15+ Best CPS Networks In 2024

Do you want to earn online without any investment?

Well you just came to the right place. This article will help you get a valuable set of knowledge about ways to earn money online, one of which is CPS.

One of the sustainable affiliate market models is Cost Per Sale or Pay Per Sale, where the advertisers pay a commission only if their item is sold. This article will help you find an effective affiliate CPS Network. 

CPS is a secure and convenient platform that offers high quality services and products, boosts your business, and earns you more money with advanced technology to properly manage your accounts.

How CPS Networks Work?

In the CPS Network, advertisers pay publishers when the products they publish or advertise are sold, and customers pay for these products. Sales are then confirmed and sent to the publisher as an available payment method.

This article will tell you all you need to know about the top 15 best CPS Networks that will help you generate high commissions.

Let’s start

Best CPS Networks In 2024:

Here, we have a list of the 15+ Best CPS Networks out there in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. My Lead 
  3. Dynu in Media
  4. Click Bank
  5. Impact
  6. Pepper Jam
  7. Revenue Wire
  8. Awin 
  9. Clever Bridge
  10. Link Connecter
  11. eBay Partner Network
  12. Commission Junction
  13. Flex Offers
  14. Share A Sale 
  15. CPA.House

1. Amazon Associates:

amazon associate

Although many ad networks are now working in the market, Amazon Associates is still the preferred entry point into digital marketing for many publishers. This one of the best CPS ad networks, its reputation in the market is the best CPS ad network.

They offer a broad range of products, making them easy to use because you can choose any product according to your location, demand, or traffic interest. The majority of the customers prefer quality over cost. That is why Amazon is the first choice for many customers; you can earn reasonable revenue by linking with Amazon.

If you are entry-level and want to join the affiliate market, you can get started with Amazon Associates, and it is free to join and easy to use; you can earn up to 10% commission with each sale.

Once you have signed up for Amazon Associate, you can choose an affiliate product for sale and earn a reasonable commission by promoting your sales. While working as an Amazon affiliate, you can seek help whenever you face some issue as their support team is always ready to help you.

You can keep an eye on the site´s performance and also keep the track of revenues, sales, clicks, and dates by linking with the Amazon CPS Ad network. So, in case of any issue, you can resolve it by seeking help from the supportive team and improving your progress in this way.

As an Amazon affiliate, you have better options for producing high conversion rates and promoting sales by working with the top-rated online shopping store.

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: Check, Bank Transfer, Payoneer or Amazon gift cards

2. My Lead:


My Lead is a worldwide CPS affiliate network that has already paid more than $6 million to its clients and welcomes newcomers.

It offers innovative tools and techniques for more advanced and beneficial affiliate marketing. You need not be worried about using these newer tools and techniques because My Lead also offers training programs for their new members.

It is one of the best and most famous affiliate marketing networks for advertisers and publishers. You can get a handsome commission on each sale you make possible the amount of commission depends upon the value of the product sold because of your contribution.

The main focus of My Lead is to develop a large circle of more customers, advertisers, publishers, and purchasers in such a way that each and everyone within the circle can get the maximum possible benefit from it.

A vast range of opportunities available at the My Lead platform would be enough to bring you to that point in affiliate marketing you want to touch. You will be able to advertise your products and services through a wide range of social media networks that depend upon your area of interest.

The earning opportunities at My Lead are vast enough to help you get to a point you have been dreaming of. They help you to promote the products and services through a wide range of social media platforms based on your area of interest.

It has several offers for you to choose from as per your interest and promote a certain affiliate program of your choice. It has a process of five simple steps to reach the earning end.

All you need to do is invest your time and skills and get ready to be paid a significant amount of money in no time. You should have a look at their website and see if it deems fit for your interest.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for this network is $20
  • Payment Method: Skrill, Bank Transfer, Revolut, Wire, WebMoney, Bitcoin, PayPal

3. Dynu In Media:

dynu inmedia

If you’re a publisher and looking for an affiliate marketing network that would support you, guide you, and offer maximum benefits, then you have arrived at the right spot! Dynu in Media is an affiliate marketing platform chiefly concerned with CPA, CPL, and CPS models and is a subgroup of Interate Corporation.

You can boost your income for hundreds of quality sponsorships and advertisement drives, in just a few simple steps, by filling out some straightforward forms and providing them with all the data that they require.

This platform primarily supports the CPA, CPL, and CPS campaigns through display, search, and social media. It aids the advertisers in increasing their users’ accretion by looking for the top best-quality publishers for their online advertisement drives.

