipe file emails can be sent to your lists.
  • Infographics, photos you may post on your website, and other creatures that inform your visitors about a specific credit card.
  • Various ad formats to show on your websites, blogs, etc.
  • For your audience to learn how to choose the best card for themselves, use educational resources like films or courses.

Support For Affiliates:

You will be given access to an affiliate dashboard when you are approved for the program. You may monitor all the statistics, including clicks, sign-ups, commissions earned, and the status of payouts, from that point.
Some affiliate networks give you access to an affiliate manager who may advise you on which cards to promote based on your target market and the best marketing strategies.

Longer Cookie Duration:

A cookie is released when a potential customer clicks on your link to go to a credit card website. You will receive a payment if they return later on inside the cookie period as well as make a purchase even though they did not do it on the same day.

The affiliate program cookie lifespan might be anywhere from seven days to a year. There are more opportunities for you to make money the lengthier the cookie period.
Provide Credit Cards for Your Audience:

Make absolutely sure the affiliate program provides credit cards, which should appeal to a wide spectrum of customers and, most importantly, should pique the curiosity of website visitors.
Thousands of credit cards are awaiting promotion. But not every card will pique the curiosity of your viewers. A card that offers frequent flier miles can be combined with a travel blog. Aim to promote things that the audience can relate to.

Starting with the appropriate network is what users consider to be most crucial. Let’s examine 15 of the best credit card affiliates in this article. You will discover what makes each one unique, how they may help you, and get an overview of their policies and services.

Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of top 15 best credit card affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. FlexOffers
  4. Capital Bank
  5. Experian
  6. TransUnion
  7. Credit Karma Affiliate Program
  8. CommissionSoup
  9. Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program
  10. Credit Assistance Network
  11. American Express Affiliate Program
  12. Credit Repair
  13. Chase Affiliate Program
  14. Capital One Affiliate Program
  15. M1 Affiliate Program

1. FlexOffers:

A sizable network, FlexOffers has over 12,000 active advertisers. This is a market for premium credit cards. With affiliate credit card programs, they specialize. Currently, they have more than 500 affiliate networks just for financial services.

The majority of many other credit card companies as well as AMEX and Visa associate offers have previously been accessible here. One of the greatest credit card affiliate networks, FlexOffers has been praised for its diversity alone.
You have an additional way to make money with their FlexRev-$hare program thanks to second-tier commissions. You may receive quite so much about 50% of the money that new publishers make.


Strengths: Credit card as well as other financial affiliate offerings.
Commission: $16–$400 or more for each conversion.
Duration: The software determines the cookie duration on its own. 10-15 to 45 days
Methods of payment: check, bank wire, and direct deposit
A $100 down payment is required.
Programs available: CPA and CPS


CJ provides access to a number of the biggest companies in the world for publications that are involved in credit card programs. Major stores like Overstock, Lowe’s, and Zappos, in combination with credit card affiliate programs, all have offers posted here.

Although the network doesn’t concentrate on credit card programs, the dashboard makes it simple to browse by advertiser type. Finding an affiliate program for credit card publishers won’t be difficult. An affiliate network with over 20 years of experience is Commission Junction.

More than a single affiliate program from the list below is run solely through this network. Additionally provided here is the $200 Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card, which offers completed applications.


Strength: Affiliate offers for credit cards, loans, and guidance
Commission: Depending on the offer, between $1 and 140
Cookie: Variable based on the offer. Offers No-cookie tracking
Payment options: Payoneer, FedEx Checks, Checks, and Direct Deposit
A $50 down payment is required.
Offerings include CPA, CPL, CPS, per-call payment



The affiliate and reseller programs run by are centered on credit card offers and personal finance. Publishers have a variety of options, including credit cards, personal loans, and even financial advisory services. They are a well-known provider of credit cards.

The biggest credit card issuers in the world, such as Mastercard, American Express, as well as Chase, have all recruited affiliate marketers to work for them.

Through a unique platform, they provide help for publishers. We have access to sophisticated account management features, tracking tools with personalized notifications, and training resources that can assist you to project greater competence on the site. We also appreciated their well-known Visa credit card a lot.


Strength: Affiliate offers for credit cards and financing.
Commission: Determined by each advertiser.
Cookie: Created by each advertiser.
Payment options: check, bank wire, and direct deposit
A $100 down payment is required.
Programs available: CPA and CPS

4. Capital Bank:


Capital Bank provides the protected credit card known as OpenSky. The affiliate program with this credit card is accessible on a multitude of systems, such as the network that we have already discussed, despite the fact that Capital Bank does not operate its own network. The card’s program is simple to understand. For every account which is opened and funded, publishers are paid a flat commission of $25.

