15+ Best Self Service Advertising Network For 2024

From a single intuitive interface, you can manage your digital advertising inventory with ease. Allow advertisers to register, create, bid on, and purchase their advertising orders. Real human assistance.  In operation since 1999.  Engineers with commitment. Highlights: Demos are available upon request and there is a free trial.

Self-Serve advertising networks give marketers access to digital platforms so they may start and improve ad campaigns, get thorough reporting, and target various populations. Like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or Google AdWords, Snapchat Ad Manager is one of the newest instances of significant Self-Serve platforms.

It offers marketers the best-in-class advertising platform to target mobile audiences at scale. In order to improve their efficiency and reach their target consumers, all ad platforms are heading toward Self-Serve, which is a definite trend in digital advertising. We have compiled for you the top self-service advertising platforms in this list.

What does Self Service Advertising Network mean?

A self-serve advertising platform, sometimes known as a self-service advertising platform, is a type of advertising technology (AdTech) that enables media buyers, such as advertisers and ad agencies, to build, administer, and oversee advertising campaigns on their own rather than having them done so. In both our personal and professional lives, self-service is becoming more and more prevalent.

Being able to complete tasks without requiring the assistance of another person has given us all the power to decide on anything, from what we buy online (Amazon) to how we find possible candidates for new jobs or employees (LinkedIn).

Nowadays, almost every online platform offers self-service access to users. Now, we even prepare our own tax returns.By 2020, 85% of customer interactions with businesses will be handled by automated systems.

The 2019 Gartner Customer 360 Summit. Self-service tools are preferred over speaking with a sales representative,  according to 86% of respondents. 

How does a Self Service Advertising Network Work?

Self-service advertising platforms, which let advertisers run their advertising campaigns and buy ads without interacting with a human, aren’t strictly DSPs because they don’t give the advertiser direct access to the supply sources they use.

The owner of self-service DSPs is an outside ad tech company. In the field of digital advertising, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are well-known. These platforms are used by advertisers, ad agencies, and even publishers to plan, execute, and manage advertising campaigns.

These platforms are instances of self-serve advertising platforms, but some people might not be aware of that. In this article, we define a self-serve ad platform, describe how it varies from managed ad campaigns, describe how it functions, list its essential features, and describe how to create one.

Benefits of Self Service Advertising Network:

  • Self-service portals may be hosted on a publisher’s website and white-labeled. While a third-party ad tech provider updates and maintains the advertising portal in the background, it looks that the publisher owns the portal.
  • Self-service advertising orders increase the overall value of ad space within a web domain by adding an additional source of bid competition to a publisher’s other sources of advertising demand.
  • Self-service advertising is as near to a “set it and forget it” solution as you can get in digital advertising. It is a largely automated source of ad revenue.
  • Self-serve alternatives enable advertisers to verify and submit all of their own information rather than having to manually convey their advertising strategy, forward their ad creatives, and negotiate the conditions of their ad campaigns.
  • Depending on the reporting tools provided by the platform while working with self-serve portals, the measurability of each advertising campaign’s effectiveness can be significantly boosted (publishers may even share custom reports in some circumstances).
  • Self-serve systems are accessible around-the-clock, so advertisers may create fresh campaigns without being constrained by time zone or work hours.

Best Self Service Advertising Network In 2024:

Here is the list of the 15+ Best Self Service Advertising Network for Affiliates and Advertisers to join in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Smadex
  2. Adsterra Network
  3. Smaato
  4. MAAS powered by Affle
  5. AdsCompass
  6. ClickAdilla
  7. MyAppFree
  8. InMobi
  9. HUAWEI Ads
  10. Zoomd
  11. Doble Via Latam
  12. AdLib DSP
  13. Aragon Premium
  14. MediaMath
  15. Display Advertising

1. Smadex:

Smadex is a part of a renowned global advertising, media, and ad-tech solutions company that advocates for top platforms and publishers and links consumers and brands. It is regarded as one of the greatest self-serving advertising networks.

In order to help advertisers scale up their operations, Smadex is a completely transparent platform equipped with cutting-edge hardware, a wide range of programmatic management tools, and powerful machine learning strategies.


  • Co Security on three levels
  • comprehensive Service.

2. Adsterra Network:

Founded in 2013, Adsterra is a global industrial ad network with more than 30K advertisers and publishers. They give you access to an easy-to-use platform with rapid and large payouts, useful statistics, and even a monitoring system that enables you to not only handle offers but also to genuinely enjoy your work and its results.

Additionally, they offer you exclusive deals with better payouts and unique conditions for each affiliate. Get involved with closed deals first.

