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10+ Best DIY Affiliate Programs In 2024

For bloggers looking to supplement their income, affiliate networks are fantastic. You are paid a percentage when you join the program, include the links, and make sales using your links. So, do you want to make money by advertising goods that appeal to a broad audience? It would be best if you look no further than DIY affiliate programs.

In 2023, the market for materials for arts and crafts was estimated to be worth a staggering $39 billion. With a compound annual growth rate above 8%, the amount is predicted to increase to $62.5 billion by 2027. You may be seeking ways to monetize your blog material or diversify the income streams for a content site that makes money from display advertising.

How to Choose the Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Program for Newbies

When deciding which affiliate program is the best to join, there are a few things to consider. It would be best if you considered the offerings made by each program, the markets it serves, and the caliber of the real and digital goods they offer. You should consider whether or not you want to invest time and energy in advertising these items on your website and social media. When choosing the finest affiliate network for those just starting, simplicity of use is another factor to consider.

Best DIY Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of the top 10 DIY affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Cricut affiliate program
  3. CreateForLess
  4. Scrapbook
  5. CreativeLive
  6. AliExpress
  7. Darn Good Yarn
  8. Michaels
  9. Creativebug
  10. Etsy

1. Amazon Associates:

For many affiliate sites, Amazon is their main source of revenue. These websites are so well-liked that brokerage firms like Flippa and Empire Flippers have a whole category dedicated to Amazon affiliate websites. Amazon is well-liked, simple to use, and profitable for a sizable number of specialty sites.

Nonetheless, they have a record of being about as transparent as mud concerning their policies. They are sometimes challenging to comprehend and manage as an internet business.

Amazon is not an affiliate network; it is an online retailer. The majority of the other programs on this list are affiliate networks, where the network only oversees your interaction with the real business providing the affiliate offer. Despite the program’s popularity, you might be interested in the advantages of using it for your company.

2. Cricut Affiliate Program:

For DIY crafts, including cutting out graphics and designs, Cricut is a craft business that offers cutting machines. Cardstock, iron-on material, do-it-yourself projects, and every other craft you can think of are all made using them.

Bloggers that write about crafts, parenting, scrapbooking, home décor, or have readers interested in DIY projects will all benefit greatly from our affiliate program.

In exchange for recommending Cricut’s goods to your audience, you may make money through their affiliate program. Joining and making money through this program is straightforward, and you can start immediately!

A great chance for affiliates to increase their affiliate profits is provided by the average Cricut sale, which exceeds $180. In addition, Cricut is among its network’s top 3 power-ranking affiliate programs, making it one of the finest converting programs and a fantastic choice if the items are a good fit for your target market.

3. CreateForLess Affiliate Programs:

Brand-name crafting materials are available at CreateForLess at deep discounts and in large quantities. The business is a favorite among designers, professors, and experts in the crafts industry since its costs are often 30% to 50% less than those found at normal retail locations.

More than 70,000 items, including tools for sewing, scrapbooking, and crafts, are available on the CreateForLess website. For orders of $100 or more, the firm offers free delivery.

ShareASale, one of the top affiliate networks for DIY affiliate programs, is where you may locate this program. It offers a lengthy 45-day cookie period and pays a 10% commission on all orders. To the top-performing affiliates, further promotional incentives are given.

Product data feed, exclusive offers, banners, and text links are just a few of the marketing tools that CreateForLess provides to promote products and generate leads. It is also delighted to work with affiliates on unique promotions.

4. Scrapbook Affiliate Program:

Cardmaking, stamping, and scrapbooking supplies may be purchased online at Scrapbook. Many of the 50,000+ goods it carries are only accessible through the Scrapbook website, and it ships to over 100 countries. A 60-day money-back promise is offered on all purchases.

Become a ShareASale affiliate network member and join the program for Scrapbook. It comes with a 30-day cookie lifespan and offers a base commission rate of 10%, with some goods bringing that up to 20%.

The average price of an order, EPC, and conversion rate for the past 30 days on ShareASale are $58.10, $39.47, and 10.59%, respectively. Scrapbook’s affiliate partners use a unique email and invitations to a special Facebook Group to inform them in advance of forthcoming deals.

Together with monthly competitions, freebies, and bonus possibilities, the website conducts weekly promotions. Affiliate managers with years of experience are on hand to offer advice and identify marketing possibilities.

5. CreativeLive Affiliate Program:

Online courses on various creative pursuits are available through CreativeLive, including photography, crafts, and the arts and design. Several thousand individuals attend its free live sessions, while millions of students, artists, as well as professionals have benefited from its paid courses in learning new skills.

CreativeLive offers access to 2,000 programs taught by professionals in various disciplines for less than $13 per month, with new classes being added on a regular basis. All course materials are accessible 24/7 on PC, mobile, and TV and may be downloaded for offline viewing.

Participate in the ShareASale affiliate network’s affiliate program for CreativeLive. A 30% commission is paid for subscriptions, and the program has a 30-day cookie lifespan. Recognize that commissions are only given out on purchases made by brand-new clients.

A $50 minimum monthly barrier for commission payments is payable in US dollars. Around a month after the original sale, on the 22nd, you may receive your proceeds through cheque or direct transfer. Online education, photography, crafts, music, businesses, and training tools are some of the categories in which CreativeLive wants to collaborate with affiliates.

