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15+ Best CBD Affiliate Programs In 2024

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol affiliate programs are in a good position to develop into a secondary source of revenue for many affiliate marketers. CBD is currently legal in several US states as well as many other nations across the world.
The market for CBD products is expected to reach $22 million within 3 years, and there does not appear to be anything that can slow its expansion.

How May CBD Affiliate Networks Benefit You?

Cannabidiol affiliate networks are well worth it if your online channel and the platform are large and you want to generate more income.

For instance, there’s a good possibility you’ll be able to start making money right away if you already have a blog up and running or possibly a YouTube channel with such a sizable audience. The most important thing to think about in this situation is whether or not your target market would organically be intrigued by CBD goods.

There isn’t much stopping you from making passive income as well as, in some situations, from building future full-time employment if you believe they would. The affiliates that choose the ideal network for themselves and perform extensive research to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy stand to gain the most.

As a result, each month, passive income and flexible work are generated. Not to add that your audience can typically receive personalized coupon codes, which makes the deals you’re promoting quite alluring.

Develop Skills:

The finest networks offer complete support, ranging from product training to general marketing advice, for individuals who worry they could get stuck. These training courses are an excellent method to develop transferable skills, and they are included in the network package at no additional cost.

There will certainly be no lack of items to market as the CBD business grows, with a predicted $4.79 billion market by 2028, and there will be much to gain. In other words, you have little to lose by starting if you possess a channel that is appropriate for promoting CBD products. Cannabidiol affiliate marketing is well worth the effort as long as you’re persistent and dedicated to learning.

Start with the top CBD affiliate networks. With CBD affiliate networks, you have a fantastic opportunity to generate passive income and, if all go well, much more.

Those that invest early will benefit the most from the expanding market. Simply make sure to properly study the conditions and terms of CBD affiliate programs and change programs as needed.
Start increasing your income by looking through this list of the 15 best CBD affiliate programs. We have assembled the top CBD affiliate networks.

Best CBD Affiliate Programs In 2024:

Here is the list of top 15 best CBD Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Green Roads CBD
  2. Just CBD
  3. CBD Medic
  4. CBDFX
  5. CBDistillery
  6. cbdMD
  7. Diamond CBD
  8. CBDPure
  9. SabaiDee
  10. Hemp My Pet
  11. Direct CBD
  12. CBD Essence
  13. Joy Organics
  14. Avida CBD
  15. Hemp Bombs

1. Green Roads CBD:Green Roads

Green Roads is an established CBD business started by a pharmacist.
More than 7,000 outlets sell American-made CBD oils as well as other products around the US, and a number of prestigious media, including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and NBC, have written about it.

More than 30,000 5 ratings for the brand indicate that customers adore it. Also, the business won back-to-back “Best CBD Products” honors at the Cannabis Business Awards in 2018 and 2019. Also, a wide range of products is offered for less than $15, making it fairly reasonable.

With all of this, potential CBD affiliates might find Green Roads to be a rather appealing partner.
However, it’s important to note that Green Roads’ terms are somewhat restrictive compared to other CBD affiliate programs.

The site boasts an average value of $100+ with conversion rates of 5–30%, so there is still a lot of room for growth.


Web address: Green Roads CBD Affiliate Program
25% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

2. Just CBD:

Just CBD

Just CBD creates a big deal about having every single one of their products evaluated in a lab.
Customers can find third-party lab results for oils, gummies, and tinctures they’ve purchased using the company’s on-site service.

It’s a terrific approach to inform clients that they are purchasing high-quality CBD goods rather than fraud.
This appears to be effective as seen by the over 18,000 internet reviews for its items. Affiliate marketers will find a lot to like here. You could not hope to make anything close to that 18% commission from affiliate programs in most other markets.

And it becomes even more appealing when you take into account that a jar with Just CBD gummies may cost you up to $99. Even bespoke coupons can be requested upon registration. Checks, wire transfers, Bitcoin, or shop credit are all options for paying out successful affiliates.