Adsterra provides excellent customer service and is always thinking about its customers. You have had its full backing from the start of the campaign. One of the best networks for self-serving advertising, according to many.


  • Three-Level Security.
  • Publishers are spared from managing consent because they handle it.

3. Smaato:

Smaato is a network and ad server for digital advertising. Publishers can manage all components of their ad stack from a single location with the help of Smaato’s self-serve omnichannel monetizing solution.

Publishing firms may continue to provide their content without charge to users because of ad monetization technology. The objective is to make complex issues simpler.

A seamless, customized experience is what the self-serve Advertising Technology Platform from Smaato is designed to provide. Thanks to the omnichannel strategy, their solutions are also screen, OS, revenue model, format, size, and device independent.

Even though technology makes us distinctive, the people are what make us special. Our passionate staff members span both temporal and continental boundaries.

However, they work together as a team and are constrained by their commitment to deliver excellent customer experience.


  • Platform for Consent Management (CMP).
  • Control the circumstances and provide your viewers memorable experiences.

4. MAAS Powered By Affle:
MAAS powered by Affle

Thanks to Affle’s MAAS and unified audience platform, mobile advertisers can reach quality consumers at scale via directly linked publishers, programmatic networks, and helpful app recommendations.

Thanks to Affle’s MAAS, a single audience platform, mobile advertisers can reach quality consumers at scale via directly linked publishers, programmatic networks, and helpful app recommendations.

It makes use of the mDMP-based mFaaS platform and smart device intelligence from Affle to connect with the most appropriate consumers while maximizing quality.

With features like managed & self-served services, uniform transparent reporting, and CPCU-focused rewards, they satisfy all of your requirements for user acquisition at scale.


  • Trend Recognition Quickly.
  • You may raise app engagement by identifying the most crucial users and corresponding with them via personalized messaging.

5. AdsCompass:

Together, webmasters, advertisers, media buyers, and advertising networks profit from the global ad network of AdsCompass.

They may now offer a range of ad formats and operate internationally with much more than 200 GEOs .Our specialists have a comprehensive understanding of online marketing because AdsCompass first entered the digital advertising sector in 2013.

They are able to provide all of their partners with a variety of collaboration opportunities because of their Ad Exchange and Self-Served Platform. Thanks to Adscompass, you have the choice to buy traffic straight from the ad network in a variety of ways!

On the Self-Serve platform, you have access to all of the functionality and a variety of programmable parameters for creating and maintaining your campaigns.


  • precise ad targeting
  • Direct advertisers get access to AdsCompass because of their Self-Served platform.

7. ClickAdilla:

Advertisements are shown on ClickAdilla’s ad network. It merely takes a few minutes to create advertising campaigns using their self-serve platform. They attract traffic from 253 distinct nations each day, resulting in 2 billion impressions.

You may manage a marketing campaign for your online e-commerce business with the help of its self-serve interface, comprehensive targeting tools, CPM-bidding platform, and widely used Publisher sites. The logical choice for media purchasers is real-time bidding. Buy and sell traffic in milliseconds utilizing the RTB supply.


  • improved performance
  • App-based advertisements are both effective and natural. Most typically, in-app advertising in free programs uses banners.

7. MyAppFree:

MyAppFree is an inter-app mobile advertising platform that uses technology and data to help businesses win new customers at scale by employing a portfolio of internal solutions designed to drive a far more engaging ad experience.

The self-service platform of MyAppFree is tailored for user acquisition on a performance basis through the use of internal SDK, programmatic/social platforms, and the company’s own apps developed in-house.

The platform uses a real-time optimization algorithm, restricted audiences, and interactive ad formats to guarantee that the client’s objectives are satisfied.

Its objective is to make digital advertising simple and efficient by giving clients of all sizes and levels of expertise access to a quality global traffic inventory.


  • Join as an advertiser to have access to.
  • alternatives that are performance-based to assist you in achieving your own marketing and KPI goals for user development and money (such CPI, CPC, and CPA).

8. InMobi:

After fifteen years of ground-breaking innovation, InMobi’s Advertising Platform supports our companies’ growth by helping them engage with their audiences and create sincere connections.

Its linked consumer companies Glance and Roposo are revolutionizing how users engage with mobile and CTV platforms by providing distinctive and frequent live entertainment and shopping options.

Global InMobians are enthusiastic to continue discovering and developing beneficial technologies that will aid people, organizations, and society at large.


  • Trustworthy Campaigns.
  • Know the digital DNA of your customers as revealed by their mobile consumption statistics and location trends to create intelligent user categories.