This AM platform also assists the publishers in gaining profits by offering commissions on the publisher’s referral tasks. This forum is a digital marketing maestro with a solid experience of seven-plus years. It provides ultimate authenticity by continually altering its approaches concerning the tech needs of the market.

The best part is that your allocated Affiliate Marketing Manager from Dynu in Media will accompany you on your way to success, guaranteeing that you are contented with their services and stick with them for the longest-term partnership. Their enterprise is based on and supports, with CPA, CPL, CPS, CPV, CPI, and CPC drives through social media, navigation, and manifest.

Being led by designated professional associates and a rock-hard base, this platform is among the industry’s most esteemed and capable affiliate networking platforms. They engage with a wide diversity of markets, particularly in the US, EU, and are always willing to broaden into new ones.

Their present prime verticals include Sweepstakes, Finance, Market Research, E-commerce, Health & Beauty, Education, etc.

  • Minimum Payment: more than $50 Payment, for Wire payments, 300$ USD
  • Payment Method: Payoneer, Wire, PayPal, etc.

4. Click Bank:

Click Bank

Click Bank is another popular CPS network specifically important for digital products; you can benefit from this platform as an advertiser or publisher. The main focus of this network is on digital products they deal with advertising them at the broader level, and the products include eBooks, software, etc.

This type of network is popular within many countries worldwide; it includes about 190 countries; Also it is available in different languages.

About 30,000 or more new registrations are involved almost every day with this network. Click Bank prefers satisfaction and happiness for their affiliates, and you can earn up to 75% commission with this network; it also allows recurring commissions. You can earn even for years with the same advertisements if your customers continue their subscriptions with Click Bank.

The network includes different products; you can choose any for advertising and get a handsome commission. You can go with any more demanding product and can attract heavy traffic.

Their site offers tens of thousands of a vast number of products so you can simply pick those that, you think would attract your traffic, or particularly demanding in your area.

Click Bank has a very transparent system, you can see clicks, sales, and profits in the real-time frame, via a user-friendly dashboard. They work all fairly and clearly with their clients.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for this network is $10.
  • Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Wire, Check.

5. Impact:


It is one of the best CPS Affiliate networks available out there. To get amazing results, you can choose it. Legends of the industry run this network and act less as a network and more as a platform for success. It comprises more than 7 million partners that belong to different regions around the globe.

You can get different types of promotions at Impact that helps you to get maximum traffic within a short period that will ultimately help grow your business.

This network is an authentic platform that only connects genuine advertisers and publishers; moreover, it also keeps track of the whole process, including commissioning, paying, performance evaluation, etc. It takes responsibility for each penny so that you will not lose any of it.

It streamlines the process of tracking, commissioning, paying, and evaluating performance across channels and devices. Their tracking system is 100% fair. Impact Radius is an anti-fraud system that only connects to real advertising and publishing units.

  • Minimum Payment: There is no fixed minimum payment threshold; it depends completely upon your choice that; from where you want to start, you can go somewhere from $25 to $5000.
  • Payment Method: International bank transfer, ACH (free)

6. Pepper Jam:

pepper jam

Pepper Jam Network is a huge name in CPS affiliate marketing owing to its advanced monetizing techniques.

Nowadays, advertisers and publishers show more interest and enthusiasm towards the Pepper Jam network because of their new ascending ‘affiliate marketing lifecycle platform.

They are investing a lot of time and resources to make this effort fruitful; this platform is emerging at the top of the CPS networks list.

Before this, Pepper Jam was still a big name among CPS affiliate marketing networks because of its advanced and highly efficient monetizing techniques. They believe in their affiliates’ progress, happiness, and satisfaction; for this purpose, they encourage long-term relations.

Pepper Jam already has many publishers and advertisers working with them for years and years; these long-term partners’ newer ones are continuously being added.

Unlike some other CPS networks that put their maximum emphasis on bringing only traffic to your site, Pepper Jam pays maximum attention to making more purchases possible.

You need not pay much attention to where your advertisement should be placed and how it can be more appealing because Pepper Jam takes responsibility for this setting. You can invest your time and efforts maximum in your business.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum threshold payment for this network is $25.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

7. Revenue Wire:

Revenue Wire

Revenue wire is an extraordinary worldwide internet business network. It for the most part deals in the digital market.

This web-based business consists of many national and international organizations spread among 200 nations. Due to these and many other practical facts, the advertisers and publishers working with Revenue Wire can earn a reasonable commission by getting more chances to enhance their business. Through this platform, distributors can easily reach their targeted and authentic organizations.