Website: Just CBD Affiliate Program
18% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

3. CBD Medic:


As you can undoubtedly guess from the banner image, one of CBD Medic’s primary marketing strategies are collaborations with well-known athletes such as Carli Lloyd and Rob Gronkowski. Yet the focus is all on highlighting the therapeutic advantages of cannabidiol, not the more seductive part of the CBD business.

Its wide-spectrum CBD products are promoted as a treatment for typical sports-related aches and pains such as back, foot, and muscle pain. In fact, it claims to provide the first family of cosmetic treatments that incorporates hemp oil or extract, other natural emollients, and active pharmaceutical components.

Wait till you learn about the commissions if you think it sounds impressive. The CBD Medic affiliate program on this list is the joint-most lucrative since affiliates can make up to 40 percent on the sale of the company’s products.


Link: CBD Medic Affiliate Program
Commission rate: 40% maximum
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days



CBDFX pledges to adhere to high standards. It’s clean; the single-pass CO2 extraction process yields premium CBD products from some of the best organic hemp plants in the world.

They have a 60-day warranty, are solvent-free, and are not tested on animals. They are made in the USA.
That gives first-time consumers a lot of assurance, which is excellent for affiliates since the last item you want to do is direct customers to dubious-looking CBD retailers. The company sells a variety of more specialized products, such as organic CBD pet supplies and CBD relaxes shots, in addition to the usual CBD retail fare.

This indicates that there are several options for linking to your CBD affiliate material. Also, the CBDFX affiliate program provides generous 90-day referral windows, hefty 25% commissions, and a unique discount code for 10% off to encourage traffic. Use RevOffers, one of those few affiliate networks devoted to the CBD sector, to join this program.


Link: CBDFX Affiliate Program
25% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

4. CBDistillery:

CBD Distillery

You’ve undoubtedly realized by now that a key component of CBD marketing is trust. That comes as no surprise considering how new the market is. In order to address this, CBDistillery places a strong emphasis on quality, just like other CBD businesses that have been examined.

While third-party tests are utilized to ensure purity and efficacy, all of its items are made from industrial hemp that is non-GMO and was cultivated using sustainable agricultural methods. It doesn’t offer the widest variety; instead, it concentrates on a small range of CBD capsules, gummies, and also topical applications.

As compared to competing CBD affiliate programs, its starting commission rates are average, but they rise to a very healthy 35% after that. Also, the bonus program at CBDistillery enables bigger compensation for generating monthly earnings of over $15,000, $50,000, as well as $100,000.

The average order amount of $90 and the 90-day cookie window are both rather alluring.


Link: CBDistillery Affiliate Program
Commission: 15% to 35%
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

5. cbdMD:


cbdMD has a solid brand thanks to a few well-known promoters like former UFC fighter Daniel Cormier.
Customers will feel more secure as a result, and a CBD affiliate program will be rather appealing. After all, you want visitors to feel as though you have sent them to a reliable website when they click the affiliate link on the website. The company sells a wide selection of CBD products. It’s one of the most comprehensive product categories available.

In terms of compensation, cbdMD pays you at a rate of 20%, which is fairly standard among CBD affiliate programs. Affiliates also receive personalized coupons that offer a 15% discount to assist promote purchases.
It’s also important to note that CBD affiliates who generate above $100,000 in monthly income are liable for 25% commissions.

You will receive monthly compensation as a cbdMD affiliate. But before commissions show up in your account balance, you’ll need to wait for the brand’s 60-day money-back promise to expire.


URL: cbdMD Affiliate Program
20% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

6. CBD:


You can see right away from one glance at the Diamond CBD’s website that it belongs to the more “fun” segment of the CBD market. It also offers a large variety of THC shrooms and CBD smokables in addition to a vast variety of specialist CBD vape goods. Diamond CBD is a true veteran within such a young industry, having dominated the niche for even more than six years.