9. HUAWEI Ads:

HUAWEI Ads is a self-service advertising platform designed especially for HUAWEI mobile devices. By leveraging the core algorithms and design of HUAWEI smartphones, this platform offers advertisers unique and affordable methods to target a global audience of wealthy smartphone users.

HUAWEI Ads delivers your advertisements superior attributes for maximum effect and easily integrates Huawei device users with them.

You may easily work with outside tracking and advertising systems while protecting user privacy to offer high-quality, personalized ads on your app thanks to the Publisher Service and distinguishing advertising IDs. Join our transparent, law-abiding ad network to swiftly and securely raise your app’s earnings.


  • A thorough service system
  • gives users a continuous user experience without taking them away from your app by enabling one-tap installations from performance-based advertisements.

10. Zoomd:

An innovative self-service and performance-based advertising platform is used by Zoomd, a MarTech company, to support advertisers and publishers. They are an important resource for streamlining and integrating their procedures for gaining mobile consumers and offering on-site user experiences .

Also, have had the excellent fortune to help many audiences and advertisers. They worked very hard to create the technology that made it possible, and they now look forward to helping you plan and achieve your own growth.


  • The system then shows more precise than ever adverts and search results.
  • Pay only when your KPIs are met. Run focused advertising campaigns and establish a number of KPIs to help you succeed.
  • You can by utilizing flexible business concepts. CPM, CPC, CPI, CPO, or CPE are your options.

11. Doble Via Latam:
Doble Via Latam

Doble Via Latam was established in 2004 with VAS services, then in 2011, after taking into account the requirements of advertisers, they started a mobile advertising business.

They have a prominent global presence and a wealth of expertise in the mobile and video advertising sectors.They are able to meet all of the needs of their clients thanks to their 3000 applications and more than 50 platforms.

In order to attract and retain our devoted customers, they work together with carriers, brands, agencies, and developers. Because of our global presence, they are consistently able to predict the supply and demand demands of our customers.

They get access to the most exclusive offers accessible. They partner with the most prominent RTB in the industry in addition to having their own traffic, giving them access.


  • Interaction with other networks
  • Very flexible and effective features

12. AdLib DSP:

It is a premium Demand Side Platform (DSP) and DMP that is available globally (Data Management Platform).

AdLib provides all the strength you need without the challenges and complexity. Reputable marketers all over the world use AdLib to create more campaigns with better outcomes.

Due to the high entry barriers and complexity that necessitate considerable time and financial investment, the majority of marketers find it challenging to use quality self-service and programmatic advertising platforms.  AdLib makes it simple to set up and manage successful programmatic advertising campaigns at scale and across all media.


  • AdLib’s Magic Ads can build successful adverts for you in each or you may upload your own.

13. Aragon Premium:
Aragon Premium

Aragon Premium, a division of Aragon Advertising, focuses on cost-per-acquisition marketing through emails, communities, influencers, mobile in-app advertising, and loyalty programmes.

Startups and established companies can both enhance their user acquisition advertising through authorized partners by using Aragon Premium as a brand-safe, open mobile performance agency.

Thanks to cutting-edge tracking, extensive reporting, hands-on enhancements, and active recruiting, premium customers develop their channel without the exorbitant costs associated with rival solutions on the market.

With years of experience, a sizable contact list, and a commitment to transparency, Premium assists their partners’ user acquisition marketing efforts in achieving quicker results.


  • Original source attention

14. MediaMath:

MediaMath, a demand-side platform, offers the best pre-built and custom tools for businesses to reach and influence customers and leads on every screen. The Brain algorithm, which accurately predicts performance and the optimal price for your bids, powers the online and self-service advertising platform.

If advertisers want to make informed decisions and improve their ROI, they need to be in control of their expenditure now more than ever. Hundreds of companies and their agencies use its dependable yet flexible platform to execute their marketing activities.

The Professional Services team collaborates with you to maximize the platform through onboarding, specialized construction, and engagement strategies that are most advantageous for your business.


  • Completely customizable components.

15. Display Advertising:

In 2013, display ads of all sizes were everywhere on the internet. Spending on display advertising is expected to increase over the next few years. They accomplish this through forging deep relationships with their clients, acting as an extension of their businesses, and thoroughly researching their customers’ companies and markets.

They focus on the factors that are crucial to your business—those that actually affect marketing ROI and business growth. There is no meaningless use of vanity metrics here.


  • Display remarketing involves displaying display banner adverts to website visitors who have already departed.

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Due to its many advantages, including quick and affordable workflow automation, simple access to publishers for companies of all sizes, and more room for testing and optimization, self-service advertising has become quite popular.

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