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10+ Best Christian Affiliate Programs In 2024

Do you genuinely know what Christian affiliate programs are? And how does it operate? The good news is that you’ve come to the correct spot if you want to learn more about Christian affiliate programs. In this tutorial, we’ll explain what Christian affiliate programs are.

Most aspects of Christian people’s lives are dedicated to living out their religion. As a result, they engage in Christian activities such as reading Christian literature, attending Christian gatherings and purchasing Christian-themed presents for their kin.

The range of things to market is, therefore, enormous. Yet using these applications to make money is easy. Over $350 billion is generated annually by only the religious groups market. Around $1.2 trillion is spent on items in this industry, which range from Christian t-shirts to books and cosmetics.

What Exactly Is Christian Affiliate Marketing?

Christian affiliate programs provide a wide range of items tailored to the interests of online Christians as their target market. The 2.4 billion Christians in the globe who identify as Christians find these items appealing. A portion of any items sold to clients who click on your text links will be paid to you as an affiliate of these programs.

These affiliate networks are a perfect fit for Christian bloggers, faith-based news websites, or monetized websites that cater to parents, private schools, churches, and other Christian-related organizations.

Best Christian Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of the top 10 Best Christian affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Mozaico affiliate program
  2. DaySpring affiliate program
  3. eHarmony affiliate program
  4. Christian Source affiliate program
  5. PureFlix affiliate program
  6. S&S Worldwide affiliate program
  7. Judaica WebStore affiliate program
  8. Bein Harim Tours affiliate
  9. Fontanini Store affiliate program
  10. Ivy Robes affiliate program

1. Mozaico Affiliate Program:

Finding the ideal artwork for your house can be difficult. You desire an item that highlights the greatest features of your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and similar spaces. A mosaic with vivid colors is one choice. Mozaico is an expert in the field of art. A pattern may be shown everywhere, inside and outside your house. Mosaics produced by the firm are colorful and striking. A mosaic artisan carefully crafts each piece.

Glass and marble triangular shapes are hand-cut and used to create the mosaics. The craftspeople use time-honored methods from three thousand years ago. The business specializes in wall coverings, bath and pool layouts, ornamental worktops, floor art, and accents.

A lifelong warranty covers every mosaic, and the firm ensures that your work of art was created by a professional and satisfies high criteria. You may purchase a mosaic from Mozaico anywhere because they provide free shipping everywhere. A frame may also be used to enhance your artwork.

It offers mosaics, including floral patterns, geometric abstractions, landscapes, seascapes, and copies of Paintings. You may also create a mosaic of your design.

2. DaySpring Affiliate Program:

The biggest publisher and marketer of Christian greeting cards, RaySpring is a top seller of Christian jewelry, home goods, and other items. With a strong brand presence in Christian and mainstream retail establishments throughout the United States, they specialize in the Christian faith-based and family-friendly markets.

They collaborate with members of the DaySpring Affiliate Program to advertise their products. A large number of affiliates promote DaySpring items on their blogs or social media pages. Affiliates get a unique link to the website; if someone buys something using this link, the affiliate is paid a commission.

Business plans for the DaySpring Affiliate Program, the goods, and the program’s existence are evaluated against a higher bar. DaySpring is dedicated to providing individuals with new, authentic, and motivating means of experiencing and spreading God’s love.

The ideal conceived in that coffee house more than 50 years ago will have been realized if people feel and share the message of God’s love. If everything has the DaySpring label, you can trust the message on everything from greeting cards, novels, and Bibles to calendars, articles, and coffee mugs.

3. eHarmony Affiliate Program:eHarmony

You may recruit new members for eHarmony and make money through the eHarmony affiliate program by selling the dating site and running advertisements for it. eHarmony is the first company in the online dating sector to employ science to pair extremely similar individuals.

In order to match couples, EHarmony uses its 29-DIMENSIONS model, which considers compatibility traits seen in many happy marriages. The eHarmony Compatibility Matching System pairs for enduring and satisfying partnerships based on 29 Aspects of Temperament.

Also, if someone has heard of the dating site, it is much simpler to persuade them to divulge their details. Christian users use their resources effectively since thousands of other Christians already use the website. With eHarmony, you receive 20% to 50% of the monthly or inter-plan fees that your referrals pay.

4. PureFlix Affiliate Program:

With various Christian-friendly programs, PureFlix is one of the numerous streaming services that seek to appeal to the religious and family demographic. This company may appeal to people searching for faith-based television programs and movies because of its reputation for creating movies like Unplanned.

Yet, Pure Flix doesn’t just concentrate on Religious themes. It also features other entertaining programs and films, such as comedies, dramas, documentaries, oldies, and kid-friendly fare. And we’ll be looking closely at all this streaming video service has to offer in this Pure Flix review.

David R. White, an actor and playwright is where Pure Flix’s narrative starts. In collaboration with fellow actor and Christian Russell Wolfe, who is famous for his role as Reverend Dave in the God’s Not Dead movie series, White founded Pure Flix Productions, a film production and distribution business.

The organization, which has since changed its name to Pinnacle Peak Pictures, was in charge of making and releasing many Christian movies. It also launched its live streams, Pure Flix, to make them available to a wide public.

5. S&S Worldwide Affiliate Program:

S&S Worldwide is a family-run company that has survived two world wars, the Cold War, as well as several downturns. Yet, they are still there and continue to offer educational merchandise, art and craft supplies, sporting goods, instructional materials, games, party supplies, and novelty items to children, families, and schools. Seeing them highlight goods geared for maker space or STEM audiences is encouraging.

