15+ Best In-Text Ad Networks In 2024

Are you a blogger of a website or blog? Do you want to make big money from your devoted followers? Without any doubt, that is doable.

You must be familiar with the in-text advertising network. If not, there’s no need to stress because this article on in-text advertising will provide you with all the knowledge you need.

We will define in-text advertising precisely and discuss why it is essential for the revenue generation of your website. Additionally, we will advise you on which in-text advertising networks are suitable for your content.

What is In-text Advertising?

In other words, As the title indicates, in-text advertisements are those that you can place anywhere in the body of your blog or website’s content.

Usually, links are used to embed these advertisements in your page’s text. A visitor automatically goes on the advertiser’s page or website when he hovers over or clicks on one of these words and may then make purchases. You earn a profit in exchange.

How Does It Help The Publishers?

Publishers and bloggers benefit greatly from in-text advertising. Here are a few of those advantages:

1. Maximum Use Of Available Space:

The space on your site can then be used to display other kinds of display or banner advertisements or your pertinent material, such as other posts, photographs, or videos, as we just mentioned that these ads are embedded in your existing text. To create something extremely valuable with the leftover space on your page.

2. Enhance User Experience:

In-text advertisements are very relevant and easy to use. Additionally, they are intent-based, which means that they are only displayed when a user chooses to click on those links. As a result, they help you generate income from your excellent work without detracting from the overall experience of your priceless visitors.

3. Targeting A Large Audience

The in-text advertisements are really pertinent to your content. Their compatibility with your content is up to 100%. The text of your website is used to select the words that provide ad connections.

As a result, the target demographic for the adverts is the same one that frequently visits your website. Through the pertinent adverts that are based on their interests, you can reach them there directly.

4. Easy to Integrate:

Adding in-text ads to your website is usually very simple. Simply create your own links, attach them to the appropriate terms, and begin earning. Code integration is typically quite simple and rapid.

Best In-text Advertising Networks In 2024:

Here is a list of the Best In-Text Ad Networks that bloggers and publishers can sign up for in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Infolinks
  2. Skimlinks
  3. Sovrn
  4. LinkWorth
  5. Magenet
  6. Vibrant Media
  7. Adsterra 
  8. CPMlink
  10. Viglink
  11. BeContext
  12. KONTERA (Now Amobee) 
  13. TNX
  14. Link-Earn
  15. Kontextua

1. Infolinks:


When it comes to in-text advertisements, Infolinks offers a better approach that actually enables you to monetize your content. Their contextual ad unit effectively analyses your website’s content and matches the most pertinent advertising to the most popular keywords. The advertising can also be altered in terms of color, quantity, and a variety of other features.

This network’s high-quality, intent-based advertising is its strongest feature. As a result, the advertisements are only visible when the user really hovers over the highlighted text. As a result, it allows you to target your visitor’s intent with effective smart adverts.

The method is quite simple, and the advertising is simple to integrate into your website or blog. You merely need to sign up for a free account, paste the fast code that is simple to place, and begin receiving payments. They also provide a good referral incentive.

Simply invite your friends using your unique link, and if they successfully sign up, you’ll receive 10% of their earnings. Customers may get live service from them around-the-clock, and they can also access video lessons for more help. In general, Infolinks is a reputable and trustworthy network to monetize your material.

2. Skimlinks:


With over 60000 Publishers worldwide and daily revenue of $2.5 million, Skimlinks is recognized as the largest commerce content monetization platform in the world. The seamless integration offered by this platform is its best feature.

When a visitor clicks on a link to a product or customer and completes a successful purchase, Skimlinks scripts automatically convert those links into affiliate links that generate cash.

Once you get going, signing up is simple and hassle-free. Through their solutions, such as their shopping galleries and price comparison app, they offer further assistance and enable publishers to see income increases of up to 300%.

The only issue we have with this network is that it is no longer compatible with Amazon. Other than that, it operates smoothly without degrading the effectiveness of your current ad networks.

The simplicity of use is Skimlinks’ best feature. All you need to do is add links to your blog. The comprehensive statistics this network provides, which include information about your earnings, is another element we truly appreciate.

The amount of hits your links have so far resulted in, the top pages that bring you the most traffic, all the information about your Merchants, etc. Using the interface is simple as well. Their referral programme offers you the opportunity to earn additional money.

