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10+ Best Home Services Affiliate Programs In 2024

Do you have any knowledge of how affiliate programs for home services operate? If you’re interested in learning more, check out our guide to learn more about the affiliate programs for home services.

A very profitable and in-demand sector is home renovation. Because every homeowner wants to make their house appear nice and will spend a lot of money doing it, this is the case.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An enterprise provides a commission to a third party, such as an influencer, in exchange for the third party directing visitors and/or purchases their way. This arrangement is known as an affiliate program. Web content, social media, or the incorporation of products may all help with this.

Marketers (affiliates), as well as the advertisers (brands) that commission them to advertise goods or services, are the two parties involved in traditional affiliate programs. A lot more rigid than now, traditional affiliate marketing relied on web publishers posting links and banner advertisements to generate traffic. They frequently advertise products they did not vet and receive the same profit as everyone else.

How Do Affiliates Generate Revenue?

A special URL is given to the affiliate, known as an “affiliate link,” from which may be recorded, often via cookies. When the user makes a purchase, the cookie keeps track of them. The affiliate will receive a commission if they comply within the specified time frame.

Each cookie contains a “length” and “cookie life,” which merely specifies the amount of time the cookie will follow the user’s online behavior. Savvy companies use affiliate marketers to assist them in getting the word out regarding their goods to new audiences, and they then pay these marketers in exchange for their assistance.

Best Home Services Affiliate Programs In 2024

Here is the list of the 10+ Best Home Services Affiliate Programs In 2023 and 2024:

  1. Don Gardner
  2. ADT Home Security
  3. Home Designer Software
  4. Home Depot
  5. Houzz
  6. TurnKey
  7. Vivint
  8. LeafFilter Gutter Protection
  9. Cinch Home Services
  10. House Project Pro

1. Don Gardner:

The well-known interior decorator store Don Gardner faces competition from other interior design consulting shops. A mid-sized interior design firm called Don Gardner runs the online store The interior designers’ business is where Don Gardner offers its goods and services. Usually, Don Gardner may provide its clients with discount codes and coupons.

Given that it offers no e-commerce tools to serve its clients better, Don Gardner performs below average compared to other interior design companies.

2. ADT Home Security:

The oldest and most well-known home security provider is ADT, which has been in business for almost 150 years. It continues to be one of, if not the most, recognizable brands on the market. ADT must contend with a market that is changing and becoming more contemporary.

The business is making efforts to meet the problem. ADT began integrating with Google Nest home automation products in 2020, including its smart cameras and Nest Hub smart screens with Google Assistant.

ADT also started installing and selling Nest devices in April 2021. This implies that current ADT customers may now use a Nest Mini and Google Assistant to voice or touch operate their security systems.

ADT is not worth its high cost, even with these enhancements. Despite its decent performance, it is one of the least appealing professional home security systems on the market due to its poor user experience, clumsy design, and expensive cost.

3. Home Designer Software:

The first thing to know about Home Designer Pro by Chief Architect is that it culminates all the functions and features available in the Home Designer series of house, interior, and garden design products. It includes everything, including topographical designers, plant encyclopedias, floor layouts, and tools for interior design. There is nothing regarding the physical manifestation of your house that cannot be included in this method.

Software this extensive is enormous and requires a large investment of time and effort to learn how to utilize it successfully. But just because it bears the “Pro” label doesn’t mean you can’t use it immediately.

If you want to create your ideal home down to the last detail, just be aware that the path ahead will be long—but enjoyable. You are presented with a blank piece of grid sheet and numerous rows and columns of tools when you initially create a new design in Home Designer.

You will feel utterly bewildered if this is your first experience with home design software. Yet, you won’t go lost for very long if you’re one of those users who like to use software without first reading the instructions.

4. Houzz:

One of the top online resources for renovating and designing houses is Houzz, which offers users all the tools needed to complete a full home improvement or design project. People may browse items and supplies on Houzz to finish their projects as well as get design ideas, discover and contact local home specialists, and get inspiration for their projects.

For those in the home improvement industry, Houzz Pro offers a comprehensive marketing and business management solution that enables them to stand out, attract more clients, and effectively and financially manage their projects.

Millions of homeowners, lovers of home design, and experts in home renovation worldwide are members of the Houzz community. Its goal is to link consumers and home experts with the greatest tools, resources, and providers for home design and remodeling.

The ShareASale network is the platform used by the Houzz affiliate program. With every purchase completed via an affiliate link, the business gives a commission of 5%. On Houzz, you may find more than 9 million home renovation goods.

5. TurnKey:

In some of the most sought-after areas of the country, TurnKey Vacation Rentals offers and manages luxury vacation rentals. For owners, they provide top-notch service and assurance while giving visitors a memorable experience. They assist owners in increasing their vacation rental revenue by enhancing listing exposure, turning inquiries into bookings, and optimizing prices.

They do this with complete web marketing and distribution, 24/7 response, and intelligent pricing management. Also, each market has a local workforce that has received extensive training and dependable suppliers, who are utilized to maintain the cleanliness and safety of residences.