Suppose you are a new one to affiliate marketer. You can still approach Revenue Wire because it is really easy to use, provides all the fundamental elements required for affiliate marketing, and provides all the material to the advertisers and publishers to advertise their products.

It is very easy to sign up with Revenue Wire. You’ll simply need to respond to a couple of simple inquiries, at that point you’re prepared to make some partner commissions. The pubs are paid out on CPS, CPA, and CPL, basis. They can earn up to 99% commissions.

  • Minimum Payment: $25
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, ACH Bank Deposit, Wire.

8. AWIN:


Awin is another name among top-class CPS affiliate marketing networks and has been famous in publishers and advertisers worldwide. It has a solid base of more than 13000 publicists and 100,000 publishers worldwide, and it is always welcoming for newer members who want to join them and earn revenue through this network.

Awin provides a wide range of success channels to advertisers, publishers, sponsors, and distributors, allowing them to exponentially progress in their desired directions. After joining this network, you will be able to get benefit from its innovative technologies in developing your professional account as a publisher or advertiser.

The distributors associated with Awin groups have developed the best relations with the top-class brands of the overall world, which would be much helpful to get more finical benefits. You can track your sales progress through an easily useable and understandable Awin portal so that you can check your progress and enhance it wherever possible.

Awin provides clear and real-time tracking of sales via its portal. Their portal is easy to utilize and understand. So, one can have an alert eye and focus on its business insights.

In 2019, Awin donated €10,000 in support of Earth Day to the world’s biggest environmental movement. Hence Awin is completely an ideal network in the world.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for this platform is $20.
  • Payment Methods: Check, ACH Bank transfer, Wire Transfer

9. Clever Bridge:

Clever Bridge

Clever Bridge is a well-known and popular e-commerce company among publishers and advertisers; it is equally suitable for different sizes of organizations. Its unique ability is inventive methods to deal with otherwise complex business deals and activities, including international and global payments, subscribers’ management, and complex infrastructure.

This platform provides a flexible environment for work to feel easy and still enhance your income, and its payments are also flexible; you can get it in your suitable currency. You can easily track your performance, including renewals, upgrades, downgrades, billing events, etc.

Another amazing feature of Clever Bridge is that it supports multiple languages of more than 30; this feature helps you communicate with your client better and develop a good relationship with them.

It protects the privacy of your data, besides offering an advanced real-time tracking portal. Anybody, associated with can have a keen observation of its sales insights and analytics via it. Moreover, it is quite easy to use.

It provides support and help whenever you need it most; you can also keep your sales insights and enhance them exponentially using this amazing platform. It is really easy to use so that any newcomer can enter the affiliate market through this door.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for this network is $100.
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal

10. Link Connector:

Link Connector

Link Connector has a broad range of brands that trust this network; it is already among the good ad networks and is also continuously growing towards its best version higher in the list. It is equally beneficial for advertisers and publishers as it is also one of the best CMP Ad networks.

You can increase your sales, enhance your business, and earn more revenue using this amazing platform as it offers special technology and advanced features.

It provides the opportunity to connect with the top brands of national and international levels; you can even earn handsome commissions for a longer period once you have been connected directly with any or some of them.

Its high-quality SEO tools allow its affiliates to earn more revenue quickly with less input. You can get results within a few hours of your online promotions. No need to wait for weeks.

Through this amazing network, you can also check performance according to the efficiency of various factors like your device, phone, PC, browser or location, and other variables.

With the help of this Ad network, you can join a quality brand and supportive management team that is all the time available to serve its users.

It also contains a Naked link technology that provides high SEO results and great revenues to its affiliates. So, you can promote your online business within hours as it gives you a response in a few hours instead of weekly performance.

With the Link Connector you are allowed to view the performance data based on device, mobile, browser, location, etc.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for the Link Connector threshold is $100.
  • Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, Bank Transfer

11. eBay Partner Network:

eBay Partner Network

If you even have minor information about the online marketing industry, you must hear the name of eBay Partner Network as it is well known within the industry, and people like it. Those who know the norms and importance of adding networks, the role adding networks can play know about this network well.

Many advertisers and publishers are already working with this network, and many more are joining it daily.

It has been working efficiently for more than 20 years as one of the largest e-commerce networks. Its doors are open for everyone who wants to benefit from it, and whoever wants to generate high revenue can associate one’s products with it.