Among the best programs for those new to the credit card industry may result from this reward structure. USAA card is accessible to almost everyone in the US, which increases the likelihood of conversion. This card is accessible to people with bad credit or even no credit at all.


A secured credit card is a strength.
Commission: $25 for every funded account.
30 days for cookies.
Payment options: Determined by the advertiser.
The minimum payment is determined by the advertiser.
Programs available: Low CPS

5. Experian:

Experian is a well-known supplier of credit offers and financial reports. Their offerings include specialized credit card offers, personal finance, debt management programs, credit reports, car loans, and personal loans. The CJ Affiliate network is presently home to the Experian credit card program.

Experian’s credit scores as well as reports can be a useful resource for publishers with financial websites and their audience. It can be a wonderful complement to other financial services-related information.

With this scheme, each referred customer earns a variable percentage. This may be one of the finest affiliate programs for you if you’ve established the trust necessary to steer your traffic toward a variety of services and card offers.


Strength: Loan and credit card options.
Earn a commission of approximately 20% of the money your users make.
45 days for a cookie.
Payment options: wire transfer, check, and direct deposit.
Depending on the promotion, there may be a minimum payment requirement.
Programs available: CPS

6. TransUnion:


Customers can choose from a range of credit protection agencies from Transunion, including fast security warnings, credit protection, and credit reports. Therefore, this is ideal for anyone who needs to improve their credit score. You can drive your traffic towards either the free trials or the purchased financial goods via the affiliate program. There are also numerous credit card deals accessible.

As a customer transitions from testing out such a service to subscribing, you might be able to receive both the trials as well as the purchase commissions for specific offerings. Publishers are provided with personalized tracking tools to control their involvement in the affiliate program. A fantastic selection of pre-generated content and marketing materials also gives them power.


Strength: Credit card offers and financial guidance.
Commission: $20 for a $1 seven-day trial, $45 for a purchased item.
45 days for a cookie.
Wire/Direct Deposit as payment methods.
Depending on the promotion, there may be a minimum payment requirement.
Programs available: Fixed CPA/CPS

7. Credit Karma Affiliate Program:

A credit monitoring system called credit Karma gives users a comprehensive snapshot of their financial situation. The platform doesn’t market or sell goods. Instead, it offers suggestions and guidance regarding services from third parties. Each individual you refer who establishes the Credit Karma account receives a flat commission through the affiliate program (accessible on CJ).

The affiliate program’s commission rate has been set at $.25 for each signup, however, if there is a lot of volumes, it is feasible to generate considerable returns. The beneficial, free features have a great chance of converting users. Publishers are given resources, tracking tools, as well as a weekly newsletter that focuses on the areas and strategies that other publishers have found to be successful.


Strength: Reports and credit scoring.
Commission: $0.25 for each signup.
45 days for a cookie.
Payment options: depending on the network. Multiple networks have hosted CreditKarma.
Minimum payment: Depending on the network.
Programs available: CPA

8. CommissionSoup:


One of the biggest CPA networks, CommissionSoup, offers a number of the most well-known credit card schemes online. Because it has some of the top credit programs, it is regarded by some as the highest credit card affiliate program.

With 18 years under its belt, the network has earned the respect of a number of the greatest brands in the credit card industry. It has promotions for credit cards from numerous well-known companies, such as AMEX, Visa Credit, Mastercard, and Credit One.

Numerous other affiliate programs are available to publishers. If after joining you want to try something different from credit card affiliate offers, this can provide you with some diversity. Publishers can also use some exclusive tracking software and marketing materials.


Strengths: Finance and credit cards.
Commission: depending on the deal, $10-$40.
30 days for cookies
Methods of payment: check
A $100 down payment is required.
Programs available: CPA

9. Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program:

Although Bankrate Credit Cards is really a credit card network by itself, it also oversees affiliate credit card programs for some of its own competitors. On this network, credit card affiliate programs are accessible from AMEX, Capital One, Chase, and Discover.

Publishers have access to more than 300 different offers linked to credit cards and financial counseling through the Bankrate credit cards. Numerous of these affiliate offers include special conditions and compensation arrangements of their own.

A specialized account person supports each affiliate in the network. Additionally, they receive some beneficial tools for monitoring and evaluating performance.


Strengths: Credit cards with major banks.
Commission: Up to $200 for each signup, 40%+ Rev-Share.
Cookie: thirty days
ACH and check as payment options.
Each promotion has a different minimum payment amount.
Programs available: CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL

10. Credit Assistance Network:

Credit Assistance Network would be a program that focuses on credit improvement. On the more extensive ShareASale Network, the products are available, including secured credit cards.