3. Sovrn:


Sovrn is renowned for offering outstanding advertising solutions to Publishers in all industries. By providing an affiliate earning method with in-text advertising, it has been assisting many Publishers in generating better earnings.

Through the sales generated by their affiliate links, you can make extremely good money. Currently, more than 300,000 Publishers choose it.

The substantial revenue stream that Sovrn produces is advantageous to both the publisher and the reader. It offers Richmond automated link monetization. Simply copy and paste a code to begin generating income from your current product links.

They provide you with total control over the links that are generated. This network has the advantage of making it simple for you to generate and post revenue-generating links without the need for JavaScript.

4. LinkWorth:

link worth

LinkWorth is the greatest option for you if you want to monetize the current unique text of your website or blog without having to add any extra words or tags. In the form of link-in text, LinkWorth offers a distinctive remedy for in-text advertisements.

Actually, the marketers on this platform rent particular keywords that are already included in the content of a website and receive a hyperlink pointing back to their website.

In this manner, as opposed to the footer or sidebar, the link is integrated into the already existing content. So you won’t have to create pointless words in order to properly monetize your content.

One of the biggest marketing portals, LinkWorth, offers Publishers the most cutting-edge options in a much more effective way.

5. Magenet:


Another excellent and trustworthy ad agency that was founded in 2007 and has been collaborating with more than 87,000 publishers is Magenet.

It offers a useful method for quickly and nearly painlessly monetizing your website or blog. Their contextual advertisements are well renowned. And this is the aspect of this network that we really admire. Starting is quite simple, and you see benefits very quickly.

Visitors perceive the ads as being natural-looking and well-targeted. They promise the targeted advertising will align with your content, and you will be compensated for each ad that is successfully placed.

The volume of your sales is another thing you may manage. Additionally, they provide publishers with a variety of add-ons and tools to help them receive the high-quality advertising they want for earning cash.

Magenet was designed for you if you’re seeking a platform to monetize your content and control your website completely. Just grant them access to the management interface. The remainder will be handled appropriately by them.

6. Vibrant Media: 

vibrant media

This network is renowned for its text-based, immersive, and highly visible advertisements that users find appealing without interfering with their reading. They give publishers better alternatives and control. You have the power to restrict access to specific websites, as well as to reject any adverts you deem improper for your website.

Additionally, you can control how many links or advertisements appear on each page. Additionally, you are in charge of barring specific ads with whom you do not wish to work. The ad links can also be changed.

Through online reporting, the publishers’ dashboard keeps you up to date. Their ad codes are among the lightest on the market, so your page won’t be burdened by them. Their advertising solutions perform well across all devices and displays.

7. Adsterra:


One of the most extensive selections of ad display types is provided by Adsterra Network (popunders, banners, push-ups, interstitial, etc.). With its sophisticated targeting benchmarks—Geo, OS & browser, device, vendor, mobile carrier, day partying, etc.—the Adsterra smart advertising platform reaches the correct users.

Publishers can fully monetize their traffic with Adsterra since it offers a 100% fill rate, the highest CPM in the industry, and 100% monetization of every ad impression sent to the company. Conversely, advertisers may reach their goals by running their ad campaigns on popular websites. One of the most reputable ad networks is Adsterra.

8. CPMlink:


A URL shortener named CPMlink gives users of the internet the chance to make money from their links by simply shortening and sharing them online.

CPMlink receives traffic from all over the world and provides fair pricing for the majority of the nations. Users may easily monetize links with the use of several CPMlink technologies, safe advertising, and an intuitive user interface.

CPMlink pays its members every day and has a very low minimum payout of just $1. One of the very few URL shorteners that also accepts Bitcoin as payment, in addition to Paypal or any other method, is this one.



A premium pop-under advertising network is PopAds. One of the top under-ad networks in the business is Popads.Net. It is now among the most well-known networks for pop-under advertising. This network is the best in every way, which is why it is so popular.

PopAds offers the fastest payments in the business, the highest CPM rates, incredibly quick and helpful support, flexible terms, and best of all, high-quality content-driven ads that boost click-through rates and, consequently, your earnings.

Because PopAds is a very well-known pop-under advertising network, it has a large number of advertisers all over the world, allowing it to offer high CPM rates and a 100% fill rate to its publishers.