It provides various text links and banners, specialized affiliate management, and affiliate newsletters with special offers, program updates, competitions, and incentive possibilities.

6. AliExpress:

One of the most well-known marketplaces worldwide, not just for customers but also for companies, is AliExpress. Business owners may build profitable firms selling goods in various industries using AliExpress. Most crucially, these business owners don’t have to handle or store any of the merchandise themselves, thanks to an app called Oberlo.

An enormous assortment of goods is available on AliExpress from all around the world. You have the option of buying things in bulk or one at a time. You frequently get competitive rates on AliExpress because most of its vendors are foreign producers. For businesses that wish to carry enormous quantities of merchandise, there is also Alibaba.

When clients wish to purchase brand-new items reasonably priced, AliExpress might be an excellent substitute for online stores like Amazon and eBay. Everything from women’s jewelry and apparel to gadgets and home decor is available.

AliExpress is a great site for entrepreneurs to find products they wish to sell online. The best option for dropship, which is the practice of selling goods when a 3rd person handles order fulfillment, is You may locate millions of goods that you can export on AliExpress for your eCommerce store using Oberlo for Shopify.

7. Darn Good Yarn:

Online retailer Darn Good Yarn offers recycled and environmentally friendly yarns, fabrics, and apparel. It encourages fair trade practices, environmental sustainability, and women’s economic empowerment while operating a business. While overseas purchases may take longer, the company tries to ship all US orders in one working day.

Before registering for the Darn Good Yarn affiliate program, you must create an account on the ShareASale affiliate network. With a substantial 20% commission per sale and a lengthy 60-day conversion window, you’ll start earning money as soon as you’re accepted.

ShareASale’s 30-day statistics show that the program has a good 10% exchange rate, an EPC of $36.05, and an average order value of $77.64.

Darn Good Yarn provides various affiliate marketing tools, such as creatives, a powerful data feed, frequent discounts and discounts, and affiliate newsletters with the most recent information on products and promotions.

8. Michaels:

Being the biggest specialty retailer of arts and crafts in North America, Michaels provides supplies for various DIY projects involving framing, scrapbooking, floral design, and arts and crafts. Michaels presently provides free ground delivery on purchases of $39 or more.

On the CJ Affiliate network, look for the retailer’s affiliate program. CJ mentions a one-day cookie window and a 2% profit rate, while the Michaels website states that advocates, writers, and producers can receive up to 10% commissions. The program has a three-month EPC of $14.13, claims CJ Affiliate.

The business offers the highest associates an incentive program and new affiliates who start producing sales a $100 registration bonus. Michaels affiliate partners get access to paid advertising spots and performance optimization help, especially during busy times like the rear, Black Friday, and the holidays.

The business also provides these services with text and ad links, an item stream, and an email newsletter with the most recent specials.

9. Creativebug:

A website that offers arts and crafts lessons is called Creativebug. It was founded in 2012 and offered over 1000 courses on various DIY subjects. For a single monthly cost, it is a membership service that unlocks everything. The average program quality is really good since skilled artisans instruct courses.

Also, you may download and preserve many kinds of patterns, designs, and even recipes! Similarly to other virtual education sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and Domestika, Creativebug operates similarly. The only thing left is to choose a course you want to take and get started. Each lesson in a class covers a particular subtopic and set of assignments.

The monthly cost of the basic Creativebug “Unlimited” membership is $7.95, while the monthly cost of the “Unrestricted Plus” plan is $9.95. Also, you’ll receive a 40% discount if you pay yearly. The “Unlimited” plan’s lower price is often the most cost-effective option.

Discount at JOANN and the option to continue with one monthly lesson are the only extra perks of the more costly plan. One lesson is a little, and unless you purchase at JOANN frequently, it’s unlikely that you’ll get your money’s worth.

10. Etsy:

Etsy is an online platform for goods to be bought and sold, comparable to eBay and Amazon Marketplace. It was founded in 2005, and in 2015 it went public. It is distinctive in that proprietors can only offer handcrafted products and antique things.

Although starting and running an Etsy shop might bring in a lot of money, some have better choices. This is because managing an Etsy business requires much effort and tenacity. Before launching a store on the website, a person in business should confirm that it is the appropriate platform for their business.

Etsy is a huge marketplace with 82 million active users, making it a great location to sell handcrafted and antique goods. Customers visit Etsy in search of certain handmade goods, so company owners already have a clientele. The prospect of attracting clients through search traffic on the homepage or from related pages exists when items are listed on the website.

Opening an Etsy shop is incredibly easy; one can start selling their things there in just a few short minutes. The platform provides a step-by-step instruction manual that details how to start and operate a company. The good thing is that opening a simple shop on Etsy is free.

Premium services come at an extra cost but are optional for someone just starting as an Etsy seller. The Seller Guide on the site is helpful since it answers many often-asked issues about selling, including legal details and guidance on taxes, shipping, and financing.

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Final Thoughts:

This concludes our discussion of the DIY affiliate program. Now that you know how these programs differ from one another and how to apply for affiliate programs, you can decide which programs best meet your company objectives and preferred niche. Most affiliate site owners never consider how they might diversify their affiliate revenue outside of the network they are already a part of.

By varying your affiliate offerings, you may protect your business from losing other affiliate revenue. You give potential purchasers a more valuable business, which may command a higher sales price once you generate a respectable quantity of traffic and money across many affiliate offerings.

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