Your visitors will discover all the arts and crafts products, games, party supplies, and novelty items they could need because they also offer a department specifically for Christians. There is something for everyone at the S&S Global online store, which offers close to 10,000 different goods. The figures show that they profess to have an average purchase value of $120 and that their commission rate is 7%.

In other words, you will receive an average of $8.54 for each referral who makes a purchase. For every 100 eligible visitors you deliver to their website, you’ll make closer to $178 on average. Despite their affiliate manager’s willingness to barter with top-performing affiliates, the 14-day cookie is nasty.

6. Judaica WebStore Affiliate Program:

If you’re contemplating whether to advertise the Judaica WebStore affiliate program, each affiliate program has its unique campaign regulations that you should take into account. As every business has a distinct target market, the first step is verifying the list of nations the Judaica WebStore affiliate network accepts. Judaica WebStore’s list of accepted traffic sources will reveal what platforms you may use for marketing your company, which is the second piece of information to look for.

One statement needs to describe the Judaica WebStore adequately. This is because they carry, market, and represent the finest wines, foods, home furnishings, cosmetics, and other products Israel offers. But they also provide a wide selection of Judaica and some of the best pieces of art created by renowned Israeli painters.

According to the traffic you are sending their way, you may use affiliate links to either categories or specific goods out of the 20,000 products they sell overall. Every sale you suggest generates a 10% commission so that you may earn $13. Most affiliates will scroll over this section, but you should be concerned with their EPC and “Power Rank” score.

7. Bein Harim Tours Affiliate:

Christians have devoted themselves to Israel and the surrounding areas for millennia. So, the Bein Harim Tours staff is worth contacting if you have the requirement to explore Israel. The nation’s most significant historical and religious locations, including Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Sea of Galilee, may be seen on private or organized group trips by these companies. Other significant sites you might visit include Masada, Bethlehem, and even the Jordanian site of Petra.

You are in good hands, from booking with Bein Harim Tours to arriving in the country since they are a travel agency with a government license. A solid commission structure will be included in almost all travel affiliate programs.

8. Fontanini Store Affiliate Program:

You may purchase various goods from the Fontanini Shop, including ceramics, dioramas, and figures with Christian themes. The company’s in-house painters individually handcrafted and hand-paint each item they offer. They are also available in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of functions. Up to 10 percent of the sale’s commission might go to the affiliate. Also, they are eligible for special offers and discounts.

At the Fontanini Shop, the typical order is worth about $150. An average deal would cost you $15. Your commission profits will be $600 if you sell a 50-inch figure. Selling more expensive goods will increase your earnings, but even a little transaction can bring in a respectable sum.

With a wide range of product prices from $6 to $6000+, your audience can locate something that fits their budget thanks to their extensive inventory. You may get 10% off each sale you refer to Fontanini items. The average order for the business is $150. Therefore you’ll get $15 for each regular transaction.

9. Ivy Robes Affiliate Program:

Since 2003, Ivy Robes has sold clothing and accessories for churches. They have everything from priest apparel and church supplies to baptism attire and choir robes. Blogs about church music and art will benefit greatly from our affiliate scheme. The best part about Ivy Robes is that they ship internationally and serve the American market. Ivy Robes is a successful affiliate program for you if your audience extends outside the borders of the U.S.

It provides affiliates with a good 7% commission for any profitable sales. Also, you may get products at fantastic prices and with discounts. Hence, you must join the Ivy Robe affiliate network if you have global Christian audiences or audiences interested in Christian clothes.

The average order value is fairly large, $200, even though the commission fee is 7% for each transaction. This means that each sale will bring in approximately $14 for you. A 30-day cookie length is also included, and the EPC is $81.67.

10. Christian Scholars Affiliate Program:

Christian Scholars Review

Christian Scholar’s Review, founded in 1970, is a forum for dialogue among Christians who feel called to academic careers. Its main goal is to publish participant literature and research from many academic fields that improve the integration of faith and learning and foster a more comprehensive and integrated knowledge of creation, culture, vocation, and the duties of individuals whom God has created.

Moreover, it offers a venue for debating theoretical and pedagogical concerns about Christian higher ed. In order to further the work of Christian academic circles and improve understanding of other religions, it accepts contributions from Christian academics of all historical traditions as well as from anyone sympathetic to the vocation of spiritually informed study.

Except for what is allowed as “fair use” under Sections 107 and 108 of the U.S. Property Law, only academics, religious instructors, and classroom teachers are entitled to duplicate items from the Christian Scholar’s Review for non-profit educational purposes.

It is acceptable to distribute copies of individual articles or reviews in class, include them in course packets, or place them on reserve at the library as long as the final user is not charged anything in addition to the actual cost of copying so each copy contains a complete citation of the origin. This regulation additionally pertains to softcopy that is put in e-reserve or online class administration solutions, given that only course participants can access them.

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Final Thoughts:

There is no immorality in earning money ethically if you are a Christian. Christian affiliate marketing is only a means of assisting your target market in finding the goods they want to purchase. You may make money while going through this procedure. Yet, if you can attract churches and leaders as readers, you might be able to take advantage of the daily large-scale bulk orders placed by churches. Yet knowing where to begin is only one component of affiliate marketing success. You need guidance from professionals who have worked in the ditches if you want to grasp this internet business.

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