You can get up to 50% to 70% of the commission at every purchase done because of your advertisement, and there are millions of people on eBay, so it is easy for you to grab more customers and get more commissions. If you already have massive traffic to your site and want to use it as a source of some extra earning, associate it with ENP confidently.

eBay has a user-friendly portal that provides nitty-gritty details of one’s performance, so by tracking one’s daily analytics, one can oversee results and improve each day. Their tools are easy to use and an efficient guide is available for each of them.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum threshold payment required for this network is $10.
  • Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Check, Wire

12. Commision Junction:


Commission Junction is a leader in trade affiliate marketing. It provides high conversion optimization tools, innovative technology, extreme customer targeting, and a high support system that opens a gateway for affiliates to promote your sales and increase your income stream by affiliating through the efficient Commission Junction.

Also, It is connected with more than 3000 advertisers and works with leading brands all across the world.

The network is an efficient trade affiliating marketing network with higher optimization tools, a 24/7 support system, innovative technologies and tools, and customer-oriented targeted systems. Its doors are open for all affiliates to join it to enhance their sales and earn more income.

It is currently working with highly efficient marketing agencies and many professional advertisers and publishers worldwide. The number of advertisers associated with Commission Junction is now more than 3000 and top-class brands globally.

It is a master in digital marketing, always ready to generate innovative technologies and newer ideas, you can get the maximum benefit from it in the form of best ROI; they tend to grow your business exponentially at a global level and provide a well-known place in the digital market.

Once you are associated with Commission Junction, you will get better performance tips and tricks to run your business according to your requirements and needs. Your site will perform more efficiently.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for Commission Junction is $50.
  • Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Check

13. Flex Offers:

Flex Offer

Here is another better-performing CPS affiliate marketing network, Flex Offers. It can provide a wide range of tools and technologies, and the best features are required for the gainful performance of affiliates.

The features that make Flex Offers affiliates more progressive include best affiliates plans, high-quality tools, innovative technologies, handsome commissions, on-time payments, an efficient delivery system, and many more.

The number of advertisers already registered with Flex Offers is more than 5000, and its doors are always open for new ones; you can join this network anytime to generate more revenue.

While using Flex Offers, you will be able to track your progress, including clicks, the audience’s response, impressions, commissions, impressions, conversions, earnings per click, and sales.

You can check your performance and easily locate its weak and strong areas; this information helps you enhance your performance. Once you are associated with Flex Offers, you can get help from its supportive team any time through a contact form, phone, or email.

More than 5000 advertisers are registered with Flex Offer to get more revenue by producing more sales.

You can join the Flex Offer by getting registered through this Ad network, simply have to fill up an application form and make initial payments ranging from $500 upfront plus a $100 deposit.

In case of any difficulty, you can contact the team members through a contact form, email, or phone.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for Flex Offers is $100.
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, ACH, Check

14. Share A Sale:


Share a Sale is one of the leading CPS affiliate networks that are famous among the publishers for its advanced technology, great features, reliable network, on-time payments, as well as efficient and transparent business plans to get more audience and business promotion.

It has been winning customers’ trust for more than 17 years and now has a good reputation in the digital market. Its supportive team and customer care services are always ready to help publishers and advertisers in affiliate marketing. They have developed an environment that supports generating innovative ideas, better user experience, and attracts new talent.

All these factors and continuous efforts are intended to improve sites’ performing abilities and satisfy their merchants. These things make it possible for more than 3000 affiliates to work continuously with Share a Sale.

While working with Share a Sale, you need not sign up again and again. Once you have signed up; now, you can work without any interruption. You can work with more than one category at a time, develop shorter URLs, and easily track your performance.

Share a Sale has a vast network of professional advertisers and expertise that helps the affiliates in generating new talent and innovative ideas to produce a better user experience, that’s why the number of advertisers has reached 3500.

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum payment for this network is $50.
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check.

15. CPA.House:


CPA. house is one of the highest paying network ranked out there. They provide the advertisers with a really high pay rate and daily payouts as well. You also get a higher approval rate by working with So, if you start working with them, you will see a drastic increase in your order confirmation rate.

In order to remove any unwanted traffic, CPA.House has a protection system in place. They use Artificial Intelligence to remove any unwanted traffic.

They also have a really easy-to-understand dashboard, as well, where you can see all the statistics. You get the Audience analytics which helps you in targeting your campaigns in a more efficient way.

All in all, is one of the best CPS affiliate networks in the market due to its higher rates and fraud detection system.

  • Minimum Payment: $50 Payment Frequency: Daily Payments
  • Payment Method: Check, PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

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Here it is, our list of the best CPS Networks 2023. If you want to start earning a high amount of money, CPS Network is the way to go. Make sure to choose whichever network suits your requirement the best out of all of these networks. All of them are secure and have good customer support.

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