10. Viglink:


Unlike other In-text advertising networks, Viglink operates on a unique model and transforms your regular link into an affiliate link. Consequently, you can make significantly more money with affiliate commissions through Viglink than you would by earning a few cents every click.

Viglink transforms your regular links into affiliate links thanks to partnerships with numerous active affiliate networks. It won’t affect SEO at all, so don’t worry about it.

One of the finest ways to make money from your blog is with VigLink. Comparatively speaking to other blog monetization programs, VigLink operates extremely differently. Your regular outgoing links are changed by VigLink into affiliate links, and if people make purchases using them, you get paid a referral fee.

11. BeContext:


You may geographically target your visitors by country, city, or timezone using Becontext’s keyword-targeted ads. Based on patent-pending technology, Becontext is a market leader in in-text contextual advertising and information services that maximize relevance and return for online advertisers, publishers, and users.

Website owners and publishers may directly profit from In-Text advertising while earning the largest revenue share—guaranteed—thanks to Becontext.

Becontext is a large-scale advertising network that provides thousands of high-quality website publishers like you with over 200 million daily impressions. Like you, all of our publishers want to more effectively monetize the visitors to their websites.

12. KONTERA ( Now Amobee):


In-Text or inline advertising is Kontera’s (now Amobee) area of expertise. Their involvement in the industry predates Infolinks and Adbrite. They have a sizable advertiser base as well. According to them, a semantic engine is used by this new feature to recognize and gauge user interest.

When they identify visitors who have previously shown interest on publisher sites, they display relevant banners to them and split the profits with that publisher when they later encounter these users on other websites.

Through exceptional phrase relevancy, it improves the user experience, resulting in higher user interaction, unmatched campaign effectiveness for advertisers, and significant revenue for publishers.

When it comes to the relevance of the highlighted keywords, Kontera performs better than infolinks inline advertisements. The chances of a user clicking on your ad (CTR) are higher if the advertising and keywords are relevant to the user search queries.

13. TNX:

On your site, TNX offers keyword links for sale. They sell links on a per-page basis rather than for the full site, so you make more money. You can make a very good monthly income if your website has a high page rank. Every month, publishers get paid via PayPal, Webmoney, check, wire transfer, etc.

There are many more in-text advertising programs, but we have only listed the best ones that provide you with a fair return on your text ads.

The Google PageRank (PR) of each page, website category, link popularity, and quantity of outbound links are the main determinants. Use the “copy-paste” method for simple code installation.

14. Link-Earn:

On the brand-new URL shortener website Link-Earn, you can make money by sharing your links and shortening them. Any internet user who wants to make money online can sign up for this URL shortener, Link-Earn, and start making money with it.

Link-Earn provides many additional services in addition to its rates, including a feature-rich admin panel, thorough statistics, a low minimum payout, several monetization tools, a low minimum payout, and competitive referral programs.

Additionally, Link-Earn provides a very straightforward registration process that only requires you to complete a brief form and submit it. Quick Link, Mass Shrinker, Full Page Script, and Developers API are the tools that Link-Earn provides. Only $5.1 is the minimal compensation on Link-Earn.

PayPal is the sole payment method made available to users by Link-Earn. Users of Link-Earn have access to a 20% referral commission scheme.

15. Kontextua:

One of the top advertising networks, Kontextua supports more than 20,000 webmasters each day. Argentina is where its corporate offices are.

It offers a variety of ad forms, but its in-text advertisements stand out in particular. If you use Kontextua, you may optimize your monetization choices without encountering any issues because it is interoperable with different platforms and networks.

The advantage of Kontextua is that there is no minimum payout requirement. Yes! You can try this if you’re new and looking for a network without minimum payout requirements to start with.

They also support several payout choices. One of the best alternatives to Google AdSense is Kontextua, which enables a variety of pricing schemes. They have effective mobile and desktop advertisements.

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Final Words:

Every publisher hopes to generate good income from consistent traffic. Bloggers that want to monetize their content should consider in-text advertisements.

When you are confident that in-text advertisements will help you make more money and spend less, the following step is to select the top in-text ad networks. Well, it’s a little bit challenging. In order to assist you to choose your network easily, we have provided you with a list of some of the best-performing ad networks along with a brief description of each one.

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