It has sold more than $70 million worth of CBD products throughout that time, so something must be working.
The conditions and terms for this CBD affiliate program, which offer approximately 20% commissions with a 90-day referral window, are reasonable but unexceptional.

They still outperform the majority of other areas, though. High conversion rates (an average of 7%) and the opportunity to provide personalized coupon codes increase your chances of making money from the traffic you refer. Join the ShareASale network and Diamond CBD affiliate program.


Link: Diamond CBD Affiliate Program
Commission: 20% maximum
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

7. CBDPure:

The CBD oil from CBDPure is made from organic hemp that is 100% free of toxins and additives and is farmed in Colorado and Washington. Similar to CBDistillery, it focuses on just 4 product categories, with a modest but precisely structured product line that includes soft gels made to hide the taste of organic hemp oil’s natural flavor.

Fortunately for affiliates, there are no minimum earnings requirements for the CBDPure affiliate program.
That’s correct, you may benefit from the incredibly tempting 40% commission rate as soon as you sign up.
There is a genuine possibility to make a lot of money here, with a 90-day cookie term tossed in for good measure. You’ll also receive a monthly payment.

Applications are submitted using a short, one-page form for the CBDPure affiliate program, and they are evaluated within 24 hours.


Link: CBDPure Affiliate Program
40% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

8. Hemp My Pet:

Hemp My pet

There is no point in figuring out that this is just another company committed to producing high-quality CBD products for your pet. Hemp My Pet is a vertically integrated hemp business that is involved in all phases of production and sales, from seed to sale.

All of its items are of the highest quality, even if they are intended for dogs. Also, they don’t contain gluten, GMOs, or pesticides. Why shouldn’t they be, then? These canine companions deserve the finest! Hemp My Pet doesn’t disappoint users because they believe that affiliates also deserve the finest.
The commission charge of 30% is already high.

Yet this is unquestionably one of the greatest CBD affiliate programs on the market, supported by a big 90-day cookie window as well as an average purchase value of more than $100. Simple on-site forms are used to submit applications, which are then manually screened and verified by phone.


Web address: Hemp My Pet Affiliate Program
30% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

9. Direct CBD:

Direct CBD

Direct CBD Online will completely blow the minds of everyone who believes the cannabidiol market starts and stops with CBD oil. It’s safe to say that the website has one of the widest—and occasionally most unique—ranges of CBD products on the market. 

With over 3,000 products available from over 100 CBD businesses, Direct CBD is a great option for affiliates looking for deep linking opportunities. The Martha Stewart line of candies, soft gels, plus CBD oil drops is additionally only available from this merchant. There is no disputing that when contrasted to many CBD affiliate programs, the commission rate at up to 12% is somewhat underwhelming.

On the other hand, a 45-day cookie duration provides you with the greatest opportunity possible of making money from your traffic. Also, the 7-day EPC of over $50 is rather strong.


URL: Direct CBD Affiliate Program
Rate of commission: up to 12%
Cookie lifecycle: 45 days

9. CBD Essence:

A lesson on customer pleasure is provided by CBD Essence. Their track record of successfully completing 99% of orders without any problems has contributed significantly to its 4.7-star Trustpilot ranking as well as more than 900 good reviews. For all of your cannabidiol requirements, including a selection of CBD tinctures offered in various sweet, tarts, and natural flavors, visit the CBD Essence store.

Nevertheless, the deliciousness doesn’t end there – just take a look at that cookie duration! Hardly a typo, that. Even if consumers you bring through this affiliate program don’t make a purchase for six full months following clicking your referral link, you can still earn up to 40% of the sale. Sincerely, that makes this decision completely obvious for affiliates. All you have to do is register.

For sales recommended in the previous month, commissions are paid on the 15th of each month, with a minimum payout of $100 coming from at least two referred clients.


Link: CBD Essence Affiliate Program
Commission rate: 40% maximum
Cookies are valid for 180 days.

