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10+ Best Eco-Friendly Affiliate Programs 2024

The eco-friendly way of life has numerous dimensions, and certain people are more or less committed to it than others. As a result, you may take your website in a variety of areas, so it’s a good idea to focus on one. Going on the leisure path is one choice. This includes household items like lunch boxes, recyclable bottles of water, and cooking utensils.

Reusable and extremely sustainable bottles of water as well as other drinking containers are available from EcoVessel. A range of products for various aspects of life is available from the Earth Easy label, each of which has undergone rigorous testing and upholds strict standards.

The skincare and cosmetics area is another option. In addition to their wasteful plastic packaging, most cosmetics, body care, and even hair care items contain harmful substances to our Planet. With a superb collection of skincare and a few additional goods for clients searching for diversity, Earth Love is a terrific business in this area.

Best Eco-Friendly Affiliate Programs in 2024:

Here is the list of the top 10 best eco-friendly affiliate programs in 2023 and 2024:

  1. The Green Life
  2. The Natural Baby Company & GroVia
  3. Earth Love
  5. EartheasyLOVE GOODLY
  6. The Ultimate Green Store
  7. Eat Cleaner
  8. ECOlunchbox
  9. The Garden Tower Project
  10. The Green Life

1. The Green Life:


The San Francisco Bay Area’s ecological justice, unemployment, public health, and interlocking restitution challenges are the focus of The Green Life’s environmental management education and training program for formerly imprisoned persons.

The neighborhoods of East and West Oakland are disproportionately impacted by environmental contamination, poverty, poor health outcomes, and mass imprisonment as compared to other communities in Alameda County, according to several public health and environmental studies.

By offering obtainable instruction with an interdisciplinary focus on ecological troubles and alternatives, integrating the viewpoints of environmental studies science, climate change, food systems, energy, public health, economic growth, public policy, and protection of the environment, The Green Life’s program supports the governance of those who are most directly impacted by ecologic inequities.

The cookware sets from GreenLife are constructed of steel and aluminum with a nonstick coating. Relative to other materials like copper and nickel, they remain light and inexpensive as a result. Cookware with a thermal coating is ready to use straight out of the box. These pots and pans may still be used for searing, but moving food around using a light touch is simple.

If the coating hasn’t been harmed, this skillet is simple to clean even after the hardest of cooking tasks. Technically speaking, Teflon is weaker and tougher than Thermolon. Compared to waste paper, this doesn’t signify much in real life, but it could last a little longer under particular culinary stresses. ​

2. The Natural Baby Company & GroVia:

The Natural Baby Company

We have the ideal way for new parents to save cash, time, and eventually some sanity. Grovia focuses on all-natural goods for babies and parents, utilizing reusable wipes and waste materials to reduce expenses and maintain a healthy environment. Although this brand is currently less well-known, they undoubtedly have the ability to be. This company reached the New York Times list of the Top 50 Cloth Diapers with 36.1k Instagram followers.

While saving money and the environment is always a good idea, we will only endorse a short product. Due to this, every aspect of this Grovia review will be considered before deciding whether or not to recommend it.

Grovia, which was founded in 2009 and is a subsidiary of The Natural Baby Company, applied the principles of its parent company’s line of high-quality, healthy baby items to the largest problem in parenting: diapers. To market baby goods that helped new parents in their attempt to establish some regularity, founder Kim Ormsby first started from her laundry room.

Focusing on the main monetary problem, diapers, Ormsby designed Grovia to remedy all diaper-related concerns. Being environmentally conscious, this business focuses on cost-savings and environmental issues by providing relaxed and comfortable cloth diapers and shells that save waste while optimizing holding capacity.

3. Earth Love:


An eco-wellness living membership package called Earthlove is sent to your house every season. Each box contains 7–10 top self-care and home items that are ethical, considerate, ecological, safe for you and the environment, and adhere to strict environmental requirements.

You can choose a conventional or entirely vegan box and book each winter. Also, each package contributes to an environmental charity selected by the Earthlove community. Earthlove is a loyal supporter of 1% for the Planet and offers carbon-neutral delivery.

The top eco-conscious artisans in the World fill each season’s Earthlove box with 6–8 full-sized sustainability + eco–friendly items. One book, pharmacy & botanical wellness, tea & snack foods, cosmetics & skincare, plastic-free swaps, and other planet things may be included in boxes along with a magazine that offers advice on how to live more sustainably.

They have rigorous standards for ecology and the effect of the items they feature. For instance, some of the books in the boxes are “last chance” novels, and readers who buy them save them from ending up in landfills.

They even use ecological and thoughtful packaging! The boxes, stickers, and packaging materials are made entirely from post-consumer waste, are biodegradable, and were printed using the safest inks currently on the market: algae-based inks.

And every package returns something! Earthlove is a loyal supporter of 1% for the Planet. Every season, they collaborate with ecological nonprofits that donate to their cause to preserve, preserve, and restore the natural World and our habitats.

The price of the box for quarterly or yearly memberships is $69.95 each quarter. The cost of delivery is a fixed charge of $4.95, or all yearly memberships include free US postage. At the start of the quarter, fresh boxes are sent out on the 15th of every month, and following shipment, subscribers will receive their packages in 10 business days.



The Green Office Ltd. is a family-run company Maria and Philip Grant founded in 1993. Since then, we have been serving companies and consumers in Ireland with a complete selection of high-quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly office equipment and printer cartridges.

As a family-run company, we take great satisfaction in providing individual customer care while maintaining the lowest rates available. We strive to offer each customer a professional and individualized service that is suited to their unique needs, regardless of whether they are a huge international corporation, a smaller office, or a home user.