The hosted offers also contain instructional materials and consulting services as well as credit cards. On this network, sites that are geared towards establishing credit and addressing issues like bankruptcies, liens, or ID theft may fare well.

A wide variety of banners and other creative assets are available to publishers, all of which can be altered upon request. Financial advisors and mortgage brokers have access to extra client tracking tools.


Secured credit cards are a strength.
Commission: $95 per sale, $1.25 for each lead.
Cookie: a year.
Payment options: depending on the network. This program is not housed on a network of its own.
Minimum payment: Depending on the network.
Programs available: CPA and CPS

11. American Express Affiliate Program:

One of the biggest affiliate programs for direct credit cards in the world is the AMEX referral program. You will collaborate closely with the American Express card network and encourage both individual and business signups.
Both the United States and Canada offer the program. The program is currently being expanded in Canada, which has resulted in higher prices for some products.

Well-designed resources, such as example code, APIs, or technical support, are available to publishers. American Express offers official help seven days a week. Customers can be pointed to that assistance so they will never need to get in touch with you.


Strengths: One credit card for the affiliate program.
Commission: Up to $200 per lead.
7 days for cookies.
Direct Deposit is a payment method.
Minimum payment: Depending on the network.
Programs available: CPS

12. Credit Repair:


All different kinds of credit restoration services are primarily provided by the credit repair industry. The website provides instructions, educational materials, and reviews of crests. Additionally, it links users to loan and credit card offers that are tailored to particular credit scores.

The corresponding affiliate program pays you for any goods a visitor buys after coming from your website to Additionally, we have received credit for any phone sales which result from users clicking on our site.

Since the cookies for such services are valid for a year, you have plenty of time to gradually persuade someone to convert. A library of text links and banner advertisements is already available to support publishers.


Fixing credit is a strength.
Commission: $70 for each funded customer, or customer who makes a deposit into the card’s account.
Cookie: a year.
Direct Deposit is a payment method.
Programs available: CPA

13. Chase Affiliate Program:

Chase Affiliate Program

According to Shift, Chase had the special distinction of being issued the most credit cards, with a staggering 93 million cards in use as of 2021.

Chase provides a variety of credit cards. Choose your favorites or advertise all available credit card options. Depending on your credit card, you may receive different incentives for recommendations. Therefore, you receive $100 cashback if someone buys Chase Freedom Credit Card from you.

Additionally, you have the choice to advertise credit cards with hotel, airline, or even Disney themes in exchange for bonuses, miles, or awards as the situation demands. Another choice is to offer businesses the chance to sign up for their credit cards in exchange for the chance to earn a maximum of 100,000 points annually.


Software and Network: Bankrate Credit Cards.
Cookie lifetime: Not specified
Markets: Worldwide

14. Capital One Affiliate Program:

Capital One

One business that does not wish to be restricted to the financial services industry is Capital One. A short look at their website reveals that they provide a variety of additional services that may serve as an additional draw for customers.

Keep in mind that in order to benefit from their promotions, you must already be an active Capital One credit card customer. To be eligible for the program, you must also have one of the following credit cards: QuicksilverOne, Quicksilver, SavorOne, Savor, Platinum, VentureOne, Venture, or Secured Mastercard.
There is a preliminary step for signing up, registering, and signing up. Following approval, you’ll receive a unique referral link that you can use for marketing.


Network / Software: FlexOffers, Bankrate Credit Cards.
Cookie duration: 30 days, not specified (Bankrate Credit Cards) (FlexOffers).
Markets: Worldwide

15. M1 Affiliate Program:

M1 Affiliate Program

The majority of the information you want as an affiliate marketer is laid out plainly and honestly on M1, one of the only credit card affiliate programs on this list, on their website. You won’t have to do much research regarding this one, but signing up and getting approved is necessary to learn more about how much money you’ll actually make.

M1 is a company that specializes in wealth management and building using automation. Mobile users, also have an additional app known as The Finance Super App. M1 offers opportunities for borrowing against investments as well as for making investments. The M1 as well as M1 Plus credit card, as well as the special Owner’s Rewards Program cards for investors, are their three credit card alternatives, each having a separate set of admission requirements and advantages.


Commission: $70.00 Qualified Funding; $50.00 Initial Funding (Impact); $25.00 Account Creation; $70.00 Credit Card Approval (Impact)
Duration of cookies: 30 days
US markets

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Your affiliate commissions have been probably dispersed across a ton of different platforms if you own a website that is monetized through affiliate marketing. Due to this, it is challenging to efficiently test various products and programs, have an overview of what is effective, and even tailor your material for conversion.
An affiliate was created to address this. It enables you to centralize all of your affiliate information (commissions, clicks, and content analytics) in order to increase conversion and revenue.

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