10. Joy Organics:

The broad- and full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures produced by Joy Organics are USDA-certified organic.
It has been highlighted in numerous high-profile media, both inside and outside the CBD niche, including Entrepreneur Magazine and the Ministry of Hemp.

For Joy Organics, sustainability is a top priority. It practices regenerative farming, offers carbon-neutral transportation, and employs recyclable materials. The CBD oil affiliate program can be a fantastic fit for you if Joy Organics’ commitment to environmental sustainability matches your own ideals

It’s not only about sustainability, of course. Money can also be made in this situation. The company offers an aggressive bonus scheme, twice-monthly payments of 25% commissions, as well as an endless referral term.

Also, you’ll get access to personal discount codes that may be used to boost clicks and purchases.
All of this implies that the traffic you drive is utilized to its full potential. Through a specialized affiliate management staff, resource center, and exclusive Facebook Group, affiliates may receive all the help they require.


Link: Joy Organics Affiliate Program
25% commission rate
Cookie lifetime: Indefinite

11. Avida CBD:

avida cbd

As far as CBD retailers go, Avida CBD was only established in 2018. With a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service, it provides a risk-free, 30-day money-back trial on all of its premium goods, including CBD candies, oils, and vape juices. While 20% commissions, as well as a 90-day cookie window, are acceptable enough, Avida CBD’s terms aren’t the most interesting of the CBD affiliate programs on this list at first sight.

A $100 cash bonus to new affiliates when they complete their initial five sales, together with monthly rewards and giveaways, make this more alluring than other affiliate programs, though. The website also touts an average order amount of $80 and offers tested, very effective banner ad content. This affiliate program is run by ShareASale, just like many of the others we’ve looked at.


Link: Avida CBD Affiliate Program
20% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 90 days

12. Hemp Bombs:

Hemp Bombs

One of the best-known companies in the CBD market, Hemp Bombs, obtains its high-quality industrial hemp cultivated in the US as its source of cannabidiol. Their CBD bath bombs, gummies, as well as other items with cannabidiol are lab-tested to verify they are high-quality and have less than 0.3% THC, which is a significant trust factor.

Also, it claims a wider selection of products than that of most CBD brands and offers pricing that is comparably reasonable, which undoubtedly helps explain the website’s strong average exchange rate of 4%. It has a very good average order value of $83 and an average referral value of $15.

Commissions can range from 10 to 20 percent; depending on things like how strong your domain is and how much traffic you send their way. You also receive assistance from a committed affiliate manager. Utilize the Impact Radius affiliate network to sign up for this affiliate program.


Website: Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program
Commission: 20% maximum
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

13. SabaiDee:


The Thai word “sabaidee” means “to be happy.”  And positive vibes are definitely the rule of the day here, as you can see in the homepage image up there. All of SabaiDee’s products focus on providing all-natural treatment through superior hemp plant extracts.

It carries five various types of broad-spectrum oils as its specialty, but it also has a small range of CBD creams and balms. SabaiDee emphasizes its commitment to the environment and selects CBD partners who share its corporate goals.

If so, becoming a SabaiDee affiliate partner could be a lucrative opportunity for you. You could make at least 30% of all retail sales generated by your website. A “generous” bonus program is also promised by this CBD Company.
All conversions from the previous month are paid for on the first of the month via bank wire, PayPal, and check.


Link: SabaiDee Affiliate Program
30% commission rate
Cookie lifecycle: 30 days

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Influencers are welcome to sign up for any of the aforementioned top 15 CBD affiliate programs. Yet, it is important to assess the volume of visitors and the kind of the marketer’s content. While some websites are largely focused on pet supplies, others appeal to athletes. It is equally crucial to take into account the assistance the company offers the bloggers in organizing and running their campaigns. An experienced blogger might not need any help from the sellers. A new influencer, though, would need improved product guidelines as well as some technical assistance. To appeal to a wider audience and increase sales, it is essential to work with multiple CBD affiliate programs.

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