Contact us if you discover one of our goods to be less expensive, and we’ll do everything within our power to match the price. The assurance that the price you are given is a consequence of ongoing competition pricing analysis to make sure we belong to the lowest-priced market leaders.

Supplies for performance reused and suitable printing saves you 50% off the price of the original printing. Supplies for unique prints that are reasonably priced. A broad selection of office and laptop equipment that, if feasible, have environmental ratings. If necessary, direct contact with a sales professional familiar with you and your company’s requirements.

5. EartheasyLOVE GOODLY:


LOVE GOODLY’s creators and industry professionals have assembled a bimonthly sustainable lifestyle subscription box called Eartheasy Love Goodly. Every box will contain a variety of nontoxic cosmetics, skincare, personal care, wellness, wholesome foods, and eco-friendly items.

Each box contains organic and natural goods worth at least $60. And each box’s sale will go to a good cause. The price per box for a 6-month or 12-month membership is $30, and there is a gift with the purchase.

Each Goodly Love box contains 4-5 largely or entirely full-sized goods, with the option of receiving 1 deluxe/travel-sized item as an added bonus!

The box’s main focus is a combination of beauty and skincare goods. However, some boxes could also include items for a variety of lifestyles, such as a nutritious snack or sweet treat, eco-friendly accessories, jewelry, wellness products, etc.

Another possibility is that a box will emphasize skincare products more than makeup or vice versa. It highlights a range of products from a single outstanding vegan, nontoxic, and cruelty-free firm.

6. The Ultimate Green Store:

The Ultimate Green Store

The Absolute Green Shop offers only the best eco-friendly, natural, healthful, and responsibly created items and supplies for you, your family, and your house. We firmly believe that everything can be improved for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment.

You may contribute to creating a healthy household and a sustainable planet by purchasing organic bedding, such as natural linens, mattress toppers, bed cushions, comforters, pillows, organic baby goods, organic pajamas, bathrobes, or recycled glassware.

The best green items in popular types are available at The Ultimate Green Shop. They carry goods made by some of the best producers and creators of recycled, natural, and eco-friendly items. With apparel, furniture, solar devices, and everyday environmental things all in one place, they provide a distinctive one-stop shopping experience.

Except for gift list transactions, affiliates are paid commissions on all sales. The Ultimate Green Shop uses ShareASale to administer its affiliate program. In addition to real-time tracking and reporting, affiliates can access many banners, ad boxes, and text links.

They have a Save the Earth – Sustain a School affiliate program that schools may join. They may download personalized banners to share with parents and receive 10% of each transaction to generate money.

7. Eat Cleaner:

Eat Cleaner

The only all-natural, patented Eat Cleaner TRIPLE Power Fruit + Vegetable Spray is tasteless, odorless, and has been shown in tests to be up to 99.9% more successful than water at removing dirt, wax, and pesticide residues from conventionally and ethically produced fruit.

Using Eat Cleaner All Natural Fruit plus Vegetable Wash to a range of vegetables and fruits in 14-day research also increased shelf life by up to 5x thanks to a natural combination of fruit acids and vitamins.

This may reduce waste and make it simple to eat your half plate of fruit and vegetables daily while saving your family, on average, more than $500 annually. Recipient of the Disney iParenting Prize and the World’s Greatest Tech Gold Award.

Eat Cleaner produces all-natural, proprietary, and lab-tested solutions that prolong the shelf life of your food by 200% while removing 99% of surface pesticides and over 99% of germs. Your household might save more than $500 a year as a result.

By decreasing trash, you not only save time and money but also contribute to the preservation of the environment. Profits from Eat Cleaner are partly donated to organizations that support good health, education, and contented families.

8. ECOlunchbox:


The zero-waste ECOlunchbox is “a healthier option for individuals, the earth, and the wallet” and provides a handy way to transport meals and snacks. By lowering our consumption of plastic and the garbage it produces, they are working to help us say bye to plastic.

Indeed, more than 47 million pounds of rubbish might have been avoided thanks to the sale of their 706,925 lunchboxes last year! This one figure has a significant influence, particularly in our outside environments.

Many environmentally friendly food-carrying utensils and containers are available from ECOlunchbox, such as their 3-in-1 Splashing Container and single Splash Box. Part of their Blue Water Bento line, the 3-in-1 Splash Box has an upper and bottom compartment and a Small Splash Pod snack container.

9. The Garden Tower Project:

Garden Tower Project

The unique Garden Tower Proposal aims to eliminate anything that prevents us from growing organically, sustainably produced fruits and vegetables globally. The Garden Tower 2, a 50-plant vertical garden planter that also enables material that contains, comes into play in this situation. It has the distinction of being the “world’s most sophisticated vertical garden planter,” and with good cause.

The Garden Tower Project was established by Colin Cudmore, Joel Grants, and Thomas Tlusty to assist individuals in growing organic, sustainable food. The organization’s mission is to help people produce their fruits and vegetables to obtain more nutrient-dense food and have food security.

Growing fruits and vegetables vertically has several advantages. Your product has a greater concentration of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins than comparable items from supermarkets, making it a healthier and more nutrient-dense alternative.

Your diet’s content will change due to access to a greater selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is a terrific method to increase the diversity in your life because one of life’s greatest joys is discovering new things.

You will have full control over every part of your harvest and may modify the farming practices to your tastes. By actively participating in the process, you can ensure no fake substances.

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Final Thoughts:

So, in this article, we discussed eco-friendly affiliate programs. I hope you found something useful in this article, and if you have any queries related to this article, do comment in my comment section. Wish you the best of Luck!

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