Free Turnkey Websites claims that all you need to do to receive a free website that you can use to generate income is to register on their website. Turnkey websites are exactly what they sound like. Like a vehicle or a house… After the key is turned, you may start moving (or the kitchen and living room) immediately.

This readymade, completely functional website includes a domain name, hosting, theme, and template. You may develop free websites and purchase readymade websites. Nevertheless, you need help finding a website that is both turnkey and free.

6. Vivint:

A robust security system guards against theft and crime at a residence, place of employment, or business. But criminals are now psychologically ready. As a result, clients pick a wise, trustworthy partner who stops these illegal acts. This is where Vivint Corporation uses cutting-edge technology to satisfy customer expectations for home automation and security.

Instead of merely documenting crime, Vivint home security systems help to stop it. With sophisticated locks, lights, and security sensors—which ensure that the property is constantly protected—the home is equipped with outside security cameras that watch lurkers and frighten them away, a doorbell camera that detects and protects parcels, and other security features.

Vivint provides a personal guard. That is definitely not a terrible strategy with a $40 reward. You have a seemingly endless range of alternatives, from basic security cameras to fully integrated smart home security systems. Thus, you ought to accept this offer right now.

7. Cinch Home Services:

One of the most well-known house warranty brands is Cinch Home Services, formerly Cross Country Home Offerings, which has operated for over 40 years. Because of its readiness to cover pre-existing ailments and damage brought on by corroding and rust, the Cinch is a well-liked alternative among residents. It provides three plans with a few different supplementary coverage choices. One of the greatest warranties in the sector is Cinch’s 180-day service warranty.

The This Old House Reviews Team researched Cinch Home Services in-depth since deciding which house insurance is best for you might be challenging. Appliances, Built-in Systems, and Entire Houses are the three home defense programs that Cinch Home Services provides.

Other add-ons, such as protection for spas, pools, septic systems, and well pumps, are also available. They may be added to any plan when it is purchased. Below is a visual representation of each plan’s benefits.

Your location and the level of service you select will affect the cost of the Cinch plan. The service charge from Cinch is $100, $125, or $150. Your insurance payments will be cheaper if you choose a greater deductible, but higher service fees will result in higher monthly premiums.

Clients can pay for their house warranty plan in monthly payments or all at once each year. Cinch is providing two months of free insurance with the acquisition of any plan if you decide to pay in monthly installments. This deal does not include optional insurance or add-ons and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

8. House Project Pro:

ProjectPro is a comprehensive accounting program for the construction industry that runs on Microsoft Dynamics Management Central. ProjectPro is a reliable resource for daily activities for construction professionals, including roofers, general providers, industrial construction companies, utility contractors, and HVAC construction companies.

It uses Microsoft technology and is the most robust but user-friendly construction accounting system accessible. It enables companies to simplify workflows and streamline procedures, allowing our clients to stay ahead in a cutthroat industry.

ProjectPro is a worthwhile investment, no matter the scope of your company, since it gives you access to real-time information on the project’s overall cost.

9. LeafFilter Gutter Protection:

Leaf Filter

LeafFilter Gutter Protection ranks among the most well-known manufacturers in the gutter guard systems market. Including its three-piece micro-mesh gutter guard system, the firm has established a solid reputation since 2005. So how exactly does it operate, and is it a good fit for your house? Two of the most effective methods are combined in LeafFilter’s gutter protection system: surface tension as well as micro-mesh.

Also, its three-piece micro-mesh gutter guard system uses interfacial tension to push dirt off the gutters while pulling water through them. Micro-mesh gutter guards have a compact shape that prevents clogging and even little particles, comparable to screen guards.

The installation of LeafFilter products may result in damage to surfaces such as surfaces, fascia boards, gutters, and roof substructures. The guarantee is null and invalid if a natural disaster harms the LeafFilter product, an unpredictable act of nature, nearby trees or plants, or structural alterations.

10. Home Depot:

Home Depot is the US’s biggest retailer of home improvement goods and services. It offers tools, building supplies, and other services. The Home Depot website’s inventory of household goods includes anything linked to them. In many specialized areas of the “home improvement” market, they carry a substantial amount of inventory and a variety of items.

The following list includes a few of their top, most popular, and most-purchased categories. But these categories also expand into various niches, all of which you might target for promotion.

Home Depot asks website owners to sign up for its affiliate programs, like merchants like Walmart and Amazon. Home Depot and the site proprietors both benefit from the scenario. The website owner will direct visitors to the Home Depot website,, and get paid for each successful transaction. Home Depot, on the other hand, will be profitable.

Each product featured in any category on is eligible for the promotion. To market all 200,000+ goods on your website would be relatively easy due to the size of the product list.

The categories and goods can be ranked in order of popularity, brand recognition, and commission rates. Once more, it would be best if you were more particular about the merchandise you select for advertising.

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Final Thoughts:

Now that you know which affiliate programs are the best for home renovation, you can start considering the important factors, including compensation rates, product quality, and relevance to your niche. The possibilities go well beyond what is achievable with just ten affiliate schemes. You may make affiliate commissions with your website in countless ways, such as through product reviews, top 10 lists, how-to articles, and more.

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